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hi guys welcome what course we try big muscle course that's kind of sad I was enjoying myself there all right well I thought it was gonna be a muscle bike race just go straight man you got a dirtbike man you got nothing to worry about wait what no no I actually thought he missed it too then it was in third place but now I'm sad now I'm sad he's actually in first one that's not weird oh now you miss it I can catch up just little short cuts everywhere man love it it's a risk it's a risk risk you have to take so did you have a risk the first time as well yes but it's great okay what is this dog why don't we just do oh no there's a tree okay I'm in third place now I need to catch up it's just like a bike race with oh it's not we're gonna turn really why does that have to happen Jordi get so lucky to race guys did a checkpoint way watch me where we have to go up there please Oh oh my goodness this is intense Jordi I mean your slipstream I'm going fast boy I'm going way too fast no no Jordi I'm I'm not gonna warn Josh Josh he really hated you saying I'm not gonna want George literally warned me that something was gonna happen yeah I didn't think about that oh I made it no I'm a third place for the rest of the race those mistakes healthy weight now she's waiting to get at this game guys this is – not okay are you a professional grand theft auto racer let me play this game before guys I'm literally crashing I can't even make it anymore okay maybe maybe a guy should wait for me or a little jelly all the way in the back I am very bad at this game we finally did it look guys I'm 30 sec no not the whole thing there's more yeah there's so much more this is intense where's the checkpoint Geordi I want it now it's in the tube near the qu you gotta say Li you get some really dizzy wait you two you've got a bit more to go each other I see oh I gotta go up I gotta go one minute my job I must oh I'm sorry I'm sorry get back onto the wall ride all right miss no I would you would do slow to the left guys slow it's day Joshua actually was pretty quick so far we weren't going slow you're back [Applause] Shirley is all right just kidding Josh Stinkum day near the checkpoint I mean the finish line the finish line already eight checkpoints ago I am here yeah but their fertility points No no no it's not no listen I need everyone that's like a 2015 thing man right Lonnie the my guys clean 19 what am I saying all right judge finished first place Jordy is in front of the finish what is this dinner was something wrong I go I went around it okay nicely done third place yeah I suck I suck yeah time for the t20 super car race where we going left or right what oh wait okay dude this thing's like camouflage then you can see it all right Josh listen to me I know you've got a rocket but please be a nice boy all right Josh the end at me I saw that judge the gay phase anyway are you losing vision wait let me help okay yeah sure yeah yeah yeah sure do you want to know what something else is pretty you're really gonna try to shoot the back of my car okay yeah cuz you're behind me and seal up your blown-up car yeah maybe you really wanted I was joking I was purposely I was purposely missing I was missing on purpose right now I'm glad something's not going weird times I wonder what is not wrong with Josh Oh is always nice well Oh Josh loser that was an insane shot that was an Ariel back you still clenching Oh judge glitch you in last place ladies and gentlemen we're back with some all supercar sorry don't use the rocket isn't a very aggressive nose today yeah he shot them first I don't care what he did you or did you not shoot them first what do you mean are you a lawyer I'm gonna be honest here I did that on purpose okay and I deserved my revenge no I mean the first to kill that was on purpose and I deserved revenge alright yeah we're good for now oh my god she up so quick swim actually wait Jordy what was that shooting I think he was what a mean person okay let's go it was definitely charged stressing out I think so I think so Josh wait and he said for rod cos he must've shards Josh wait what am i shooting your me you have to go on the other side yeah that was weird I don't know I'm so confused please guys 40 it was Josh okay stop shooting Rockets backwards I didn't do anything you need to get the mean right no no charge this Rockets an idiot oh it will be oh it's in front of me yeah we know Josh is right in front of me Josh this one rocket your friend what I'm so confused what's going on nicely Geordi is trying to kill everyone and he stops no I'm not Josh we need to end this right now we need to team up he's a mean boy he doesn't lead thanks that was 40 that was four yes he's a bad guy okay come on my Rockets away in a sign of respect what do you mean no such thing as respect not aimed for you guys why can't you just have self control and not shoot them at all like that alright Josh – geez time for another super car ray oh my goodness okay guys I'm catching up really quickly that's bad yeah see any question to you guys because of the slipstream I don't like slipstream do you know what let's just blame it on Josh let's just blame it on Tosh Josh it was your fault to get that first place back the reason your first place is because you've been a mean boy you know deserve it Josh the fact that you don't understand is strange this is when we catch up Geordi this is when we catch up thanks for to push me thanks for the push alright Josh listen to me you're right in front of me I'm gonna catch up with you right now stream you and together we will take him out yes Jordy wait but your even further away behind me then josh is in front of me Jordy I'll push you jelly don't worry about it thanks man thanks appreciate it oh yeah the same kind of trouble no I was in the same trouble yes yes oh no guys Rudy it was me of you man push him off your lap you changed after you hit that first place I've been in there for 10 seconds it doesn't make sense what did i do that's upset you okay push the first place oh wait Josh what do you mean watch it buddy I can't really dodge them when you're behind me I can't slow down for that I mean just have to go straight through all right my turns are the best turns I am the greatest Josh I literally hate you because you're first place and now I'm in third place for the rest of the race because Josh again that was a mean bad person what I will never do that to you Josh already push him off like he deserves push him off Jordi he deserves it wait or actually won you didn't push him off for me what's wrong with you man I am disappointed in both had both of you I was thank you thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly