FNM 06-07-19 Video Deck Tech – Bant Vivien's Arkbow

FNM 06-07-19 Video Deck Tech – Bant Vivien's Arkbow

Friday Night Magic – War of the Spark Saturday Standard

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FNM 06-07-19 Video Deck Tech – Bant Vivien's Arkbow

alright what's up YouTube salty shopkeep here that's my new nickname and I'm here with Jimmy who is to soup for you hello hello and we're gonna do a deck tech on I think this is bent colored and it's revolving around Vivian's arc boat correct that is correct alright so I'm gonna read off the list real quick so if you are interested in this deck open up notepad start typing really fast so we got for Vivian's arc bows for merfolk branch Walker to mystic archaeologist three Knight of autumn three key or a behemoth beckoner one rip Jah Raptor four wilderness Reclamation a golden Guardian three and all hide fare Hawks for mystic snake frilled mystic two got eternal Ronis three dream eaters and one palaka worm and then for the lands it's a pretty typical looking Bant mana base so you got one notorious guild gate for hella fountains for breeding pools for hinterland harbors three forests and arch of her asked for sun Pettigrove and for temple garden alright so obviously the deck is revolving around Vivian's Ark boat so I guess Jimmy tell us how did how did it play tonight tonight it unfortunately did pretty poorly I played it kind I ought three games because one of them was a buy three rounds you're right three matches thank you we went up against a grool aggro deck we went up against a white weenie deck and then we also played a Garrison's Banton mid-range deck it did pretty solidly against the bat mid-range we went two turns in that round the other two decks there was some counter play but this has trouble overcoming large creatures that keep on coming at you so in most cases gruel is gonna be a lose and then how did it feel against the I guess it was Boros aggro right you're right you're right it actually was Boras enticing mm-hmm that's correct how did it feel against the Boros deck there it's pretty interesting because their removal is the gosh the convoke enchantment yeah Conclave chart view so what we can do a lot of the time is especially in Game two and beyond when we've decided in our deputies of detention is and instant speed tap the ark bow go get a deputy out of the deck bring it get the enchantment bring our creature back which is actually something we did tonight I was lucky enough to pull the death Gorge scavenger back out from the enchantment right when I Antonio was attacking in allowing me to exon one of his creatures gained life and then create an additional blocker okay interesting so I noticed there's not a whole lot of one-offs you do have one golden Guardian one rip draw Raptor one plaque worm mmm so most of the time when you have decks like this a lot of people will do like a tool box deck where they have a lot of different one of that they can go fetch for different situations I don't think you took that approach here did you no I didn't and it might be because of my lack of familiarity with the game I've only been playing for about six months but what I found and I was testing an arena because I did try to stick with some one us and two of them was that I couldn't um I couldn't find enough creature based removal yeah not in these colors right to make it consistent enough when they were again the one of the two of us yeah so what I tried to do is make it as consistent as possible so that when I do find the opportune time to tap the Ark bow and discard something I'm going to get something that will be useful okay yeah I think if you want the removal route you'd pretty much have to go with black right yep and obviously we're not playing black alright so how did you feel about I guess we'll go over all the creatures here so rip dry Raptor it's a one of there are two more in the sideboard which we'll talk about later how did you what what situations were situations that you would go for the rip job Raptor out of the deck obviously you're fetching them with the art boat most of the time yeah so the big question here is rip char Raptor versus null hide okay and I had to figure out how many of each I wanted in this deck rip charecters nice against aggro because if you go and get it after they declared attack then you'll be able to block within draw card and that's always good having card advantage with this deck against an aggro deck especially is going to win you the game and obviously the null – ox it's a bigger body I guess once you have the ark go and play you can almost cast everything anyways like you're not casting a reclamation and you're not casting the kira right exactly so it's not too much of a downside you know but the nice thing about that is playing against people like me who run Basilica Belle haunt having the ferox and the deck is event against Crixus as well anyone who plays the the creature Niko bolas you'll be able to choose to discard the null hide for X and surprisingly against espera decks as well I've I've done this way more times than you would believe I'll have so many lands because this deck runs twenty five and two other cards in my hand one of them being of Farex I can quickly tap the ark go 4-0 discard the second card and forced them to thought erasure my Farex after they've cast it which is pretty neat yeah okay and then we've got our fault branch Walker I'm assuming it's an early game it blocks it also hopefully finds you a layin better than the land war elves which I originally tried okay they get removed too easily and like this one can act as a blocker sometimes it gets you an additional card yep and then we've got two mystic archaeologists obviously this one's a mana sink for the Reclamation's absolutely just lob it makes the art boat better as well because it's creature yep and then we've got three night of autumns these are probably a nod to aggro I'm assuming in the main deck not originally yeah in fact against a girl usually take them out and throw in the deputies depending on which aggregate was facing yeah I would probably never do that against mono red right yeah but yeah cuz like so obviously this kills the experimental frenzy or just a new life yep and actually a43 is it's not hard for them to deal with but in the face of like get to lava runners and stuff it blocks although oh yeah and soaking up their spells is is good because once mono Reds Rena dispels it's a lot easier for us to take it together yeah and the reason I don't ever like deputy against mana red is because you're gonna exhaust something it's gonna be like a chain wheeler or the issue you know Pyromancer they're gonna lightning strike it and get it back and deal the OE enter the battlefield again so don't do that mm-hmm then we've got four old mystics I'd like to call mystic snakes because I like that card so obviously it's a counterspell creature let me read the Ark well here yeah so it's an ark boat counterspell correct yeah yeah yeah so anytime our opponent is trying to cast a spell and we have four mana or more open we can't a park boat try to get a full mystic out of a deck yep so that's cool and then we've got sea to body turn over on us you know there's anything you need to say about him well it's a lot of options there he's really good yeah it's it's interesting we haven't talked about the dream eaters yet but these two pair very well yeah and it surprises our opponents a lot at a time when we've only got one Dream Eater up that's for power in the board they think they're safe get it God eternal Ronis out with the ark bow and suddenly they're gone yep and then the one puck worm when do you fetch that one out of the deck I guess polanco worm is uh so a lot of the time we want to try to use the ark boat on our opponents turn in response to something because we're gonna have the night of autumns the deputies the field mystics things that do things in response to their stuff but what we try to do with the Polacco worm in most cases is use our end step with a reclamation to maximize the number of cards that we're sorting through and and take that in our end step no because it's the surest time that we're ever gonna get it it feels bad to try and get a Polacco worm with only seven mana especially because that that's a very defensive play I guess and it's probably not going to save you all the time just stall things out okay and then we've got this one golden Guardian what is this here for yeah so I thought maybe biogenic Jews would work in this deck and it doesn't very well because it doesn't have enough impact immediately it'll just end up getting removed what I like about the golden Guardian is that I can use it on a raptor or activate its ability on a raptor or null hide and Ronis in some cases the Dream Eater if we really feel like it but when it when it flips it is a land that taps for two and we can also use its ability which requires that you tap it down plus for other mana you'll create a 4/4 golem so another man a sink yeah just another man a sink but it also ramps you a little bit it's super nice because it's another thing that untapped with reclamation so you can make 2 golems I've returned or yeah or whatever and then obviously our cheburashka down here is also a good man a sink lets you draw extra cards mmm yeah we always go for the other two but you know this just makes us more consistent yep and then we've got I think we've talked about every card except the key aura I mean obviously there's a lot of creatures that have 4 power okay so she draws a lot of cards yeah and I guess you know that's that's the reason why we have this over some other things we like the wrappers the null hides we try to maximize the number of 4 power creatures all the nice thing about cure that you don't expect I think right away is that when you have enough mana sometimes it's very nice to main phase tap down your arc bow if you've got a reclamation on the board use key or to untap the arc blow you've got all your stuff back open for their turn it gives you extra activations on the arc bub mmm alright so let's move on to the sideboard I'll read it here we've got 3 deputy of detention 1 deaths death gourd scavenger to crawl harpooners a time wipe to doggins vetoes 1 as or the law bringer 2 more rip jah raptors to shil eyes and then 1 Dovan hand of control so i think usually what we want to talk about with sideboards is you're kind of your game plan for different matchups so let's just what did you play it against gruel how did you sideboard against the gruel deck oh man look on your face says it was probably wrong yeah I mean gruel is just the toughest one for me right now and I want to say off the bet I'm not married to this sideboard there's a lot of tension between playing on arena and play in paper for me right now and different metagame for sure mm-hmm so so this is a little tougher we definitely put in the time like if we resolve a time once that's very very good for us especially because in a lot of cases we have the deputy and we can pull that back to our hand if I'm an additional deputy detention but going up against girl aggro they obviously have flyers oftentimes the crawler printer doesn't quite help against the rekindling Phoenix because we don't have a way to get rid of the token afterward I I'm not sure about the Dovan no guy I put him in here just because I didn't have something for the 15th slot but I had him in against cruel and it's nice when he's able to stop the scar gun from beating down but against null hides you have to pay the two to use Deauville utilities so it's it's tough to uses ability there to to Caston I'm sorry when you're playing against a null height and you want to use his ability Oh to target because it's incorrect okay so how did you sideboard in that matchup yes against cruel right right let's see against cruel I think we took out one field mystic we took out the golden Guardian because we were never gonna hope that getting the golems off I think we took out a Dream Eater as well because it's expensive leave the Polacco worm because the life is always important against these decks and must have been we have we took out the two mystic archaeologists so we brought in two three deputies of detention a time wipe I believe the Dovan and one rip jaw Raptor okay simply that was six and six yeah I think you missed one that you pulled out but that's okay and then how did you sign board against the Boros deck the bore Oh stick I think we only swapped out four cards it must have been pretty similar gosh it was only 15 minutes ago so you'd think I'd remember I know the cars that we brought in were it included death scourge scavenger okay yeah you said you fetched that one an instant's bead at one point that's correct we all we took out two of the null hides brought in to rip draw Raptors instead okay because they're red cards are gonna be damaged based and when they're attacking in with all those tokens it means they can't because they don't want to let me draw a card yeah every time the Legion war boss makes a token that's forced to attack you get to draw card absolutely and we love that we love it so much beside that I mean it must have been one or two deputies of detention I can't remember what I would have brought out possibly a single night of autumn for a deputy okay and then see what was the other matchup we had the O mid rail against garrison famine how'd you sideboard there if you can remember that far yeah it's it's pretty far back well we definitely we never brought into need ovince vetoes I definitely had a time wipe against garrison you'll see that in the video I believe I brought I might have taken out all three none of autumns in favor of the deputy of detentions because in the first game garrison was buffing his creatures a lot of this July mm-hm and he also had oak atras which even if they're able to be put through from the top of the deck yeah still nice to remove them with a deputy because it slows him down going if you bounce the deputy and then we play it then you can still you can deal with it again exactly so and I think we did do that in that video we had two deputy in the field use time wipe brought it back yeah on a good way for you to deal with that if it lines up this way is like if you can't counter it on the way down you can bounce it back into the library and counter it on the way down again maybe I mean you get a lot of chances with that with the dream eaters – yep so I can't remember what we took out there might have been the golden Guardian for the the time wipe okay and then so you didn't bring in the vetoes those are probably just going in against control I assumed oh yeah yep always against control what's as or in here for I just wanted to play it as such a he's such a fun little he's not great because to get his effect you have to attack in with him and spend all your mana and even when you do get to pay some mana you're not gaining that much life the reload can be nice but he's not performing as well as I'd like him to okay I brought him in because I was playing so many Phoenix decks or play Phoenix's on arena I assume no in in this very room oh there was one evening where we had it might have been just a couple weeks ago three different people playing Phoenix okay and I must not have played that week yeah so I haven't against any fliers I think I originally brought him in because of arena and I was playing against so many uh thief of sanity's and obviously he's expensive to be blocking a thief of sanity but yeah I mean just experimenting with some cards mm-hmm well I mean anything you can stick man into with wilderness reclamation is probably worth trying yep so unfortunately as or is never better than a dream eater or palaka worm okay I would if we're looking for other cards to put in like probably two things one more of those before you play him okay and then so crawl harpooners are going in against drake's Phoenix as I assume so much your uh it kills Lyra kills nickel or not yeah I guess it kills creature nickel bolas yep never miss it you're obviously discarding cards there's potentially creature cards being discarded um lots of stuff gonna graveyard so crawl harpooner gets a lot of undergrowth by the time that we're getting a crawler pune from our deck we've definitely got three or four creatures yes in the graveyard already and the neat thing about him is that he doesn't have to be used to block creatures he's a really really strong any creature blocker when you pull him from your deck yeah in response to your opponents declare attack mmm-hmm and I think we've kind of talked about everything you said you're not too sure about the Dovan yeah not too sure um that was just your flex slot yep you just wanted to see how he did his passive abilities interesting but doesn't seem to do a lot against anything that is in Phoenix sure and then shall eyes I don't think we said anything whenever you bringing those in what are they for I guess yeah she lies for it brought him in denied or not definitely against Phoenix's sometimes espers depending she is the nicest thing to try and get when you're going up against a thief of sanity it's on the board and you can play a relatively early so it's more of a reliable blocker what's cool is that her ability is actually useful I think most of the time I've seen people play shall I they haven't been able to consistently put counters and creatures they forget about it yeah yeah in a lot of cases that's not what she was there but with our wilderness Reclamation's it's another mana sink and yep and we usually have quite a few creatures on the board okay so after playing it tonight are there any changes you want to make for next week in the main deck and I guess that is very meta dependent on the game is probably different than yours then the YouTube viewers meta game but might as well talk about changes that you might do yeah the main deck if I took out anything based on the meta in this location I would probably take out a Dream Eater even though dream eaters great and you can flash it in on your end step with a wilderness reclamation we just don't end up getting there against aggro decks okay so so although I'm down but so really only one thing that you're not too thrilled with in the main deck what would you put in to replace it that's where I don't have many suggestions okay that's the the problem I was trying to build a deck that didn't cost as much um I think MTG goldfish shows that this is you know $250 right now which I get isn't exactly super budget a lot of it's probably lands to him I am avoiding specifically cards like lira which would be great here but she's she's too pricey she's about to rotate and I am I'm not about that life right now so it's hard to make recommendations because uh I've been playing with an even an even more limited pool of cards that we have available to us in standard yeah is there any I guess there is branch walkers is there really anything that rotates yeah the ripto raptors the Guardians the branch walkers archaeologist yeah well it's but in most cases I was trying to you know like we can see a lot of guilds and Allegiance yeah and some more the spark trying to not buy old cars it's very very intentional on my part okay so I guess the last thing is the sideboard so it sounds like you pull out the as or maybe pull out the Dovan and it's a strong yes to both of those many others that you'd pull no they all have their use cases the death Gorge scavenger has been pretty cool so far I haven't I've used him the least out of everyone but um you know consistently getting his effect is nice Dovan vetoes are necessary yeah hime wipe is better than expected as well okay what would you put in to replace those two anything on your radar let's see it's possible if I wanted a similar effect to a door but a little bit more useful I could try a roll esque he's cheaper he's flying putting counters on another creature immediately can be nice the proliferate can be nice especially because we have the branch walkers and the Knights of autumn that might be a way that we could key this deck a little bit differently and possibly be more aggressive it's also lower curve yeah he's right yeah and then Dovan not sure trying to find more cards that slow down our opponent what about maybe a Vivian tried Vivian didn't like her no it's tough yeah it just feels like you'd rather have the key or oh okay strangely no I mean it gives you extra activations on the ark bows mm-hmm yeah or it just works so well what about four key or four key auras possibly I don't know I don't know if you ever bring in the fourth one like is that better than something else but yeah unfortunately our early game is you know we try to arc bow and cure and wilderness reclamation yeah that leaves us without a lot of creatures yeah so I probably wouldn't put in a fourth key or just because yeah we already feel creature light in the early game oh okay so we got one flex lock we're not totally sold on but if you have suggestions that's what the cottage s tchen was actually the Vivian that you've already played tested yeah I mean you just have a lot of creatures so it seems like she's an expense yeah it seems like she would always have a creature out of her but when she doesn't land it hurts because we have 25 lands and sometimes just hit three of those yeah I suppose you could always just play another like deputy or harpooner or something in the side blow absolutely and I would probably you know before anything else put in a third harpooner yet get got more garrison is a pretty solid card all right so let's say your record you had three losses and by correct now yeah yeah I mean though strictly speaking the first game was a tie but we all read that lightly conceded that's true so the record of the official record of one and three is it earns a pity pack here so yeah we're gonna open this on camera this is embarrassing am I gonna be able to get it open no there we go I want to find the cards to open it so we go through one at a time or what yeah you can slow roll it if my gosh all right here let me uh revision run so I can see yep there we go let's see so we got a spell keeper weird on crop invader wars' creature a shuck skulker Vivien's grizzly spark Reaper Herald of the dread horde gateway Plaza Tammy O's epiphany trusted Pegasus lead a hitch heartwarming redemption we got a slow roll this well you can already have a so it was couldn't you Oh could you I don't know it Megan maybe Arlen voiced the peck Massacre girl see that's what I was actually thinking of if you want black you could play like ravenous chief of chupacabra murder dog death ding oh yeah yeah I ambassador girl would be a five drop to play in that I played a lot of those colors trying to test it out I think there's a lot of interesting stuff to be done there unfortunately you miss out on the film mystics yeah you'd have to play salt I and you lose actually you really don't lose much in white do you you lose nine a bottom oh I'm sorry yeah because you would you take out the white you don't lose them yeah yeah so you want deputy in the sideboard you lose time wipe as or what you're taken out dou viens veto which you could run the gates and shall I I guess shall I is pretty strong so I don't know yeah yeah it's it's like you said there's a lot of room for messing around in those yes yes salt I would definitely be an interesting one so I guess that wraps it up thanks for watching YouTube like comment and subscribe I gotta say it just everyone does so I might as well say it too