EMU-NATION: We Finally have XBOX Emulation!

EMU-NATION: We Finally have XBOX Emulation!

In this EMUNATION I get to finally say that we have an XBOX Emulator! It has taken a decade to make and its been a journey. But it looks like the dark days of no stable Emulators for the OG XBOX is OVER!

We have had backwards compatibility, ports to other systems, but never a Emulator I would say ticks all the boxes that is stable and actually enjoyable to play our games on… NOW it seems we have it all!


If you would like a new video covering anything you have in mind or have any issues let me know in the comments bellow 😀


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This video in regards to Emulation is made to encourage you to play your BACKUPS. In other words, THE GAMES WHICH YOU ALREADY OWN!. Please do not emulate any games which you do not already have on any systems which you do not own. Unless of course they are abandon/free-ware due to license or age.

Emulation for me is not about playing games I do not own. It is about playing games on another platform. In fact on my PC at 4k internal resolution 60fps with one controller… not having 200+ consoles set up with 600+ controllers tangled up!

ESPECIALLY, do not sell anything to do with this scene or be stupid enough to buy anything from this scene. Support Developers (especially SEGA) and pay for what you play!



Many thanks to the community for being involved in all this!

OC ReMix – Robocop 3 Dutch ReMX
OC ReMix – Final Fantasy XI Online ‘Paradis’ [Heavens Tower] by mv (Xavier Dang)
Halo Theme – Anniversary (REMIX) by Ademar Angeles

Drunken Punk 800 (For being a great help!)

RocketLauncher Team
HyperSpin Team
LaunchBox Team
RetroFE Team
Plus all the devs of all the emulators EVER. You do a great job!

Please, if I missed anyone who would like to be part of the credits, please let me know and I will add. I do not take credit for much of the gameplay used in this video and would not like to miss anyones credit due to the 3rd party usage here on YT!

EMU-NATION: We Finally have XBOX Emulation!

good day guys austere day and in this once a day I have got something very special indeed Xbox emulation I'm talking about the original the og the first Xbox that came out and blasted the doors off the scene it's never been emulated or at least not to the standard where we would enjoy playing it yep there's a few titles that you can play on the 360 with backwards compatibility but you can't get all the features you can't get all the titles there has been a Malay ters that's been developed throughout the years but all of them have fell flat sure we can get games to boot but by no means would you ever enjoy play even them but there's a new day and that day is coming very soon I bring to you two emulators that are now blowing the doors off Xbox emulation and basking in the glory of all the games that this brings our way I bring to you the Xbox let's get stuck in so like I said in this once a day we're gonna be focusing on the Xbox emulator the original Xbox that we love and we remember from our childhood there has been snippets there's been rumors has been spurts of energy in the emulation scene revolve around the Xbox throughout the decades and it has been decades since but the Xbox give up the ghost there has been people working on it but still to this day we have not managed to get in my eyes a game working to its full potential where I would actually sit there and play it from start to finish and enjoy it all the way through and that's not anybody's fault that's just so many different reasons why it's just been chasing its tail people start work people run into issues people move on and that grinds to a halt then other people get involved they try to pick up on the cold evolve it fork it off in different directions to suit their purposes and it's all for the good of the scene however it all just seems to come to a dead end and it all seems to get forgotten until the next person comes along over the last six months I would say things have really started to blog doors off it has been progress that I have never seen before and I'll go into a lot of detail on that and show you what exactly is coming out just around the corner I'm in this video today I'm not going to cover the entire history go into detail of reasons why the mythology and all the stuff that has gone on in the past it's just far too long if you are interested in all that kind of stuff I'll put a link in description down below it will guide you to a video made by frame Reiter it's an awesome full history from start to finish of the evolution of Xbox emulation if you're into that kind of stuff I encourage you to watch it he's done an awesome job but in this one today I'm gonna be focusing on where we're at in the last I would say six months and what is happening exactly in the near future so first off right now I would say we have got two emulators in full development for the Xbox and it's good news I mean to realize that would be happy with one but having two it's awesome and to be honest the both going in what I would say separate directions but again both of them very positive and both of them very good ideas one is excrement this is a fork from the original Queen you walk when you've got no idea pronounce this kind of stuff and this was coded by s best and again my apologies for pronunciation all this kind of stuff please correct me in the comments below because you see I'm paper but you don't actually know how to verbally say this kind of stuff and the other one is C X BX reloaded again fork from the original C X BX if you want to catch up in all the history of these two emulators again it's all covered in that video which I'll link to earlier now dip one is open source is made by Lucas Scherr Patrick VL and his team because it's open source many people are working on it so that is what I would say seeing the biggest breakthroughs right now however let's not take that away from the emulator I'm going to talk about now which is like I said excrement this has been around for some time to be honest but it's kind of stagnated throughout the years I would say in the last six months again it's really started to pick up the ball as you can see in this footage right now this was released the other day this is halo combat Evolved now booting now going in game yeah I don't know what you're gonna say it's halo we can play this on the PC but this isn't just a low this is the Xbox version of Halo very much different this has split-screen multiplayer one of the most nostalgic things for me when it comes to first-person shooters only for me half-life even tops this for actual playability and enjoyment for this kind of nostalgic but from back in the day also it's just proof of concept this is just game played for one of many which I'm sure are about to be unleashed this is an L le emulator that means low-level emulation to put this into layman's terms it means that it's actually emulating the system rather than the games much work has gone in there to get them exactly emulated as they are on the original console this takes a lot of time and to be honest is one of the reasons why it's taking so long to get to the stage of emulation and why many people give up because you've literally got to reverse-engineer an Xbox and the way it works bring it back to the raw code so everybody understands how it's actually working then that interpret that into an emulator which can work on modern software on modern hardware then call in an API to actually render 'allah graphics bring in a little bit of input and then of course get all the games working to the full potential now that's a long journey and it will take a long time but the payoff at the end would mean theoretically is that if you get one game working to its full potential and this succeeds and becomes fruitful all games will work and not only will they work but they'll work exactly as they were on the original systems to bring this back examples NES emulation that has been around for god knows how long and there are many different emulators out there that can obviously play nes games however hagun an awesome emulator it took years to get to the stage now were it does exactly that lle it's playing it exactly or as close as can be to the original system back in the day so you get the most authentic gameplay that is possible through modern hardware and that's the kind of thing that they want to do with excrement now the reason why we get seen these kind of breakthroughs and this is just my interpretation of it it's very limited and what kind of information is out there are reasons why and people talking for it straight from the horse's mouth for all this hopefully in the future we can actually talk to some of the develop again on their to get their feedback and give an honest in-depth discussion on this but from what I can see Matt Bergesen he's the guy who actually give us that gameplay of Halo I put links in description down below so you can check it out yourself straight from the horse's mouth big props to him what he's managed to do is take the original Colt from quim Moo where X Quinn who came from in other words it was fought from originally he's managed to take the more useful parts of it that was developed back in the day the compatibility the enhancements the performance the bits that were grafted on for all those years and seems to have been missing from the more recent cold he's injected it back in he's cleaned it all up a little bit he's made huge breakthroughs in the way the codes been put together and it's all coming through now we're seeing these kind of breakthroughs but seeing games boot in there have never been played before on this emulator so seeing this kind of progress and people actively working on it it's just good news for everybody so hopefully s best Matt Bergson and the team working on it over there can get even more performance so we can get that kind of compatibility that we just talked about earlier but this now brings us on to the next emulator and this one is the best that saved it for last it's not like it's a competition or anything but this one has seen the biggest breakthroughs more recently and that's due to the way that that one is coded this one for me if that one was class's lle then I would be saying that this is more then getting the games working to put it in layman's terms that was what they wanted from this emulator the guy who's heading it up over there Luke OSHA I spoke to him up a few years back when he just picked up the reins on this and the biggest poll that I could save from him the directionally wanted to go who's just getting games working he didn't care how it was done well I'm sure he did but his biggest thing was just getting games booting getting people playing on it and making this an emulator that everybody can enjoy then they'll focus on clearing everything up and actually enhancing the emulator even further but right now it's all about compatibility and playing games and that is not a bad thing whatsoever of course short term it means that we get the gains we get the games to be played and it's great news all-round but right now let's focus on this see xbx reloaded what this ones managed to do is absolutely unbelievable the footage that you are seeing now is what they're putting down as the showcase of version 0.1 the footage was recorded by a spear l.v my again apologies for the my interpretation of you name mate but again links description down below check out the full video this is just a snippet of what is available on there it's an awesome showcase of all the games that they got working so far and this is just about to be released to the general public I'm told by Luke oh sure on his patreon page that this will be available at the end of this month early July hopefully and these games will be working off the top of my head we've got Panzer Dragoon Panzer Dragoon or a gem new to Jet Set Radio future Dead or Alive 2 and 3 and many many more there's been huge breakthroughs with this we I'm seeing games that have never been played before on any Xbox emulator not just boot in and playing but from the looks of it playing to where we can actually enjoy it and that is the Holy Grail and all this kind of stuff again I'll put links to the video I'll put links to the patreon page I'll put links to everything that I've discussed in this they are gonna be releasing this like I said in the near future they're also gonna be releasing a new website with a compatibility list then apparently they're gonna go quiet for a while where they clean up the cold they work on bug fixes performance tweaks and all kinds of stuff to basically nail down and clean up this emulator so then they can push it further even forward to get more games working and for me that right there is the holy grail so there you go guys that is basically everything that I've managed to uncover with Xbox emulation that is coming out right now again I hope to get you guys feedback so I'll put in the comments down below if you got any information on this if you have any views any standpoints which emulator I'm not saying you won't want to succeed modern year there hopefully they both come through I did come across an interesting thread on reddit involving round all of discussion of this it was raised by G Fox rocks and awesome figurehead in the emulation community with fingers in many pies of emulators including Xbox emulation all kinds is just pretty much an all-around top guide but what he talks about is theoretically maybe than both joining teams would be ideal but again even II raised in that thread the both going in separate directions they both come from different directions also maybe they might get to share know-how and insights into how emulation is working and what works in theirs and which one doesn't in others but because there's two completely different roads maybe cross-pollination isn't really a thing that's possible but of course any help between any teams in the emulation scene has been fruitful in the past so maybe we'll go along with that again I'll put links to that thread in the description down below so you can prove that at your own leisure if you're into that kind of stuff it'll be awesome like I said to talk to everybody involved including you guys the actual end user to see what you think what you would like to see are you actually hunger in still for an Xbox emulator I've just given up I've got no idea me personally it's one of my favorite systems of all time I am a huge Sega fanboy and then I moved on to PlayStation but the original Xbox for me still has a huge hole to my heart due to many of the franchises which were exclusive to the Xbox and many of this and I know franchises from the Dreamcast which evolved onto the Xbox I think that's why I've got such a strong grasp on it but that's about it I've ruffled on enough this has been a pretty impromptu video Oh I've got a lot of information out there and cast awareness in the scene so you guys can jump all over this if you're a developer help how and if you're just a fanboy give them cut some encouragement throughs patreon is available again I've linked everything down below but hopefully this is the star of Xbox breaking through finally after a decade but as always I've got to give this my biggest vanka's to us he can't even speak today to the simply Austin members club so my biggest thanks in person goes to Kintaro Rumble Paul Cook big ray Ken Valley mah ash cumin must ask almond Spearman apologies me of my pronunciation of your name Christopher Bonner Alejandro Luc CJ 8-bit Jeremy Peters Matt Mandeville Thole quirk Steve shankle he Phillips keval Matt Gardner Arnold pasta ban David Shane Charles Norman mark Schwartz out see Stiles what a one Gabrielle Hasan Simon Dunbar Matt Peterson James Metcalfe James dingo Ian McCrea been a walls Joe White Matt Brown Michael Assad dude brick filter dream and of course PC wizard seven you all have gone far and beyond what is expected of you and to be honest you made my day I've got to say this month has been a hard one for me there's not been no content and I hate giving excuses out because it seems that's all I ever do but this month I lost a close friend of mine and it's been hard for me to be positive the one thing that I want to do or this channel is make it a positive Channel I don't want to do drama I don't want to do negativity unless there's something out there which is directly harming the scene are you guys in particular so I I am sorry there's not been anything this month that I hope to catch up now but I hope you accept my sincere apologies and well I don't want to make anything that would ever be negative so I hope you understand why nothing came out and waffling on now but thank you so much to everybody as always who's been involved thank you for the comments you leave thank you for everything to the scene in general you really do make my day when you just be involved that's all I ever asked I don't want wealth you money does go a long way but I just want everybody to be happy it's a scene about happiness games hobbies enjoyment and good fun and that's the way I want to keep this place so thank you of waffles are enough so please like please subscribe please do all the things that you could ever imagine in this world of fun and games but most of all most of all you guys have a good day laters