DrDisrespect Says Dr Lupo COPIED HIM and Intense Apex Legends Game ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #150

DrDisrespect Says Dr Lupo COPIED HIM and Intense Apex Legends Game ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #150

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DrDisrespect Says Dr Lupo COPIED HIM and Intense Apex Legends Game ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #150

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DrDisrespect Says Dr Lupo COPIED HIM and Intense Apex Legends Game ~ Best DrDisRespect Moments #150

you champions club members welcome you're thinking what's he doing 185 200 minimal today champions club members the arena's wide open trickle on in trickle trickle trickle as we make our way to the Destiny which is the champions club arena let's talk about some things yesterday yesterday we started off with some solo rank in an apex started off in a little silver no no what are we what is it huh what is it copper leak huh little kindergarten no training wheel deep bronze leak and we moved on up out of the bronze deep into the silver and that's where we're at in the freight system in our pursuit for diamond and apex predator ladies and gentlemen I cannot wait to hear is on them what a splash what a squeeze them one at a time one snipe at a time with a longboat one kill at a time I'm gonna stare them down I'm gonna threaten them I'm gonna come after their family so I'm gonna make sure generation after generation they don't survive and we're gonna do all that while looking so damn good [Laughter] I didn't stop laughing for five minutes but we had to cut the video short so that the stream could can presume consume and assume the hell's going on what did you put in my G field drink this morning it doesn't matter what matters is ladies and gentlemen that you get associated with the other members of this extreme high-end gaming society they call the champions club get to know them get to understanding them because when we head into that arena right there what you're gonna do now you probably think a damn doctor he's got big-ass hands yeah I do look at how big these things are right the guy cuts me off all's we got to do is go like that right outside of the window Bo the guy knows but what you're gonna do champions club members when you head inside of that arena you're gonna put on the black on black on slate black blazer you're gonna put on the red bowtie you are gonna lather yourself with Vaseline from head to tippy toe and Trust ain't no one gonna slow you down you don't know what I mean we'll follow me right now we just got to get to the arena first I like I can't just snap my fingers and boom we're inside of the arena doesn't work that way right just like everyday they like we have to travel to work we have to travel we have to go park our car in fact here's my exit right now now let me go park my car I'll see you out front of the arena give me a couple minutes here jeez hey we made it we made it right hey get the hell away from my car man no no no no hey listen no I own this thing I own this place right no you don't need to put that on my windshield I know where the car wash is yeah it's on 32nd and what 12th Street yeah Christ these guys don't know that I'm I'm the man six foot eight 37 inch vertical leap shredded it from head to tippy to lady or that I've ever been let me take a look around take a look around twitch okay people stealing people's other ideas right from transitions to replay systems to names I mean we got dr. Lupo it's guy ripped everything I have off anyways uh ladies and gentlemen the arena it's looking so damn good school land here maybe I should hit fire that I was having so hard such a hard time tracking them tracking the play at a flatline there's like mediums okay I've alluded a lot of things crazy all this look another boy went over there and got clapped again squatting ox thank you for the 5 Nova seriously give that man an autographed picture you're my heroes Bonnie okay big man they give it up my boss said to stop watching the doc on the clock i front kicked him in the throat so hard he started speaking Somali twitch is nothing without the 2-ton hi calm down over there okay man I had couldn't track him I couldn't track him I couldn't track him my elbow was slipping all over the place why are not caught up in the keyboard got a little sticky I think I can make it all the vectors it's up to you he left the game nevermind good we're inside I have to admit defeat on this day boy that was correct you have to be level Tim I thought I was gonna be smart well the snow will get right back on it so let me stay on it I'll be switching back to the cube package run either way that sucked let's probably get back to the Platinum ah it was use Amazon Prime oh it was that one I was like I just got added by using so far ahead ah I thought fire yeah I mean I'm just trying to get my you should've seen my aim that last one man I couldn't track the guy part of hit up on you I'll get that 1210 [Applause] [Applause] hard to track these people then he's jumped down I mean nothing happened now things are getting a little interesting he's everything that I didn't need