FTB Sky Oddysey – EP7 – Fusion Crafting & Environmental Tech – Modded Minecraft 1.12.2

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About FTB Sky Oddysey:

Sky Odyssey introduces a unique take on the Sky Block genre. With several new custom mods, you can now generate power and EMC to levels never seen before to aid you in the opening a portal to Dimension X.

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hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of FTB sky Odyssey in the last episode we set up this amazing food farm that hasn't done anything just yet but I want to do some more with it today so we can get to the GAMEOVER loot crate's that you all been craving and I've been craving them too so I'm gonna be making some upgrades for this but for the moment we can just try and run it and see about getting a great first of all and also whether skulls and I do think I have soul sand in the system I do okay mmm I ran a cable down here to the factory importer I believe this is where I give it items so if we do that that should be what it needs do you have stuff so Sam no mom I don't know if it if it has the items or if it will spawn why are you not getting enough power you're not getting enough power because this is not connected there we go you're getting power now wonderful okay so you should be full on power doing your slow spawning thing can I do a little bit of this you can mm-hmm I need a crate great okay I think it's the importer and the exporter puts it out think that is how I would think it would be do are you gonna do your thing okay you did the spawn did you give me items yeah all right so let us grab a do exporters have the regulator mode they do now okay so let's grab the tutor I'm gonna do drawers do I have them here I do not so let's do Rover one two and do I have the the downgrade I don't have it learned so we can probably craft it though down grade I just want I don't have a great template and I have drawers and thing ah I need didn't really think I was gonna be crafting with drawers in my system but we can we can we can get these learned so let's just do that and that and learn this lower storage down great give me three so I can learn things in my system and we're just gonna do a drawer here or here I put you deep down grade and you downgrade okay and then I can put an exporter cable and another exporter its water so and cable okay so you get wither skeletons calls you get so say okay I don't think I need speed or stack upgrades or anything but should be fine you're doing your thing let's give you a bit of a boost there we go and let's see if we get stuff now there we go nice okay so we get tier shards which are used to make the casings okay and then you get infinity booster cards in Figure essence with the reef Sol Sol for loot crate's and other stars and there's a very very very very low chance of getting a game over loot crate I think or maybe they did they remove it they might have removed it game over they're still here did they remove it from the wither because normally it in the I updated the pack to the new update and apparently if they do not do game over loot crate's anymore well that makes me sad I did the whole thing to do game over loot crate's how does one get game over loot crate's then well if anybody knows in the update how you get game over loot crate's let me know but what I want to do since we have a bunch of coins here we have almost 6000 these are still going there like 94 bajillion stuffs to mine but until it starts going slow we have creative energy so it doesn't really matter I'm just gonna leave these be and do the remaining basically cuz it doesn't cost me anything other than infinite power which we have so that's pretty cool okay so in the shop we can buy a watch of flowing time which will speed up ticks around it in a 9×9 box I believe if we put it in the center of that so what we can do is we can take this and we can replace our magma crucibles in a way in the center where we can put it on put in a nine by nine and fit as many magma crucibles as we can inside of that system so then we're gonna produce pulverized coal much much faster so I want to try and see how we can accomplish that so let me just by the washer flowing time I think that's a good call so that's gonna be 500,000 wonderful fast-forward rewind fast-forward okay okay I think we need a Dark Matter pedestal for this to work pad this tuld okay so we need four red matter red matter for and then dark one two three is that the furnace yes one two three four up adapter three uh yeah yeah like that okay I can now make a pedestal there you go you probably have the MC right yeah there we go okay so I will be removing this for the moment so we'll take that down and while I move the the magma crucibles we'll just put this guy like right here and we're gonna say boom extract always active and I need all the upgrades and we can disable the inserts always active always active and you don't have the upgrades and then we can put a black hole tank right here and that should be importing the coal lovely okay and we can take down I don't know if this task do you stay yes it does stay okay so that doesn't matter we can just remove that no problem okay I'll just place this back so we can get a little bit of a perspective of where the center is like so and we need the thing to be one two three four I assume whoops I assume here is where it would work and then you do this to make it run yeah so let me see how we can fit as many crucibles as we can in a nine by nine all right I made a bit of progress I kind of have an idea at least for how I want this to be set up using cry stabilized flux sucks for the moment for transferring power but I believe I'm going to be able to use draconic crystals to transfer power once I get some draconian war I set up two of these guys one is the void or miner and it should get me draconian or at some point I don't see it right now don't think it has got it but we got a rhodium crystals which we can easily learn and then we can also come over here where I have a environmental check thingie set up so we can do that and then we can just craft a rhodium locks like so learn that and I can upgrade everything to the tier 2 which is gonna be pretty cool I don't think I'm gonna do it right now did we get and stone by any chance we did magical and stone remember how we needed n stone okay and stone gotten give it to me and stone we can now go to the end and go kill the Ender Dragon like I kind of wanted to in the last episode also let's see what if this guy is okay did I leave it running apparently not did I turn you off I turned it off I'll just leave this running it doesn't really matter we can we can farm up more with their skeletons calls and this is not gonna waste improbably faster than we're making them with the spawner over here one thing that I also did no stop giving me stuff thank you okay is I extracting pink slime into a task screen to make more of to make pink slime I guess I don't know if we're ever gonna fill that up but you know it's it's the thing we're getting that we don't really need I don't think and if we do need pink slime you can just turn it off and get pink slime in them in a flash this should go into their corresponding spots okay one thing that I also wanted to make is the arcane transmutation table I remembered this one so that is going to be stone transmutation tables times four and then a mat I think it's ein mag Hein star Magnum there you go so that hurricane are you better let's put it on my once lot yeah you're the cool thing yeah it can craft over here as well and it is ji synchronized I believe search type normal jus sync so if we want I'll say void or minor controller to to you got it we don't have to put anything in the system and we got it basically do I you do I need to learn it even or does it automatically learns it for you ooh so hold on can I do structure frame structure frame to to nice and we'll see this if it's automatically learned it is oh my god I don't even know if I need to put it in here anymore or if I need to use EMC links but that's pretty cool awesome did you make draconian yet I did trakone iam aha I have suck touch on this give me you know what give me a a sack sack no have an alloy smelter here let's just put you right over top go geranium dust learn it Ciccone mingott learn it okay where do we want to put this i need a true conic evolution thingy Drakon nick have the duty I don't know if I even need these personally you know see links or anything like that or ever need to use them like that be it because I mean we still are gonna need our refined storage system for crafting some stuff I think so I might as well put it in there so with the trakone IAM we can get to the crystals at draconic but my mum so these are basic energy crystal relays require a vibrant energy core which is the Jacana course so let me just learn a bunch of this stuff we needed to track on a core that's not a problem and I'll put you in here and then we need a wyvern core we have neither stars we have Chicana chords lovely put you here basic energy crystal we need this guy so let's put you right here oh that's a wyvern energy core let's put you here oops yeah then come back to me okay and Taconic papa basic energy crystal really awesome and wyvern nice and for the awakened we need fusion crafting so I assume fusion crafting isn't yeah it's easy enough to get to fusion crafting core and then basic fusion crafting injector it's given me a stack and we can just set this up to get to awakened zirconium pretty cool pretty quickly here the one thing that I wanted to set up as well because if we can do this we don't really need to make cry stabilized Lux Lux I wanted to make more crash stabilized flux lux for this to work but I don't think we're gonna need to so the way i'm transferring everything this excellent i'm using a controller here that has an extract on the ender chest right here with the pulverized coal and then i have an insert here on the ender tank that is insert is getting the liquid factored coal the watch a flowing time is currently working and the power is limited here by 10,000 RF a tick so we can't import so much power so why don't we just set this guy up i think like somewhere up here will be fine actually no let's let's go here above my task screen let's do this I don't know how much of a gap I need but let's go need like let's go like this 1 1 2 3 4 5 set 5 and they want to place weirdly 6 like so I don't think we're gonna need more than mine for the moment but I just need to do the whole fusion crafting injectors I need to upgrade this guy to the next year so I'm going to need I'm gonna snag some cryo stabilized flux flux from here so I don't have to I don't have to make more because I don't want to set up all of the flux points around here so we're just gonna do that and give you a point like so and let me just see if I can upgrade everything to awaken Jack own to get to awaken zirconium because that has EMC as well so we can just have that and then see how many machines I can I can program I guess on program but power with the chronic crystals so yeah let me do that and I'll be back ok the next thing that we need for getting to the end is gasps tears and I can go and breed chickens but I don't have time today to do that I do that sometime in between episodes and breed up all the chickens that I lost in the previous episodes that my disc drive with all the chickens dropped off the edge so we're just gonna get a cursed bird mom have an NGO boss probably that that was very loud for you we're gonna go to just like here and then I want to set up like a something-something mob form of some description I'm gonna put this in the middle let's do just a nine by nine I think that will be plenty like that I have this so that's one two three four and then here and here and one two three four I'm just gonna grab like it doesn't matter how this looks let's you know what let's do just so it's a basalt I do not have a salt we have stone what kind of stone we have we have polished stone perfect I should probably grab it a little bit more than that but you know it's all good I hope I can get gas to spawn if I give it a big enough room will up high basically is what I mean so let's do that and then dark glass pick that cuz gas generally required like a five by five ish area to spawn so let's do one two three four five six seven seven sounds good let me grab some more polished stone cz's and let's finish this build off of it bit we're just gonna go around the corner so keep miss clicking make that just a tiny bit of building on camera do I not have I don't have inventory tweaks interesting oh you know what they might have removed it for item I think they removed it for item inventory sorter or something but I lose the auto requests okay do I want to bother with mob fans and stuff I don't think so we can just use a mop crusher and it's gonna get us aghast here eventually if guests will even spawn like this I have never I've never done this in this scale and another I don't think so let's grab a crusher mob crusher go here show me a range and I need an add-on this is range +7 will you be enough you're even too much this is plus 8 it doesn't matter it can be this give me a point okay let's get you a drop of evil mobs are starting to spawn they're dying okay we're gonna grab a trash can and I'll put you here and then we need a filter i pressed all the wrong buttons see the turn I think we might need a bigger filter filter do I have anything oh yeah I do have filters in the overworld okay let me just grab firstly we're just gonna do a crate that I think I have the key T this actually does go off so great that's what I was trying to get and let's do a also a dislocator thing stop okay and then just conduits I think conduit here put you here and we're gonna just firstly extract everything into here for the moment even though there's gonna be plenty of cold swords and stuff but we're gonna we're gonna hopefully you get a gassed spawn in here I don't know if that is the case that does spawn here I'm not sure if not I just need to make a platform where I can I can get guests to spawn normally but we'll see okay let me go grab some filters and then we can probably just leave this beef robe bit and see what we can what we can get from it okay so this mob form didn't do anything all we have is a bunch of Pigman and wisps I just made a platform and got a gas to spawn and I just killed it and that's pretty much it hello fire bath go away I just OOP bye go away just get rid of all of this guests tears are learned this and then just get rid of everything basically I care about loot crate's don't care about things okay we can go back and we can finally go kill the Ender Dragon here is an evil tear and let's see if this works there we go lovely that's gonna make us a beautiful end portal and we can go and kill the Ender Dragon and I'll do that off camera because you've seen me kill the Ender Dragon so many times I've just made a magical boomerang with Zoomer rank 3 – boomerang 3 XP boosts later rank or and burner ring and that should take care of the ender dragon fairly quickly I just need to get rid of all the crystals and then just and there we go the dragon is dead I have ass dragon heart I have the dragon scales which it's lovely that it drops eight because you can just make the Dragon egg seeds and the dragon egg crux and then you don't really need to go kill the Ender Dragon anymore because you can just grow the dragon egg seeds which is lovely if you wanted more than one dragon egg seed you would need to go but you know it is all good this is probably gonna put me in the middle of my would form or falling from the void kind of oh yeah I put me on on where the island was but it couldn't have got me okay I just need to set my world spawn somewhere so we don't have let's do slash I don't think I have o enable cheats cheats are now disabled cheats are now enabled okay let's just do set world spawn here there we go just so I don't get weirdly put into to the void or something okay sweet I got some dragon's breath I also got some inner ear bottles and we should be good on that Oh dragon eggs you don't even need to grow them the ABMC okay the dragon's heart don't oh the dragon hearts don't so let's see if we can make awakened trakone IAM now so that's gonna be for draconian blocks just a lot of Jacana cores and draw conic core just grab a bunch of these and dragon heart so one two three four five six I believe it was seven not my magical boomerang seven and the dragon heart and then one two three four draconian blocks you good or is it six six good to me here we go nice game so that's gonna do its thing it is drawing 256 that was an order for tick because we need to do that so it's gonna be a bit faster and then I can just do a little bit faster they should get extracted into here also this has test locators which is a new mod that is basically leg friendly trans locators and it's currently in development so the all of them but the basic item does locators are disabled because it's not finished but basically item trans locators cause quite a bit of server performance lag so it's better to to keep it with the test locators if you're playing on a server so we have awakened draconian mingotts and now can we get to the Taconic crystals so these are wyvern crystals with hybrid energy cores and just show that so four diamonds four cores a wyvern coordinate crystal okay so IAM months one two three four wyvern crystals wyvern course i think it was four and that should be pretty much it I just need to upgrade these to the Jacana keyer first of all if i want to do anything with that so the true conic or the yeah the true chronic fusion crafters are awakened blocks wyvern cores and for diamonds so two vibrant cores for diamonds I have and awakened trakone iam okay so one two one two three and four and awaken trakone IAM and these do not have an EMC so we can just do that I don't know why the crafting or the charging is very slow at the end but you know it's all good so this will just do its thing I'm gonna speed it up a little bit and upgrade all of them make the drew conic energy relay crystals and we can actually see if we can if we can do power transfer to all of these magma crucibles because if we can we can replace these cables with more magma crucibles and see about automating the entire nine by nine cube with with magma crucibles all right I've been fiddling around with the energy crystals and the wireless energy crystals can be connected with these electronic version can be connected to sixty-four machines so what I'm thinking is there's one two three four five six seven machines in a row here so that's seven times four we could use one of these for two rows I think and we should be fine so if we do that and break every other one right here this should cover these two these two these two these two and then we're gonna need one more on the top for the last because seven times four is fourteen twenty eight so 28 plus 28 is 40 plus sixteen is 56 so we can do the rest of the top row from each one of these will they 56 plus seven yeah that should be that should be cool if we if we take each one of these crystals and then each one covers for example this one will cover this row as well and then this one will cover let's say this row and then this one will cover this guy over here and then the last one is gonna cover the top one over here and then the rest are just gonna be connected on the line so basically this will go exactly to the top row as well and I will set that off off-camera I don't have time today because I need to get this video exported and uploaded before my girlfriend arise so we can go to her city basically like for the weekend like I've been doing all the time so we have a bunch of gigantic energy relay crystals I don't think we're even need this many wireless ones the that we have but we can use them around the base if you wanted to maybe we can even get more power to the beast coin miners from this guy not already have the energy crystals I don't know I don't think we can but this is now very very slow still going but it's much much slower is this 217 bajillion ahrefs so I might be tearing those down in between episodes but to get to the awakened or the chaotic tier chaotic there is a way to make chaotic chaos charts with Fusion crafting hewed infused dark matter with the iconic tier you need quite a bit of these before you can get to the chaotic tier where it requires a little bit less it's only ten per and here it's that's 1018 so I need to make nine more of these and I will do that off-camera and we're gonna come back next episode hopefully where the full setup of this and we can see how fast it's gonna produce a stuff I'm gonna have to do a bit of finagling with different colored connectors and also doing the controller's in a different spot because I'm gonna need to transfer coal faster than I can with the with the speed that this is going because as you can see some of them like flicker on and off because they're out of cold because it's not transferring it fast enough as you can see like this one's just empty and now it's got a cold so yeah man I need to freak Finnegan around a little bit with that but I'll do that yes as I said off camera so with that I want to turn off hit boxes and I want to thank you for watching I'm hoping you enjoyed this episode if you did make sure to hit the like button also consider subscribing to see new videos support me on patreon if you want and I will see you all in the next episode have a great one bye bye