Eternal Contenders – Jennev Pledge | Deck Tech (Top 25 Masters)

Eternal Contenders – Jennev Pledge | Deck Tech (Top 25 Masters)

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This is my new Jennv Pledge deck trying to maximize the new Pledge build around pay-off cards from the latest campaign ‘Homecoming’. The deck does really powerful things and is a lot of fun to play. As usually I go over all the card choices and explain the decks ins and outs before taking it to battle in Ranked.



4 Bear Guard Bayonet (Set1005 #13)
4 Torch (Set1 #8)
4 Dusk Raider (Set4 #153)
4 Equivocate (Set1003 #21)
4 Glasshopper (Set1005 #5)
4 Teacher of Humility (Set4 #67)
3 Display of Instinct (Set5 #244)
4 Ixtun Merchant (Set4 #21)
4 Cykalis, the Burning Sand (Set5 #57)
4 Darya, Warrior Poet (Set5 #186)
4 Gunrunner (Set1005 #4)
4 Moonstone Vanguard (Set5 #68)
3 Howling Peak (Set5 #219)
3 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
3 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)
3 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)
4 Seat of Impulse (Set0 #54)
4 Seat of Fury (Set0 #53)
4 Seat of Wisdom (Set0 #63)
4 Diplomatic Seal (Set1 #425)
1 Display of Instinct (Set5 #244)
1 Jawbone Greatsword (Set4 #33)
1 Siege Breaker (Set5 #26)
1 Howling Peak (Set5 #219)
1 Skycrag Banner (Set2 #186)

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Eternal Contenders – Jennev Pledge | Deck Tech (Top 25 Masters)

hello everybody this is Manuel and welcome to another eternal contenders video series it's quite a bunch of new decks to talk about we tried a lot of cool stuff for the easy queue and there were a lot of texts that were quite powerful and promising and did fairly well but ended up being slightly flawed and could have been better and were a bit worse than some other things but still pretty strong and cool and fun decks that you can easily climb a ladder with as you saw I climbed two at my peak rank 6 with all the decks I tried and since dropped to like 11 and then played one and lost a couple games so I'm somewhere in the top 20 right now I think I haven't actually checked but yeah anyway so yeah I want to talk to you about one of these texts today and there are a couple more coming probably in the coming days and weeks as as soon as I can manage to record them and today I want to talk about one of their dedicated pledge ticks we got a lot of pledge support especially pledge payoff cards in the campaign making a pledge focus take a whole new viable strategy and this requires some different approach and heuristics then normal decks so to speak and yeah I think I have a pretty good grasp on debt by now from the testing and want to talk about my NF pledge deck today and might have one or two I drew pledge decks in the future all right before we dive into the deck as usual hit the subscribe button if you're new to the channel and turn on notification icon to not miss out on future content regularly uploading eternal identity arena content and possibly also other things like art effect once there's something new to talk about and so on and so forth and also please consider whitelisting youtube on your ad block or just turning it off while watching youtube it really helps us creators a lot keep making content for free all right so on to the deck this is my current yen of plecnik so the deck is basically a kind of aggressive mid-range deck that tries to leverage pledged payoffs which in the NF basically our class hopper gunrunner and PR card buy in it all three of those cards are very powerful and give you a huge bonus a huge advantage if you dedicate yourself to pledge bid on the parameters basically so a couple things I learned while trying to build these pledged acts I think at the very least you want sixteen pledge cards that's like the bare minimum ideally you want more but most of the time you can't really support more so usually my pledge decks had 16 that gives you like an 82 ish percent eighty to 23 percent chance to have a pledge card in your first opening hand and then you get the redraw that also has an 82% trend and even if that fails you can just redraw to 6 to try and find a pledge card then because you basically cannot keep opening hands they don't have it on one pledge card because your bayonet and your class hopper and also your gun runner are so much worse without it then it's absolutely worth it to even redraw – six – find your pledge card and pledge one one that's like number one priority the other thing I learned basically is that you cannot really run any crests if you play pledge because you all you like I said you have to absolutely pledged on one and if you pledged on one you can't play crest on one and crests are pretty bad on every other spot in the curve especially in the tech like this this is pretty curvy so the only thing you could run is something like seek or cargo but I found in a lot of pledged takes especially in blue play tricks where you have bayonet and also in time class hopper and blech turn one you don't really want Seco cargo tie perfect or is so not a whole lot because you basically already have kind of like the 25-plus your usual seek because instead of seek uterus always have one let's turn one so basically you have a higher chance of having more power then it like you you have a higher yeah you have it you usually have more power than a 25 power power base with four seat power or car goes because while with those hands you get the same sort of like 2 to 4 power distribution in your opening hand and the chance to also have a Sikh as one of the non power cards or even multiple six while in this case you have sort of sixteen Sikh powers that only work on one so basically always have a normal power opening hand especially on redraws of two to four power but then you most of the time have at least one pledge card to pledge so you always have the same amount of the normal amount of power plus one and especially since this deck is not even curving that high at scrubbing to five and also has class hopper to help sort of reduce the cost of your five drops because all your five drops and four drops are pledge cards making them cheaper and you also have pair guard by a net which effectively if you pledge to run one also is a seed power making this deck already have like insane amounts of power the only issue that sometimes arises a bit is that the color numbers are PDV because we basically have 15 influence of all three colors in the power base thanks to diplomatic seal but twelve out of two sixteen pledge cards are time pledge and you usually wanna pledge time on turn one for teacher making teacher quite supportable because we basically almost always pledge time and then just need one of your 15 time sources out of 25 power which is not that hard to happen probability-wise and in the situations where your only turn one pleasure is gunrunner you still have 700 turn to plays as an alternative so you know you might not have teacher in hand or you have an alternate to drop so that's not that big of a deal so yeah deceptively the stack actually has a lot of power even though it has very little which is one of the benefits of these pledge decks you get to have your only power super stable more stable even than a deck with like 25 power and more than 4 6 or cargoes while at the same time most of your seek type effects that are power early on are really good threads later and even bionet which is effectively exactly is like a seek except that it costs zero power and ramps you which is insane it still also has benefits of providing overwhelm and stats like for example turn to teacher into turn three bayonetta on the teacher is really really good the overwhelm makes it really hard to stop the they infiltrate this early and also the fact that it's a 4/4 makes it really hard to trade with it in combat for most units so bayonet on teacher is really really powerful and yeah obviously also bayonet allows you in addition gives you an additional way to ramp into 24 can run or moonstone vanguard just like last hopper does giving you eight ways to ram from 3 into 5 and class obviously also providing you away from 2 to 4 and not just from 3 to 5 so yeah that's a bit on like heuristics and things here so basically the best power base for these decks usually is a diplomatic see a power base with mostly or exclusively seats some variants you can you can and want to support some banners over some seats that depends this one not so much because we have a lot of two drops we have a lot of we have we have four double influence two drops so we really sort of need the seats to make sure we can reliably play our two drops onto two if we didn't have an on-time to drop we could run sky crack banners obviously the fury here but since we have that's greater and most of our plate and all our pledge cards are non primal we need the seats of fury to make sure we can play our death greater on turn 2 when we have it on turn two if it wasn't for that greater seat of fury would probably be sky cried banners okay so let's talk about the cards so the stack is fairly aggressive fairly proactive it has a higher curve linear usual aggressive deck but it mostly plays like an aggressive attack so that's why we have eleven two drops high most of the time had twelve two drops but I cut one to drop for another mirror image because mirror image is really good I explain this later once we get to it and also having twelve two drops and specially that's greater which is worse than later it gets played and having these other two drops which you also really want to play early make it so that I reconsidered the amount of dust craters the right number is somewhere between two and four most likely two or three three is probably a bit better because teacher can be a bit hard to cast and also dust crater on turn to into class hop 123 to draw the pledged unit with preserved from toss crater is really nice and having more than ten two drops is probably also nice to reliably get on the board because two drops are so important for bayonet because if you pay an add-on for you're not really ramping into anything anymore so you really want to pay an air on three and that requires a to drop so yeah dust creator it just gives it extra more aggressive punch is quite nice on most units especially on cyclist and Vanguard and even can run up with a quick-draw um hopper is like the single best pledge payoff in the game right now first of all the one tree is a pretty solid blocker early on effectively ramping most of your units for free since all our four and five drops are pledged units is amazing and then just basically being a free card because it replaces itself is amazing the card is just so so good and that's why I try to keep my pledge next time based to be able to play a class hopper and also class hopper happens to be amazing with mirror image you may or may not have seen that cool stream highlight that I posted recently were I just mirror imaged a glass hopper played a third class hopper hopper understand just to zero costs the calluses that I got from copying the glass hoppers and just killed my opponent on like turn five or six it was pretty hilarious I'll link it up here so yeah class hopper and mirror image good friends part of why I want more mirror images but mirror images also go to it like other cards here even which is the teacher on to go and mirror image 23 or mirror imaging like a cyclist is great in certain situations and so on so mirror image has a lot of Appeal not 100% sure if 2 or 3 is the right number 4 is probably too much so yeah I can see just going back to like for image for dust craters and two images if they feel too situational and clunky to you or something or if you if there is something better entirely dead with one in the deck and then we have for teacher just one of the best aggressive two drops in the game great stats very strong infiltrate just to the powerful card overall for Great Valley smuggler deck only really wants one merchant because it's super active to eight merchants that are too small something for like reactive grind detects and yeah great valleys McClure's decent as rates energy wood teacher of humility because the Disciplinary weights is a relic and makes great values microwave for four so that is nice and we also have a novelist to gain to make it a 4/4 so it's like a kind of a 3.5 3.5 for three that also accesses our market which is great then we have four cyclists for Daria Organa and four moonstone beggared cuz those are the 16 best pledge units that they could support one other consideration is something like trunk trunk but introducing double primal is pretty tricky and also trunk trunk is kind of high variance and Daria I think it's just a bit more consistent and also really want our pledge cards to provide time because of teacher any a Daria is just like it's kind of the weakest of the cards but it can give you a lot of leg punch to push through in games where the opponent is about to stall you out so that's really good especially in the NF where your removal mostly deals with like small and medium sized units or it's temporary like you could've okayed and then just providing deadly to your smaller units but I can just in attack into whatever blocker is great and in conjunction with the quick draw from gonna add this can get nasty real quick so just dropping a gunrunner and then following up with the daria would amplify it for one or two creates a really nasty board because you have is like your two biggest units gonna have quick draw berserk and deadly making them only Trump blockable and only Trump lockable like and you have to Trump lock them twice if you don't want to take damage from them which is insane the weapon from gunrunner basically makes can run a cheaper sort of more powerful reason if you're proactive because you can use it multiple times and it's cheaper it also happens to synergize really well with the damage from display and torch allowing you to take down bigger things any a moonstone Bangert just good stats for its size really good offense defense nice with berserk also because of the endurance because it's can still block even with wreckless from Prozac and also giving us additional resources bayonet as i mentioned one of the other good pledge payoffs the aggressive nature of the deck the +1 +1 overwhelm is nice nei ramping is just sweet and also means that sometimes even if you're not ramping you can just use it to preemptively do your power drop for the next turn and then say market away your actual power for example and then we have our removal suit for torch for equivocate for display that's really best in interaction spells in these colors and one of the payoffs for being in these colors in addition to the good collateral rewards and the mirror image like I said just lets you copy a lot of the good cards gives you more literally more smugglers or just some of the good threats you might have out cards that might come to mind that aren't in the deck is something like initiative this ends but if you like there's just not that much payoff for it because we have a lot of two drops and not a lot of three drops and yeah we rather like want to be a bit more aggressive or also initiate suffers a bit from the amount of furloughs being run sure it's still fine because it's a one cost unit and the opponent needs to have the holo in the opening hand and then it's tempo neutral and all and it sometimes might not even be able to play it on turn one because they have a clunky power base with crests another depleted power but overall it just didn't seem to add enough to the deck even though pledged legs are really good at supporting initiatives love your pledge two and one is time but yeah if we would have more three drops like say an Amer and stinger and stuff like that that would be a consideration but then you basically would have to cut like the tusk Raiders and the mirror images at like four initiatives and is six three drops even enough to make it worth it and stuff like that although obviously initiative is nice because initiating to bayonet lets you drop like a five drop on 23 which is really really nice so you can try that but I don't think it's gonna be worth it and it should just doesn't do that much for that I can introduce as more power in a deck that already has a very smooth very consistent power due to bayonets and pledge any ad on the market where since we kind of low and pushed power situation you probably need the banner so far I kept it but after what I talked through now that we basically have 25 power plus 4 pseudo Sikhs and still the pledges making us better than the 25 plus for an attack like this if it wasn't a pledge tag normally I would maybe run like 30 or 31 power with eight four eight five drops and this deck almost certainly virtually has a higher power count then these twenty ds3231 power decks so and I wouldn't run a power in a market in these decks so maybe the banner is just not needed and could be cut here simply because of bayonet if this was a pledge deck that was include that didn't have buy-in it I'm fairly confident you want a market power just for compensation but with bayonet you might just end up not needing it then we have also its praxis banner obviously because most of our like our upper cost cards are all double time and double fire our four drop is double double or single double and then double fire and double time on five so we want to be fixing those then we have purify just a decent removal it is streep it deals with annoying cards like silver in Korea that otherwise can be problematic and it's also like kind of the best removal option that we have in the market other than like seen an initiation but initiation doesn't kill something like Korea if Korea turns out to not be particularly played I could totally see playing initiation especially because initiation is really nice with the deadly from Daria and the quick draw from banner on and a combination of both means you can just kill anything with an initiation so that's something worth considering or even if the banner gets remove that could be an initiation to we have like a tree proactive removal that doesn't require you to tap a unit when you're under pressure and then the initiation to kill whatever big thing you need to kill then we have a Caleb's choice sort of like some answer to some of a few annoying relics there's not that much but it can come up like a train and stuff like that and just a counter for something like a shovel and so on it's just like kind of a nice flexible catch-all market slot that I quite like and we have an obelisk the tech is sort of like medium sized so obelisk making your units bigger and also sometimes getting to eight easy and quickly ramping with bayonet and having Peaks and stuff means you can even sometimes activate it and also obviously it's a good relic for Great Valley smarter turning it immediately into a 5/5 the next turn which was really nice so overall I think it's probably worse this lot but it's also one of the slots that I'm not super Cooper insisted on and the last slot is howling peak I considered versions with like howling peak Maine and eventually cut it for like lowering the kerf and stuff but to be honest it might be still wrong and maybe you want just like either four peaks in the main and on in the market or you want to give up on great valleys Mugler for say extreme merchants and runs free holding Peaks main and one in the market and then just have like a fire market which still works with this you just have to cut obelisk or something else like for example casualties of the korells or something and then uterus images for just said Peaks which might very well be find true even peak even gives you image the main reason for having image is that it you can play it early like 20 or class hopper 23 image means you have a very explosive turn for because for example if you pledge to Calais turn 1 that means on turn 4 you get to play double cyclists for to power each and hit your opponent for 10 and which is really really powerful and not a hundred percent sure which I like better those are like the few things that I'm not a hundred percent true on and peak is still very powerful and if the deck might need some additional payoff for having a lot of power and RAM payoff since bayonet ramping you into peak is also really nice I might I might like that approach a bit more actually the more I talk about this year the more I am inclined to actually just do this right now it's a bit unusual because they usually don't do this in tactics but I think it's actually worth it because just from talking through it I realized like how much power the deck actually has and that we have kind of the room for this so yeah basically just wanna just a couple things here I think now with the double peak and the deck not having as many sources here we want this and then so you see a bit how I brew here now and then we just merchants we could also go for like a primal market but I don't think enf merchant adds as much here because it just kind of attacks poorly and doesn't give us as good of a removal option because of purify so I think what we want is this oops what we want is this and no yennefer merchant and then basically we just eat a fire card for the market would add a big burnt bowl that's probably not that great like burn them all but i'm not too high on that I'm heavily leaning towards casualties of the course put a display in the market I like that or just a sultry although the thing is like seven is a lot and it doesn't get reduced by class hopper and not that big of a fan but having a threat is kind of nice Oh casualties of the cause is nice but doesn't quite work as well because then we have casualties and purify and they kind of do the same thing a lot but purify deals with some things that casualties doesn't mainly Korea I mean I guess that we are at a point where Korea isn't enough of a concern anymore data for equivocate main aren't aren't good enough so I guess that's a decent upgrade well maybe we do that because I quite like it it kills vago it killed sites including palace so that is pretty good unthinking factory quota but we might want a unit it could be like a pledge payoff but there's no was putting in the market I think this is a decent option as like an alternative shred that also actually happens to work nicely with a gunrunner so that's quite appealing you and as technically raker s just like or drop and also a relic removal there's not a whole lot that punishes anymore since AV graft is kind of gone that is pretty strong Berry is kind of like kay but not that great because yeah like it's just that why is not that great and you have played your class hoppers already even though obviously playing a glass hopper their next turn is kind of neat and also giving this berserk from dusk raider it's not that impressive check cards again to make sure it's like monitory which is kind of like whatever up to oppressed by that bitch you you yeah just like that options really is not very well too portable I guess it's just gonna be a great site or maybe a steep breaker unhide seat breaker it's big it's good it's good with out of option you can like see Drakkar that means though do we really need Caleb's choice we might not lets us kill something make it's basically that because of fellas and the rest seems to be basically relics and respect is nice but not very important inadequate display you actually gonna X the casualties and just put a display in the market than something in it you like got the card is so flexible and then I think we just probably put this sword in the market so I quite like the trombone greatsword with this each breaker quick-draw and just also giving connection staying power yeah I think that's the market I like for now and in the main we have one slot open now which we can just add either another DEATH grater or just play a mirror image image regardless which isn't a bad thing or what we can also do is we cut another dust crater and stinger for if and I think that much probably just added that's great but yeah maybe you could cut like to dress craters for to Ameren thing as a but sting has a bit so so so yeah this is the list I think that I like now that we talked through a bunch of things actually just realized that we probably might want the the additional top and power of peak here and that mirror image might be a bit too narrow here we don't have a high on and stuff but I could be wrong like I said you now know like the two directions and can sort of try them i put this version in the description down below and if you want to try liked a bit lower to the ground version that i had before you can just yeah change it yourself from the video but yeah now you saw some on-the-fly tuning changing from me since this take is still fairly new and i just realized that we might have more power than we have pay off for and also hauling peak is just really really powerful and might make the tech overall just stronger alright so that's it for the tech tech this turned out fairly long hope you guys enjoyed it was pretty in-depth and gave you a good like a serious dick understanding of how pledge takes work and we might see one or the other or pledge tax in future videos but now it's time to hop into some high rank masters and show data connection so stay tuned and see in a moment with game number one