season 8*
fortnite battle royale btw

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how are you how are you not in fucking school nah doll nice black goodness all skin smash coat see the huge coat down your legs and eyes on her dog supporter creator for I've never really been one to associate alcohol with my content you know my videos before or after but I think that since apex came so close to taking over fortnight it certainly fitting that we celebrate making another season with an old beer first things first I'm gonna buy 13,000 B bucks absolutely thank you very much Wow like a boss that raises is what your mom said I'm so sorry why did I say that that was terrible battle pause well that's actually kind of cool I don't mind that cool goal become the dragon mm-hmm okay okay I'm glad okay you're gay Wow that's actually sick this sound is the sound my dad makes when he slides in the DM master portal more like masturbate lame lame lame lame lame lame pretty sick yeah sorry I'm exhausted from all that erotic dancing damn I also have an erection I can't really snooze fest like the proscenium fortnight yeah I'm gonna buy all the battle tears I'm not gonna look those I'm gonna spoil it for myself there's no way lockpick okay in case you want to break into Shrek's castle like what is that what else we got don't you black oh that's good equality Oh God it kind of looks like Batman's hot cousin I don't know is they just uh booty boy oh I'm a booty boy I like the booty sorry I'm so sorry why did I say that America okay so this is the this is the 99 skin okay I mean yeah I don't I'm not a huge fan she's okay I guess and how part is okay almost legendary that's legendary really it's pretty lame isn't it ah okay damn I thought to change the popsicle she looks pretty ridiculous with this popsicle I changed everything hey look it's Mordor I can't even see because of this woman extinguishing fire is from her first of all I'm pretty curious if I can go into the the lava Mountain to see if I can find further I don't know if he's gonna be in there but we definitely have to inspect Inspector Gadget if you were oh wow these this glider is absolutely disgusting and it's making me really really uncomfortable I regret wearing it so what do they think yeah what was what used to be here lazy links is that d1 right let's just laying here because there's two of these okay we got one of these you know that's my nasty weapon that's what I do minority business with I came to do my dirty business and if you get in my way I'm gonna make you my bitch's whoa listen CJ I understand you takes long time to produce your content and I and I respect it but you can't be coming in my game coming between my content because that's just not fair and I told you so Oh money money are these the cannonballs things you can equip I just okay all right we're gonna suss that out but first really get some weapons you Salieri's didn't you run into pirates you oh wow there's a lot of materials we gotta get those there it's only one mini and I would rather have glad to redeploy so I can jump from here you are so fucking precious when you die what are these sounds dude is it just me or does the game sound different what what happened I kinda I kind of like it though I don't mind it 50,000 on my head is destroyed Oh hit everyone this is my pirate ship I'm gonna have to ask you to leave damn Carrie you see me ever have a youtube carrier I'm a courier carrier a pro player give me wins no baby we're independent I'm an independent woman two hours later I see a cold thing is that actually a gold weapon or a turret because the turrets can be deceiving like Bruce Jenner I'm going to explore DeForest Danny so spawn right now holy Sh sorry don't shut stop making fun of how I lick my lips what is that he actually let me win like you better stop I thirst sweaty boy of the day boys key to this game is having many materials when I play Skyrim I slay the Imperials oh if they try hiding I might just take the I saw you you won't interrupt my rap song you think you can interrupt my rap song I'm gonna come on over there and get you a piece of my mind please come out hi thank you very much for coming to a play if there's anything you wanted to say then suck mine dude I look like I look like a cool mom okay this is epic oh yeah we're gonna go search the volcano remember you see if further is there I landed that 1.9 million points that was sick hey we're going in tomorrow oh my god this is sick Wow okay oh my god this better have legendary loot you think you can escape me no son no I am The King og Cossack want teddy bear say the bitch one can do it if you snooze then you lick my boot I love these new sounds I've seen a lot of people on Twitter get upset about them you know kind of raving about how crap they are and are they doing them headaches and shits like quit bitching it's pretty good I like it it's a nice change of pace me feel like I'm playing a different game keep it a high bitch I told you to hide you can hide you can listen to me you hear nothing get out here taken oh come dance with me baby come dance with me well it was nice while it lasted this is the ending to the Lord of the Rings in here I don't know so again all dramatic where do we go now oh shit this is so confusing I want to kill myself okay so that fight was for nothing we wasted all our match and we didn't get a kill ha ha ha come on man skin the zone dude I'll stop it in through this guy's so annoying as soon as every lady's dead hey but have a good battle I need maths pretty bad pretty badly and there's gonna be no more maths in just a moment so I should probably grab whatever I can oh there's one left lost guy hit you 490 come on baby when you get a good match I'm toast and not the good kind of so it's not like delicious thank you for watching welcome to season 8 what a way to get into it I'm really excited for this season it looks a lot better than all the other seasons except for season 3 that shit was pretty good thank you very much for watching I will see you guys in two days yeah bitch I blew up overnight yeah