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Scott tries his hand at video game adultery.


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hey y'all Scott here are your games to balance do you suffer from not being a dirtbag enough when a commit videogame adultery well might I recommend cheat codes before I use cheat codes I look like this and look at me now cheat codes what separated the men from the scumbags they were a way of life for a while after playing a game for a bit what better way to get more out of it than to enter in some sweet sweet bun and puts on a random menu to see some crazy stuff Oh Chico can be anything that's generally a secret command you enter in a game to change something up and it seemed that almost every game had them for a while cheat codes were on the rise and we're at their peak in the fifth and sixth generation of consoles until absolutely plummeting into obscurity during the seventh I assume sheet codes aren't as much of a thing these days due to video games being taken more seriously with stuff like online leaderboards and eSports cheating is just more frowned upon now like you cheated Mario Tennis 64 you're the playgrounds Messiah you cheated Mario Tennis aces the neighbors get alerted when you move in near him personally though I didn't really use cheat codes to specifically cheat at games I used them to just have fun really did I ever use them to get past a tough level or something I was always into the weird and wacky cheat code stuff that changed physics altered your appearance or gave you a bunch of upgrades just to mess around for an afternoon now potentially the first cheat code ever was a manic miner on the ZX spectrum in 1983 typing 6 0 3 1 7 6 9 while playing allow you to go to any cavern in the game buh let's be real here this doesn't hold a candle to this by Konami code the most well known cheat code in existence you rattle off and up up down down left right left right B a start in a handful of Konami games and you come face-to-face with a variety of different outcomes of course the most famous thing the Konami code did was give the player 30 lives in Contra but it also did the same thing in life force gave you most of the power-ups and Gradius and unlocked all the songs and beatmania for the Game Boy Color yeah the NES era of cheat codes primarily consisted of giving you more lives or continues for example Super Mario Brothers had a secret continued code when you lose all your lives you hold a B and push star to at least continue at the beginning of the world you died in however some codes definitely stood out more than others sometimes it could be nothing more than hold a bird fans other times they could be really cool secrets easy example would be the Justin Bailey code in Metroid entering that in the password screen allowed you to play a Samus without her power suit and sporting green hair a game with a password screen was almost guaranteed to have cheats it's just the perfect opportunity to throw some in there with that said passwords were ways to allow you to resume your progress in games without safe functions so technically just entering a password for a level you haven't gotten to yet can be considered a cheat code want to skip everything in Megaman 2 well here you go throwing it out there I was playing Sponge Bob battle for bikini bottom on my gameboy advance on the school bus as everybody born in 1997 did I entered a bunch of random junk on the password screen and bam I unknowingly entered the code for the final boss and I will be perfectly honest that was probably my proudest gaming moment now after the NES era cheat codes started to get really fun another famous one was definitely the blood code in Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis the SNES version was a wimp it was censored and sweaty the genesis version was the real deal and even though it technically looked worse everybody flocked to it for one lone reason entering this code enabled the blood and that's what Mortal Kombat is all about Sonic the Hedgehog's had a great history with cheats specifically the level select codes allowing you to access any level you want right from the get-go on the title screen but what's really special is the T bug mode this is how Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 was famous for being a pioneer in two mediums first person console shooters and big head mode cheat codes come on you can't beat this this is wonderful it was in a fair amount of games including NBA Jam as well the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series had loads of codes even offering a menu specifically for cheat codes and nothing could ever live up to moon gravity look at this but in this day and age where cheat codes have all but vanished one company has been doing God's work and cramming them in almost every game they can Rockstar continues to pop cheats in their games most famously with the Grand Theft Auto series cheat codes allow me to play GTA in the only way I could ever imagine playing GTA with notion giving intact the one I remember using cheat codes on the most was san andreas now I mainly played this one on a computer and not just any computer a Mac which means but the fun thing about that version of San Andreas was that the codes had to be typed into the keyboard meaning a lot of them were pretty easy to remember because they were just phrases chitty-chitty bang-bang made the cars fly while you could also have some super hops and have gluttony reign supreme one of my favorite sheets to enable in Grand Theft Auto would always be entering a code for an insane arsenal of weapons nabbing a hefty wanted level and just seeing how long I could survive this is what grant the thought always ends up being whenever I play it now I mainly remember nabbing cheat codes from magazines specifically the Tips & Tricks code books I never subscribed to these but I would pick them up sometimes at the drugstore this one always made me feel really anxious like powder and ass together mine would always cover this portion just in case I would get diagnosed with adult supervision tips and tricks code book for Sonic's 15th anniversary this was the one I thumbed through the most as a kid it has a huge section on all previous Sonic games up until that point it has just about any in all games you could possibly want codes for covered as well the cheat code paperback book market was at the top of its game back then I think come on name a better way to find out that you can change the bowling ball color in Wii Sports the origins of cheat code books can be traced back to Nintendo Power which had its own various tips and cheats you could read up on which later brought life to strategy guides and books dedicated to cheats for all u k– top players out there anybody else find it weird that cheat code reading material was almost always marketed for supreme video game players when cheats are used to make games you know easier but sometimes cheat codes created by the game developers just aren't enough and you want to delve into the immoral side of gaming cheat devices various products have been released over the years that altered game code to let you do all kinds of things got forbidden intend o save infinite lives crazy physics anything's game here there are loads of cheat devices that have appeared over the course of time like game shark and Code Breaker but these are the two I have the original game genie on NES and an action replay for the Gamecube game genie is definitely one of the most well known cheat devices and one of the first of its kind as well being an unlicensed accessory for the NES that let you make Mario jump higher than Nintendo wanted him to Nintendo fuckin hated it Nintendo sued Galoob the makers of the game genie citing copyright infringement this was still the early 90s so everybody ranging from the US government to the people who actually made videogames still we're having a hard time figuring out how copyright works with the medium since the game genie modified game code to do some wild stuff Nintendo made the argument that their code is copyrighted and couldn't be tampered with but the thing was Galoob wasn't modifying clue clue land and selling their own version of it the game genie was something the consumer bought after already purchasing in nes game it's like if you took a book and changed all the periods two commas I mean yeah you're a fucking lunatic but it's your book do whatever you want Nintendo tried their hardest but in the end they lost the case and the game genie lived on there was a version for the Super Nintendo and Gameboy and the Genesis and Game Gear versions were licensed by Sega themselves of that of a jab at Nintendo since they despised the game genie after actually playing with this thing it can be a bit finicky but it's an absolute blast look at this I'm cheating the game genie came with a code book that covered a handful of popular NES games and codes to pop into them you just insert the game into the game genie and then insert the game genie into the console easy stuff you then have to enter some codes you can enter multiple codes or just one many of them are totally lame like infinite lives whatever who cares you can start Super Mario Brothers 3 with the Frog suit I've had nightmares about this before it's great to finally face my fears however the device is useful if you want games to be a bit easier potentially like the Zelda code makes you invincible and this river city ransom 1 boost all your stats from the get-go but I'm a simple man give me a code that makes my jump weird and I'm all on board this is amazing the action replay is a similar line of cheat devices that actually got its start all the way back on the Commodore 64 however unlike the game genie action replay just kept on coming out for seemingly every platform for a while game genie was a lot more wholesome you just look through the code book and have fun action replay is way more hacky feeling the versions for different systems vary however many can allow you to not only mess with game code and cheat but play import games some homebrew stuff and you save States this is a version I have for the Gamecube and yeah it does have codes for cars the video game I was wondering when you'd ask for some reason they put the disc in the same packaging UT for batteries but whatever we pop the disc in and bam I'm overwhelmed in some respects action replays more user friendly than the game genie due to having all the codes built in you just like what cheats you want push start swap out the action replay disk for the game you want and there we go if you guys needed proof I was good at Kiros here max rings and points one second into plane here we go super mario sunshine with cheats here we go Super Mario Sunshine with cheats this is terrifying I'm crazy fast I can jump and do this double dash we have infinite stars this is boring pac-man world – moving on action replays one of the few ways to obtain the rare NES games in Animal Crossing and totally allows me to grab all trophies in melee with ease look you ought to be honest I never owned any cheap devices as a kid I played donkey konga how Nintendo wanted me to dammit but these are pretty fun I know a lot of other people use G devices on their D as for stuff like Pokemon but me I personally stuck to cheat codes baked into the game there was just something magical about successfully inputting a code and experiencing the game in a way you've never seen before they're just straight-up fun and it really bums me out they're rarely seen in games anymore I guess companies just thought oh yeah we can charge for cheats and just the roof stuff like alternate costumes on online stores and in terms of cheats that give you infinite lives or whatever I think developers just find it much more useful to make an accessible easy mode which I actually kind of agree with however I still love cheats and no matter what their legacy will always live on at least we'll always have the memories of cheat codes and the old games to still use them on which is great seriously how else am I supposed to be wheel of fortune on NES can't eat this sucker without the moon gravity cheat [Applause] [Applause]