DOMINATING the Apex Pack Challenge! – PS4 Apex Legends Challenge Game!

DOMINATING the Apex Pack Challenge! – PS4 Apex Legends Challenge Game!

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Today we are doing the Apex Pack Challenge for the 2nd time! The weapons that we unlocked during this challenge were the P2020, RE-45, R99, Hemlok and the Eva-8 Shotgun! I hope yuou guys enjoy the challenge game! If you have any other challenge ideas, be sure to leave them as a comment!

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DOMINATING the Apex Pack Challenge! – PS4 Apex Legends Challenge Game!

alright guys let's do the challenge shall we let's open up at these five apex patter I've got six so I'll make sure I don't go overboard and get the six one opened as well alright so we've got an re 45 let me write this down next pack which weapons are we allowed to use you guys seem to like this sir this challenge last time oh please no oh come on I can dual wield boom to re 45s and re 90 that's what we'll call it there we go two two weapons this time and our ninety nine and we've also got the P 2020 I mean theses it seems bad but it's almost like a little bit of a bonus because I was happy just the all 99 if at the start of the game I see it at P 2020 it's definitely better than nothing so so far I need to write those down every gun we've had so far is is light ammunition only so hopefully this variation here a hemlock fortunately for us to begin the still rifling there that's four packs right I've got one more pack remaining please give me a wingman I bought a fair few wingman skin so if there's less of a chance of me again and if rate chocolate okay the problem with this is that I think I had the i99 and the IVA shotgun less time so maybe in game I'll try and I'll try and find the hemlock and I'll try and news I don't actually think I'll use the evite last time properly I use the are 99 and the triple take so maybe I'll try my best to avoid the our 99 and up top because I hate on people land up here oh my god Ahri's the to destroying my entire office people land up here at the time all right this is this is a bad idea this is terror idea because obviously I'm only late a few guns and this is not one of them this is not one of them give me some stuff before I leave though thank you very much as I'm falling down here I'm gonna drop this see your flatline at least I've picked up so they can't use it that's the that's the good news yeah and they definitely heard me pick it up so maybe they're a little bit shook earth up there and they don't want to chase me you know this there were benefits to picking it up by two guys ago I had god I thought I said are you 45 wingman can't use that I can use this so here we go and I can use this we're in the big leagues name these guys are 100% shook earth my friends give me that Ark star can definitely use that as well why should we have to get grenade skins how do I get that baby now I'm coming over I'm gonna lob some smoke just to confuse them I eat something possibly the ground I'm not entirely sure something here – thank you sorry teammate hey my head a few times might say like this you just say it Oh guys please behind me where's he's a guy that's not him ladies oh my god you've made her land no shots have you re 45 dominance my friends I'll let the three kills is a respawn beacon wrong clothes I'm not sure without the team that would have landed up top boat give me that purple thank you very much I didn't realize he was doing a finishing move my teammate I threw the Ark start to try and get a head start the gunfight but yeah eating okay I'm sorry teammate I should have I sort of double-checked don't worry I'm not gonna be an idiot I am gonna switch that over there just just so you know I can we go this to this one because it gives him high ground and if anyone wanted to rush him as we brought him back he will at least see them I don't know what he's saying to me but he doesn't say to happy not entirely sure why we did kill the entire team again I don't know if that was the the team they would have learned at the top they seem to have got there real quick so I'm not entirely sure I'm I'm gonna open the supply bin because I'd get too tempted to looting myself and that is obviously unfair do you I have I have one of these fear medikit I'm pretty sure to drop the syringes but Luana I got the purple you come to save the day happy that's good to know my friend all right well this area's been looted I tell my game up and I was gonna say hold on to me take this actually you know when you turn your game up when it's ER it's very quiet at the time and you know as soon as you find your gun your your eardrums gonna get burst that's essentially the situation I mean at the moment so I'll bunch of people appear bunch of people appear I hear em alright my teammates are coming over though wait here you engage none I'm nice oh that's my teammate OPA what that was 100 that Mykel but I'll let you ask I think that what's my kill bench on the back huh today why would you why are you punching the down guy you against shots in the back all you had to do was finish the kill that's what happens to me though people display they want to finish the kills for some reason I don't know why it like fell down me no think oh my god can I am NOT because he's me I don't think I'm not an ego mania did you because they've known someone that's I mean three kills me I'm just saying I don't mind chain the live I've still got fight some light rains you know nice I guess why not some extra shields and stuff this is some good stuff here I can't use the Select IRA see if some ways are dropping haven't got a hemlock but I'd I almost want to take these thermite grenade yeah I'll take it just in case I find a hemlock so have a longer-range good which you do need is the game gets further into it yeah my eardrums are slightly burst on them am I gonna be overkill on the old volume meter someone has to take the prowler with the selects fire so one has to a choke oh I can't use that I'm afraid thank you though alright where do we run I got five kills there's still 19 people left to 19 people to shoot at least good this way what right honest I would agree that one love all the stuff my friends I don't know fast on anything yet I'm not someone shield up we should have thrown grenades before we shot but it's hard to communicate that this gives actually dominance it's unbelievable let's go the dominance don't finish the kills we got people that shoot team there we go we got people to shoot digital threat purple shotgun bolt Phoenix kick why we go friends this is the good stuff we gotta go it's not urgent but we do we do sort of have to get outta there build re 45 an either 8 combination the purple extended light mag on this gun is crazy let's say go be careful about something so I know I'm not being for second we can get around this way for anything my teammates are still looting I didn't really need anything so I I just stayed awake Oh nearly come on teammates to me please we got people to kill and places to see I agree ADL watch out though cuz like yeah he's got he's got serine juice which is always good six squads left right sixteen people that's not too many we can win this game I've already got seven kills which is good should have been a tide absolutely murdered one of them one for cheating get the final blow Phoenix scared please thank you Oh with the wrong way around thank God for that I think I can clutch early steam I've stolen from your friends of him I do feel so bad but I might be able to put this to good use this guy's purple that of his mind I've only got a basic one I don't really they all follow me up there that's great thanks guys I appreciate the backup while we cook we could go that hole okay while the going over that way I'm not sure but I might as well stay within my guess we heard people firing down this way so be careful of that but they do have to go this way but they might just take the balloon and then we have to try and run past them that is the problem we're facing here this is a nice little spot there oh there's someone I'm not gonna assume yet for obvious reasons a jerk I can find an eight on this guy yeah I'll come with you I can with you the first one he's flipping me spot I'd like to Shawn that guy all right that was your that was your kill teammate I apologize that one I've taken this guy's shield off down low as well so it's a nice way I saw him there here for 21 that's not bad he's wingmanning meter not there okay not my things too late sorry teammate humps taking all your pills name oh my god this weapon this good what on that for my tennis didn't either anyway I mean the shield batteries that's all right that's all I need with this guy the purple no I'll stabilizer Shore batteries I have 24 shield cells I might oughta shoot some of these all right only two more squads and we need to get out of here I've got 10 kills named hopefully the last two teams fight each other I mean I made a video about this sir this re 45 not too long ago and you can see that I meant it this guy that did so good I can't believe how good it is on nice teammate that's a good kind of fire Lee alright let's wait for the last two teams to fight please I just wanna I want a guaranteed victory here if we can get one I should be able to as long as I don't get one v3d I should be able to sneak in and out of five – smoke grenades and then fight in the smoke grenade we might Digital threat and use my gold backpack to heal a fairly fairly fast you know fairly quickly let's see what the throw balls mean clutch me today I need to try and carry more of these sorry 24 shield cells I don't need quite that many don't know if I can use that while still run over and try absolutely not watch out teammate especially in these woods we can get flanked easy oh no here you know I think it's no money alright team leader let's go this way I agree it's good to ratchet over this way are this loads of these three spawn beacons left because at the end of the game you don't people to bring their teammates back so it's good to try and stay near some of the respawn beacons because obviously a 1v2 is far easier than a1 b3 for example stay in the obvious this doesn't even look Lucy so I don't anyone's come over from this way I don't really need anything you know I did want a hemlock at the side this game but I've still got the heavy rains don't I you know I do oh I never look to drop him I never looked a drop in are we going alright we'll go in the plane fairly aggressively here that looks like sweet gold objects here beautiful show battery here I don't need it I got six of them if I need six of oh I'm doing some wrong this guy's like a Navy's mind knocked him down this one else over this way that's where you came from when we could have used him as bait but you know in sickenin him he's fine I dare ya do anything good cuz they had basic shielded at this stage in the game but would kill him oh that was a Craver that was a Kramer guys watch shape we had Nova if he's got a crater at close range he may be useless my team I got here said I want to push up to PI here kind of half difficult to control that range but it's not too bad it's the uses Rafe ability so you shouldn't be too difficult to kill here okay are we down double ready nice job teammate you deserve that one I've taken a fair few kills from you please find me that's not where I want some smoke to go just took forever to come out for some reason they're up here it's gonna lobby there's still three squads left what he's deep this guy go I don't know I don't know which way he went and it's way now oh there's definitely suede that's great news I think we can win this I think we're gonna win he's over here this way team in fact I think there's two of them if I won she loved us but this friend go swimmer shield with some way shirt listen Seattle no idea where he went I've not a clean friends you just they they love finishing the kill something please don't day me oh my god I don't mind if my teammate kills in but I just have to here look here I had a Phoenix 89 I did indeed should use the Phoenix King if the sky kills us all I will start screaming I think my team is pretty good so don't mind pushing up with him it's our best bet please don't tell me the seconds get up there he's gonna kick my finger it's not sure when I got a bear so I don't feel like I stole that kill there we go friends we wouldn't order the apex pact challenges and I've got a bunch of kills what's it like 13 maybe potentially I'm hopefully that one especially because I got so close in the last APEC that's a beautiful skiing friend 13 kills 2003 into damage my team had got three with 820 maybe he deserved one more day at the end one more would have been about right maybe two more I'm not entirely sure I did steal a few of them I'll be honest I didn't mean to steal em I was just shooting him you know I was just shooting him up anyway 13 kills 2003 into damage the re 45 might be the best gun in the game who knows not me but thank you for watching I do appreciate it and I'll see you all in the next one