Epic Is Killing Fortnite – Why Fortnite Is Dying (Please Revert)

Epic Is Killing Fortnite – Why Fortnite Is Dying (Please Revert)

In this video, I cover a sad but seemingly inevitable truth: Epic Games is slowly killing Fortnite. With the recent patch 8.30, Epic removed stretched resolutions, didn’t add a FOV slider, and basically made no bug fixes or performance improvements. Along with patch 8.20 where Epic removed siphon, mats per kill, and decreased the harvesting rate in public matches, the entire community has been up in arms. In nearly every single tweet Epic puts out there are countless tweets from the community asking Epic to revert. Not only has Epic not reverted or changed anything from patch 8.20 or 8.30, but Epic has also not even communicated with the community as to why they made those changes. Epic doesn’t and hasn’t cared about the casual or comeptitive community and it might finally catch up with them. I have never seen the community so divided and angry. Unfortunately, Fortnite is going down the same path they did with Paragon when they killed it. Many streamers and pro players plan to stop playing after the World Cup as it seems clear Epic just doesn’t care anymore. I truly love Fortnite so to see one of my favorite games ever go down like this is quite sad. 1 Like = 1 Prayer. No but seriously, we need to pray boys because Epic is killing Fortnite. Hopefully in a few months or weeks I can look back at this video and laugh because Fortnite is in a better spot, or we look back with fond memories and cry because Fortnite is dead.

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Epic Is Killing Fortnite – Why Fortnite Is Dying (Please Revert)

hey guys so in this video we're going to talk about the current state of for tonight and really how bad of a spot it's in we're going to dive into the most recent patch 8.30 which was a huge disappointment and then we'll also discuss the history of for tonight and competitive for tonight and why epic just doesn't seem to care about either of them anymore personally I think four nights in the worst state it has ever been in I don't think I've ever seen a community so divided and fed up with a game so unless you guys don't have any social media or you don't follow any Fortinet content creators or pro players on Twitter people have been up in arms about the state of for tonight for the past month or so it's gotten much worse recently from a combination of all the bad changes epochs made and a complete lack of communication from them as to why they actually made them everyone was really hyped and excited for the new patch that dropped yesterday patch 8.30 because they thought it could have an fov slider maybe some bug fixes and improvement of dates and maybe even some new quality of life and positive meta changes in time for the World Cup if you haven't read the patch notes though no worries because it was basically a big fu to the community first off I hate to rub it in everyone's face but I was right when I called it last week stretch resolution has officially been banned in all game modes not really banned per se but it's been changed and it's basically terrible now so I know a bunch of people thought it would only be in competitive game modes like arena but unfortunately stretched is gone in all modes to see what they did this is what 12 79 by 1080 which is a pretty stretch resolution looks like now now with the stretch res which is just any resolution that's smaller than a 16 by 9 aspect ratio epic locked vertical fov so instead of increasing our fov epic actually cut it in half now anyone who's playing with stretch now instead of native is just at a clear disadvantage instead of gaining vertical fov and being able to see more stretch res makes your game look soom in and you see less of everything so native is actually better than stretch now thanks to Kinzie I have a little neat graphic that explains the change what used to happen was for tonight would shrink your stretch res down to a 1×1 aspect ratio like most games do and then you would get black bars from that after it would stretch it back out for and I would add the vertical fov that we get and your actor model would look smaller and farther away if you look at the mailbox in the little image and the wood wall that are in front of you they're both smaller and slightly fatter overall when you play on stretch but you can see much more of everything around you and above you on your screen now for tonight works exactly the same as csgo so it takes your stretch res it converts it to one by one like it did before what happens on csgo though is the black bars actually remove horizontal fov and when it stretched back out you don't gain any vertical or get the horizontal left will be back character models are wider which is why people use it for that game because in CS you need to be able to hit your shots and be accurate now for tonight stretch resolutions will work the same and you actually lose horizontal FOV unstretched meaning native is way better because how important your field of view is and seeing everything around you so if you hear anyone still using stretched they're just putting yourself at a disadvantage you don't gain any more vertical fov and you lose horizontal fov if you play stretched this means you should be using native which is a 16 by 9 aspect ratio so anything from 1920 by 1080 to 1600 by 900 to 1280 by 720 this is by far the worst change at epic has made in my opinion I'm not sure about you guys but I played unstretched absolutely loved it for the past eight months or so I know if you're a casual viewer you probably think stretch res is ugly like 1080 by 1080 but just playing on it made the game so much more enjoyable and feel so much better the vertical fov that you gained would help so much in competitive matches like arena or scrims and I honestly thought that stretch looked better than native and I still do playing on native just feels like you have blinders on you just can't see anything around you or above you anytime I play now I just get jumped on or shot at because I can't see a dude who's two feet above me or to my side your character also takes up like 80% of your screen on native and now all the thick girl skins that used to use unstretched looked like anorexic sticks on native it just feels bad man stretch res for me was one of the best features of the game everyone play it on a different res that they preferred and it was kind of a balance of finding what you liked so did you like more pixels and seeing people from farther away or did you like more fov and more FPS on a lower res I discussed it in my video about why epic was removing stretched but to summarize it epic remove strech res because they kind of want everyone on PC and console to be equal and to play with the same f will be an aspect ratio and of course the other reason is that there spectator client is still garbage and doesn't work and they don't want to broadcast the 4-day World Cup and stretched because that's what all the pros would be playing on this is a huge change which we did see coming because epic did warn us but the other big fu was that there was no fov slider in this patch if epic is gonna force us to play on this god-awful native resolution why can't they at least add an MOV slider I know the real reason is that consoles wouldn't be able to support it they can barely get 60fps because of epics terrible optimization and the fact that they're playing on consoles but native reza's so hard to play on coming from stretch res and this is all in a week before the four night World Cup which is the biggest eSport event in the history of the world patch 8.30 also introduced respawn bans which are cool for public matches and for casual players but in reality it's not really a huge change if anything it's just stupid that they would added a week before the World Cup because again nobody has used them before and nobody knows how much of an impact they might actually have in a competitive setting what most people seem to be angry about in this patch was that it was just a whole bunch of nothing the patch was seven gigabytes which is huge for a four-night patch and the only thing it really did was add some dumb LTM block stretch res and then add a respawn van what about adding health and shield per kill back in pubs or at least just changing the harvesting rate let's take a step back though and talk about patch 8.20 which is the patch before 8.30 this is the patch that kind of started the downward spiral that we're all in today in that patch which was patch 8.20 epic removed the siphon effect which is the health or shield per kill they also removed mats for kill and decrease the harvesting rate by 40% back to what it originally was epoch wanted good players to stop playing public matches and to start only playing arena so they kept the good settings in arena and they removed them from pubs the problem with that though is that arena is a joke and the competitive meta overall is a joke nobody wants to sit in queue for 15 minutes trying to find a match all for there to be 30 people in hamster balls and game this is originally when the community started getting vocal about all the changes because everyone liked the settings that were in public matches I do see why epic reverted it though and I can't blame them with health and mats per kill in public matches good players can just drop 30 and even 40 kills in a match epics biggest problem right now is getting new people to keep playing for a night our end goal is to get them to stay and play as much for night as they can so then they buy as much be bucks as possible but this is kind of hard when you have cheat TV poon Slayers sweating his ass off and dropping 40 kills in solo squads but even if we leave the syphon and Matt's for kill out at least increase the harvesting rate and let us farm faster nobody wants to be playing farming simulator 2.0 this is what patch 8.3 didn't do either and his white pubs are so damn boring you literally have to farm for the entire game if you expect to have enough mats to fight everyone because y'all have no shield patch 8.20 was the first time in a while I've seen the entire community get upset everyone and their mother has been spamming revert on Twitter since that Update happened I saw a really good tweet the other day that I actually think relates to this very well it was by Avery who said for tonight blew up him insane clips from viewership without Matt's and HP per kill I haven't seen any pub clips worth watching the viewership is going to die on fortnight throwing money and trash events will only work for so long I completely agree with Avery here if we think back to simpler times in season two for tonight really did blow up from clips of people hitting rocket rides or cypher PK strap towers and just other really cool and creative clips I'm not sure about you guys but I can't even remember the last time I seen a cool clip in a public match part of it is yeah everything's been done already people have kind of thought of every cool trick that could be done and I've already done it but the other part of it is that there's no opportunities for anyone to actually hit those clips when they die every game because they have no mass or shield I get that epic wants to help save the noobs from getting clapped and I respect that but viewership is what got for denied its start and is what's keeping it at the top for tonight is still dominating twitch viewership and has been for a year so far apex legends took its spot for a little bit but it's kind of died down recently if 49 wants to keep its reign as the number one game in the world epic needs to keep creators happy because if creators leave so will its viewers who are the casual base this brings up the other side of the community that epic has been neglecting even more the competitive community foreign a competitive has been a joke ever since it started really every foreign I tournament since the beginning has been a joke and has been used as a marketing tool by epic the first major tournament was PAX West during the summer skirmish where they'd forced everyone on native and made them use a sponsored mouse and keyboard by Logitech looking back when competitive players first saw this they should have ran no other eSport game the world has ever forced people to use certain resolution settings and peripherals twitchcon came next and everyone again was forced to use native and the mouse and keyboard that epoch provided the day before twitchcon epoch added the stupid zombies and glider redeploy they luckily took the zombies out of the tournament but still the day before a tournament they decide to a glider redeploy which completely changed everyone's play style and the meta overall this is when I knew that epic had absolutely no competitive integrity after that was went to Royale which epic added a sword a day or two before the NA finals literally a sword that you could use to jump 50 feet in the air and murder everyone around you not only did this change the meta but the sword was probably the most overpowered and stupidest item ever added to for a knight and let's not forget that when two Royale also had the plains before they were nerfed so you could just ram into people and kill them for wo SC which was a third party tournament they moved the patch up a day so the tournament will be played on a new patch which had the stupid juke boxes that were vaulted literally a week later secret skirmish had random duo's which I don't think has ever been done and a competitive event before I remembered ghost Aiden's partner was literally a random guy from the stands who had never played a scrim before ESL was played the day after season 8 began so the whole northeast side of the map was changed and finally we're at the four night World Cup the biggest eSports event in the history of the world and everyone's forced to use native and ballers are still in the game for week 1 if it wasn't clear already all these examples just go to show that competitive for tonight is a complete joke and you should see now why all the pros are complaining all the time imagine dedicating your life losing friends dropping out of school to focus on 4 night and making a name for yourself an epic just continually shows you no respect or care it's pretty disgraceful at this point even though a lot of you guys don't play competitively or plan to go pro or anything like that my point is that if epic kills a competitive scene the game will die every game that has been around for a long time like League of Legends or dota has had a good and stable eSports scene if 4/9 wants longevity and to be around for more than just this year it needs to fix its competitive scene and like Avery says throwing money at it like they have been doing isn't and hasn't worked people love watching their favorite streamers play for tonight competitively I think T foo had something like 100k viewers the other day while streaming the World Cup warm-up if epic kills a competitive scene I'm telling you they'll drive creators like T food myth chap and every other pro out this would also drive away people watching for tonight and people playing for a night what epic needs to understand is that if T foo quits for tonight and goes and plays robox Little Jimmy who watches teeth were religiously will also go and play roblox that's just how it works people will follow their favorite creators whatever game they play and they'll quit for a night I'm not sure about you guys but all my IRL friends don't even play for a night anymore all my console friends quit my brother quit basically everyone I know quit I'm honestly not even sure who's still left the reason this is happening is just that epic is straight-up greedy the people who run the company not the devs because I know that the devs behind the game actually care about it but the corporate people at epic they're just so out of touch and just delusional about their game they're so caught up with making short-term money that they don't even think about the future of the game and making it last all I know is that for tonight is going down a scary path and it's just really sad to see and watch it kill itself if you guys did enjoy this rant though please be sure to leave a like subscribe to the channel and to turn on post notifications I know this is kind of a depressing video but hopefully we can get through to epic and epic and just revert or do something I did remember to do the shout outs at the end though so I apologize for forgetting everyone in last video just know that I love all you guys especially everyone who uses code Jerian otherwise that's it for me and I will see you guys in the next one later [Applause] you