We HACK outside the map and find two SECRET ANIMATRONICS! Ignited Fredbear and something else..

what's going on guys and welcome back to Fred Baron friends spring locked now in the last video we went into level 2 and we actually cheated and went through the wall and got chased by Fred bear or original Fred but I guess I should say and in this video we're getting back into level 1 and actually cheating and going outside the map and seeing whatever those creepy animatronics are that are outside there anyways guys if you guys want to double upload later tonight of a brand-new fredbear and Friends game because actually a new game fan game just came out yesterday I want to say if you guys want to see a video on that Beach was smash that like button down below it's good for $1 likes in the first hour and also drop a comment down below saying Fred bear if we get enough support in this video then obviously I'll have a double upload for you guys later on tonight of that game which so far that game looks pretty cool so I think you guys gonna really enjoy it anyways let's go ahead and hop into this and press play on level 1 of course which by the way guys if you guys had to be hunted by one of those two electronics spring Freddy or a spring Bonnie who would you be hunted by I would definitely say spring Bonnie I don't know I just feel like she's cool like if you're gonna have to die by one of them it would have to be her alright so anyways we're back on level 1 and oh man this is creepy alright so we play this before and we're not really here to play it again so I don't think you can survive it alright that's the thing I think you have to die but I'm gonna go this way okay so he's right okay yeah okay it's not even active yet so what we're gonna do is we're gonna press this key I'm gonna go ahead and press our type in ghost and I figured out how to walk again so if you guys remember last video I couldn't figure out how to stop walking alright to stop going through objects all you have to do is literally just type in walk so thanks to the developer I learned that now it was so obvious out of how I didn't think of that okay so oh we need to ghost okay her ears right there look look look look oh my god he's about to activate I wonder freaking yeah we should be able to outrun it oh that's so creepy oh my god that's so creepy how its eyes move what if I just like walk up the door and just like opened it it just went out there alright so it doesn't look like oh yeah I'm a ghost so it can't even kill me I forgot can it see me oh I can still see me but he can't kill me oh that's pretty cool alright I like it so just like in level 2 you so we didn't really explore over here okay wow this guy's really loud we did explore over here though let's check out okay so we have original fredbear right there and he's just kind of like the only one in this shows date I'm curious how this is gonna work though in the main game now we also have these random ignited animatronics I'm not sure what's up with those I don't know if that's just there it's like a little Easter Egg or what and then over here we have foxy who is of course really cool like that's a sick little oh okay while we're outside the map now okay we can't go out there yet I want to check inside this stage cuz like these areas you're not supposed to be able to explore and I want to see okay so that's the normal old crew there and chica there too which is gonna be awesome I can't wait for her to activate it's gonna be so cool these two right here already activated though but they just they don't move so I'm guessing later on in the night they're gonna be active alright so are later on in the game so there's one other room Oh what I just oh okay I crashed the game um a much or what just happened I just I literally you guys saw alright all I did was walk into that room and I just like completely broke the game and crashed it okay I wanted to see what was like hidden in there but I guess we'll never know now I'm gonna try to get in there I'm a little back up the game like I said though this game constantly crashes if you guys notice like I'm trying to load it up right now and it's just crashing cry okay there we go got it alright so let's go back into the game though oh yeah that's kind of a bug with the whole early access version of this thing alright so let's go and type in ghost though again and let's go back ok so let's head back over here again so maybe it's because I touched them I like cause my game to crash but you can see there's like this weird room with the radio that you can activate and you've got like ignited foxy right here and then back here you've got a bloodied up like Freddy and a bloodied up Bonnie so they're just both kind of just chilling back here which is really creepy I don't know why I'm gonna touch them okay did whoa oh I was like you see your room so this time I didn't crash my game weird I thought it's cuz I touch them and like completely like blew up the game or something yeah I don't know what they're doing look how they're like holding hands almost like they died together there's like chilling back here alright anyways now let's get to the more exciting stuff and let's head outside the map now I want to start by going back here you know the years know the exciting stuff is up there but we got it we got to leave some suspense you know we got I just leave it up to your mad nation wait what is it is this the vent oh yeah it is look at that we're actually not even getting any air we're just like getting it straight from outside which I mean you would never know that unless you know you actually went out here but is it and we're giving like Galaxy air that's all it's out here okay now if we head this way this looks like okay this is where original fredbear is I think right here yep so that's where he is now if we head over here okay now what if we go could we go off the map okay we can so yeah this is like the whole back area whoa what is that up there okay that's weird now if we head over here though this is where things are gonna get strange because as you guys know there's those animatronics that are outside of the pizzeria or the diner and they say the least they don't look too normal alright so here's the background that's where all the trees are that we saw so I kind of figured we were out like maybe an amusement park or something along those lines but now it looks like we're just kind of in the middle of nowhere we're just kind of out here so there's just like a giant hill with trees if he's so creepy if they're just like an animatronic out here like you just put something out here for people that cheat and there's just like a secret alright you go out here and you'll find him and then he chases you down even out here so think it's like still kill you somehow I don't know alright so anyways this is what we wanted to see guys is what we've all been waiting for let's see what they look like oh wow change back to the new original map like color scheme alright so here is who's out of here what the heck that's like nightmare purple Freddy who is this I have never seen this animatronic before in my life I don't know who this is at all actually wait let's turn on walk I'm curious if they'll kill me so if I go up to them no yeah they don't kill you at all they're just out here what that is so weird okay so yeah there's a little bit okay now here's the other one I think this is ignited fredbear I might be wrong oh my god he moves oh my gosh he moves dude that is creepy dude look at this he's just chilling back here oh okay so we okay no he doesn't jump scare us wow this guy's cool-looking now like I love it I just like all like broken up into pieces like he's literally an ignited Emmet Roenick but just fredbear and he's like all like he's got like a phantom kind of look to him where he's all beat up and worn and just Oh God are you is she like right here yeah literally right here all right it's go ahead and turn back on ghost again cuz I want to see okay so wait we need to wait for her to leave okay you need to get out of here buddy all right I'm trying to all of us ears like wobble – as he's walking okay so you shouldn't see me so from this angle all you're able to see is this part of them which it looks like an entirely different animatronic when you go out there it's like this creepy nightmare I'm not sure what these are doing in the game though because I mean we never had these guys in the fredbear's handling down and we know that so it's like I don't know if this is hinting at maybe another game he's making or if these guys are just gonna randomly show up in this game but either way it's it's a pretty cool secret like I love when fan games do that we're like you can just kind of look somewhere and go find a secret like this guy looks really creepy out there because he's actually moving and then you just go out there you could actually see him he's just like a full-blown fredbear kind of animatronic just chilling out here I'm really hoping later on in the game that these two play like some kind of a role especially this one ignited fredbear would be so cool to just see chasing after us trying to kill us like that would be insane he's just he's too creepy to not do something with him that's for sure alright now let's gonna head back in though and I did want to see because I guys I don't know if you had watched the previous video or not but in the free video I did mention that this clock over here he says just a placeholder but in the main game it will be a functioning you know clock that'll kind of tell you what time you're at and then I was also curious what's up with this back here cuz there's like there's these curtains oh she's coming okay I'm gonna I can't even close it I guess I'll just leave it open I'm curious what's up these curtains Oaks it seems like I mean I don't know why did it be currents back there so maybe they'll be an animatronic that's behind us at all times was like if we head out here there's nothing but I mean there is room back there he like he clearly put like a space back here so I'm guessing maybe an am trunk will be behind us but I don't know like it looks like Foxy's curtains but or it could just be like some kind of weird design but I don't know why cuz like you can't put the chair back there and like hide it so like why is there curtains there it doesn't really make sense all right go ahead and turn off oh gosh what did I do I accidentally opened the settings and almost the entire game alright so let's go and put back on walk though so now we can actually be killed here and where did you go where are you spring Bonnie are you oh there he is oh oh okay going that way now alright that's cool but yeah I do oh look we found another one look who's wait oh there's a picture ok so who's this I'll twist it bar not to it I ignited Bonnie wait so I'm curious is there a way oh my god accidentally opening this instead of the other key that I'm trying Oh God ghost ghost ghost poof oh my god that was close to die ghosts in time I was gonna divert look she does know what today she's like I saw him he went through this wall I will stare at this wall until he eventually comes back one day he's gonna come back to this wall when he does sup get him oh my god there she goes alright so yeah I'm curious okay so wait twisted Bonnie's right here twisted Freddy is over here yeah twisted Freddy's right here okay and then twisted foxy I remember if there was a twist oh by the way the bathrooms you said these are the bathrooms I think but they're they're unfinished right now obviously because we're playing an early version of the game so wait where is twisted foxy at though and twisted chica I'm curious if they're all on the map but they're just like randomly hidden you know I feel like they are I mean we didn't see anyone out here or I think that's out here at least to you I don't think there's any kind of like vigorous or anything like that alrights head back it again let's take a look around the only area I didn't really check with was the office maybe that's where they were let me see any any ignited okay besides you you keep hunting me down bro leave me alone ignited I don't see anybody at all that's kind of weird though it's like just those two I'm wondering I'm like I said the full games probably had the rest oh no there's one over here right yeah there's twisted foxy so we have twisted Freddy Bonnie they were really missing his twisted cheek are not what I keep saying twisted ignited chica but I don't know I guess that's could you know come on coming to the game later on I want to know like I said more about these two right here cuz these guys are creepy they look like you know I'm guessing they're somehow spring lawsuits and somebody went in there and died and then you know besides that those two that are out here I just think like when this game does fully come out it's gonna be a lot of animatronics too deal with cuz you're gonna have you know these three gonna have that one over there those two back there if they activate foxy you those two out there like all of those activated on this little map you're gonna die I mean I'm guessing you'll probably like section so it'll be like you active and fredbear active and then it'll be spring bonnie and spring everyone else kind of active and then on the other night you know you might throw in like foxy actively with all these guys are foxy active with those guys but all of the bacteria active at one point i don't know how that's gonna work and these two i kind of feel like will be like their own kind of night where you know you'll have to just go up against one of them each night or maybe both of them that's gonna be exciting they're like it'd be cool if there's like a cutscene where like you see him like okay and the cutscene he comes up to the door and he's like bust sit down and then like starts looking around and then that's when you start like in the office it's like you know he's looking for you you know he just broke in and you've got to like figure out a way to like survive or maybe hide from him or something like that i think that'd be really cool or like if like build the gun or so how does something it's Sayed like that that just like so unrealistic but so fun anyways guys I'm in this video here though I think that's it for the you know Fred Baron friends for now and of course I had that other fan game it's literally called foreign friends or Frederick's family diner I think it's called so I could play through that if you guys want like I said leave a like on the video leave a comment down below saying Fred bear and I can definitely do that for you guys later on tonight anyways I want this video hit that like button if you try to hit that subscribe button if you're already subscribed if you haven't already be sure to hit that Bell icon to stay up to date and get videos early and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out guys