Emulators For The Xbox One! (How To Setup)

Retroarch is coming soon! This is how you’ll set it up

Emulators For The Xbox One (How To Setup)

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what's up everybody kept here today we're talking retroarch retroarch whatever you want to call it or however you want to pronounce it today we're talking about that and it's coming to Xbox one let's get into it right after this those who don't know what it is I'm sure most you ninety-nine percent of you probably do know what it is if you're watching this video but I'll just go over a brief description of it and how it works and maybe you're not knowing of some new updates and things that are to come so I'll just go over a brief description of all of it so as you can see right from the site it can run on the usual platforms like Windows Mac Linux but it can stand alone and that it can support far more platforms beyond just that they support operating systems that not even Microsoft and Apple themselves support anymore such as Mac OS x on PowerPC Macs and retroarch being available on Windows OS s is as far as back as Windows 95 on top of all that retroarch also runs on iOS Android tablets phones as well as on game consoles like ps3 PSP PS Vita Wii Wii U switch and more the current stable version is 1.75 and as you can see here we have a list of the supported platforms of course like we had mentioned above you have all the windows you have raspberry pi all that but look what we have right here a Xbox one logo with the title description coming soon if we head over to Lib retros Twitter you'll see we bit the bullet and will commit to release an Xbox one port of retroarch for early 2019 might require developer activation it might not be available on the store but will be possible for anyone with an Xbox to obtain nonetheless and there is a way to do it the way to do it when it comes out has already been presented to us I'll go over a brief description of that as well so it says how does the developer mode work Xbox one has two modes there's retail mode and then there's developer mode so basically in retail mode the console is in the state that any customer or user of an Xbox one console would use you can play your games run your apps as a user all that etc etc but in developer mode you can develop software for the console but you cannot play retail games or run retail apps developer mode can be enabled on retail Xbox one consoles after developer mode is enabled you can switch back and forth between retail and developer modes so basically if you want you can go ahead and play a regular Xbox one games and you can do that on your regular retail mode but if you wanted to head on to your retro arc or retroarch once again however you pronounce it once you want to head on over to that you're able to go ahead and quickly switch to a dev mode and that dev mode is gonna allow you to play that and then back before switch it back and forth it shouldn't be a big house or a big problem I'm going to show you how it works so to activate developer mode on your retail Xbox one you're gonna start your Xbox one console search for and install the dev mode activation app from the Xbox one store once you've searched that and you click on it you're gonna launch the app it says note the code displayed in the dev mode activation app you're gonna go ahead and go to partner Microsoft this link right here I'm not gonna read the whole link out loud then you're going to sign into the partner center with your account credentials enter the activation code displayed in the dev mode activation app you have a limited number of activations associated with your account after developer mode has been activated partner central will indicate you have used one of the activations associated with your account so this may run into an issue I'm not necessarily sure if you get a new code every time because if you're gonna want to switch back from dev to retail dev to retail you may only have a limited amount of times you can switch back and forth so that may be an issue that is probably being worked on right now we're not sure exactly how that's going or I should say I'm not sure exactly how that's gonna work out but I'm sure they have something going on I'm sure they're well aware of this they're not oblivious to this fact I'm just going to go ahead you're going to enter that activation code click and agree and activate this will cause the page to reload and you'll see your device populate in the table terms for the Xbox one developer mode activation program agreement can be found here of course everything is in the link in the description down below if you want to check anything out maybe you want to see how all of this works and maybe you're getting ready to get excited for the drop of retro are after you've entered your activation code your console will display a progress screen for the activation process after activation has completed open the dev mode activation app and click switch and restart to go to developer mode note that this will take longer than usual you will see the screen right here presented on my screen as you can see once that is all done you are on developer mode and you can do as you please keep note like I said you cannot play a regular retail Xbox games on developer mode but you can switch back and forth but there may be a little hiccup in the sense that you have so many times to go to developer mode but we're gonna see how that plays out but if you want to switch between retail and developer mode this is how you're gonna do it after developer mode has been enabled on your console use dev home to switch between retail mode and developer mode to learn more about starting and using deff home links are in description below of course and then to switch to retail mode open death' home under quick actions select leave dev mode this will restart your console in retail mode to switch to developer mode use the dev mode activation app open the app and select switch and restart this will restart your console and developer mode so you're gonna be able to jump back and forth developer retail developer retail ok and you're gonna see the screen right here and that's basically a simple quick explanation of how you're gonna be able to switch back and forth and how you're gonna be able to use retroarch on your 2019 Xbox one if that's what you're using right now but I have everything in the description down below of everything that live retro linked and all the information you're going to need as you can see it has so many different supporting devices and systems that it can be loaded onto and I'm very excited that it's coming to the Xbox one next I'm gonna go over for the last couple minutes show you some of their new updates what cores are running right now and like I said maybe not everyone has already heard about this and there of course some people who haven't heard about everything so we're gonna show them some of the cool stuff that they got going on over here at retroarch and some of the cores and systems that you could run and pretty much emulate your backups of of course you have cross-platform retroarch can run on all the other devices like I said you have next frame response time impeccable latency results highly configurable Advanced Settings interface lets you tweak every possible option about how the game runs and work you have a joypad auto-configuration which is huge basically you plug in your joy pad and you can go ahead and it's going to recognize it and it's ideal for multiplayer games when a friend comes through you have achievements net play you could host or join Network gaming sessions of course record and stream your roms and backups of your games maybe some old obscure titles that you won't be able to get your hands on that you want to stream that is there you have cores below we have let's see right here what's the latest course we have the dolphin of course dolphin isn't that new of at all by any means dolphin is a Wii and GameCube emulator has been ported to lib retro you have Citra which is a in progress but it completely works not all titles of course but for the 3ds it looks absolutely great I've done videos on it before you have read dream which is the Sega Dreamcast you have a open Laura it's an early Tomb Raider engine for the retro Ark and then of course melon D s it is a work in progress Nintendo DS and same voice is a highly accurate Game Boy and Game Boy Color you have the PX 68k it's a sharp x68000 emulator and so much more guys as you can see there is news articles there's so much more information that can be figured out it's a highly highly highly editable and customized application you can run whatever you want on it so many things work flawlessly on it and there's so many extra options and different things you're gonna add and a lot of times you have options to even make the quality look a little better or make it look however you want but yeah I wanted to put this information out to you guys I want to let you know it is coming to Xbox one this is how you're going to be able to do it so the day that it drops you know how to go ahead and load it up on your console and of course I'll keep it updated on this article and news from labret row on what they're gonna do when it drops all that more but I wanted to give you that leg up that head start and let you know this is how you're gonna be able to do it and it's gonna be a quick and easy snap snap and you're ready to go so I hope this video did help stay tuned for a message from the sponsor after this video especially if you want to definitely get involved in any kind of online ROM downloading if you don't have your backups like that definitely want to keep tuned for the sponsor do me a favor hit that like button hit that subscribe button I drop weekly content I do not miss a week I keep you updated on gaming tech streaming movies TV all that so much more anything around the tech and gaming industry I got you covered entertainment as a whole this is keV and I'm out I always suggest a VPN when it comes to streaming and messing with online 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