five M / episode 9 /REDRUM RP

five M / episode 9 /REDRUM RP

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five M / episode 9 /REDRUM RP

right I'm live and we drove up towards them that way up to as I just get changed he matches me leathers you know so you see what color is okay you're the boy did your boy yes man yeah Henry Armstrong there INRI okay you know if we find a white bait I will let you know okay and I get you to come thank you boys yeah yeah there was a cop asking for a medic in Aussie today he wasn't even the one that was dead and then he was saying there's no medics Hanzo oh no bother well I hope you enjoy your stay we're gonna go a bike race and when I get me if wanna find my bike I would go with cash for a bike if you've got nothing ah Boris hey Boris you gunshot no it's Boris my bar has changed them yeah exactly a month suppose the dog all right I've got one this is called lady lady got the same pack we're married man they're twins so don't try and stay married well yeah you know yeah so he was was I was meant to be buying her a ring Baba's grass bike instead I mean I can't blame you exactly a toy my side but you still throw me all that money so no you need a bike dear come here have you got nothing on you know none of that you can't do that you'll go all right thank you those cops are bad all right just a minute just bother me personally but yeah if you our character voice wise they'll give you far all right yeah just try involving try and happy it if you need out you start even if you just boil off of it or my city try can use fuck off so I can sort this guy out oh my god is that he I know that guy one be enough for a bike phone just to get him gone thinks I should yeah there you go man I would recommend buy it I would recommend buying the B&W met and and I want that back eventually when you're working on that you know oh yeah get yourself off and go and get your bikes on enjoyed an hour-ish you might make some money yeah we'll be here Oh we'll be we'll be here man I'm a guns by the way I meant telling you another black market happy begun yes so I found out from some contacts I've got that it's only open when the CERN thought there's only four people that can open it for you and it's only open one of those far are there and open it one is the vice-president and the Reapers Club one is the president one is the mayor and I didn't catch who the fourth one was but the mare is actually red and I'm presuming he was the one that opened it you went last night because I was talking to Jade world is not called JB's or the character is the one that's in the repo CBP the retail yeah you can open it he's the one that yeah dolls just here yeah that's why I bought this are Mike from yeah you wanna fix me biting normally should be saying oh my gosh you should just let you know although you get Baker's for the moment but yeah vocals will chase a minute whoo I do miss having a chopper awful sorry about officer me yeah I just got me bike back I just went in a bump came back out when it was there our father reported stolen saw me so can you please remove it that's what one miser you just running it off in so you drove it yeah yeah no there's a warrant out for the bike cuz I reported stolen that's what you know well I just got any ID on one second one second for me she is satiny all nice Alma they're not responding to me so I mean for now your your good cheese man I appreciate it yep all right waiting for a bike great stop I'm gonna have another milky where that's an illegal yourself only me and I'm like no under me yet I wouldn't traffic the core part of an out behind of me I was getting I was just spamming my whole not and like just talking it don't he's all you don't know that's an illegal sperm overhaul of and I was like well traffic move their spikes coming out the server and I've got another one agreed no nobody a Yamaha oh it's nice gingival exhausting all that shit as well thank you alright where's the duck bitch up I'll let her down so that you so we're NASA bitch Thank You fassl alright you can play with it if you want no oh yeah actually I've got cucumber in the fridge fuck's sake what and all would have been suffice to be honest I'd a bit blue and red all right oh really Miami Lina get mangoes a mouth I said look a bit weird if I changed I'm not with someone without a helmet for fuck's sake oh yes sir and again that Baker but you know that's one thing I need by well you good for grant five six seven please because I spent all my money in the last two just in ground I mean hello that wasn't what are you gonna move I know what my but like I came off my bike so they even get close to finishing on eros oh I died are you on the fight yes that was intense that was Gillian paceman I shit my pants Oh me that was intense I was watched look tensed up the food I was going off of those fucking no honey cars look like I literally Griz the wall and died and you bounce top shall she's drunk she's got in the bed unfortunately we should have stayed I'm gonna have to be fair but yeah she's gonna bet oh by the way you should help that old man the art piece that she was the mother of not stored by the way or maybe so so that is unreal Oh Oh me it was but I we I wasn't no it's me I can it's not laughing she was in all the negotiations she's picking on us mad crazy accent and she's fucking Oh and then it and obviously we get killed and then the medics given it was a lady EMS she she's like here please shut your mouth and she you talk to your stupid coos oh sure just me she just may not what throw the office those manners funny there isn't in general is a good addition like because it's some illegal bot fucking brilliant yeah that's koala have we got a mess on I would think so that's what so I'm one of the benefits to a whitelisted servers even if it's quiet you still get I can't find my by guys like here's their cousin the main people you need so like I think it was nine on earlier but there was for coppers into EMS just like you can still run about the city enjoy yourself mmm-hmm and being a bike is not good oh no fucking shape guys I cannot find my bike ah the devil found it for me no but the ambulance crew on the way there's just too ambulance crew on together sir where's the wallet I George in a biker bad we aren't for you I was it no we know yep all right I've got my bike but it was it my bike had somehow gone to the highway it must have rolled off the bridge onto the highway no if it – sure oh fuck the police we just can't be going the wrong way up I need help and now I'm just a tree hey guys you gotta come help me why did where are you hurry look I gotten what you want me oh my god seriously I'm going down plus region no you ought to come up to the the Gary police cars on me seriously Samuel it depends what it depends what time I'm on with we starting we've got a phone call I saw with the car ashes and that's that sort and then I've got the shopping to do in the morning so as soon as I get home if I get tired sweeping the afternoon it'll be ETS for a couple hours because I've missed it and I've got me head on now and then it'll be project cars will be done at it and then obviously GT at eleven and if I get time to do more than that brilliant absolutely my wife's off work now all week so I'll be more streams are normal anyway I've lost him holy shit I lost him holy shit actually dog dog I'm good holy crap you lost him I lost him this time for everything three police cars just lost three police cars Jude I did go off the bridge side a gap onto another Road and then yeah yeah absolutely love 5 m I'm just I'm loving it absolutely I don't believe I've just died I've just hit a wall oh my god oh my god the EMS is gonna kill me I don't even know where the EMS huh well thankfully I doesn't the police will find me up here I'm up in the housing area Oh oh I think I've got a gaming day with my best mare as well on Monday I'm pretty sure that's the day you know it's birthday so his wish was to come around the room and game all day with this well-managed so I'm actually bought one gone ah I'm alive thanks God God to the rescue fuck yeah can God get me nope God doesn't like you so how are you in that coming near the housing area but not near a house let the other side coming down they're fine well where were you I know we shot your house she put ice as a fiddle wishes I know I know I'm just drinking and the ambulance people are gonna come with me like shouting Jesus I've got a cookie mass going on I think you just got it off my alright pin hell fuck second we saw your life out man that's because you ain't coming with me it's camera yeah you said oh yeah what exactly we're talking here what about two weeks out with talking hours on not the root of the regular way all the houses to think there was a way I drove past ago as an ocean stop maybe a carrot in the nut turn right which are in the house and stuff I carry so you're further on than our house yeah I've lowered down the Miller house like that I'm not sure I'm willing I'm sure guys that were at the apartment all right so when you turn right then where did you go didn't get very far before but not something like so I don't know elephant oh fuck I just add a home that sounded either like a coffin or a paramedic on really yeah oh honey on the rabbit you see my bike yeah thank you Michael okay well I'm on the up is on the other side of the ridge keep walking and you'll see we are I'll tell you from then I'm just gonna tell him someone pulled out right in front of me I think accidentally catch the wall me I'm like oh yeah it was fine of the rice pita no no you made our tailgate a traffic fuckin flew over the house I can't believe I got away from three cops eyes the first time ever a child's referrer my battery's almost dead what now we just need to wait for a paramedic now I can try and give $0.77 the party monster yeah maybe if you both do it in my work yeah like a boss give us some mouth-to-mouth man you get to talk about 400 better than one he's just press g-force and distressing who our friend in this guy it was the magic finger that saralzar punching it was so perfect guys give me a minute I just need to go close some windows let's be a second cool well obviously we have been back down yeah pure admit she's a vehicle's in Windows no sold on because that's what was normal look so do all the babies they want some dinner what do you want 180 on that on the flat yeah oh oh shit all the bikes in the shop should as well write it are you fucking kidding me – purport the holy fuck now we're expecting the police to come by today huh Oh II maybe Diego do we leave the coming down Sarah girl I'm paid to not feel a bit hot though there where are they where are you I'm fucking hated all this terrifying yep oh my god I've pulled in someone's driving edge behind the head you may have some engine off no way how far away ah he's going to talk to her maybe well I'll do it I will start shooting the place up think I'm not destruction yeah I'm gonna do it well who designed a big right you ready let's go oh yeah where are you guys brother Legion but you've got cops of all around yeah I'm gonna drive up now there's like tons of cows bought into the cops all right well snuck away man overnight co-op said he's like what the fuck guys what am I gonna do cuz they're gonna be looking for me out there look it's probably me cuz I drove off team and they were three of them chase I think my bike something should know I about fall calves I know way we shoot with numbers shot goodness we've been meeting front Legion on the back in the alley where I could come please head out the back is will fuck what the back Allegiant get two cop cars ah someone who cost yeah I Jimmy Jim Jim yeah how's it going I got it ah uh uh uh I know that guy's fish I know that guy I'm coming up on agen now me I'm sure that's fine I'll fight when I'm poised of that sit boys at the autistic I love shooters I'm shitheads gay looks like that wrap up into Miller Fujii it was not the pocket I've got the Irish dude it's pretty good please to take before I have Matt yeah it's quite fun mrs. we flew naked laser tag all the time it's crap noise we did deliver you know off duty it's kind of like a celebratory thing like a anyway you know fucking shoot each other and laser digs got ya got ya right come on Jim cause every good boy oh great nightmare yeah we've got an ice lolly looks like you enjoying those boys oh let me eight feet nanny crocodile yeah no nothing no nonsense I'll move TVs though corks apparently in fuckin America unfortunately you know but you know I'd like to restore deep core opened you one made nobody okay thank you one anybody all right ma'am I call her name let's go see what's your neighbor I forgot it man Tommy Tommy these guys giving you bother like oh we have just put this on and just cut Roma Hanson the AC gone oh you don't want to be doing that around by your snorting coil I think you might be you know you got a bike Tommy no no short a late find it around here I can borrow you one just for now if you're available in the garage and even a relationship ever you don't need a license he's that other dude I got an ice lolly a blue rose in a couple a down that's funny though this is blue also for someone else alone Natsu yeah all right we're going risint yeah here's that other dude boss right money so I'll come with you ah nice one man yeah Oh young you want a lift Tommy oh you're gonna be trying to create some money for yourself gonna try and create some money together edition baked I can lend you some if you want by lady buck and I don't want to be in debt to anybody no no no only Danny Boy enough said man enough said but if you need a car I'll just forget about layers no and you can use one of mine while I'm out with home not a problem I'll let you know spot me I've got a big truck but for this alright boys let's go for it the last time we did this – ha ha the last time we did this I fell off and they may have the police chase yeah oh my god Stevie for him there's multi-blade mincer fuck you just be stuck together I'm gonna die here oh my god I'm in love with a vice yeah good on them it's not even because the fast because sheamus my copper on them they are hard their metacarpals can still keep up mum yeah caught bikes now as well like modded ones folio no you want to meet the back down the Legion area I won't even target revived what you want to do I want to see what that drug bagel do now oh yeah cuz all the bikes should be a good and now I want to say the drug michael cable oh yeah darlin I wanna see it was fucking in now that you know you get yourself to a closed shop me I got all that closed shop and going through the corner and you buy yourself a helmet then you get over your own custom hold on far that about no bit of choice man yeah so can you hear us bud it's in here yeah got it oh no this is a uxs we got the fuck I am alright this one there you want to go a like helmet 67 and then got a helmet too and pick which like which type you want what I would go 67 and then pick up here night you're like I can't put my bike away to work and if you guys gonna left me here yeah that's no I'm dead nice fucking hole I had a wall I'm doing 20 yes where are you in the clothes shop helping out you medic medic it's just some dude be happy if you go along you can actually have one with a visor down nothing fucking made using chef smart she stuff to yourself you know looks like give me thrown up your might the shop blunt Elam hi yeah that's what she said to me she'll stab you I'm sure pill that you seem to falling off your bake there's a raspberry face blue fucking-a appears I know I did have one the other day actually that roughly the same you know same type of comment I'm like you can clearly say yeah sorry guys you know what was that truck by call no something drugg want it I want to know what speed this will do oh I'm going out what I've always got out see what this will do now fuck you hmm is huge what this thing it's you long enough let's say can I even get to work for you I'm gonna talk okay I'd rather die than you we've been spoiling them give that guy some money give that guy some money to buy a bike and he bought a fucking ingame bike not the BM PM's like a hundred in it yeah oh really yeah I think keep on the one you throw a ball you won't know other custom class though that's the thing yeah it's probably going straight to my cycles because I am the baked shit come on but anyway it's right about the end but bear with us and I'll tell ya I can make it really easy for you Ian bear with us he's gonna take his up and give it here ya know on the top so you want t-shirt 1559 yeah holy crap I don't pick the colors at the moment just pick the first numbers I tell you and you can do the colours after yourself go t-shirts odd no no yep fucking I was a bit the top 15 yeah so TAS or 148 just leave the colors the way they are and then go back to toss or two you know shoes – and you do all that yourself yep alright then you want arms 110 woof 110 yeah don't forget you've got arms – on here which is a glove colour which you can sort Hey not done pants 67 Henry has a camel toe other actually and she hasn't what's the craic for that well I cannot even yeah pushes shoes 47 why are you streaming yes oh fuck okay my mother's shit the second Austin of each yep chills alright they look a bit mad but once you get the right color you like and you get on the beta's all look that bad so I have got custom helmets I'm begging him I put in because the fucking beautiful what he hears me so my bike needs fixin nope cap it away cuz he's broken you come over okay oh no put your bike away forever why why you won the money where second come here maybe not hump you back there me you bought the wrong bike oh you're gonna buy the BMW it's in the custom class about Pindus treatments all that food and cars then win you are Matt which is it 12 grand I'm on the end good 12 care I know you've got it you've got to download them all that's all what yeah this BMWs one you want man that's all right man I'll help a lot out cuz he fucked up that's why it's so slow there you go man get yourself so do you want to do a job tonight mate by chance I've just sold you me you can sort your bike now no yeah I know but just just I can pay you back yeah yeah we'll do some where there I'm we're just having a bit of a quest at the mom I got a pube you just if you get if you get yourself that BM sod and we'll meet you back at Legion square and then we'll do a bunker summit no no you find me cuz don't forget with a BM you can change exhausting all that as well as to take it down the sprayer can you should have enough for two boys you know no bother enjoy right put this bike away hmm put your bike away you'd of been to me my bikes hot property apparently yeah so is your body ha bit 150 would say one we are cruising put a bitch odious on the way agent white nine mile of it I'm just gonna take it take a careful for the tower I'm tightening careful I'm doing 80 like me I just can't help it there's no cops of ours the behavin summer oh but it's so addictive you're leaving yeah not yet okay thank you thanks a lot the left no you're fine we don't like prostitutes on these streets walk off now no smoke no prostitution okay back on the bike yeah it was that I don't know is that the police bike the new police bike is fucking nice back hat because there were no lights on there anything new for this bike is darling I like it put a little engine I'm at lesion or though it's not it in body I've not seen it yet like actually out a vowel what the hell are you wearing well so we're doing that Bank we're just waiting for the new paramedic guy cuz we'll to use him as a hostage obviously cuz we don't know dude whoa whoa I'll tell you what I'll go and see your fare Tommy's kicking about what's he doing here fucking intimidate you know okay well I guess it really is intimidating but just keep y'all keep you tell from the way there anyone got a drill I need the packet and we're going for drill I don't know where the normal one the shop what's it go drove she won't go straight okay Maxis emerges Michigan is Todd saying that if you hop yeah right era I think on your pad it will move them up they we mean rise it down does that make any sense to you if you hold the right button on your mouse pad it will move the buyers are down the right mouse pad I'm yeah I know there's a said if you hold there it looks like right okay I don't know if someone just sent me a nun discard I don't know who appreciate but it's wrong I need to peg hit that I've got a repair I can't abide earlier the fuck do we buy drills from one you is it are we doing this shot I want to do the bank I know next one is of the are you in I've got a cheese and ham sandwich you know like a Greg and like the other one that's pretending you can't take a massive sandwich I'm after a drill sir do you have a drill what the fuck where do I get a drill from oh fuck Park Boys can I shoot the dude no I'll be making one don't he admit well I'll follow you don't go to the flower cuz I can't fucking she'll be on the buck I wily eating a sandwich I like don't we all down I'm all right I'm going to one fall you met so you're not eight tied us when I said well I said them you get that money just drilling machine yes sir Bob thanks Steve Oh get some whiskey while I mean it Cole yeah please wait no baby is a good show like cuz you can have ten maybe I can get drunk tonight Ian hasn't seen me drunk as in the bank if it's gonna take yeah yeah Mon I sent a paramedic a message telling me these have been his underwear was out here fuck yeah think so I had time to be at Legion well there's a fucking police bite it was a police bike fuck he's coming he's coming by bein the bank mayor I've just pulled on thanks I went straight he's not watching me go in the garage go in the garage oh yeah you need to fame so in the couch I bet in the garage the first place I go no need to go flat guns for that you need come up against them to change into his underwear but just quite enough just move just got your fate commit I've got a gun wait what are you one killer for me again Dean you've opened the door look my courts up like all right we'll find this dude no but it's gone to the shop tune in to his underwear shop there you go I have no idea I'm presuming the class is always here so where would he go I keep them on before I get pulled over forget pulled over on them off then fly away do you know a monster truck you know I'm sorry I'm gonna stop mean I'm gonna like sorry guys oh it's actually put these underwear on as well bless an old fuck okay this is beeping you do realize if we rub this the police back using the recent after well yeah that's for me just a head down to the front and you park at the front where the actual car park beers are and then walk into the bunk like you go on to get cash out all right all right see you there man what will be will be in there just watch for this fucking baked yeah that is gonna test one of us with malice bang well what we can do is you know see the one who's drawn usual they're always a false one at a bank in the bake yeah see you see the one who doesn't have the money they go fast that means a bagel cheers that fails in fosston in a second bill mr. Bell's AMS in hide the bike so he was gonna hold him hostage and I'll drill should I get a bike house well just to be on the safe side no no you can go one of us okay alright getting off against the glasses on our side yellow kill me to drill up against it I'll Joe how do you what do you wanna drill I can do me do me come on mommy have you got a drill I think it's fuck fucking police big city pulling someone over where as nice a nice up there just walk in and press a quick do it now now yeah I can't do in hey so I heard you out of dentistry you want me fly drama Taylor chase Oh since my big set front I'll fly to go fast huge yeah and I'll take her I only the hostage that means cuz the bake will come after me toss the enemy soon as I fly oh good on ya back please all right it says officer s cross with the LSPD I mean moving my bike across the street ok lovely there you're welcome to walk back over can you hear me in there yes we got there we got ya all right are you buying this what's going on yeah looks like you might have a hostage there is that right here indeed we did all his name though what's your name sir I just want to get some money please I wish your name Jim don't forget we took his trousers off yeah we took his trousers off cuz he had weapons on him oh is that so it is yeah yep oh that's really unfortunate you're in there in your skivvies prison days Matt yes yes all right what's your demands basically we need the cash I'm sure you can work that one out for yourself so we just need us also to out and then that's it the hostage can go we don't want to take him with us or fuck off we just need youse just keep your distance let us get on with our job we'll get on the bikes and disappear okay what bikes I don't see any bikes at around the back oh you have them in there no no fucking it well in the back all right so we need the alleyway leave and clear I fucked up mate so after to clear the other way for you okay lovely it's always the same in it yeah I'll bet right it's not often that I fuck up thought I'd be fair all right whatever Hey he wouldn't know hey you want to fuck off me get out of here oh my ear we're good thank you is sorry puff up we'll check it out are you streaming any bikes in the back back there oh you need to stop asking questions right whatever the fucking bakes that's Gary in front of me mmm the one you need whatever okay what do you want about him what about this fucking guy he is the guy you need to be worrying about all you need worry about is he gets out see if we get down that alley that's it all right more until you've done the beach doesn't he he does indeed I think I think I think we'll just fucking jumping on this guy's back and we don't do the debate you know all right sounds like a better idea actually we'll just hold the bait sauce that we don't want anybody getting hurt I'm item like a hostage me live and comes out safely you you have my word we'll let you get down the alleyway okay that's fine man I'm good with that thank you like 372 thank you yeah well leave them at the doors man well yet to go go thanks good simple Flynn like it should have got some food KFC that's good come on Ian Jersey KFC here's me officer a little hungry in here could you get em a KFC by any chance some burgers and some water I mean depends Bobby King yeah be me walk up and I'll put some burgers down by the door okay lovely very nice of you a hostage – boy you're up the bank yeah chip out at it I'm gonna leave them right up – I'm not doing anything in my hands are up okay okay show knows someone just showing us oh I think you better preach it man I mean obey Him no bite has a fucking you pick them up I love up there kind of stuff you know it was a foxy where is he us fucking drunken man there I'll go home hostage might be able to pick up the food can you pick some dawn run no I got pocket turn background 260 come on faster I'm gonna shove this shotgun up your ass you guys even hear me yeah have you got any kids and always then you got a family he's raping them family family a feed yeah I don't make any sudden movement so then family will be getting fucking some fire that was very nice yeah you liked it me I think I knew wish fucking trainers were fucking boxer I'm gonna pour a fucking bullet in your head you counseled you do you carry wax around with you everywhere officer you get rid of this fucking drunk one round the back of his shot one else I'm gonna fucking bullet ya hear him he's like he's lunch table behind officer it's a gay bears even commit yeah I can't fucking see the drunken bum I don't I don't hear him saying anything I wouldn't you know fuck me he's running each fucking mouth definitely it is I think it's in the alley no no you can see I've got a so answer our blue voice popped saying come up from the end of the effect we're gonna go check behind there and see what's going on for you all right thank you Oh painted me he's behind you that guy behind me is not saying anything I think honestly shit I think good okay 150 I haven't heard anything there's got to be copper sitting waiting for us all right yeah so you just then digitally said the alleyway and everything we're four unit behind there that will be another minute or so and we'll be out your way in there don't you worry about that and you can get back to looking like this we just keep that hostage alive and yeah and we're all good 100% mer hope you enjoyed that burger I'm fucking starving ah just all fancy a burger two minutes okay speaks too much hey just talk a lot actually he's not really being like upset about his kids and all that I'm quite surprised I've got a spare gag oh you always have a gag on you know do you Tommy she's fucking you buddy handcuffs as well oh well she doesn't like them strikes the police he might be available all right roughly how much more time you're getting about a couple minutes a minute yeah couple of minutes man way out yeah all right okay about a minute late but I'm totally cunts month I'm telling to rip this come with me shotgun mini raping so weapons not allowed is that what you're telling me can you leave the area I'm just I'm getting used to this you know for I'm standing here watching a crime scene leave no oh shoot him shoot and always walk the crime scene okay he can't drop his drink cuz he's from a different server right guys money training for now we're good okay yeah they'll distracted by him we shoot it as opportunity go to the bank sign is his fucking hood that I need a sure you don't forget I know today I'm off ah – let's push come off behind you all right got you go laughter right went straight up ministry up today took a life I threw that in one of these olives I think the police bike is after us oh no way I can't see it I've been away from you me you need Phil and some milk what what an hourly or something the first it was like theorem Oh oh my god my cat next to us shoot okay hang on better best obvious come on Bobby I'm done I'm gonna have to leave here sorry it's alright but I've got the money oh you really yeah I one of them stuck with me there's two please bike someone is dead to me I'd fucking died we're near the house I think oh fuck you up three police bikes here yeah the outfit they've all got bikes fuck I need a medic sometimes just right no other man can walk yes where if you get them both down when the ambulance comes you can get them to resume and we can get away with the money have you killed both the offices no I've killed one so far I'm gonna get another one yeah but you need to get the ambulance crew to get me up huh yeah someone's just others a police car just ran over my buddy there's a police car with the ambulance man hold on we got we got officer down over here oh forget my officer up as well she won't see him while I do it I'm covered I'm trying it how you pointing here after down right here Donna called me how did it even fucking see we have fucked with these police boats even though you saw me give me a block of yarn gee you must be far from it and did you hear me in-game fucking clothes won't be a second Thanks okay it's just about to go fuck you got that noise is that police bike he's driving me insane these carries running over my body cause there's a caddis duck if you can Cass going crazy here and here he comes oh come on Karen the police officer over oh shit up to the other-worldly wipeout on the bytes I am and I think he lost control and yeah I – but then could you I know you were firefight I don't watch our other but you take my mask off you should be able to as soon as he gets me up I'm gonna establish cooperate at a club soon as we go oh yeah fucking go I tried by guess too much for me gimme gala date your money off me fucking show if a functional and like I said I think you need a you need your help over there officer she's over there ishe fuck I can't see you know no agent ma I'm good gotta get you a good view I know I could all I can say is yeah oh shit on the hill get in consideration during booking that was funny that's mad baby you're being arrested all right I'm gonna read you your rights you the right to remain silent anything you say and listen to their shoes the issue at the court of war well you can bring another one of us but wait premier wannabe oh I've gotta go apparently you want to be over there nice a to us okay let's uh plus again you know I'm gonna read the whole three of you your rights work you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against me alright if we get one of these in the prison I'm gonna go over Eddie thank you have we gone metal in the cellar let's kid you put it taking the guy account for it properly I've got humming Oh rub my shit all over the walls cheap from taking your car oh yes oh that's fancy as fuck there you go uh-huh hey DiNozzo no like oh oh this is Cappy little lily shaped by crashes thing as long as he gets me all the coasts y'all getting fucking knocked out you wouldn't expect any less man would you exactly the fucking crash this thing three times cheese because I need to fine-tune the spike yeah I think you need some lessons I can teach you if you want ones to get out with Jill I'm good they're not me honestly I definitely have you until these two I lost you then Paul that you and this offers me off at the opposite but takers yeah it's awful out there that with a wife all the time finger retrain like that's a bit of a game helmet you've got on there I won't say yeah it's a red dot still wary street creds are gonna disappear you allow doggy in a back driving this thing around let's walk in if you wanna bag didn't he oh yeah I have one the other officers using it right now all right let's get you out of here yeah maybe next time huh mr. I'm strong yes search you one more time make sure I don't miss any things out of regression there I thought you put it put yeah yeah Tsuzuki yeah that's why God well you searching this form and you've already been in me ask twice yeah I don't know what can you watch even watch him get up looks like he's done that's important come on say that to me face Oh like a weird Canadian fucking love it but I wit me I love the flower in the lasses corn on a night you know come from it's just one of those absolutely don't know oh don't get your Big Mama hold on I'm gonna give someone a call guys okay submit I think little right beyond the nightmare alright looks like they're calling their lawyer oops oh oh thank you want yes is come on come on close you know you want to nice little suit you go there cheers man it's not probably the best thing we're over the banking like making my collar down so we're all making a loss Colleen called me and I'm calling you I'm in the jail cell next to you by the way Oh try and do eat your own you know uh I can try all right let me see how it's now pulling each other there's a lawyer on the way no well who is clear you guys don't want a lawyer is that correct yes I think you should represent me unfortunately in order for anybody to represent – they must be a certified lawyer when we shop I'm gonna wait until it's wait-listed because I didn't you're more than welcome to go and watch my preview stream I just did on British life and I just you're gonna see hello the fuck's going on all right do you want an order sir no fucking don't oh fucking clock limbs punch your fucking clock them ha ha fuck you you cunt fuck fuck you oh Jesus oh this in the fucking cowboy huh get these cuffs off me so I remove that worst nightmare huh worst nightmare now he's brave I'll take these cuffs off you cunt well come on anyone working in here is empty government doesn't pay you enough to be a big charged with attempted murder Mellie oh yeah yeah sounds fair yeah cuz I should have a class 9 what oh I didn't request what's up class name the fuck you want know what a class line yes I didn't have an SMG fully automatic fucking did buddy fucking it she shot isn't the shoulder the cunt oh shit oh shit apart wall make PlayStation Oh get him earthquake kill the cop in my friends come in Alcala come by you that was out there if you ever come back so fuck you fuck you oh fuck is this door closed for you oh I really want the clock the mere man damn how are you walking through the bars man that's some fucking Houdini shit right there Rocketman Specsavers Oh piss off come here officer you like more now beat your ass give me arms or disappear if you leave this cuffed Deaver problems the way why were you aiming your taser at Mastro's brilliant yeah I can punch him I can hear you through the vents oh sorry I need to go officer can you clarify something your pears Oh oh you fucking playing with me now like a big man now are ya what is it this guy something so close to the boss did you pull that over your arse did ya officer officer hello yes idiot I'm gonna show that I don't like small spaces oh fuck sure that weapon up your ass okay fuckin what like it I know you would what's going on over there oh you dumped oh no I mean your asshole I mean you're a bug later fuck you want I don't need it Matt he's in prison yet no yeah he's a fuck so let me just put it on to normal voice guys these cuz you're on shouts you hear people outside did baby calm please that's all I'm talking about fucking we're fuckin strapped other than that it's not me no no for once again fuck I've lost me hours again fuck sick Henry the are Melissa why Szabo oh I just want to go and buy that fucking Suzuki man about fair to be fair the only fault I found as a service offer I use come with the GL are you just fucking about I'll call a plumber they go off another fuck no I don't want to go back – hosting me back on the fucking visitor center by accident I want to say copper in here I'm gonna I'm the fucker how long did you get a Henry 15 months did you happen when I'll get longer watcher shut you shouldn't do well you did murder like a few people probably forgot about it yeah should have done that last name fuck should I should I killed should I cook the officers and they get mixed up with someone else how long are you staying on for I'm in jail damn it huh how long you stayed on for me see me me yeah well you a name whenever I'm not enough to be up for anything tomorrow why do you but I'm just gonna come off in Australia bed cuz I native : play what they do another hour so now with all this new bike I'm just going up a fag now you can't fucking give me a hand job anymore amazingly I've gotta watch him I don't need to give you a fuck off with no arms as well shit mouth 14 months you got what you get again Oh what is why I don't know go one less like Ian's going around yeah you've got one just like me I'll go what time do you like my floating watch look at my watch fancy you know I watch fellow things we've got next up between September under go above me you know it's not exactly Halloween yet it would be funny if a couple cabin we're beaten to death armless we're not just head but ya know I've got 10 months left someone humpin there well that you you fucking away you know where shit I've got seven months ago oh fuck we all going to buy this new bike here no okay oh they were this last box and I'll go first of all I'll go now he's gonna stay on the laughs three yeah I mean I'll build my Gogh eight month life fuck I'm standing about box eleven months left took all the Dayton money of me hey I even offered offered the office and money and a blow job and a solidity yeah I would have ticked up and now alright so today I would I would take that offer right up there I've been real my street at you awesome shit and then let me go okay but no not greener for him okay why are how long you got left not sure it's not telling me okay the seven months left most sex off the lush ladies oh look guys guys working off some time though the man with a weapon top protection for your implication we got no arms officer to you guys I think somebody's talking on the way here I think I probably still Plemons Shuko on a job that would wait even know what do you just need beat me what okay but doesn't need to think it could be worth him what fucking she's that ghost now that it could be worth game be in a program and in stick Oh bake me a fucking cake for all sorts of things your ass yesterday Sophie he said no there were some beatings and that's me as long as it's okay if your boyfriend over there yes all right boyfriends man II thought you were chasing after the Blom looks like I made some stops keep chasing man I've noticed you know I don't so you know damn I said I've not seen her I don't and I will yeah she's been on she's taking a vacation from the force for a little bit but she'll tough won't be back no I'm a Yale I want to go back I was gonna fuckin devil another mean see you later man like okay I'm in oh just right April come on darlin you got it needs a fucking clean this cunt do them you just bring this from him can you take us to the car dealer that's exactly where else and I was gonna get a new BMW Oh wonderful fuckin sangat man that's your song I'm not singing it I'm not on the highway to hell I'm there every time already a fucking staff and or the highway I mean think about it but on the highway and you're from here so I mean me too okay some of the other one that's fucking stubborn I make it Milky Way is like a sting on the earth know my favorite thing ever look he weighs in milk about that was an interesting for two days sorry quite a nice chalice of it oh yeah they said hold up now I have to charge nothing free driving I ended up with this but you won't get nothing anyway the fuck univer yeah that's a good point it's gonna be all it's a daddy cheers man I think you think custom yeah I would think so found it kazoo kazoo let's crack on yet 15 kids wait shine upturn Tsuzuki I see coming for us I think they may be coming for those men fuck off the carry we just got them no sense what they're coming for us oh I can take us to me with them stick his mouth shut and I like all three I like all three exhausts on which one I got was pop you need three bites come on man watch it out front Papa please now you can do a front bumper yep are you can do the cage you can do oh yes through the cage you do the beach in on the BM now you can put the chimba little all right check it check the cage man it puts all risk it on look look do kids fall risk in me look at my bike Tom bad yours I am yes whoa all the cans are nice aren't they oh this is a fucking nice bike I did well find in this corner yep they're always gonna go with their exhausts are too big no no the perfect yeah never tell a guy that's a big fuck ah I'm out money you're all money mm-hmm Hado sorry oh that's a paradigm rs.1000 shit yeah I'll saw you what does spoiler do set a number playoff think so me Oh Thanks oh you guys are doing the Suzuki's now you don't know yeah I'll tell you what fucking beautiful to lock up oh yeah look what it looks like when you take the risk enough look but that's the roared version that's the rest verse o beauty the race version much nicer Oh hundred percent always oh you can get fucked you can't sail there ya cunt well clearly gonna get done if he sits there what's it look like not much obviously have to miss fame I'm okay I can deal with them too shouldn't love my lots you need to you need to go and buy yourself some helmets Mountain fuck come on you're letting the fast oh yeah I'm going to go get Cash's God you want me to give you cash most I'll go add some oh wait a Peter I want to write on one of these bikes can someone take me to the bank for methods now you got your own bike right in front all right behind police bike that's quite a bit our children shoes being nice to you done to me you speak to your mother Sherwin Oh give me just one second thank you why gentlemanly very nice then again I'm your daughter Sophia shut your gob sweetheart don't worry the fuck sick wait so what you're saying is you wanna go one-on-one with a great one coming up soon oh yeah chief okay I don't think you can be everybody outside man you get combat hunger on the Koppers bike yeah is I was just trying to see if you could have a pillion on this sorry Tony you're going black eye yeah I mean I don't go in and grab money almost 100 odd thousand words yeah I'll give you all the save you got the bug give us about an evil cash on you yeah yeah fucking accent bonus mid or not what he keeps it going man flattened out and then just give us a back when you can nice million well I'm gonna need up two of these bikes I think is it so different with a severe skin on and off Beeman engine operates fucking 70k alone out okay all this thing is fucking nice only the engine up with it that's more like it this thing is lovely this is about as quick as the beam of this I just go past you yeah hey clean up you later then did you hang me I was so short Israel cooking engine Indian this thing is fucking you there's a kawasaki that goes with this but i didn't want to take the piss to a red bottom so please the other dissident this thing is fucking lovely and he adds some more american bikes and you see for the players that play all the time you know day which is fair dues like my lights don't work Oh kids arrest bikes and how many lights fuck into the demo yeah devil if you put the if you put the cage on it puts the rare skin on with the arcade you said yeah cage will put the whole risk in on and then you can go and change the sticker and I'll put a different color on that York yes oh you might want to add the window to make it look Farber we upgraded if you're trying to do another one later another day yeah probably another day man I was sayin away Jesus oh you want to do a race you mean I mean I don't mind doing the race if you want but you know I'm talking about what we did a bit here there yeah absolutely man yeah I will do me absolutely one more stairs I'll definitely give you a show yeah no Bolivar if you're doing the rest I mean we can try it since you guys have a Suzuki think it's the other compare they're about I would say about the same as a be my now like I'll go grab some cash that we can there yeah we'll do a rest before gal fab salutely I don't know if the devil wants to join in on the rest like Harriet I'll just grab some cash some ain't no bother me I want to I think I'm gonna grab another one of these bikes to have it like a rod legal one cuz the rest bike doesn't have any headlights I've locked them out tell them to grab a second all you guys reckon on the stream second bike road-going version rest bike what do you reckon yeah add much of the American bikes fuck me cheez-its fuck fuck alone dead shit now about Muse hello can you hear grave despite cracks – man yeah – I'm not gonna get any of them better crazy was the demon or that love no it was like about 20 the engine for this is like 70 that's just enjoyed engine month engine for seven a kid transmission is 23 and a half yeah absolutely me I know you've been too nice to us I must admit I appreciate a door but yeah he's hope what's ours Hey please calculate for us I was only doing 110 they've got the police bikes out it was a couple of them mm-hmm paladin in our Hollis I love Hollis I'll still tell them to go the other car now I like that with all the count super nice well the stickers can you put on the racing the Mon cuz I picked the new look the other one it's just a same really are you more volume or limited to a certain stick over that one you leave your number plate on or off off huh I thought you would they still got headlights on this one I suppose they use fucking hammer and air about now we're at the back Allegiant they look at you catch alive he's a little something John Scott Shaw woods ah cheers man Thank You muchly appreciate campaign the wheels away Gordon oh yeah again once I appreciate that lovely road gone one and and out of a readiness mr. covers after no idea but my first baby at the back in the garage area that guy seems like he's up to no good these are nicer we're a snow up yeah so what do you think you've written a Suzuki for a little bit which one's better I think I like this uzuki nice I'm gonna try it out for this one I tried the BMW a couple times already what what the hell doc Weston motorcycle company slave moto it's for the right thing that just seems too long it's for the bike Cavalli is that even this thing I lost me there I lost me on the bike what do you mean so my garage would say both unless you change one of the names wait is that the new one yeah well it had to happen with a BM as well if you have to you need to changing them if that many hi hey you like it oh my god I love that like a lowrider I've gotta get one of those how much I'm gonna go get it painted what she top out at oh good question I'll see all right not reversing that's some right vibrations between you rather she's definitely knows just Parkinson cars all right how long you guys got 20 seconds Simon 24 good luck guys I'll be at the finish line after everyone else my father I feel like you're gonna come first Oh I came off the beat we get the 170 acres fucking instantly oh my god damn about that it's like I'm gonna get out of it what would be lieutenant and where than it must be I'm not upgraded anything laughs I won for a pretty uh I'm going down them at once the Earth Moon Bay they might get one Boise you need to get it all credit I'm pendant what it y'all there this thing's stolen on the rest one out I'll tell you all about one sci-fi 150 in the end no it's just horse is better than the BM this like hundred percent what do you reckon devil D like this or the Airbnb only reason why we only that one seventy incentive 180 that quickly was cuz we're going on so now that's what staring us back but I mean like if we're doing the opposite way down the highway we would have hit 180 fuckin wait yeah okay that's that's fuckin nuts I love it right I'm gonna go back to the dealer and buy another vest bike yeah I'm gonna have to go buy another one myself Dean don't forget to change the name of your first one first or devil oh I'm probably going to send this one over to here first before I gonna pick up the new one well I just bought two and only one short oh shit yeah you ready arrest I'm not reading it why Jim oh hey if you want no it's all right I'm just gonna take a little drive back now I'm taking the airborne way I kind of go straight fuck oh and goes I fucked up okay now I'm not winning this one but we'll still give it go fuck it I was at by the crops I talked to Mia shit myself where are you uh so um I'm back near Earth there is no you know like you it cost me a freakin I'm gonna like Sonia grand the time nigga how many rich there was no no that's alright I'll quick stop by it's not as fast as yours nice hood it oh yeah it's smooth that's on the ass the bikers are gonna write that yeah you know I like it I have to pick one of the weekends no no I love it go alright so I need your fucking build the same bike I add cuz it shot itself I'm getting cheers boys well chat but he is up I'm in this America huh I'm with you then look how open he doesn't come in he saw and Oh Tinky see me yes you reckon good evening very good ah it's going a lot slower than you I think I might have been like a little bit over the limit I'll go thank you metal lock mode Ricky's locked his car I'm not even sure it was just a fucking it wasn't a destiny serious are you still in this car yeah even we were driving up bust was he coming after you I got him no he's come back over here with a gun so you I can't believe that she stole you yeah y'all have a nice day it's gonna be a long walk back to PD I'll give you a lift I'll give you a lift hop on I just need to change one more thing and I'll give you a lift hop on there just be to sentence foxie just them can throw on a bullet if she's coming I've just toodle tell him to wait there I'm coming back there okay yeah she's bringing me back man how far off is a half a mile away she's in perfect condition they have to know about half a mile away she thought you were arrested enough to sissy was trying to divert yes so she apologizes I mean she's a good route she's a good girlfriend eval at least she was looking out for us when she said it's in perfect condition apparently how far were you she's gonna bring it back yeah she's unaware I know I can the red or a ticket or anything oh man thank you how far you can't believe she stole my car right yeah yeah yeah amia oh she must have came on that bike right there huh yeah get up on that bike car where's the car he's at the top of the ramp you can have to go get it Oh jump on there yeah she is fucking useless right how long are they gonna map Joe jump on she's fucking broke well yeah because you might want to arrest me he's got a room to my vest it's bad ladies what happened I'm sorry man it's brand-new all right see you oh thanks for not leaving me stranded I wouldn't do that I didn't leave my bike beer I'm by the way – really yeah this has got to be my favorite biking now what's your thought nice and a good baby move you put the risk in on it ya know then I put one minute up the first day the one is on up was actually found a bike too much me love this man all right look II you I am just don't much man I think I'll have to go I'll black like the real what did he get out of this enough on the wall I'm at 120 the boy chin now the goals cuz what I would have them be a life you know it's got a bit of gold mare you say something speeds together oh no a sayin I'm a real drug arrests next hm I got like uh like 160 oh nice Papa's not even with enough helmet which Kaba I wouldn't just fly one of those Islands a bunch of that sauce deal he said one section may she go that huh I'm in love with this the singing or effort are you up to what you doing Sarah make time I might go see onion to all black yeah I just I'm brilliant the whole bike sale is awesome all we need now is em helmeted hundred-person mlmers come in i'm from making a mess I'll tell you right now oh hey sorry well sorry my bad I just have personal I've said that fucking Jesus these are stupid quick Oh you gotta be careful down it's mainly for when I'm joke dealin so I can roll up behind someone beep the horn they think it's a coupler and then they move on clever though right in your fancy one last race about before I come off and what you want to do well I thought of me I'm not photo anything but you what I do oh then come back on above a pub was easier for you ma I'm up front I'm done alright so do you want to change your bike no I'm good you sure yeah I got I got a little song song song okay fucking god Morrison bollocks alright at that uh that race fuel is that what it is all right Sophie you're gonna join in for the last one I'll make it 500 in the lineup put up can say the time though things ain't pop up on that seconds nine eight seven six walk you know there are things around him he's got yet don't know had one booster Oh hate you I've got it on it fucking happy they're off a oh hi oh it is so fake you've read the fuckin heaven I shall pick me up a forty feet in the air no joke I of it did you die mother fuck was that a surprise – let's look at never 100 feet and they have met him look at the month after I hate you rent MIT put on a bike all right but I was on foot then she doesn't you know and she happy puppy fuck it I think what made it Ross's to fight that I'd jump when it happened try to jump her away boy Horst the finish line was just there fuck you no no we will rub somewhere but I just wanted to I've just been enjoying chilling than be obviously Robert chip ridges very happily I just overtake you know nothing loves a police bike that was me oh fuck eyes well far as I cooperate Bahama now that's a police bike fucking court is really oh fuck happened again I was a chopper there's a chopper voices the chopper no I gotta get away from the fuckin thing okay right yeah shoot the gun down I've got fireworks in the button one of me runs you can't you see fireworks not any what values no nobody's following me just as the police go past me I'm parked on the beach yeah none of them are followed me it's gonna show I should really actually I think they've all gone past fucking Bates take a lot more damage I've lost reduces ten times better far I've just been a nightmare oh my bike went over onto the beach fuck where is it a cup I'm a bike he's coming a cup I'm a bike anything first on the shams huh oh you lucky tune whereabouts I am Malaysian like all right we are in this I haven't got good on nothing anyone go weapon no no I don't mean I'm a bite oh wait you found there I can see it I'm parked in Michael's house I lost them did you lose him don't think they were chasing me all the way before the katifaq catch up definitely caught me then here work on the skills of it fuck I'm gonna get meself a weapon hey Gavin like I said I'll try insulted me at all I don't know oh this is doing a start slowing down more just around town oh you know put the dilemma on me I'm gonna start doing yeah after the dip it's just been nice to have a bit of a you know a blast about you know what you that's for me I've got a shot with me Eddie I've just come in the gun shop fuck think it's following me I can hear I just can't see it it is one Gervais and you're lazy not yeah I'm nearly back late bein the bank man he's chasin Narayan old haylea legion uh Holly surprise what the hell Shabba oh man the police bike is often oh shoot oh you hooked it you know my health is poor clatter sorry ma'am oh I can't even got me a map there I'm just going over a big bridge in China cook the helicopters go to them I'm technically fuck I'm down at the docks all right I'm falling a police car of all things oh they choppers gutters like oh I'm out running him got the legs owners I cannot come off oh I've got no L can I guess I would still hope there's a bike in a car I'm following the police captain I'm at the strapless walk I'm gonna win Ohio this all right I'm on my way they are cruel us we're Basile in it I'm weeping at Jess for my boy I'm behind one of the vehicle renown fakes is he chasing off turn off sure huh is it so in a police car by a busted I'm back in town hey I'm on it I'm headed up to all the houses okay well I see that hey limey he said not to alter her she's bossy yeah they must have you by the way so you tell us if you start offered you know there's a motor where that's got that Harlan under the bridge that you can go down you'd lose him if you went down there he's looking for you I see yeah he's obably he's gonna be able to bike some man should I go back down hang on I'm coming up if there's a few of us the water which one you've gone past go don't mix two there he said we award by the bank direction where are you in the other house mmm he's away no I think you're bigger I reckon yep he's not about I don't hear them don't see you hey never good where's a yo-yo sir I'm as well updating is sensible after that for how was the maddest rocking chairs I've been involved in I mean that was way better the kind of catches should be using a chopper is throwing getting chased by the trough for me I was fantastic gamble about it using it an envy of all these Finnegan I do I mean I do you want to go and end it at the bank you know ideally that's where I start I know I was just thinking that you're gonna change you awakened me globe but now assisting and like why don't I just fucking kill the cunt I believe it took me all my coffers got it I don't even know if the the ideally I'd want to go up the fucking black market and grab some of the fucking tackle out with no some behavior firepower yeah that was a good chair so I died right we're gonna go down the Legion we're sure yeah but they're all Sofia I was just a mix you let it out department all right we'll make you a legion anywhere oh ok knock me off my paper nothing so far i weally in too much you could know you think you have been a bit of Asturias now it's where we gun plushies out the garbage oh yeah Jesus at the house is it garage wasn't huh no in our thousand the apartments call Legion correlation well there you are no the apartment there's a guy out on the Left I wasn't I thought we were hiding in their supper shit and know when I came in I'm lost just call Allegiant you're back on the run where I'm just chillin me I own these streets now they're gonna fucking read me when the cat is like Oh as a police car on the hill here where this cars and the Bakke not out the fucking bank at the front that we should admit here under vehicle what the hell he's looking at me coming for you oh I'm following that police cars off all right he's not what catching you right and the Norwegian police Jessica you should have gone the back I'm sorry darlin time for a smoke nobody tell you I lost them down the other dirty money wash not fathom it I think I lost him anyway fuck about her back on the bike at Mia coppers yeah I am walking with him at this point that you David I he hit hard shilling of their function walking with him there me that poor straight when he took off for you I was actually catching up with them if we all got exactly the same colored by complaining exactly tomorrow we'll do it Prince I'm within their 7700 K and 16 gig around all right hey John are we doing should I go about lazy I don't want to beat them all so kind of I kinda like deserve to be caught the thing is you use the chopper and the shopper camera catches but if you come off your fork like you know if you get away you riding well at the end of the day you know I made you're gonna stay with us this time he it laughter awesome feeling the bike that is like over there right over there to the left I'm not Sophie nothing wrong Oh shooting a good move it is you know how it does it handily does the police a layup overs flight why don't you shut up for Allah when we should tip it all off I can't see it I can't see the helicopters behind you man you look at our well fuck you come with me enough I'm bleeding Cornish what the fuck my blood was dripping on the floor uh-huh oh wait my couch I mean the bag Haley stolen it and it sends out the carpals are coming can you hear the sirens let's just got the back of the l├ęgion bank yes follow it I was like yeah where is he that Rey above us today what happened did where are you behind you that was a corpus made from the formula I think we're probably gonna get room for bit and with him of it that's the problem we are technically welcome I like Ghost Rider the real horse rider you seen him on YouTube blocked out by ladders blackout on the discourse out fucking with a police in real life okay honey I'll come up I bet Charles is enjoying watching us for the police though they're coming wearing some metal got away with it for the night their bikes are we having and technically I'm bit with Vietnam but it's fucking hilarious let's cook that bath fun in it sometimes enough oh you got a screenshot and the police dish hmm and see the police station imagine if chief stories open me but so far now to put a bike on his desk there's a cop out there as well what do we do yeah it's me let's go what the fuck did he come from oh yeah used to figured out oh I was just trying to get away screenshot for this girl fucking Houdini Houdini that guy and either sawed off on the wrong town even just driving them alike 50 that offered means 51 on let's be plumber why is it fifty-four I've got 50 bang on for the red light Chapas behind us is that I could get up near I can heat up man he's up above us there's a cunt that is right here that way after walking with they're gonna pop our focus of my speech please speak to the left please speak to the left you know I that is right there oh yeah oh shoot me tell you know him I could have killed him I'll shoot these days oh I'm a I'm limited to 140 walk oh oh you hit the wall oh they need your fucking employers the fucking people just I'm not getting caught time to pull the bike away I think so yeah my instant allegiance care as well yeah like away in Kentucky was for the Bell come on sorry in there I couldn't hang about though you get it on yeah yeah I couldn't wait for your pal Ian's heartbroken out hasn't he oh my fucking skylines gone my dummy Karski disappear when we go easy all right come on honey go Burger King that coppers are crack why oh you know happy don't think so MIT now Oh before kid I would like also when I fell off my bike I didn't shoot I'm not that mean I put my gun away I just I was just running yeah I was running up here and then it would feel so stupid not nice when it just stopped running sighs thought and then he's also around in the condo show up and I'm like I thought there was no need to fucking shit right so we need to be legit now all I need to do is get me clothes change before the fucking catches there was no chopper when I go into the bike light see you later techno yeah resting tomorrow buddy that's a bit cheap he shot you when it was already a controlled situation it's awful when you hear the servants you want to take em off I'm still trying to drive legitly that was the funniest thing ever it wasn't good chair so you know him you it what's up there is he not happy noise I don't know maybe shot the wrong end or sick think so it's our didn't when you get a situation than that which happy so was it oh look a drink all right I'm gonna that Allegiant and you go to jail hey I've been knew it now yes all right were this yeah we got away with it fuck the police sir I did well get away we're fuckin you on the back it did help I even died yeah about yeah I am I would have gone back but they would have just killed us thought is just Shawn scene we're shooting the coppers and shooting at police helicopters and generally just being fucking tall he thinking accomplice is just gonna swarm in but there's no way this always change changing to the ones they would after legitly have seen us get on the van which must be hard if any of them watching the stream we all played the Medea but definitely wouldn't do the next time I think a lot of them like the exam bikes are fast and then he's a new police bike so rapid and I've got to be honest if you've got a police officer trying to use the bike on the on the keyboard he's just not gonna keep up this is know where it may are these lights taken forever I'll smell across road will do take forever I like the backfire Arthur it's not perfect on like big cars you know like the skyline that it sounds really go but on this obviously doesn't sound as good as you know I didn't even know I was gonna get you in the bunk definitely yeah firefight yeah I was gonna get you involved on the bunk job but you heard here I was gonna go and see your black market was open before okay I'm off have you got stripping the buyback they'll go away oh wait you popped out of the red I mean you're on there from the Legion all right what go away Oh yummy Rivera it's all right we nailed I stunned they're like oh well on the plus side the police was trying did catch one of us didn't hurry but you know it'll be me next time over the Hudson I've told me fair share of being call me on I would have gone back and shot at them but they would have just shot me on sight there wasn't it we're too many coppers on we're too many right guys I'm gonna hinder their Oh goddamn it put me in community service doing what community service but what thought it clean the streets twenty minutes over are you actually grave in the street I don't know metal thing tell us where you are come see ya hey cool alright anyway guys we're gonna end it there I'll see you all tomorrow depending on what time we get sold in the mall and obviously depends how long I can stream but my wife is away all next week well she's off underwear so I'm gonna be streaming as much as possible from like Saturday onwards so sorry I'm under on wood so I'll be back to like four or five streams in the day and then it's a couple of years next week she's hitting the dog away with it as well so we'll be doing some big long streams so my next dream is going to be eurotruck see you all there have a good'n and check