Emulators Are Not a Bad Thing!

Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! Been getting into retro gaming like crazy lately and considering some of the crazy prices I wanted to talk about a much more practical way of keeping these games to stay for those who actually play! Thanks for watching!
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so safe to say now recent years I've become more of a emulator type person I've been a person that sort of been straying away from most of the recent releases ever since I've kind of just been finding them to be the similar similar Rhys kins of one another for example nowadays I about get games that are trying to be a competitive shooter or games that are trying to be a co-op shooter or games that are trying to be a tacky open-world game and for all those instances I've got one specific game that'll go back to nowadays and play because it often does it's the best for example competitive wise I play really nothing other than siege at this point maybe some overwatch but I typically don't fancy a whole lot of these other games that are coming out I often found that I would dump a lot of money into them and I would play them for maybe a couple hours and I would go back to what I was finding to be the definitive game in my opinion and this has given me the time to play a lot of older classic games and how am i playing older classic games you might ask well I'm not buying cartridges and buying old systems in fact I'm just downloading roms putting them onto these custom firmware PlayStation 3s or these random devices that I have and playing it on them you might remember a video a while back I did covering something called a GPD win basically playing Skyrim on the go it's a fun fact to say that I use that device on a daily daily basis I and it's not something that I'm just saying just to say it I love the GPD when and I love devices like it I slap retroarch on it and I play games anywhere I go before that I used to be playing games on my PSP and just putting roms onto it and playing it on the go now I've been playing a lot of these classic games because there's a whole bunch of them there's a whole bunch I missed out on for example right now I'm getting into Shin Megami Tensei the original games it's for a video but it's also for me to play these games and you know get get get get this over with in my personal opinion you know get get into this franchise after that I'm going playing like Dragon Quest some other games entirely you get the point and I'm playing them all through emulators I don't simply have the time to go after and hunt these games and frankly some of these games haven't been released on my side of the world so I can't exactly buy them Shin Megami Tensei for example I have to play a patched version of it because it was never released in English unless you get the iOS version which isn't going to be available once iOS 11 hits so I've been playing it on the emulators and the reason that I've been shying away from them is there was a long time ago that I used to buy classic games for example I do want a lot of classic games and it's because of that I'd end up purchasing the original Xbox in the original PlayStation 2 ended up buying some games for it until I realize that I reached a point where I was paying these mom and Shop mom-and-pop shops sorry these these independent game retailers a huge bucks just to privilege to play these some of these old games old games that they ended up looking online and finding out were worth a lot of money and ultimately not being worth that much it was just being hyped up like crazy so the act of playing these games just became kind of pointless to be buying from these retailers now could I spend hundreds of dollars on some of these classic games and go home with them yes you know it's smart fiscal planning you can do a lot of things in life but it comes down to is it worth that amount now lately I've been looking at a lot of the online stores and some of these classic games that I've been wanting to play have somehow been coming through a resurgence a lot of these do it a lot a lot of these in manufactures a lot of these game publishers he's game you know companies like Sony Microsoft Nintendo are actually pumping out a lot of these emulator games onto their online store so you can download all these classic games and play them using the official licensed emulator from the respective company themselves and play these games almost perfectly almost perfectly it's not exactly perfect but almost PlayStation 4 has been releasing a lot of ps2 games and you know the the PlayStation 3 has always had a library of not just ps2 classics but ps1 games and Nintendo has always been pumping out games onto their virtuals console and they've been popping them out for a decent price you know something like 5 6 bucks I can definitely part ways with compared to something like say 70 $80 and I know a lot of people are saying but you have the physical cartridge now here's the problem with it ok here's why I support emulation a whole lot more for me I personally find playing a lot of these games on emulators to be a lot more worthwhile than just playing them on a device for those of you forget how SNES NES all these systems work if if if something if something happened on the other side of the world and and it will sell minut and it barely you know barely affected us on the side of the world your systems would crash you would lose your save files batteries would die out cartridges especially when they're on when they're on board battery would out you would lose all your save files and that's why I've stuck to that's why I've stuck to emulators I never lose my save files the games look compared to you know sticking them through the coaxial cables the RF inputs the the the component cables if anything now you can just blow them up 1080p 4k whatever you want HDMI it out to your TV and enjoy life in perfect HD and pixel perfect accuracy and not only that but the games do run as original as you wanted to for example it was back in the day earlier when I was younger that emulators weren't exactly as perfect as they are now nowadays you can perfectly emulate SNES using heigen and get you can you can basically play a game the same way as a standard SNES would alright there's actually no fundamental difference between the two it is almost the same it is actually the same the only people who are pointing it out are people who are either so burned in on to one side that they can't really see the advances of emulation technology nowadays for those of you who really want to see how impressive it's gotten you can play persona 5 if you have a strong enough computer using the ps3 version of the game on your PC right now in fact as far as I was watching the anime cutscenes worked fine the sound was working fine the gameplay was working fine it was almost as perfectly emulated as you can and that's a ps3 game ladies and gentlemen a ps3 game being emulated currently and the reason why I find emulation to be the most important thing which a lot of people don't understand is that one day all these systems we have are going to die if you play on the PlayStation 3 if you play on the fucking PlayStation 4 these systems are not going to be existing they're not going to be around forever okay at one point every ps3 will be gone PS fours will be gone so how are we gonna play these games obviously we have emulators proper emulators and all the roms accessible through our physical disks themselves we can play these games for an infinite amount of time and I find that to be really important Red Dead Redemption is one of those games that is only console right now and it's a really damn good game from last generation I don't know if rockstar has any notion of releasing it on the PC but one day when every 360 and ps3 dies that game will be unplayable the only way you can play it is if at that point an emulator for the ps3 or 360 gets strong enough to the point that people can replay that game again and I think that's one thing that a lot of people have lost sight of a lot of people who are against the idea of emulation now I get that if you want to play on the original SNES NES 360 whatever that's fine that's on you and then that you can push out as much as you want but I see a lot of people who completely dog or disqualify people for playing their games on an emulator versus not some people don't have the luxury of going out and seeking for one of these systems they've just been priced too hard to the point that the only people that make money off this shit are the people that are gouging prices up the ass for these old cartridges and old consoles that they can find somewhere in a pawn shop or any place and polish them up a little bit and sell for almost four or five times the price for some people who profit off of this it's not that gaming is their hobby it's just an investment they've picked a very niche investment and now they want to price gouge everyone out of it and we the consumer really have no choice but it's thank thanks to companies like Sony and Nintendo I know I'm thanking them at this point it's kind of fucking rare right it's thanks to them that games like Final Fantasy 7 games of that sort which used to be priced up the ass on eBay coming out in all their three disks are now relatively priced similar because it's one of those games thanks to emulation and help from the official channel themselves that you can play those games in a much more proper way in a much more bit in a much better way and in a much more economically feasible way I bought Final Fantasy 7 for about fourteen dollars on the PlayStation 4 store the game runs great it comes with extra features like you know more battles on the field if you want to grind more three times the battle speed and it's great that's all I'd really wanted you know it makes the gameplay a lot more smoother than I expected Final Fantasy 10 intend to apparently I heard do the same thing on the PlayStation 4 so in that case emulating or porting the game in this case is rather more important than just seeking out these original copies which a lot of these people are right like damn straight price gouging for me emulating is a way of life that I've stuck with and it's one of those things that I typically enjoy and whenever I'm traveling I rely on emulators the GPD win is a system that comes with like what 10 hours of battery life I can load up SNES roms I can load up NES roms Game Boy Advance games all onto it games of course that I own and I can just take them anywhere I go with me and I can play them better than I can on the actual devices that they come out on but it seems that there is a subset of communities on the internet that like to dog against people using and I want to make the case that they're not really evil without emulating a lot of the people that are gaming in the future will only be stuck with the shit that we have nowadays and I'm not here with rose-tinted glasses saying that gaming of the old days was a God's gift to the earth or anything look gaming back in the days had problems but games back in the days were a much more quality product compared to the crap that were fed nowadays and which is why I've personally been playing a lot more of these classic games if you ever catch one of my streams I end up playing a lot of these older games too in fact the more recent games that I play amounts to Rainbow six siege or maybe the one odd game that comes out nowadays that's actually really good most of my gaming now is playing games of the older era which is why I like a haunted gaming right now because I get to cover games from the older era and set of games nowadays where it seems like if there's like one that it seems that they're more cut out than one microtransaction that were thrown away like crazy and now games of course back in the day you used to again suck but most of them were a lot of them were a good damn quality product and unfortunately the place of that quality product we have to rely on emulators because for example if you go out of your way and plate earthbound which is a game that costs hundreds of fucking dollars it's not a game that most people are going to be affording feasibly you know nobody's down to pay three four hundred bucks to play one RPG from back in the 90s even though that's a good game earthbound is a very good game nobody's willing to part three four hundred bucks to play that game unless you know they got a lot of money to burn ok I'm not willing to do that and I don't really care for earthbound that's not you know it's not three four hundred dollars people it's not these ten thousand dollar asking prices people on eBay are asking out for okay that's not right but it's thanks to Nintendo and their Virtual Console and emulating games which is why we're able to actually play this shit and that ultimately goes down to what I want to end I think a lot of people have lost the fucking plot or lost focus on what video gaming is kind of uh it's about playing fucking games people's but playing games about having your friends sitting or it's about getting beers and playing games with your boys or whatever it's about having a good time and nowadays because of the fact that there are people dog in these emulators and people are going out of the make sure you play games on the most official channels possible which is the actual system which at one point will die are actually in a way killing the longevity of some of these games because at one point if you dog against the idea of keeping these games alive forever then you're gonna lose these pieces of software at one point if you don't push the idea of emulating and constantly reaching backwards compatibility which is what I think a lot of companies should be doing which is why I support the ps3 project myself personally like crazy is that at the end of the day we're gonna lose these systems and at one point twenty years from now we might not be able to play games like Metal Gear Solid for guns of the Patriots or even stuff like Uncharted 1-2-3 Last of Us things like that or whatever whatever is a true console exclusive right now games like Yakuza zero we will not be able to play that at one point 2025 years down the road when these systems start to mass die out so unless we start getting on the idea over here gamers in the future will not be able to play games have passed okay think of this is like time capsule project okay think of this as keeping those awesome games you love alive and well a lot of people that I've met nowadays have played games like ocarina of time I've played games like Metal Gear Solid I've played games like Final Fantasy 7 using only emulators and you know what I don't discount their playthroughs I don't discount it at all emulation is a thing that needs to be kept alive and healthy and I sound kind of political right now which I really am I believe in this wholeheartedly as somebody who worked in the tech field before I can definitely see the appreciative Ness of the teams that work behind creating projects like cem you like Citra like RP cs3 like Xenia all these poor all these developers right now that are building these current emulators in progress I definitely appreciate their work and I definitely dog against a lot of the people that are turning gaming into more of a mint they're turning it more into like a Magic the Gathering fucking you know clusterfuck where people are making more money on like selling and trading they're turning these games in into these into these faux gold bricks just so they can sell around and you know screw people out of a hobby that should be kept alive and well they're taking the gaming out of fucking gaming I know I went on a lot of tangents for this it's one of those things where ultimately you cover the idea of people dogging on the idea of emulation and how evil it is and stemming it into a bunch of different things and I wanted to cover it all as much as I can but I they're gonna end this I've said my piece god bless simulation and I hope it sticks around for as long as it can and nobody should be dogged against it and I think it should be kept alive and healthy and I want to know what you all think about emulating as well I know that whenever I did emulate in the past I always got like private messages saying that I was doing an illegal activity by emulating which wasn't necessarily the case let me know what you think about it if you like this video please like comment subscribe just like if you dislike it this is me moody Horan you