FR: Emulation On PSP / Playability Guide

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Unfortunately due to the ridiculous algorithm, linking externally from YouTube can affect my video’s performance. If you want to download the emulators seen in the video, try googling them, you should find the results quite easily. For convenience, here are the names of each emulator:

Game & Watch / Retro Handhelds = MadrigalPSP
Atari 2600 = PSP2600 (Stella Ported by Zx-81)
Magnavox Odyssey 2: emuODD 1.0 / Odyssey emulator 1.0
Atari 800/8-Bit = Atari800 PSP
Intellivision = PSPInt 1.1.0
ColecoVision = ColEm PSP 2.6.1
Atari 5200 = Atari800 PSP
Vectrex = VecX (Ported by Zx-81)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum = Fuse PSP
Commodore 64 = VICE PSP C64 2.2.15
SEGA SG-1000 = SMS Plus PSP 1.5
Nintendo (NES) / Famicom = NesterJ Plus 0.61 RM
MSX = MSX for PSP v3.5.41
Commodore Amiga = PSPUAE 0.72
Atari 7800 = PSP7800 v1.2.0fw5x
SEGA Master System = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine = PSP HUGO 1.3.1 fw5x
Sharp X68000 = PX68K for PSP v0.10
SEGA Genesis + SEGA CD = PicoDrive v1.51
SEGA 32X = PicoDrive v1.92.3
Capcom Play System 1/2 = CPS(1 or 2)PSP 2.3.1 for FW 3.xx
Game Boy = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
Atari Lynx = Handy PSP 0.95.1
NEO GEO AES = NEOGEO Emulator for PSP 2.3.1
NEO GEO CD = NCDZPSP 2.2.1 [Ad Hoc]
SEGA Game Gear = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
Super Nintendo / Super Famicom = Snes9xTYLme Mod 180404
Disk Operating System (DOS) = DOSBox for PSP
( ^ DOSBox Navigator 1.51 for easier selections ^ )
Specific DOS Games (Not Emulation) = ScummVM 1.1.1
M.A.M.E. = Mame4All PSP v4.9r2
Atari Jaguar = PJAG v0.0001
SEGA Saturn = yabause-0.9.1
Nintendo 64 = DaedalusX64 1.1.6
Game Boy Color = MasterBoy v2.02 by Brunni
NEO GEO Pocket Color = RACE! PSP 2.16
Game Boy Advance = TempGBA mod
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) = PSPKVM 0.5.5
Nintendo DS = DSonPSP Beta

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this video is gonna have a pretty lengthy introduction I think it's fun and you should stick around but if you're uninterested in the history feel free to skip to the time shown on screen now to get right into the emulation of console generations on the PSP Hardware the PlayStation Portable has essentially since launch been a great way to play some quality games on the go that all changed when the homebrew scene took action the same year of its release from that point into many years forward it would provide the best way to play games on the go who could argue that with emulators of what were at the time current handhelds being readily available in the system during the Game Boy advances lifetime you could technically pirate games that came out the day before and play them on the go via the PSP not like you'd ever do such a thing right it was around the time of the psp-2000 model where the modding scene seemed to be reaching its peak by mid to late 2007 having a PSP without being modded was becoming uncommon at least that was my experience in middle school where all of us rebellious kids would hide from the teachers somewhere at recess to watch downloaded YouTube poops the laser collection and sparta remixes over and over of course once that got a bit tame we'd start emulating some classic systems like the Super Nintendo and by what seemed like magic even the Nintendo 64 you'd also find us playing some quality PlayStation 1 games we ripped and converted ourselves using some sketchy pvp editor software man back in the day we felt like elite hackers it often became a bit of a competition to see who could get the craziest things to play on it I still remember someone trying to tell me there will probably be an Xbox emulator for the PSP eventually didn't help when people use screen recording software or just put a video on the thing to try and convince people about these obvious lies still I never fell for these I mean usually they were pretty obvious still little frame practically wet his pants at the thought of serious sam on the PSP and raises hell of course first i'd have to buy it instead of just staring at the horrific image on the back every time i went to the game store yeah that life-changing experience happened a couple years later but i turned out ok right oh my god why do I have so many copies of this game now hopefully you enjoyed my little introduction it was somewhat of a motive to finally get around to this video I wanted to share a bit of the attached nostalgia I had to manipulating the PSP to its full potential of course by the hands of crafty home brewers who all never meet don't kill little frames elite hacker vibe in today's video we'll be going through each generation of gaming in terms of its emulation capabilities on the PSP typically videos like this have the potential to go out of date when development is still active but I don't anticipate us to be getting emulation of any other consoles previously non emulate able on the PSP I'd imagine we'll see more like updated versions of pre-existing emulators while emulations for the Sega Saturn Atari Jaguar Nintendo DS do exist they're relatively non-functional in terms of playability these consoles could one day see updates for PSP hardware but for something like the panasonic 3do to be introduced to the platform from the ground up I don't anticipate it this would largely be due to the Android emulation of today which has made some incredible strides over the last couple years to attempt porting these relatively obscure consoles to what is now outdated hardware would take some serious dedication even then why bother when such a feat would be far easier and more accessible on the Android platform no the way I see at the future PSP emulation lies and updates rather than new emulators perhaps ports of emulators from other consoles but even still it all lies in the hands of someone who loves the PSP and for example the Philips CDI to death Plus they'd have to know how to code emulators and have an intricate knowledge of both systems architecture despite all these challenges a youtuber known as HCF retro coder has been working on various PSP emulators for a while such as porting mess the multi emulator super system which contains course for consoles like the Bali Astra Kade Fairchild channel F Emerson Arcadia 2001 and more this would introduce a number of second and third generation consoles to the PSP will it ever be released well that's not something I can answer myself nonetheless as of today we still have hundreds of thousands of games to try emulating on the PSP spanning between six generations of gaming history from the second – at the latest the seventh of course the later generations consists mostly of weaker systems like for example the handheld consoles from these eras between the lines some of these systems might not run the best on PSP hardware most projects by now have been abandoned but some still see the light of day such as the Nintendo 64 emulator which had an update released quite recently as of this video of course a lot of the efforts are also aimed towards the PS Vita which have been more popularly exploited with an easier hack that came out last year allowing PS Vita owners to seamlessly hack their vetoes without the worry of breaking their console the Vita homebrew scene has managed to unlock PSP capability in the system as such it seems like everything you could do on the PSP you can now do on a PS Vita and if there are any exceptions to that I've yet to run into them essentially this homebrew app has the ability to turn your PS Vita into a PSP and back again in seconds so everything we'll be taking a look at today will be fully functional on the PS Vita at least I assume it should I haven't tested everything on it but again my experience with cross compatibility has been nothing but pristine maybe I'd consider using the Vita for this video if the thing had an official way to capture footage from it luckily such a peripheral was released for the PSP being the component cables composite cables exist too but we try not to talk about those these were released for each model of the PSP maybe not the PSP Street I have no idea yeah who remembers that thing we're about to really delve into today's topic but I do want to mention a few other things as briefly as I can before we do firstly I am probably going to miss an emulator here there there are some extremely obscure consoles that nobody ever talks about and I do mean extremely obscure I intend to cover some you might not know about but something like for example the FM towns Marty not like an emulator of it exists for the PSP to my knowledge but to narrow down each and every console to find out if they had an emulator for the PSP well that's an effort that surpasses what I intend to accomplish with this video secondly this video won't cover any first generation consoles to be honest I did look and I don't think they're even exist on the emulators for the PSP of first gen consoles these were very restricted times most systems consisting of black and white and used the most primitive of graphics that you would on likely only spot on electronic displays for navigation and submarine vessels there are some PC emulators for these like the Magnavox Odyssey but to my knowledge there are no emulators for this period on the PSP fiddling around with these is more of a novelty these days anyways nobody's pulling these out of parties for the entertainment factor it's now an experience more than anything certainly I have a few things to say universally about PSP emulation many of these will require you own system bios files in order to make them work this is more or less like how Windows or Mac is to your computer like the operating system the menus the meat and potatoes these files can be found online but whether it's legal or not to download them as always seem to be left up for debate it also be smart to say that a lot of these emulators made primary use of the circle button for executing commands and the cross button to go back this I believe is due to regional differences as in some locations the circle button was used to enter rather than the cross I would assume those emulators were made in those regions forth and lastly there's the home button a lot of emulators have their own exit buttons programmed into the menus because for whatever reason exiting the game by typical means can softlock the console which means it gets stuck in this state and you have to reset I don't know why that is but you should know before going in to check for an exit button in the emulator because you might regret going the traditional way if it doesn't support it finally after much delay it's time we delve into PSP emulation starting with the second generation of video games I'm running firmware 6.60 Pro C 2 on my pearl-white PSP go for all gameplay footage unfortunately I no longer own any of the PSP's I played on back when but this time I'll be able to use a PlayStation 3 controller more on the PSP go at the end of this video mmm this XMB doesn't look quite right it looks just fine on the PSP Go itself but projected on the screen the HUD elements are definitely off the mark oh well that's not important let's see what we've got for the second generation of gaming on PSP an order of console release disclaimer due to the nature of this video it was required to download games from the internet this may be a simulation of theft but it is for educational purposes only all games downloaded have been promptly deleted after footage had been captured I support all video game manufacturers and purchase every game I intend to play for entertainment value this video does not encourage piracy in any way shape or form thank you for understanding first we got the classic Atari 2600 from 1977 second the Magnavox Odyssey 2 from 1978 third the Atari 800 computer system or Atari 8-bit computer from 1979 fourth the Intellivision from 1980 fifth the ColecoVision from 1982 six the Atari 5200 also from 1982 seventh the Vectrex again also from 1982 and finally eight the Sinclair ZX Spectrum from 1982 and the gaming industry sure had a lot of competition in 1982 starting off with the Atari 2600 this was the first video game system I've ever played let alone owned when I got my PSP and modded it it was the first time I played the system in years the first emulator I tried was called stella PSP this is actually a port of a well-known pc emulator of the atari 2600 it's based on what's now an older version of course so there are a few incompatibilities nothing major but I did make note of an emulator crash when playing hero which had crashed the PSP itself after trying exit back to the XMB if you're new to this sort of thing don't worry the crash is not serious it's just when a console encounters a fatal error that'll have you hard reset the system you've more than likely had to do this before on other game systems I tried out air raid the infamous 30 grand holy grail of Atari games and this turned out to be a garbled mess not to say the original game wasn't a garbled miss either but I tried a couple other games with mixed results no matter what I did my circus Atari friend wouldn't move despite the paddle functionality is said to be there as such my poor circus assistant went ouch mega mania and Solaris suffered from some texture blurring on movement which was a bit unpleasant this doesn't make the game unplayable by any stretch but it's not preferred to say the least I figured at this point things didn't look so hot so I tried another well-known Atari 2600 emulator for the PSP known only as PSP 2600 varied to the point isn't it immediately I noticed Solaris and mega mania looked much better but circus Atari still didn't work I tried some other paddle games like a go mania and kaboom and to my surprise those worked fine so I'm not sure what the issue was with circus Atari maybe the ROM wasn't ripped properly I took a shot at air raid and while the problem from before was less common it still existed making it practically unplayable what is it about this game that's so hard to emulate I tried donkey kong and oddly and the moment I moved it would reset the game this was a puzzler to me cuz I can't even think of a reason why the game would do that otherwise miss pac-man managed to run a little bit slower than on original hardware I know because I played that one quite a bit back in the day everything else appeared to have worked just fine even homebrew titles like skeleton plus and the prototype for Sinistar Atari 2600 emulation on the PSP is not bad but I do feel there's room for improvement even on PSP 2600 I'd give its performance a 7 out of 10 a couple sites where you can find the emulator for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 will tell you it's an emulator for the very first Odyssey console that simply isn't the case it even comes with an odyssey 2 game pre-installed being acrobat a circus atari clone curious i've since gone back to the emulator to see if it would run any of the original Magnavox Odyssey games and nothing came up so it is just that a Magnavox Odyssey 2 emulator the emulator itself is called Odyssey emulator 1.0 although the games loader says simple flames I couldn't tell you why I should probably mention that the way this emulator loads roms is from the root of the device and a subfolder called roms / roms OD D acrobat ran fine as it should since they included it with the emulator after all then I tried Frogger and something was really off with the collision of this game I'm not familiar with this version of it but cars couldn't seem to down me only the water did and I wasn't even able to cross the river at all I tried Popeye and I couldn't do anything I couldn't move bizarre so I kept going and tried Super Cobra this worked just fine I tried demon attack again unable to move I was really curious what could be causing this issue then I opened the in-game keyboard and started pressing random keys to see it maybe these games used a different control method well they don't but something I did there each time managed to enable the controls I was very confused by this but after that bizarre fix I played a damned good round of demon attack I love this game I went back and tried to play Popeye with this fix but no dice I tried to Atlantis I guess in this version you have no turret in the middle but yeah this one played fine Magnavox Odyssey 2 emulation is a bit iffy on the Odyssey emulator 1.0 but usually playable I had to give the performance a five out of ten next we've got the Atari 800 or Atari 8-bit computer system the emulator I used place both Atari 800 and 5200 games but I'm not sure what the compatibility is with the Atari XE GS I don't much about that system anyways so regardless we'll be looking at this emulator again and a little bit for the 5200 emulation this emulator is called Atari 800 PSP 2 point 1.0.1 first I tried that obscure version of laser gates may it work great I know there are some weird laser patterns on the top and bottom from real hardware footage online I can see this to be a real part of the game I don't know why everything else I tried work just fine so Atari 800 PSP 2 point 1 point 0 point 1 in terms of performance on the Atari 800 side gets a 10 out of 10 from me now on to the Intellivision the system that did feeding frenzy before it was cool the emulator will use here is called PSP IMT after setting up your preferred control scheme since the Intellivision controller is interesting the emulation is superb well it was until I loaded pac-man which crashed the emulator to the XMB besides pac-man everything else I tried was golden I don't know what it is about pac-man that would cause it to crash because otherwise this is all around a great emulator I give PSP I and T's compatibility rating an 8 out of 10 I'd love to give it a 9 but the whole software crash makes it kind of hard to praise past an 8 it might look like we're starting to fly by consoles here that's not my intention emulators that I don't have much to speak of or exactly that in most cases the less I say the more likely the emulator is really good that won't always be the case though and with that we have to turn to the ColecoVision emulator I recently gave in to the call of the ColecoVision and now I gotta say I'm a pretty big fan the arcade quality games look outstanding for their time the only problem is that controller but unlike the Intellivision you can swap them out for another controller such as the atari 2600 joystick or Sega Genesis gamepad at least you can do that after you select the game settings with the numerical keypad so how does this all work on the PSP well the emulator will be taking a look at is called : PSP 2 point 6 point 1 I booted the emulator and was greeted with the following message upon attempting to load Iram no loadable files found in the archive huh now you might be thinking you gotta unzip them usually I do but for a lot of PSP emulators I've come to find they require you put them in zipped folders don't know why if you come across any problems emulating games on the PSP try zipping the rums you might find success that way or not it's always worth a try as it turns out this emulator only reads ColecoVision ROM the dot ROM file format doesn't matter whether you've zip them or not initially I was using roms under the dot Col format that I suppose is unsupported by the emulator not sure why from this point on I had no issues running any ColecoVision games I threw at it gotta say this system has a gall-darn good version of centipede on it I got to keep a lookout for that one and dang I never figured you could actually turn hero into a genuinely good-looking game when using actual textures pitfall not as much I mean it looks better but I don't know if you're new to the system do realise that you'll need to press the number one on the virtual keyboard to execute the game in one player mode it's like flicking the reset knob on the Atari 2600 ColecoVision games run great using : PSP 2.6 point one with the small nuisance of being selective in the file format you pick it lands a highly respectable but not flawless nine out of ten so we're back at it with Atari 800 PSP 2 point one point zero point one I gave it a 10 out of 10 in terms of Atari 800 or 8-bit emulation how does it perform with 5200 games as well as I wanted it to actually for the most part all the games I tested to work just fine exception for two of them chow stat audio but no visual oh God and now it's passing gas in my face Vanguard displayed the Atari 5200 intro screen but wouldn't let me pass that otherwise yeah the emulator works just fine for 5200 emulation I give Atari 800 PSP to point one point zero point one a performance rating of seven out of ten man would I like to own a Vectrex for those of you that don't though here's a decent emulator for it called BEC x4 to buy ZX – 91 I'm fairly certain there's no harm in downloading these all but certain the system's games are abandoned whereby now my only issue with it was playing berserk ironic I chose this one first quite a bad introduction it was as the sound is glitched every sound that plays holds at the last bite meaning you'll constantly hear this if you turn the sound off though then you got nothing to worry about far as I could tell everything else worked flawlessly still I'm left wondering why / zerk had this issue with such a small library you'd think the one behind the effort would have come across this especially as berserk is a pretty well known title I didn't test every game for the system but I can only assume there are some other issues amongst the library I'll play it safe and give this performance an 8 out of 10 next up fuse PSP 0.1 0.0 0.1 that's a mouthful this is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator I know little about the system other than it sports the very high contrast to colors like blues purples and yellows I booted it up and oh that's disappointing just a bunch of error messages and then came across the game known as Bongo and realized what the issue was this emulator seems to only accept roms in the dot z80 file format so I had to go and download a whole bunch more ensuring they were in the correct format initially the library seemed to work perfectly but then I tried r-type yeah this isn't normal I also tried rampage and the controls don't work not even the virtual keyboard does anything here I tried the Star Wars arcade game and there was no sound the game itself is without sound effects but they're supposed to be a mid áfive version of the credits theme running during play which you won't find here for whatever reason afterburner also had no sound well you know wish it didn't the original game should have sound effects but instead you'll hear rather frequent buzz sound that really hurts to hear if playing this one you'll need to mute it I had no issues with some games but I'd say it's a 50/50 whether or not your selected game will run well fuse PSP 0.10.0 point 21 is promising but needs some polish performance wise I'd go with a 5 maybe leaning towards 6 out of 10 so the third generation of consoles first we have the Commodore 64 a computer system from 1982 followed by it the sega sg-1000 from 1983 third the Nintendo otherwise known as the Famicom system originating from 1983 fourth the MSX computer system again in 1983 fifth the amiga computer system from 1985 six the Amstrad CPC computer system from 1984 seventh the Atari 7800 and 1986 and lastly the Sega Master System also in 1986 the Commodore 64 emulator for PSP is called vice PSP c64 2.2 point 15 how is it well upon first using it I noticed something a bit familiar this is another emulator that requires to use roms in a specific file format such file format this time is T 64 right off the bat a number of games didn't have sound even worse off some games wouldn't respond to controls both gorf and puck man suffered from this which rendered them completely unplayable well I could shoot an gorf but that's it after playing Galaxian I noticed that every game I played had gone silent so I started to wonder did the emulator just bug out I tried Galaxian again and there was no sound so yep something happened to crash the sound emulation after restarting I tried Giana Sisters and the sound was perfect so that's one thing already that would be a big annoyance in summary some games don't respond to controls and swapping games may cause the audio to break not looking good for vice PSP still when the games did work they worked Galaxian might have played a bit slow but it was tolerable according to this forum post it seems a number of people have had issues with the emulator not performing very well as a whole vice PSP c64 2.2 point 15 was rocky it's still a noble accomplishment and in some cases it works quite well that's why I wish I could give it a higher rating but as it stands there are issues that every turn so this emulators performance gets a 5 out of 10 for me the sega sg-1000 is a system that is said to not have a working emulator for the PSP see the site also says there's no Saturn Nintendo DS or Jaguar emulators though they do exist it doesn't even list the Jaguar on the site while there is no dedicated sg-1000 emulator there does exist one which will still play them introducing SMS plus PSP 1.5 as I first tested some games I noticed this huge game gear overlay well I mean you'd have to be looking elsewhere from the screen not to notice it I went to turn that off and then I loaded another game and there it is again unfortunately no matter what you do first time games will always have this overlay displayed over top doesn't it seem weird to have a game gear system playing games inside a PSP I don't know I don't understand why someone would want this however the sg-1000 emulation is great except for in twinbee well maybe it was just the ROM O's using but this is all that happened boom other than that no issues with this emulator SMS plus PSP 1.54 sg-1000 emulation performance gets a 10 out of 10 so long as that twinbee thing was a wrong issue I genuinely have no idea ah finally we've reached the risky part of the video all right Nintendo I get it you don't like people getting your games for free let me reiterate these will probably be deleted after the footage has been demonstrated by the way as I sit here writing this script they've already been deleted please for the love of God just let this one pass okay Nestor J if you've had a hacked PSP before you likely know this name because this is one of the most popular emulators on the PSP it's probably due to the simplicity easy to understand menus and great performance it'll run just about anything you throw at it so long as it's not one of those with a large file size for example two in one Street Dance Plus hit Mouse won't boot since it's over 2 megabytes in size otherwise I've had no issues with Nestor J the version I use is Nestor J for PSP plus 0.61 RM its performances at no.2 sent for me yeah it won't run those massive file games but it's not like the Nintendo was ever meant to do that anyways the MSX the Japanese computer system that'll likely never own and likely never give the glory of playing the great bosco nyan port on its genuine hardware the MSX is home to a lot of great arcade conversions and some originals you've no doubt heard of like metal gear the emulator I use is called MSX for PSP v3 point five point four one of course the first game I try is Bostonian and if you know this port you should notice the absence of the voice synthesizer that says blast off when you start a new game so yes that doesn't emulate properly and rally-x has some noticeable screen tearing I will admit but that's really all there is to notice out of the norm – my experience with the emulator everything else should be solid Metal Gear Solid Man is this ever a faithful port of King and balloon the system was capable of synthesized voice so I don't know why I didn't put the Kings one-liners in mappy doesn't look great but uh heck we're not here to talk about arcade ports regardless how much I want to pardon me whilst I play Superboy if you're expecting this emulator to run poorly sorry nothing MSX for PSP V three point five point for once performance gets a nine out of ten for me disregarding how closely the system's name sounds like a NEMA the Amiga emulator for the PSP wants something special from you and thankfully it has nothing to do with that first statement it'll ask you for something called kick thirteen drom which I later found out was the system bios filler up and you got yourself an Amiga emulator PSP you AE 0.72 you'll probably notice that this emulator looks pretty different from the rest that's because it is here you'll have to mount a game under a specific drive known as DF 0 if you've placed your roms in the disk folder clicking DF 0 will open that directory where you can load one of them do a soft reset and you're off afterburner played pretty slowly and de Buddha had no sound onto the next game I tried clue clue land also played pretty slow had sound but it was very choppy it is that a doom seem I hear then I tried liquid kids woody Lakes got more problems to deal with than a missing society there's a plague of noise pollution going around and no good pipe dream played great besides somewhat crackly audio but it's very minor ok Galaga 92 strange I don't remember there being a 92 Galaga that's real nice I tried Mortal Kombat 2 keyword tried the worst part was the multiple disk selection I swear every minute it wanted me to put in the other disk was that normal surely it couldn't have been my cut was that annoying lastly I tried maniac mansion finally a game that runs smooth no discs present in unit 1 I'm pressing it's not doing nothing yeah PSP you a 0.72 is a piece of work I mean it functions not well but it does if you got your heart set on an Amiga game then maybe this will tickle your fancy but it's not ideal it just feels like an underdeveloped emulator although I've heard the processing power behind the Amiga made it difficult to allocate it to the PSP's memory I'm not sure how true that is – take it or leave it I've also heard that a few specific games run great here but I guess my selection didn't contain any of those the emulator shows promising potential but it's not something I'd actively recommend it's got a 4 out of 10 for me in performance which isn't a discredit its developers this might in fact be very impressive I don't know much about the Amiga but as a gameplay experience this is very wishy-washy and presentation Capri's 32 PSP 4.2 point zero point – this here is an emulator that if you don't know how to use DOS box chances are you're not gonna know how to use this actually even if you do know DOS box because this algorithm seems completely different I had to look up the BIOS commands for the Amstrad to figure out what to do here I found out the writing cat will show you the files of the selected disk ROM where you're then to write corresponding to the game run a quotation mark insert name of game insert file extension enter this is all done on the virtual keyboard by the way you're gonna need to know one thing and that's how to use the shift key since you're required to use it for the quotation mark firstly you'll need to know how to open the virtual keyboard which is done by holding the art trigger then you select keys with the square button to use the shift key select it and then press the circle button to put a temporal lock on the key go back to shift once finished and press the circle button again to unlock the shift key I'm not sure why they didn't create an algorithm for automatically mounting the game so you don't have to deal with it's nonsense but I know very little about this hardware so I'm not really a voice for that once I was into the games things started off great but by the time I got to Bubble Bobble there were some noticeable issues one being how you can't control bub no matter what you do I tried New Zealand's story and full disclosure it could be that I didn't select the right file but I assumed of all these it would be the 40 kilobyte one they wasn't I guess that or it just didn't work altogether which is quite possible curiously I tried Bubble Bobble – no not that Bubble Bobble – rainbow islands aside from some pretty crackly audio the game seemed to work fine I tried Titus the Fox it was a bit crackly but it worked fine really the way I see it Caprice 32 PSP 4.2 point zero point two is passable playing a number of games close if not precisely how they would be played on the original system however being unable to control some is a big letdown I'm sure the number of games which do this is low but it's still an issue I'd have to give this emulators performance a 6 leaning closer to a 7 out of 10 as an expert I like the 7800 because they're great arcade hits like Mario Brothers the Atari 7800 emulator is known as PSP 7800 v 1.2.0 firmware 5x in my opinion this console has the worst sounding games in history why do they sound so bad because the 7800 uses practically the same sound chip is the atari 2600 and while it was fine enough in that generation there's something to make up for newer games they utilized far denser sounds at a more frequent rate I can tolerate fart noises and spurts but the 7800 takes it to the whole new level the emulator well it adds a little bit of extra crust with some bonus crackles no it's really not too bad not too noticeable once you've gotten used to it but wow is it possible for sound to be ugly hearing the innocent clacks fall without the well-known scream effects just feels wrong the emulator works fine though I don't know why I had to push this segment for so long because the emulator is actually quite impressive it's a really not a secondary fire button for Xevious on that 2 button controller I'm sorry but every time I hear about the 7800 I just flood myself with so many questions I don't understand why the system was even a thing the competition was doing so much better than this not that the system itself is bad or anything it's just the time period in which was released man it just feels so late to the party look at how the later 7800 handles Galaga compared to the earlier Nintendo I give PSP 7800 V 1.2.0 firmware 5x a 9 out of 10 for performance a bit of an audio improvement would have made this perfect not the 7800 though it needed a lot more than just an audio improvement I've actually got two Sega Master System emulators up and running firstly what I used for the sg-1000 emulation SMS plus PSP 1.5 and masterboy V 2.0 to buy bruni I started with SMS plus because someone referred me to it as the better choice that did not turn out to be true in fact by a rather large margin just take a look at fantastic Disney on SMS plus and compare it with master boy SMS plus had a number of other issues of Master System games and of course that wonderful game year overlay at least SMS plus emulates the Sega intro properly in those Sonic games that's something master boy can't do but yeah I found performance wise everything was superior in this version of Master boy master boy is actually a combination emulator it plays Master System Game Gear Game Boy and Game Boy Color we'll take a look at it for those other three consoles in their respective generation so in master boy you've got a great user interface and superb emulation of classics like Astro New Zealand story my god my ears are Type O okay it crashed and sonic blast is that supposed to happen on real hardware that might not be very easy to replicate mmm well maybe SMS plus has more stability without the fancy graphics master boy has issues with Master System games but it does look better and seems to have the best framerate and audio emulation comparatively except for the Sega intro for some reason between SMS plus and master boy like there's one consistent issue with a particular game I noticed coolspot has this black line across the screen which is supposed to be there but not so that you can see several lines of pixels underneath it between the HUD and the gameplay not sure what caused that that I'd wager it's something related to resolution SMS plus PSP one point 5s Master System emulation I consider to be alright I'd give its performance of seven out of ten master boy V 2.0 to buy Bruni is your other option which is superior in a number of areas but is less stable bugs and all I'd Talia to a 7 out of 10 maybe leaning more towards an 8 whichever one you decide to use would be based on what elements of emulation you would prioritize for it first in the lineup for the fourth-generation is the turbo graphics 16 or PC engine from 1987 second the sharp x68000 computer system also from 1987 third the Sega Genesis Sega CD and Sega 32x units respectively from 1988 1992 in 1994 fourth the Capcom play systems 1 & 2 another from 1988 fifth the gameboy from 1989 six the Atari Lynx five months later in 1989 seventh the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD consoles from 1998 the game gear also 1990 ninth the Super Nintendo or Super Famicom originally from the ghin 1990 and finally two categories that I can't really narrow down to a specific generation those would be the DOS computer system including one dedicated das simulator which is used for a variety of specific game engines and MAME first we have the turbo graphics 16 or pc engine emulator being PSP hugo 1.3.1 firmware 5x ah bunks adventure the only game people seem to remember from the platform well that nares ankh perhaps on ironically starring a character from the bunk line of games what's happened to this series anyways I know they had a Gamecube side-scroller one point but I haven't heard from them since anyways box adventure works just fine err song doesn't though the sound just doesn't exist then the graphics are super flickery I would say it ranges on borderline unplayable which is such a shame for one of their more easily recognized titles another game I had issues with was Thunder blade though these were strictly in slowdowns I figured if this game encounters such then this would probably be the case for other games of rapid sprite loading not that you'd like to play Thunder blade on anything other than the original arcade though this game really took a punch when it came to home consoles but besides that the remainder of the games I tried work just fine maybe a bit of a slowdown here there but it's all minor if you're a turbo graphics 16 enthusiast you'll know the system had a CD unit this is also emulate able on the PSP but after multiple attempts at trying to figure this out there was just no way I could get this to work chances are I was doing something wrong but for the life of me I just kept getting this load error I even tried another emulator known as turbo GFX 16 which had better results but even then I wasn't able to figure out how to actually load the games the CD unit doesn't have much I'm interested in anyways that isn't available elsewhere so I wasn't super bummed out by this PSB Hugo is a pretty good emulator not perfect but some tweaks could have registered as such I'll give this ones performance an 8 out of 10 I actually own one sharp x68000 game yet another Japanese computer system I have won Game four on MSX I a Bostonian for the sharp x68000 I have bosco nyan it's rare that a home port rivals the arcade counterpart only other example I can immediately think of as contra Bostonian however has an arranged sharp x68000 home port that is everything the arcade game was and more new soundtrack enhanced visuals I'm honestly not sure if I own the enhanced arrange version or the original but you're not here for that how do these games run on the sharp x68000 PSP emulator known as px 6 8k for PSP version 0.10 oh I guess they won't run it off the emulator doesn't work so as it turns out this emulator requires a BIOS file but it doesn't tell you that just boots you back to the XMB if you try to launch it without one you'll have to put it in a subfolder named Keroppi which isn't explained I had to look that one up to find out those files by the way are called CG rom and IPL ROM Det anyways once you do have that bios installed you'll see some Japanese and once again things don't appear as familiar as the other emulators seems to be a theme with computer-based architecture but I can understand why all you have to do is open the FDD one and select a disk being the realm you've downloaded head to system then reset wait a moment and your game should be good to go on boot things sound promising but that changes once you get the graphics on screen at least that was the case for Bostonian but even still this isn't really bad at all it's totally playable but indeed it does play a bit slow also the voice guy has a strange obsession with spouting off randomly oh then I tried rally-x oh my god that is such a wholesome MIDI so yes it does run slow and the framerate is choppy but it's still quite playable fantasy zone was less so the choppy framerate made this fast-paced game rather difficult to play and honestly I wouldn't recommend playing this on the emulator then I came across what might be an incompatibility issue this was Gradius perhaps this rom wasn't put together right or something because it boots into the x68000 cpu with a folder for the disc opened but there's no way to click the game whatever the case may be this particular rom doesn't seem to be playable on the emulator then there was the first true incompatibility being darius this print is too small for me to read but i assume some fatal error occurred which prevented the game from being played I tried salamander and while it took longer than the rest to load I did manage to get a running in-game it's not unplayable I suppose but for a game of this nature playing in moderate slow motion isn't preferred no doubt also for some reason the voice synthesizer wouldn't shut up at times I guess that's similar to Bostonian this must have some sort of weird bug with voice synthesizers there exists a port of the original arcade game specifically made for the PSP so this isn't necessary to run here regardless px 68k for PSP version 0.10 is surprisingly decent for a relatively obscure computer system outside its country of origin that might be because the emulator itself is mostly in Japanese however it's still very easy to navigate in English as English text can be found throughout its programming but you might get lost in translation for a few things like the boot sequences that are strictly coded in Japanese its performance is off and on so it's got a ways to come until perfected but even as it stands in this version 0.10 very impressive still we're looking at performance here so I got to go with my gut and give it a 6 out of 10 Sega Genesis emulation has been around and of great quality even in the earlier days of emulation on the PSP Hardware today it's really no short of excellent oddly enough when upgrading the Pico Drive version one point 92.3 I noticed a few games were actually running a bit worse than before on Pico Drive version one point 51 being the update that I had installed since whenever I last used my PSP later versions of Pico Drive implemented Sega CD and 32x compatibility 1.51 can't play Sega CD games in fact to place them superbly Genesis games particularly work with Sonic 3 & Knuckles keeping a solid 60 frames-per-second throughout without a single moment of lag outside the original hardware limitations to my own experience the latest one point 92.3 plays a number of games far worse with rare but existing sound slowdowns and occasional screen tearing the framerate is unstable as well Sonic 3 & Knuckles had issues with this one yet played like a dream on version 1 point 51 there could be varying reasons for this I'm not too sure myself but when it comes to Genesis and Sega CD games I use one point 51 and I think it's gonna stay that way in fact I don't see much of a reason to upgrade at all 32x games barely run it's really just a proof-of-concept if anything I didn't even manage to get it to show any graphics on the base emulator but somehow whatever core was in the only one emulator retroarch which we will take a look at later mind you was able to demonstrate the 32x capabilities none of the 32x games are fully playable and I really doubt you'll boot them up a second time after trying it out I could summarize this with one statement Sonic CD runs with only the occasional minor slowdowns on version 1.51 it struggles near consistently on version one point ninety two point three I have my suspicions on why this could be it might be that the emulator was upgraded specifically for the PS Vita in the adrenaline PSP emulator whether that's the case or not there exists a core for the PS Vita's retroarch release that plays the game at an excellent 60 frames with an enhanced resolution you won't find on the PSP so if that release was made for the PS Vita then I suppose a sub slet now but using PlayStation 4 sonic emulation is overrated portable Genesis gaming is always at its height on the Sega Nomad I will admit the possibility of something going wrong on my end but for my experience that's just how it went I expect to get asked this so I had fiddled around with the renderer since I know that's a thing Pico Drive supports fast or accurate both didn't run so hot on the newer release while accurate had no issues whatsoever on the prior I recall back when I played this so frequently I was confused and why the option of a fast renderer was even there in the first place because it just ran so good so I'm giving my preferred choice the 1.51 release playing Genesis and Sega CD games a performance rating of 10 out of 10 32x support playability on the newer one point 92.3 I give a performance rating of 2 out of 10 impressive really impressive and incredible that even the sound emulation is working here these are things the PS he should not be able to handle and I give kudos to the developers but performance wise this is no more than a concept capcom as a whole I'm not really familiar with it was interesting to find out that they have a whole branch of arcade units that I suppose use similar hardware it was a cartridge based MAME format that had a number of great games this was my introduction to it most of these games I've played elsewhere some even through MAME itself however this is simply an emulator that supports the Capcom play systems both the first and second revisions of hardware well actually they're in two separate ii boots but they function all the same kind of makes me wonder why they didn't just sell for a single e boot the emulator for the cps one is called cps one PSP two point three point one for firmware three and the emulator for the cps two is called c ps2 PSP 2 point three point one for firmware three i'd like to make note of one thing emulators that are followed by a firmware version do not necessarily mean they will only work on that firmware yes there are some incompatibilities between firmwares but all the ones I'll be listening today work just fine on a modified 6.60 first impressions with CPS 1 were incredible it seemed like no matter what I played the games would run perfectly that's really impressive for a system with 2d graphics that surpass the Super Nintendo maybe it's less demanding I know nothing about this hardware do not take my word on that I had no issues whatsoever with this emulator now this is what I call phenomenal I give its performance a 10 out of 10 the CPS one plays great but how about cps 2 holy damn these games are insane look at how much is on screen at once not gonna lie I definitely dig this the emulator well it's really good but I do think the performance is somewhat lesser than the cps one with some moments of lag here and there and more intensive scenes I expected that but the fact that most of the time it's playing of what I assume to be perfect speeds is again nothing short of phenomenal it makes sense for me to give this a 9 out of 10 since it's somewhat lesser than CPS ones performance but honestly even with how little I've said about its slowdown I still think I'm making it sound worse than it is this emulator might as well get attended attending performance the game boy is a very weak platform to today's standards with specification z' that can be emulated on just about anything even the palm n5 1/5 could emulate a Game Boy poorly but it still could so you already know that the PSP should have no issues whatsoever in the emulation of its games master boy V 2.0 to buy Bruni plays gameboy games perfectly even adding color to some of them like Donkey Kong although I'm pretty sure even at that point every emulator you played it on would have color by default I tried Super Mario Land 2 6 golden coins and on its own for some reason I had this weird color palette applied to it it wasn't a rom hack I guess this is a feature I then tried the now popular Super Mario Land 2 DX and unfortunately I couldn't get that one to boot which was a shame it kept detecting Nuvi rams there's some sort of incompatibility here for sure everything else I threw out it works just fine just be aware that a few intensive rom hacks might not be compatible performance wise masterboy b 2.0 – by bruni gets a 9 out of 10 for emulating the Gameboy I don't have much interest in my atari lynx which is really unfortunate because i love the design it has I just don't care for more than a select handful of games on it nonetheless if I don't feel like hooking it up and using that subpar screen we have handy PSP 0.95 point 1 to alleviate the need first I tried the only game I have for it which was chips challenge first impressions weren't so hot as the introduction liked quite a bit with sound and visuals in-game it was less dramatic but still not quite enjoyable I went into the emulators options and tinkered with the PSP clock frequency and had a far better result giving it a consistent frame rate the sound was still quite bad though with a slew of crackles left and right thankfully chips challenge has the option to turn off the background music but would your favorite links games do that well I don't know chips challenge is totally playable though which is the success in my books I went on to try some other games I was unfamiliar with like joust wow this is a really good port sounds the same looks the same for the most part I'm impressed here the emulation was great too playing at what I believe is full speed with great sound I didn't hear any crackling in this one I went on to Blue Lightning and what the the Lynx is actually capable of this wow this looks incredible for a handheld at the time the speed seemed perhaps a bit slower than on console but was ultimately quite stable in frame rate and totally playable the sound though is a bit of a killer for me either play this without sound or don't play it at all the sound emulation for this one it's just quite poor I tried pac-land and well this one did not run very well at all the speed is notably slower than on console and the sound is very crackly overall in my testing I discovered that most games are not gonna sound very good as the emulation of the Lynx is sound chip needs some work gameplay is often quite good but there are a few games that'll run quite poor most of them will run at least slightly slower than console this isn't a bad emulator feels like a work in progress that didn't reach its full potential still chances are if there's a Lynx game you want to play on the PSP this should do the job but with mediocre results I give handy PSP 0.95 point ones performance a 7 out of 10 in my hay days of playing PSP it was always obvious that the emulation scene was quite fond on the Neo Geo AES it's not a console of particular interest to me since I only dabbled in it back then but returning to it now I can say that it is indeed quite an accomplishment that is if you can get the games to run in the first place so the emulator is called MVS PSP to point 3.1 it comes with a rom converter that'll turn NeoGeo roms into a readable format for the emulator that's handy however this never seemed to have successful results every game I converted came up blank confused at this and after trying multiple things that didn't work I went to YouTube to see if anyone had a tutorial as it turns out there are a few I downloaded a ROM set provided with the emulator and got the work nabbing footage whatever they did to format these correctly is beyond me but at least now we have something to work with this alternate emulator I got was called Neo Geo emulator for PSP two point three point one two point three point one wait a minute that can't be a coincidence two MVS PSP two point three point one can it well whatever the case is this copy loaded the games just fine the other one didn't even list them a very similar problem I had encountered with the Neo Geo CD emulator which had me undergo the same method as before I downloaded a ROM set provided with an emulator and here we are now unfortunately I can't tell you how to get these things up and running but at least I can show you their performance yep once you finally got it running it's an incredible emulator it introduced me to flying disc game flying power discs which is an awesome competitive frisbee game Neo Geo emulator for PSP two point three point one's performance gets a ten out of ten for me no problems I could find however I do feel weird giving a 10 out of 10 to an emulator I couldn't get up and running on my own terms but we're talking about performance here for Neo Geo CD games I located NC DS epsp 2.2.1 ad hoc which I suppose means it's multiplayer compatible with other PSPs neato I had no problems around the board but I think I might have heard some crackles in the gameplay of Metal Slug 1 I can't really tell since it was crowded by machine-gun fire which very well could have been normal I'll pass on that judgement since I can't determine its legitimacy NC DZ PSP 2.2.1 ad hoc gets a tenant attendant for me in performance someone was really dedicated importing this stuff to the PSP I'll tell you that for certain and they did a damn fine job so the good old Sega Game Gear I think my purchase of a Game Gear was the moment I decided to start being a collector the feeling of playing something so forgotten by modern society was just so so good my retro gaming background certainly helped though regardless we're going back to master boy again can I stop saying master boy V 2.02 by bruni yet probably not what do you expect by now they played great and they don't have this dumb game gear overlay Master boy v 2.02 by bruni Game Gear performance is a 10 out of 10 all right so the Super Nintendo is a tough one throughout my years of playing Super Nintendo on PSP it was always a very wishy-washy experience many games played far too slow though some would play just fine usually the reason behind this is the extra chips installed in certain cartridges like the super FX chip used for Yoshi's Island and Star Fox in recent years it seems the scene took another dive into the Super Nintendo emulation and wow has it ever improved also yes for those wondering the FPS counter can be turned off I just figured it'd be good to use alongside the footage for this one since frame rates can be all over the place in certain titles this emulator is called snezhnoye next EU ilm the e mod one eight zero four zero four I was so intrigued by this that I decided to open my old archive and find a copy of this emulator this one was titled siness 9x Tyl zero point four point two comparing between them is interesting speed has been improved dramatically especially for games like Donkey Kong Country and starfox some games however still struggle past the point of being playable like doom for example most games don't run at full speed usually it ranges between 20 to 30 frames per second which is still playable 30fps equals the minimum of real-time footage so being ten frames below that isn't great but it isn't bad either all things considered now a lot of these games can actually be played elsewhere what did i do back when I couldn't play Donkey Kong Country or Yoshi's Island and I played the Game Boy Advance ports in a gameboy advance emulator and guess what those worked great there are even some awesome rom hacks out there now like one that hacks the original Super Nintendo sprite sheet into Yoshi's Island for the Game Boy Advance which was originally a tad too bright due to the non backlight screen of the original model I still find it weird how quickly the original model was replaced by the SP once that thing came out I never saw anyone the original model that actually goes hand-in-hand with the original Nintendo DS model strangely enough now if you're gonna use this emulator you should consider two things firstly this emulator overclocks the PSP what that means is you're getting performance over battery life things such as this are mostly alleviated today by portable power banks but it's still something to consider secondly once your power has gone low you'll receive a warning pop-up stating that save data save states and settings have been disabled to conserve the remaining life of the battery well what if you're playing a game having not saved yet and suddenly this pops up well what is up with all the spongebob references today anyways if you try to save stay past the prompt it'll say that the battery is low and if you save when it dies that's bad so say but your own discretion I guess the PSP does have an empty battery warning so I doubt you'd ever be able to save during its last moments but hey at least they tell you smash 9x Tyl me mod one eight zero four zero force performance provides the best Super Nintendo experience out there for the PSP it won't get you full speed but you probably never will achieve such a thing on this platform its performance gets a 7 out of 10 for me I love dos gaming there are so many lost gems and I suppose that's due to the accessibility of developer tools that didn't rely on console manufacturers this isn't a fourth generation exclusive dos games go back and forth between time here but the highest point you'd find for the platform on the PSP is during the 4th generation of games getting it to run properly on the PSP could be a bit of a hassle though for the record I'm not sure if you can even type on it I don't recall there being a virtual keyboard but feel free to prove me wrong all I know is back when I played on the PSP I set up dos box configuration files to launch specific games at the moment I entered so I'd basically have the DOS box e boot listed several times over each with a different title I used an e boot editor sometime ago to give them each their own icons so I'd be able to know what I'm launching you might be wondering then why these all have scoopa man's quest does their icon and that's because I just threw together a bunch of dos box configurations with the respected games and I didn't go through the e boot editor because this is really just for a video many times you'd set these up and couldn't do anything past that anyways because the game might require some form of installed that to my knowledge isn't possible on the PSP release of DOS box jazz jackrabbit was one such example thankfully a lot of these games been specifically optimized for their own e boot releases like with Wolfenstein 3d rise of the Triad and allegedly even jazz jackrabbit though I haven't tried it myself this is great news because a number of these games just aren't gonna play the best in the default DOSBox settings I don't know if any of these a for mentioned e boots use dos box or not they might be relative to some sort of external source port but whatever the case some of the best are readily available to you with no hassle required for other more obscure titles however you'll just have to delve into dos box one of my originally boots I created for each episode of Duke Nukem wait Duke Nukem you know I do remember hearing about this but I forget why I guess that's worth looking up later duke works great but as you can see from the pic one image saving is a bit of a hassle you'll have to memorize what it says here I've set the DOS box controls to specific PSP buttons that input I've listed here is what you'll need to do in order to save the game the following to load the game the same sort of stuff will apply across the board for DOS games it's not exactly user friendly but it works all the same secondly I tried a childhood favorite being scuba man's quest not the best game but it's light on the graphics that said the gameplay is fine it's just the sound that isn't so hot I even have the game set up for PC speakers so this might be the best it can sound I tried cool spot it had some nice copy protection that I couldn't be bothered to deal with I tried catacomb 3d and this happened essentially you never know what you're gonna have to do with these games until you try them so it's a process of trial and error for sure but thankfully there's some tweaking you can do and usually gets them to work just fine well the fine might be an overstatement but you get the picture I might eventually get around to making a proper tutorial on how to install DOS box games on the PSP performance-wise the emulation isn't great but it does run and for some games it's alright this is really going to depend on the era of game you're playing around with but if I were to generalize the entire experience I'd be giving the performance a 4 out of 10 scummvm so these are still dos games at heart but there's a specific e boot known as scummvm which works with recreated game engines from various point and click games it gets its name from the engine it was initially based on being scum it runs a bunch of different games like Sam and Max hit the road a game I actually played a bit when I was little I don't know why I forgot to put that visual the scientist in my childhood trauma video it works perfectly but I guess you could expect that from an engine recreation rather than emulation yeah this isn't so much an emulator than it is original engines improved by a C++ I guess simulator is a better term to be using here if you can get games to run you're likely gonna experience it the way it was intended to be experienced yeah but the games running thing I haven't had the best luck with this some games installed just fine others are undetected by the program despite they're listed as fully supported there's no doubt in my mind that I just did something wrong or got the wrong files but hey if you're gonna use this you might come across that issue too the performance is stellar but I would have expected that anyways 10 out of 10 name is a multiple arcade machine emulator it doesn't have a defined era to it it should be considered that a lot of these games would have been made far before the 4th generation the fact that they can play some fourth generation arcade games though makes me look at it as such for this scenario but yeah the MAME is a tricky one I've had my own set of confusions with MAME before like downloading abandonware roms that simply refused to work because of whatever missing files despite on MAME 32 I could detect them just fine I don't understand why one emulator has no problem playing these on their own then MAME always ask you for something extra which is like impossible to find it's a highly heralded program so I'm clearly doing something wrong but I don't know man I don't think this programs user-friendly at all does that apply to MAME for all PSP v 4.9 r2 well I have to be a lot more forgiving on this iteration of it it is the PSP afterall and the arcade scene was a lot more invested in machines like the Capcom play system and Neo Geo Plus with those you only really have to deal with one piece of hardware whereas in MAME well there's hundreds of thousands of possibilities still I found a compatibility with this thing to be abundantly limited very rarely did I get a game to boot at all and some of them would even crash the emulator back to the XMB some of those that worked would also play no sound even after having downloaded the audio samples for the games but it's certainly not bad just ran why is it always jokes that runs perfectly well hey I'm not complaining Robotron 2084 worked but man what are these controls it's been configured for the right four face buttons but they're entirely out of order this is extremely disorienting the game might as well not even work at this point because with these controls ya know Sinistar worked alright but part of me wishes it didn't so I didn't have to hear the Sinistar disrespect it was such awful sound effects in place of the voice synthesizer Oh voice synthesizer you're not getting enough love in this video let's try sex on Oh what do you know it works pretty good too there's no sound but it's something this game I I'm honestly not a big fan of the collision detection is just so primitive it's actually a bit hard to sit down and play it now comparing to greatly superior games that have since managed to handle this sort of thing a lot better well there's only one thing that can save me for all with its odd Dreamcast loading screen does meme for all play anteater performance 10 out of 10 it plays the most underrated arcade game of all time I wanted to end it there for jokes but I do have to take this seriously so anteater runs just like it does in the arcades which was a huge surprise for me still MAME for all PSP v 4.9 r2 s performance is severely lacking especially considering arcade hits like Galaga aren't recognized I mean they are but it has that whole missing files nonsense can someone explain this to me seriously my ears are trying to build main cabinets this one problem has kept me from using anything other than the outdated MAME 32 the fifth generation is the most ambitious era for PSP emulation as far as I'm concerned covering home consoles less than or just under a decade old do they run well let's find out it starts with the Jaguar from 1993 followed by the Sega Saturn in 1994 afterwards we have the PlayStation 1 oh and that's an interesting one to look at which came out just after the Saturn in 94 then there's the Nintendo 64 from 1996 and Gameboy cutler from 1998 first stop Jaguar with pjv 0.0001 a lot of sites called it virtual Jaguar but that's the name for the emulator it's based on not the PSP release the madman HCF seems to be working on some sort of updated Jaguar emulator for the PSP as recent as January 8 2019 he says he'll release it if he's able to make it faster for now though we'll be stuck with P jag there isn't really that much to say because the emulator is just a proof-of-concept and conceptually it proofs I tried both Rayman and alien versus Predator which were both able to get in game but alien vs. predator was slower than one frame per second I counted and it averaged at one frame every four seconds I don't think I've ever tried to play something so slow before I gave up pretty quickly Rayman was a bit of a different story he held a consistent four frames per second which I thought to be quite impressive if enough people cared about the Jaguar I'd wager the PSP would have a totally playable emulator by now I mean think about it Rayman is actually playable would you play it like this I hope you wouldn't but by definition it does at least appear as if you can make it through the game it would just take you a very long time to exit the game you have to hard reset the PSP since exiting manually just crashes the system that's always fun keep in mind when this was released Jaguar emulators even on the PC were barely functional to be honest I think of this is a pretty big deal other than that though what can you really say I tried one of those bubsy games too by the way but it didn't even boot and I almost didn't even care to mention it if you want to try this emulator out for yourself you'll need to know that you can only load up one ROM at a time you're to place a Jaguar rom next to the e boot with the file name cf jag or else you see a split second wall of text and get booted right back to the XMB it took me a while to figure that out no thanks to the absence of any kind of readme document performance gets a 2 at a 10 only because Rayman is sort of playable I'd imagine some other games might be as well the Sega Saturn is pretty underrated with under systems particularly those with 3d capabilities the emulation scene is usually pretty bleak such has been the case with Saturn emulators for the PC for many years and the PSP doesn't try to combat that with you boss still it boots games you can play Panzer Dragoon at 2 frames per second but I mean hey seeing this actually happened on a PSP way past cool yeah boss this is just a concept performance is a 1 in a 10 but you already knew that this one needs a little explanation the PSP has the ability to play every PlayStation 1 game at least as far as I've tested even kerokero King the original Japanese rivet King there are a few methods on how to do this but I'm sure someone else has covered that in detail these should all run if they're originally intended speeds you know it's funny before I ever knew about this there actually was some sort of genuine PlayStation 1 emulator for the PSP I never tried it out not long after that I found out about the ps1 compatibility but what's not actually real does anyone remember that you'd think before going to the links is such a thing you'd come across the fact that it can natively play ps1 games anyways need I give this the performance review you've all likely been waiting for this one to show up yep the Nintendo 64 this is nothing new the Nintendo 64 has been emulated on the PSP for over a decade it's nothing short of incredible but has it improved over the years why yes here's date Alice X 64 one point one point six is it a reliable emulator well kind of no matter how much work you put into it nintendo 64 on the PSP is wizardry as it is and to pull off such a thing flawlessly would take far too much work to be a realistic goal that said some games came pretty close to the real thing there's compatibility lists all around the net if you want to look those up but most people will just tell you the Mario's and Zelda's work great and call it a day as someone who will never understand a single needle of excitement for the Zelda franchise I quickly got to capturing Super Mario 64 footage and it ran great audio is usually quite crackly but it does clear up from time to time it certainly isn't painful to listen to unlike some other emulators that shove those crackles were right down your earholes I tried a number of other games into my recollection the compatibility far exceeds what it could do when I last dealt on to the PSP scene kirby 64 plays just about full speed at times it's awesome to see how playable starfox 64 is doom 64 is an easy recommendation so long you put your brightness on max I always hated changing the settings on my CRT back when for this game Mario Kart 64 works well but the jittering sprites are really noticeable at points Tarak dinosaur hunter was odd it had input leg that lasted about 5 seconds until it registered entirely unplayable but still kind of cool to see on the PSP what you see here is just the game demo because you really could not control it in game Yoshi's Story is kind of playable it sure has a lot of graphical problems I recall playing Yoshi's Story on my PSP long ago without it looking like this so what's the deal let's take out that old n64 emulator huh is my memory false all right let's play around with some settings here ah perfect so the problem was based on a setting that broke the graphics not sure which one and I was just taking options at random I guess that goes to show this emulators performance can improve with various tweaks give your favorite game a couple tries on different settings and you might actually come across a dramatically improved experience there's the theme you've no doubt noticed and it's that sound is correctly around the board yeah he named the g-diffuser Falco still Nintendo 64 emulation on the PSP has come a long way and even with its consistent crackles it remains an emulator of a system that had no right to play remotely well on the PSP I should make mention that having sound enabled it although can cause some games to crash in fact both bio freaks and Super Smash Bros heart locked my PSP with audio enabled yet without it it would continue to play I'm not sure why oh one last thing allegedly Rayman 2 is playable but that wasn't the case for me no matter what I tried it wouldn't boot there's actually two listings of the game here so maybe mine was whatever this one was it was an NTSC ROM so maybe the PAL ROM works I guess region selections could also play into their compatibility that's weird though I've noticed this is the case for some other emulators too like pcsx2 and dolphin at least years ago when I used those a lot is there any specific reason why one region would work and the other doesn't anyways performance wise I'd give de Dallas x64 one point one point six a six out of ten master freaking boy V 2.0 to buy Bruni time for some Game Boy Color and the last time I have to mention master boy so I was actually suggested to try out a different Game Boy Color emulator one being called Rindge BC I tried it and Wow it did not play very good I was recommended this one because of its rewind feature I mean yeah that's cool and all but safe states are all you really need especially when you've otherwise got to deal with performance like this Shantae what what did they do to you back to master boy do key new key plays final master boy unlike rin as did everything else I tried except Shantae I know this was one of the more graphically intensive Game Boy Color games but do all the graphics have to look like waffles I would have loved to have Shantae on my PSP but I guess those dreams will have to wait wait what the pausing the game fixed it that's odd okay now I guess I can play Shantae hooray maybe master boy be 2.02 by broody getting that 9 out of 10 performance rating good job master boy you've proven yourself now shut up and let the others have a turn the 6th generation of gaming for the PSP emulator scene will consist only of handhelds in fact there's only three to speak of the Neo Geo pocket color from 1999 the gameboy advance from 2001 and the job a mobile platform from well it was introduced in 1995 but a majority of the games you'll be playing on this platform range between 2000 and 2010 mostly so ya can't really place a date for this one just now it's majorly associated with the 6th generation devices still use Java to this day but to my knowledge it's never been as popular as it was then I didn't even know this handheld was the thing until like 2010 but there's a PSP emulator for it introducing Reis PSP 2.16 so I know there's a sonic game on here let's check that out sonic Jam world music that's an odd choice but I guess it was never used in the 2d Sonic game so that works angel island act 1 okay that doesn't work oh Lord it works so much less in chemical plant zone why the same zone theme between two levels did the sonic team actually make this I might have to look at this game in a separate video oh right performance yeah it plays alright but there's some very noticeable slowdowns at points it doesn't play good but doesn't play bad pretty much in the middle here oh my god hooyo Puyo because what's a console without some kind of puyo puyo on it yeah it plays fine so does pac-man and everything else i tried i guess it'll take some work for the emulator to feel the intensity that is blast proccesing race PSP 2.16 gets a performance rating of nine out of ten for me Game Boy Advance performance has always been pretty good for the PSP emulators even long ago you could play most games of these however certain games did indeed struggle some unfortunate titles like Rayman hoodlums revenge would fail to play past taking your first step for some bizarre reason other games particularly first-person shooters barely played at all notable examples are duke nukem advance and doom 2 which were borderline unplayable an emulator known as temp GBA mod seeks to fix a lot of the problems with past GBA PSP emulator speed dramatically improved for those underperforming games Rayman hoodlums revenge's fixed hooray those first-person shooters still aren't perfect though there are times when the audio gets so crackly that it hurts to listen to without sound know you've got a pretty solid experience with these now you can actually play them that's a huge step forward the Game Boy Advance has a 3d perspective view capability known as mode 7 the same sort of effect that was used in some Super Nintendo games like f-zero there has always been some issues with emulating mode 7 on the PSP a noteworthy example is with Rayman 3 yes another Rayman game I know I'm seen as a Rayman youtuber in some light but this is purely coincidence I swear anyways the issue once suffered with a snake writing segment in Rayman 3 is unfortunately still present in this release what stopped you from progressing is the overlay which is seen as the flooring being entirely inaccurate to what is shown on screen essentially the floors collision was shifted forward it's bothersome but you can still beat the level of patience and save state support it really hits its limit on the first level of the second world where you have to ride a plum shaped karts through a lava maze this has the flooring shifted way off to the right which makes anticipation for hazards next to impossible to distinguish with that I can say Rayman 3 for the Game Boy Advance remains unplayable past the first world on temp GBA mod but everything else worked great yes system intensive games still suffer a bit but it's minor and far better than any of the builds before it I give this emulators performance an 8 leaning more towards a 9 out of 10 you don't need Rayman 3 for GBA really there exists a large range of Java games to be installed on your PSP via PSP KVM zero point five point five but of course different phone models call for different mid 'let's are you downloading the best version of the Java game to be played on your PSP a lot of that will be trial and error you don't really know until you've installed it by-the-by you install games in PSP KVM not just load them as a ROM image this might sound like a crossroads but it's really quite simple just click find applications and find the directory you place the rum set then pick a resolution again that's kind of trial and error you can always uninstall the midlet and reinstall it for a different resolution which is a bit of a process but hey you can still do it once you've got a game running you might notice an absence of sound then you might hear random sound effects here and there most of these games didn't have much going on in the sound department so if you hear long periods of nothingness chances are it is playing like it should you'll probably notice the prediction frames or whatever you call those outside the games quote/unquote skybox I know there's a term for this I can easily replicate it in Serious Sam but I don't quite remember what it is not many games actually have this anymore if these visuals bug you well you could try another resolution but you might be out of luck there this seems to be a flaw in the emulation although these games usually didn't have much production value in them so I wouldn't be too surprised that these exist on the original games as well on phone models that developers hadn't tested or it could just be that you're expanding the resolution past what was intended on those phone models as for the games themselves they run pretty good though there are some exceptions doom 2 RPG is no doubt playable but hangs more on the unpleasant level of emulation Rayman kart was a little slow but it was good enough to play as you can tell it didn't select a proverbial resolution so I'd have to go back and try reinstalling just didn't care to do that since I'm only installing these for the video I tried Splinter Cell Conviction and I couldn't get past this problem no matter what I tried then I installed Sonic Unleashed because for some reason I actually get requested to check this out kind of often which concerns me but I wasn't able to boot it and it tells me it quit unexpectedly upon trying to do so Assassin's Creed Brotherhood seem to play fine but after checking out a video of it online it looks like this is actually playing quite slow I just figured the game was really slow paced or something it had no sound though the video I saw had no sound so it might just be rare not sure why I downloaded this one but I did it would occasionally ask me if I wanted to connect to a network I'm not sure if this was a bug or not I've never had an emulator asked me if I wanted to connect to the Internet and that's the sixth oh wait wait what's this do we have time for a bonus emulator I think we do how about the Sega freaking Dreamcast yeah I would have never believed it unless I saw it but here it is in front of our own eyes Dreamcast running on a PSP there's a YouTube channel which has posted some videos about this being the real PSP demon which features many concepts such as the system BIOS Shenmue Power Stone Crazy Taxi and this emulator looked to be in better status than some of those that were released to the public as far as I am able to tell this emulator never made it into our hands and stayed with the development there's an archived Wayback Machine page but I'm not so sure this was distributed past insiders can you believe this was from 2008 this isn't even recent this isn't even past the quickly developing error for Dreamcast emulation on the PC is this footage faked I mean if it is it's a really good fake it has a boot sequence and FPS counter horrible graphical glitches the only thing that makes it seem fake is the speed I don't understand how this could have been possible yet here it is what do you think was this faked or was this genuinely a developing emulator I think it's real but I'm open to other takes on this the seventh generation of gaming on the PSP has almost no legs to stand on almost as there exists a very experimental Nintendo DS emulator a console from 2004 which on the PSP is far behind a truly playable state it really is the absolute bare bones of an emulator for the most part it's a lot like the atari jaguar sega saturn emulators from the fifth generation this is really just a concept idea that was released to the public to try out rumor has it there are some newer developments on emulating the DS on the PSP perhaps stemming from that video posted by HCF retro coder but who knows anyways i tested three games in the emulator new super mario bros kirby squeak squad and Rayman Raving Rabbids Mario had an absence of 3d models which seems to be the case across all the games I tested the emulator must not have had 3d support as such the castle is visible the land is visible but Mario peach or Bowser jr. nowhere to be seen you can get into the game but it's ridiculously slow and you can't see Mario anyways so you're just awaiting the inevitable deaths really Kirby squeak squad played slightly better but I rested my case moments until the first stage as Kirby got stuck on an infinite sunk also when he was loading I got this satanic imagery Nintendo is really taking piracy very seriously these days Rayman Raving Rabbids barely functioned but I guess I did get into the menus I'm not really sure to be honest and that's it whoa could you tell I was speeding up towards the end there I've been recording the script for five hours anyways for this video we've covered all the bases more particularly the bases that are of most interest to the public and then some there were a few consoles emulated on the PSP that I know I missed out on for example the Bondi wonderswan Atari ST there's even a Virtual Boy emulator but I tried it myself and honestly I wasn't having any luck with it so I kept it out to be honest with you guys if I were to go over each and every PSP emulator it would take me all day though I do think it's fair to say I covered most that exists hopefully I covered the emulators you're most interested in maybe one day I could make a part 2 for this video covering all the other mu laters out there anything's possible for right now at least I'm gonna leave it at that you still here ok good because there's one last thing I thought would be neat to take a look at combination emulators firstly there's a popular combination emulator known as retroarch which can be found on a multitude of platforms these days as far as I know this wasn't available back when I was an avid PSP user but here it is now and I figured I'd take a look at this one stop shop PSP emulation hub and see if it's worth taking the look I also found one combination emulator called hennas EMU pack I have no idea where I found this but it ended up in my collection for the videos so I guess we're checking it out then so the first thing I tried in retro arch was Sega CD and none of the games would load alright well I guess I'll just see if providing the BIOS fixes that but for now let's see if other games will run uh-oh oh geez Sonic three four Genesis is playing but it ain't playing nicely it's using the Pico Drive core the same one we used earlier why is it playing so poorly I mean granted it's not terrible but it's worse than before when we tried it wait a minute I can't get back to the menu what how great if you didn't set a hotkey for the menu the first time playing you'll have to exit the entire program and relaunch it to find another game you think maybe it could tell you upon first opening it that you need to set a hotkey for the menu let's take a closer look at these settings and see if these games can get any sort of a performance boost and well within the options here rather limited aren't they Oh what is that horrible sound bonks adventure is playing fine I guess so there's one potentially use but I don't think it's playing better than it did on PSP Hugo the audio is very slightly Albi it's still crackling oh geez this Gameboy advanced core is really nothing special the menus of duke nukem advance should not be having any issues all right how about NES uh literally just shut the whole thing off let's try that again and same result can you actually release a core if it crashes the moment you use it Donkey Kong Country yeah no okay great even one of the least demanding games Super Mario Bros 3 from the all-stars kart runs poorly what is this Ubud actually good for keeping it all in one package well I'm not gonna want to do that if every package goes from mildly suckish to nearly unplayable this thing has a freaking Palm OS emulator what and nothing happens I didn't really have high expectations anyways was this handheld electronic GW is that game and watch alright let's check it out hejdå semi Peck I have no idea what to expect here all right we got some good emulators here I recognize these so it's just a big package of pre-existing emulators right okay I dig let's see how this works Dreamcast VMs right I was hoping for this to be that a forementioned Dreamcast emulator but now this just emulates the vmu games kind of neat but I'm not too interested honestly I don't think I've ever heard of this Thompson before this is the only Thompson I'm familiar with let's try that 7800 emulator the game could not be started well that's a promising start Game Boy Advance how about that the game could not be started what is this are you supposed to provide the emulators yourself or something I mean okay I guess it could keep them organized but now that isn't so useful since we have the category hack oh hey I'd like to give the hack a proper mention since it is really handy this act lets you categorize your games and folders as you've seen the generational gaps I've created for sorting the emulators throughout this video it's really handy all I know is it's called the game categories plug-in but otherwise I'm not sure where to find it another one I used a lot back when was the screenshot plugin this let you take a screenshot of whatever was on screen by holding a set key input it's known as the prx shot plugin there are videos out there on how to install PSP hacks so I'll let you figure that one out on your own it's not really difficult now I did want to say a bit about the PSP go before I finish off this video I love the way the system looks but I actually don't like it very much I really wanted to but the d-pad is just one of the worst I've ever used it feels so wrong it's so flat in each direction is an individual button it really does suck and I question why I never hear this brought up when talking about the thing the buttons are fine I don't really have an issue with them but the analog stick is just really tiny and awkwardly placed in my opinion when using it it just feels like I'm rubbing the PSP's belly if you know what I mean I don't like where I have to put my thumb to use it the original PSP analog wasn't that much better but I do think it was a superior choice the benefits of the go are pretty great though you get this ability to essentially save state a single game then return to it whenever you like even after a hard reset that's great for when the battery's running low I don't know why this feature wasn't included in a firmware update for other PS PS but I guess maybe this was to appease previous PSP users who would have more of a reason to upgrade it was missing the UMD drive after all sixteen gigabytes of internal storage which is nice but if you want to expand that you have to buy these really expensive m2 memory cards I have no idea if these were even used on any other device they're that obscure you can buy combination memory cards for PSP which utilize two microSD cards so you could store a whole lot of data on one of the earlier PS PS if you really wanted to giving that a serious advantage over the go the go does however have bluetooth which allows you to connect to ps3 controller unfortunately you sort of have to own a ps3 in order to sync them together you can do it through a PC but it's really finicky and I've never actually managed to make that work but using the ps3 controller with the go I gotta admit it's pretty great at the end of the day though if you intend on picking up a PSP honestly I got to go with the PSP 3000 it has a great screen and the highest compatibility with games homebrew and emulators but then again maybe you should just get a Vita because obviously the library gets a lot bigger and you can do anything on a PSP on a PS Vita through the adrenaline emulator it's really awesome and probably my prime choice in the matter I paid for my PSP go the equivalent of what I could have gotten three or four PS ps4 so that said yeah these things aren't super common anymore not rare really but you're gonna pay more for one of these and in my opinion it's not even worth it still looks really cool though and the features are nice so that's the video hope you enjoyed it as you can tell there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to retro gaming on the PSP and I liked revisiting it if you'd like to see some more PSP videos I have a couple ideas like reviewing a bunch of homebrew one big video or something along the lines of that maybe showcasing some good PSP hacks who knows they're all up in the air at this point thanks for watching and I'll catch all you Frame Raiders in the next one Oh my mouth is so dry and I want to eat and I want to sleep oh I'm gonna go cry and piss my pants maybe