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🎮 Game : Counter-Strike; Global Offensive

📼 Programs used : Mirillis Action (record) / Sony Vegas Pro 13 (edit)
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you know what is gonna guess welcome back to a brand new video channel today I guess I am going to be playing with presses and sheets I'll try guess the menu in game it's really dope it's like a built in the menu to the game it's pretty cool how do you guys do the thing that also guess if you want to get the cheat it's rigged cheap I think it's like five dollars or something with if you can use the code Rox I think if you use called Rox it's like five or six dollars only so that's pretty damn cheap so it's like this definitely worth the price so if you're looking for a cheat and you don't have much money or something and if you're on a budget I would really recommend you'd be getting so if you so if you're on the lookout for a cheat a good cheat for a cheap price I would probably use a precision sheet I mean like if you scored Rock such a cow it's like literally five bucks only that's pretty fucking cheap for this for the features that you get so you guys we're gonna be playing some wingman priming today and we're gonna go ahead and see what we can do better when playing silver so this will be pretty funny but let's see what we can do oh nevermind I feel I'm not playing silver I'm actually letting the Regal macerating wingman and I'm silver doing matchmaking so that's pretty good one middle I don't know how to fucking disable the team ESB man this is kind of shit but okay so piss around seaside let's go ensues I don't know why it doesn't say have an m9 if you look at the bottom right this never happens to me before but suppose something's wrong come on Karen just take a CSP oh shit oh shit don't take them no nevermind I don't want this shit I want my USB good charity alright you know what I'm just gonna play it MIDI go and see Anna and some armor though because without armor fucking screwed but see what we can do alright so I suppose I'm just gonna gonna push here both fools I don't know what's quite happened but dope stuff man this is way too simple I'm gonna take that Scout and keep it until the next round begins I'm sorry but one more round and the only way he knows this is cheering all right good shouldn't get the match clear shit that's obvious this guy's fuckin groaning about one not helping him bro who has the most kills here I'm gonna just push out now all right well I don't know that fucking went down but still I don't know how this keeps missing them I'm gonna go to this apartment and see you blocking Timmy what did they have to plant the bombs now forty seconds thirty actually no are you serious right now like are you fucking there we go shit no we're so fucking close Adam alright nice dope stuff I told you we will get laid – and we got too late now but I have every single kill every single MVP this guy hasn't done shit that's Mickey who she sorry sorry oh gosh they probably disabled sickness B I decided just because I need to keep an eye on this guy so yeah I'm with HP remaining alright good stuff I'll take a scare why does like how the factors he's with one HP man talking I was dead for sure there we go we got to match that was it for the video guys if you guys enjoyed it please drop a like subscribe to the channel though I'd be much much appreciated by me and if you want to get to cheat I put a link to it in the description down below so yeah guys my name is rocks and I'm out [Applause] we just kept it