Coding Simple Hacks For Any Game!

Coding Simple Hacks For Any Game!

Random video showing off how to make a simple external hack (god mode/invulnerability in GTA SA as an example) for any game using Visual Studio and Cheat Engine. Source code and download links included!

First we find the addresses, offsets, and pointers for the program using Cheat Engine, then we start coding a C# console application in Visual Studio.

I hope this helps some people who are trying to get into game hacking/reverse engineering and have no where to start! This is how most game hacks are basically made, with the exception of most game hacks using C++. I tried to make it as easy and beginner friendly as possible assuming you know basic coding/programming in C# and how Cheat Engine works. It’s basically converting a Cheat Engine table to a working external cheat program. This method works for any game such as CS:GO, GTA 5, Fortnite, etc. It doesn’t have to be god mode too, you can use your other addresses/offsets for things such as infinite ammo or infinite money. If you add junk code and experiment with other addresses/offsets, etc you could also make it undetected, but please try to only use this in single player games and not online!

This video is only a reference and tutorial for learning and educational purposes.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer back!


VAMemory DLL:


VKs (Virtual-Key Codes):

Coding Simple Hacks For Any Game!