FLOOR IS LAVA LTM *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

Today in Fortnite Battle Royale we play the NEW Lava LTM that was added to Fortnite in the 8.20 patch!
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we're equipped for we hop into the floor as lava dudes I got a quick update my item shop creator code changed it is now Sunday instead of Sunday XD so wit dab also lip dab the like button hope you guys enjoy the video there are some easy rules it says rule 1 the floor is lava rule 2 don't touch the lava do two click the map yeah look at that look at lazy lagoon dude okay let's not drop there do this is gonna be sick I wonder if it like rises up and takes over the whole map or if it just like I don't know Nico tell me what to do how do we do it oh you're just gonna kill the other people oh look at my materials oh yeah they're slowly going on Oh sick III where do you want to talk when you wanna drop so the volcano gotta choose Oh either volcano or polar peak dude those are the highest points in the map I don't know I'm scared alright said you can't decide we're going to help it okay we're going to look at the sides of the map ah that is sick so is it whenever the game progresses is just like a giant pool of lava all over the place oh why are we going tilted by the way whose idea was this wash her do we also have to carry bandages now because you don't get health per kills wait they remove that they got rid of it dude that's so sad hit that like button down below that's so sad hit that little bell oh yeah remember oh gosh remember the rule remember the rule if we get to max would you guys got a hit that like but I'm going back to farm and find you I knew they need to hit that like what lavas rise and get to the hoe is it love is rising get to the high ground oh look at though look at the river dude press M oh my gosh look at the map I wonder if loot lake is going under alright if we gotta get I gotta get max material I gotta get Mac to tears so they hit that like button I don't know why I say things why do I say things Nico tell me to stop saying things stop saying things wow that's rude dude why would you tell me that I think max would you guys gotta hit that like button dude I don't make the rules dude I just follow a k okay I'm leaving the max wood oh oh oh look at this dude that is sick Nico polar peak right now dude look at the lava rising oh it does 20 damage it does 20 damage Nico we have to launch pad wash pad are you doing up what're you doing what are you doing what you know what young don't do what you say I'm gonna pull up Pete going to poor Pete look can't dad goodbye tilted pay that's sick I like this game oh that is pretty oh look at it rising right there you know when you go to the beach you try to run away from the waves yeah but this Beach is deadly go lick it wait what guys we will not just remember we won't aw crap aw crap what happened we will not stop recording until we get a win remember that dick around I'm back to the max whoa dude they gotta hit the like button again just get in here holy this guy on me yeah hello poor fella alright dude dude we got some gamers here there's at least $1,500 before you drop a dude right in the front right in the front are you Lance oh my gosh I just won I just knocked one knock what'd you get what'd you get are you good good shotgun sprint though thanks we should get together maybe oh yeah we should definitely get together coming coming I need this I'm getting sniped at I'm in like the main building yeah I'm here there's hecka gamers come dude there's a gamer Oh a slurp got me take this slurp yeah a drink a slur Oh a sculptor evolved ado can I have that please yeah yeah less you want it you want it I have a sniper can I have it here if you want our color series ah me right back here sir it back here Oh maybe back here oh alright a Nico let's go up one juice oh we're not very good all right there gosh that guy's a gamer for sure dude get him get him Nico you got this this is heavy sniper I tried really wants to get away oh he's up there like you know you get them yeah I got him okay I don't know here you take that okay I'll take this medikit for when you need it wait good fighting real side coming coming I'm away slurp here oh can you take it I can take it put a fortress I'll take those I think there's two them yeah I took them over here crap hey you shots kid I have four four two four got one are you going indeed one in dude oh no eighteen nineteen twenty oh dude this is sick Oh shotgun you want that shotgun shotgun for you what you have a good shot gun oh I was going up oh yeah the love okay Nico I have five forty forty yard I have you can carry five port afford one thingy dude yeah are you kidding no no I'm not kidding you I am kidding you I don't know nigger do you have max anything yet I've max almost everything alright how what are you missing you gotta wait till you get max wood and then you know what happens right I am max wood okay what that mean you gotta hit that subscribe white bought 10 should I take to Mecca sees everyone slurp Paris I'm here anything are you sure yeah okay going up oh she got the high ground dude she's a builder dudes just a gamer here for 40 are you up pretty far up oh my gosh you got her yeah yeah my Oh all right sup here hey what are you doing fish like it was on dude I go i full everything what does that mean I think that means they gotta hit my subscribe button what dude sorry I didn't make the rules dude let's just we gotta get to the zone I can shopper behind maybe small sides adult why was there a gamer over there do you know why I let's go here there's people right here dude we can just kill them you want to know no there's more people going up do you want to land on oh guy right here guy right here guy right here two guys oh my gosh there goes my health oh no did you get sniped bro these guys are you good I'm good knocked 1 nice sorry I don't even know why if thirsted him I don't get heals any more from that where's this guy got important parts of the meta did you grab the other person's main guy a guy here got here people launching them I hit up 484 Oh God not a bad shot of him yes how did not a single shot hit there dude I swear her to like way under us oh dude I'm so sad you don't hear oh it's got poison traps Nico you want a crab we gotta grab yeah we have a man we have a minute we have a minute no but the lava dude oh yeah come over here whenever you're done I'm gonna take these dance grenades I think you had a launch pad did you grab it yeah I have it do you want it oh yes four here take two take you come over here come over here oh my gosh are you ready to rift wait I want to grab this other person's elite that we killed the first person we killed okay maybe we should hold on to this rift and just build to the zone you could try yeah I fill everything I do – you know what that means you got a got a switch to brick and then metal to have it like constantly regen alright dude I forgot my own pro tip yeah that's your protest you're not even using your own pro tip steve-o got right there yeah we're in front of us I shouldn't have shot dude that was a mistake on my boy oh that was actually kind of close I still have this rift remember that do the issue of rifts is that we have to land on them yeah what yeah well we could land on the lava once and then build a floor really fast that's risk I do well we're not risky reals anymore oh crap girl you don't I need an adult I need adult I'm taking this high ground right beside us yep dang it there's a guy right next to you dude the lavas coming out to you careful major reload oh gosh it's like an onion I killed one nice it was close I don't know oh that guy okay cool oh man what is happening here we out here Nico they're still that guy under us yeah okay I me got me what the heck oh god this is so awesome I love this game okay where is this guy that just shot maybe up there yeah up there up there I'm gonna shoot it out I'll shoot it out eventually I would I just snake them in the head you yeah you do that too you do you keep going up here oh your sniper dick Nico that's not nice come I said you know he had a family do it oh dude I got max what again what's that mean don't people are holding on Oh what wait over there weird I need a better gun it's getting out oh it's rough to go all right I say I just say words oh I hit him did you yeah dude I think we got this game how many kills you have you're like 18 do you have nine kills oh my gosh do we have 14 kills as a team this is it this is my game right here name our Nico where you drop oh gosh Nico I got a bad drop why do we keep going tilted why are we doing this to ourselves I don't know kill one nice did you get shield for it no why do they take that out dude I'd give it I have an AR and a grenade launcher I have a shotgun AR in it sniper ID let's go swag you ready to go sweat on some keep on two people ready hey where is everyone dude what happened to tilt did I don't know maybe it's too hard to see changed everyone used to come over dude there's dynamite didn't we take it did I have clingers maybe take the dynamite that'd be so good for last storm oh crap so he's throwing cleavers ever you do don't they know to save it for the end game noobs noobs right chat was rising no oh there got a bit I'm gonna drink this big pot heavy AR here if you want it green I feel right here oh no oh no are you dead are you dead are you dead – daddy coming in – let me go around BB knocked one all I got ripped it good thing you don't smoke though yeah I knocked one and then I got rifted by the other guy crap there's somebody over there somebody over there right there damn oh you got me guy me that you nope are you on me nope well I killed it I killed a guy that I thought that was you okay I have six six died there's these guys up there and shoot shoot shoot oh crap they can see us guy right on top of us I have two riffs if we get in a sticky situation can't hit him good trash high get god what is that oh I had dinkum I don't want to waste these clingers dude no definitely save the clingers I have three i6a what are they called dynamite do this a port up port or goat Porter Porter goat work or a fort here Oh big drinks also I want this to tilt that Tilton's going down dude we gotta make a decision we gotta go – ah – the thing oh they're fighting over there dude broke a shield get I might launch pad over there for the memes I'm launching I'm launch padding over there dude right dude up coming on the way up knocked one I'm here with you there's two more this two more hit him I knock one okay the other guys all you dude got up okay not that all that crap I don't give shield anymore dude there's a sloop right there yeah I'll take that I'll take that yeah I have two rips as well cool we're good well you look great hanging what am I supposed to do with this there's people close by oh gosh oh let me give you scaring me oh crap oh crap guy I mean it's just dig with me dude stuff dude look at the lava the lavas rising it's it oh no I hit it 420 hike oh look at the lava is taking over everything dudas sculptor AR would be so good in this but oh you have somebody good yeah he was so you have a scope revolver oh yeah you want it no you can have a deed carry me all right let's go over here I'll do it on full materials I'm full of tears you know what that means what's it mean ago tell him tell him soldier boy tell them that's it's crap know like oh crap I just took a lot of fall damage I am at an actual bot others there's a medikit right there if you can grab it through this drive enough time to use it no no here we're in the zone right here you go I lost my riffs the riffs are getting eaten by the lava crab dude thanks even know the riffs are eaten by the lava dude I'm so dumb Daniel dude all right what do we do we have to get to the volcano can we take a walk fat no you don't know don't take it don't take it what are we doing Eko you're gonna die in the die hole I don't want oh I'm gonna shoot this guy out oh crap Oh rookie stuff they're broken I'm good I'm good okay 55 55 damage to that guy let's get right here dude this is the guy that not the total right here I got a kill dude this is so much fun all right we gotta get you get in the zone get in the zone there's good right here on us yeah I know I know but he's in maybe I don't like this anymore we're here dude amigo I said I liked it before but I don't anymore that broke I broke her shield she's building me hit her hit her dad I actually really like this I know I said I didn't but then I did but then I didn't but then I did wound up you shot him out set amongst and goodbye to go yeah we do I'm building with brick I don't want to be too high but I don't want to be too low either this is a good height because they will they won't build us that they won't shoot us out from here very easily dude this is I like this this is a fun game looks crazy dude this is like it looks like we're like in the bottom I'm 20 health I have 20 health grab-grab I'm stuck in a brick what are you what is this game what is this don't die come up dude I'm up I'm up I'm up that was so scary dude I have 20 health you have a campfire you have anything I don't have anything I have a trap two traps if I get shot out I'll just build I'll just build wall right here we're in the zone do we're not any good spot I'm gonna go cut up oh my gosh did it keeps rising I really want to get to that mountain oh I just deleted that guy's 60 damage alright this is this is where it starts getting all right I'll go go go go go go we how do we fix this one more hit dude and I'm dead is there campfires you can get I don't know stop it llama why are you like this what do we do here Nico did we just kill him dude I can't see nothing I'm shooting them out for 42 I broke a shield okay so you can't shoot him out once the lava goes bolt are above it boy kill them a little bit at once Sixpoint are 10 players left how many kills you got how many kids do you have – 6005 do we got 11 kills don't up going up going up trip dude I trip Oh the zones battery just where dude okay dude that's perfect that's perfect you're booking as we're building a small island here it's going up still is it oh no we're in the zone here no flares left dude now I player us left it is nothing but an ocean of lava okay we have enough building materials yeah yeah just don't don't waste too many building materials cuz we're probably need to go higher that's true we got a little bit is insane Nico um let's go up another one up another one okay I feel like I'm playing like a me for sure have to go up I feel like I'm playing like an ocean you need or an ocean game but it's like what more dude again oh no okay don't reinforce it too much I still got I got I got what I got wood come on where are the other gamers at dude the volcanoes still in the zone that's probably all over there indeed I don't see any building around us like south east to west I see no building so there's nobody over there they're all on the volcano I know there's people over here where oh there's just these drifted from the volcano usually have to land on us or they're just gonna date they have to be coming to us dude I got 483 oh nice dude okay okay okay Nico you got it you gotta get you gotta stop yelling at me dude I get scared okay this guy still has to be weak dude he's dead he's risen again nice ankl gotta knock oh you killed him yeah nah come easy go died of his own look at him bouncing around goodbye blue forever is Arava alright next zone dude five players left are they all over there I guess so give any heals dude can I wall your heels no dude we gotta go here we go I guess I'm just gonna build in this way oh dude this is so scary you have to go to zones coming I know I know I'm going in going in on a moving zone soon I don't waste too many building materials because we'll need it for the fight they're over there oh yeah they're building material wasn't in the render distance look at a building dude if we shoot him out now we could win I don't know any no issue oh you have to go up one okay going up all right be careful with your buildings here be careful with your building material we're in the zone here dude right cool I'm gonna try to enforce us on the coil and forces us free here I'm trying to shoot him out oh we lost better you launch pad in I'm just spraying and pray and hope for the best they got a little zone there dude oh there's one player left Jimmy one okay we shoot this guy out we're gonna play a smart dude yeah dude this is so awesome I really like this a lot I hit up for 20 you know this stuff stuff you trying I'm trying I'm trying to try it dude I don't have any stuff there we go shoot this stuff we'll keep shooting goodbye sir just trying to catch himself dude like with the glove which book with the book okay going up I'm with you should we have to get to the zone I guess all we do is to the left crap crap coming to you dude coming to you shut him out he's trying to heal he's trying to heal I hear 420 that is awesome dude that was some that game mode is and say guys listen we're gonna end this here if you want me to play this again hit the like button down below if you enjoyed this hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the little spell coats on decode Neko valve code foot probably not good foot see your dues next time thanks again for hanging out watching this video and once again before you go hit the subscribe button for daily videos