Client-side gaming hacks

Client-side gaming hacks

Brief discussion on how client-side gaming hacks work and comparing susceptibility of certain games.

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Client-side gaming hacks

it was affected if I can master this course oh my god yes what you are talking haha what is this game oh my god it looks like Daisy please tell me you open I will say that for whatever you have to say about rust rust rim solidus fuck there were no fucking we're desc bullshit glitches like Daisy and h1z1 whatever these other games are built out of that rust game Reb really fucking well that was one of the reasons why I played it for so long or why I was so attracted tune in the beginning is because that rust whatever of unity or whatever the code base is solidest fuck you would never wind up with any of this glitchy ass fucking cuck bullshit oh my god huh Jesus you mean the game that trusted clients that information more than you trust your fucking bank with your money are you talking about armored h1z1 because that was not rust rust did not trust client-side information everything was checked by the server dog macadam you should know this if you played the game you can't just you can never just spawn items or whatever into into rust because the server checked all the information against the clients there it wasn't like ARMA or hy don't know of h1z1 as look at an ARMA the client is trusted so if you teleport in items or whatever spawn and shit the client will believe you or the server will believe you everytime destiny are you real is I can't tell Magid I'm is trolling right now welcome to explanation of rust hacks that are going on right now all right here we got a prime example of ESP with some speed hacking we can see the stash walk right up to it everything shows up all the entities show up all the whore all the stone anything you name it all the people they're all located even the dark doesn't matter you see in Ford you see through walls not hard people change the colors of the people living for some items and find it there's wood type beside toggle ball on and off even the bags show up show the items it's unbelievable locks on bases appear boxes and bases appear the towers there's there's really no end what this capabilities have you might say oh there's no way I got hacked you know and it's like fucking your base design sucked reality you might have gotten packed especially when you go up to the top best advice right here seriously the only two things that are fucked with permissions here are going to be the speed running and the and the super-jumping the freaking lock on the top door I'm assuming he's gonna do the super jump thing chicken look around see if I was looking at but while hacking isn't the same as sending bad day to the server yeah Hephaestus I either a genome doesn't know the difference or he's being intentionally retarded I could him does programming so I assume he knows the difference so he might just be acting really dense or really retarded I don't understand I'm not sure and this guy tried the triangle approach smart that's smart honey coherent but I think just eventually you're gonna leap to the top so put a lock on your ship speed hacking and jumping means to sever trust some bullshit oh yeah for sure I'm not saying that it's not at all but if you compare this to ARMA then you're either completely fucking retarded or you're in conversations that you probably shouldn't be in because you don't know what you're talking about in ARMA you could literally spawn in a vehicle in front of you spawn in a box that's full of guns and ammo and crazy fucking shit take it all out get in the vehicle and drive around and go and fucking murder people and period and the server will trust all of that the severals there you go you got a fucking vehicle here yeah sure dude you can do things like invincibility you I'm the super-jumping and the speed hacking and the clipping through walls without checking collision like Armour was insane for that like yeah for sure there's probably some fuck shit with this engine too I'm sure or with the client with the client the client server checks whatever here but to compare it to ARMA you you you use have to be uninformed to do that I think did he even compare it to ARMA I compared it to ARMA and he's he asked me if I was crazy ARMA was one of the worst games in terms of trusting the in terms of trusting the client to do anything it was insane destiny but I never said anything about ARMA okay well that's what I was talking about I'm pretty try and literally open we go back on twitch clips it there's no fall damage oh yeah no I read to you could delete files for trees and shit so that you can see behind things now for any level it's not hard all right so here is the first cake violation that was received you can see them out of the game nothing just get him back in the game doesn't matter that's just part of the game system doesn't have to affect the account for those of us who have no idea how wall Hawks actually seeing everybody in the mat works can you explain okay think about it this way if you're running around in a game if you're running around in the game all of the information that's in that game has to be visible to your client your client has to not I'm sorry I shouldn't said visible your client has to know where everything is okay because if it didn't that would mean that every time somebody popped around a wall or every time somebody shot you from afar the game would have to do these constant checks every fucking millisecond to see like a summit can you see somebody can you see somebody something River right but that's not really realistic you can't really do that so what happens is the client has all of this information available to you but it's hidden to the player via GUI right or via some kind of some kind of interface that won't show you all of the information right this is almost universally true in game design every single game more or less uses this kind of net code architecture but do you call this a net code I don't know if this qualifies net card or not I don't even know what the fuck net code means I'm not gonna fuck a lot I just know it's about in Dark Souls but I'm not even sure why but this is why I'm what you do when you hack what you're essentially doing when you're hacking is you are reaching into the memory of the game and you're saying hey I know that you know this shit now I want you to fucking tell me that shit motherfucker and then that's hacking so let's say for instance you're playing again with Starcraft or you're playing a game of League of Legends or whatever right so you might be running around if the enemy pops into your screen you your game the client already knows where the enemies are it's just not showing you so you might use some type of script or whatever to say like hey I know you know where that fucking enemy is I want you to put them on my fucking screen you piece of shit something so then whatever hack program or script you're using will do that for you right have I ever used what no I don't hack what the fuck sorry so we were talking about in terms of server client trust right so I don't think that's true for League of Legends I know it's true and I know it is I'm so confident I'm so confident that it's true because if it wasn't true that mean that means that your game would constantly be doing every fucking um every every millisecond it would have to be doing checks like hey is this hero and range of that dude because if it is then we need to send that information to client I don't I'm pretty sure that that information is available to your client all the time but you would need a script to reach into the memory to make that information available to you lul actually doesn't tell the client where someone is til they are visible that's how the mini-map bug worker just showed the last known position was does it does the lead client really not is that really possible because I know that in StarCraft all of the information is available to you oh I guess maybe because the amount of characters is so much lower in league maybe it would be possible there yeah it wouldn't be every millisecond it would have to be it would have to be through tix whatever the server took great is that's why the Starcraft 2 engine lags like fuck the Saga Tanya doesn't lag like fuck and also what we're talking about is not necessarily engine related well I guess it would be if you talk about server client but the oh sorry so one of the things that happens when you're playing when you're playing games is there's a server that's running a copy of the game and that server is checking its copy of the game versus the information that your client is sending it so if you're playing a game typically clients are not trusted ever maybe for a few very specific or minor things they are but for the most part a client is never trusted so that means let's say that I get out of hacker program it would be it would be incredibly easy to create a hack program for League or some sort of script that would boost your ad buy 1000 write it to make a program like that would be insanely simple right so you would make your program you would modify whatever value you need to do and hey now all of a sudden you have 1,000 ad Wow fucking easy moded right however what'll happen is if you're in the middle of a game and then you activate that script and now you have a thousand ad well what happens is the server is gonna get that information from your client like hey by the way I've got this much ad and then the server is gonna say well hold on that's some cookin fuckin bullshit because there's no fucking way that that should make sense because I'm running the same fucking game you're running why the fuck do you have so much ad motherfucker and then an anti hack or some kind of reconciling will happen you'll end up getting kicked off the server for something like that right however there are some very specific games there are some very specific games where the server will trust whatever the client says and then you end up in a really weird cook world like ARMA is an example of one of those games where have you tell the server like hey by the way I'm invincible I promise or hey all these items that I just spawned in these were here I promise these items are real in this vehicle I just spawned in this is some real shit and the server will go oh wow hey dude I mean if you tell me that that's how it goes and then like Who am I to deny you what you're telling me is the truth right that's why the ARMA games have always had a huge issue with them packing okay doesn't the arm still get fixed with a better anti cheat on the server side yeah they try to have like the how does interest which got hacked