Call of Duty WW2 Zombies – NEW WW2 ZOMBIES WALKTHROUGH + BOSS FIGHT!! (COD WW2 Zombies PS4 Gameplay)

Let’s Play Call of Duty WW2 Zombies walkthrough gameplay livestream with Typical Gamer! COD WW2 Zombies gameplay part 1!
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Call of Duty: WWII returns to its roots with a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation.

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what's up everybody typical gamer here with your daily YouTube live streams and Martyn today for you guys I got the brand new call of duty call of duty world war 2 and we are gonna be playing the brand-new Nazi Zombies mode I got to play it just a little bit before this and it is probably the most terrifying zombies experience I've had in Call of Duty so far so you guys are in for a real treat we're gonna have a lot of fun here try to do the casual Easter Egg or what they call it's kind of like a guided Easter Egg we're gonna see if we could do that see if we can get some of the awesome weapons from the mystery box maybe pack a bunch of few things we're gonna see how far we get we're gonna try to do this solo but if you guys watch and enjoy this you wanna see me do more nazi zombies on the channel I gotta do is hit that like button let's go for 10,000 likes and if you're new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button as well so let's go ahead and hit this over here and then I have to watch the prologue actually which should be a cutscene and I think it's gonna pop up when go into this menu because yeah there we go welcome to nazi zombies to begin your tale with the prologue and witness the rise of the final hike play the prologue yes let's do that okay let's see what's up over here the music is going ham right now Oh okay this is gonna be one heck of a gameplay guys get ready for it the logos so cool this year good to see you again we've had quite a ride together back to Scotland Fury's own stash perhaps your finest hour captain Jefferson anytime I'm taking Nazis down to pay my finest hour hanging next to a Vulcan burg sure they're both Dutch the wrong damn century Olivia your fieldwork at miss Weinstein led us to over 6,000 pieces stolen from private collectors in France genetics have taken so much from us all these arts belongs to the people and who can forget the Merkers effects are so realistic no but I Roland do not for a possible heart but your pennies again there's no what's that me duly noted which brings us to Middleburg and the current operation dr. Fischer ten days ago we received a dossier material smuggled out by a young Austrian scientist who's reconsidering his loyalties in it he provides the location of a hidden bunker and Colonel Richter had a collecting some peculiar pieces whatever they found it's being used to power some kind of experiment oh that looks like also dealing with do you your mission is to seize that relic everything else is on a need-to-know basis easy just me does this you know we do we but late to the party I didn't sign up for that shite none of us do buts here we are and you have your mission just as I have mine to find and rescue the scientists who risked his life to get us this intelligence loves Fisher my brother I meant on take with these Darwin no septon rescue best of luck well then what thumb flip um that was the coolest intro ever oh shoot we actually have to play something Oh play the prologue I thought it just played the prologue movie alright let's see what's up over here yeah seriously what was that thing alright somebody have to die from that I'm assuming the not four characters that were that are present in the in the game oh jeez where are we oh that's not good are those zombies are dogs oh all right well I'm just gonna go ahead and what is this on your couch over here all right well it didn't work for him very clearly if he died rip that guy instead of zombie that's a frickin zombie isn't it mother-of-pearl oh my gosh okay well that's the way to start zombies for this year ladies gentlemen with a frickin jump scare open my notebook notebook shows your objectives and also outlines and provides some info on important objects I remember that farmhouse it's across the place okay almost made it into town those broken soldiers doors and gates required Jules to open get jolted oh shoot daddy stabby Oh forked his head off didn't wait they make the creepiest noise these zombies turn around another one you dead are you dead all right he's dead oh geez each shovel Oh pry that head off probably that half okay let's go ahead and web blockers provide weapons and ammo exchange fertility knotted uses energy from the dead to unlock the arms cache how efficient mmm you can equip your shovel at any time and our goal right now is to earn enough jolts to open the exit all right it's jolt on baby each shovel you think I'm scared I ain't scared of nothing I never been scared oh geez it's upstairs holy shoot each shovel fry is freaking it up get out the window oh you really you really actually did be able to shovel up blissed machines grant powerful I didn't need me I don't even get the reader some blues and bullets machines up here though for sure eat my shovel eat my shovel there we go okay uh automatic still provide let's go ahead and grab this Oh give herself a little shock therapy there we go uh then what is this over here get shot we'll keep the light through three fatal hits but will cost more each time you buy it Oh Joe we're the flip did you come from you little donkey puncher there you go look at that alright what's her next objective here earn enough jewels to open the exit I need to kill these creatures to open this door okay well I guess we gotta do that then weaves more appear with every search horde grows and help and number oh yes we know this we know this get people I call of duty l1 puts r1 to trigger free fire temporary infinite ammo alright we're gonna wait a second to activate that so we go around who some people are not having a good time come on right now oh wow don't knock some it spoke of them in one shot even though it's not blow around let's activate it right now oh into my heart oh baby let it snow let it snow there we go it's up its up we can almost open it up to get out though so let's kill a few more zombies any more zombies want to play there we go we have enough jewels to escape I wonder if you can just infinitely fill Dom bees in this mode why you so little okay we're good let's make a way out of it regroup with your squad the town is just up ahead I hope the others made it oh dear god I hope closest to the life I'm coming brother victory there we go so I didn't even know that existed that that's sort of like the the prologue mission there and that's pretty cool I like that way especially if you're not familiar with zombies it's good introduction teaches you all the things and dot some of the the German words that I guess you wouldn't know otherwise like it's child I mean I don't even know what that means still but go to Raven research to craft new mods you get Raven tokens like that what else do we got here you can see your stats progression scoreboard let's go ahead and hit continue get in the fight public match Nazi Zombies is best played cooperatively in public match you will automatically be matched with a team of other online players by playing you will start learning earning experience and unlocking new features you can also create custom matches to unpack up to three players you will earn an experience while playing in a custom match oh very very interesting and then you could choose your soldier over here and you can do rave and research at level five loadouts weapon build kits consumables and all this jazz over here and then you can you can customize your guy all you won't that's what it looks like consumables consumables are one use items that provide discount spawn power-ups or temporary grant temporarily grant powerful weapons among other things equip your consumables here some provides can be used to pick yourself up from last stand up to two times per match no need to equip some boxes there automatic safe level oh we have three awesome okay and then you can get things like a flamethrower that's always good and then other weapons mg1 5uu guarantees that the next weapon that will be assembled by the mix through boxes the mg 1 5 mg 15 maybe one of these provides 25% refund on any joules per pit purchase 50% on any blitz machine purchase very very interesting and can we can we do like weapon builds allows you to customize your weapons so let's just go for example let's go like a pistol so the 1911 can we go here can we change the way it looks a personalized I figure you got one yes look I got this skin oh look at that let's forget in the special edition their shout to Activision for sending me the game by the way I appreciate that okay oh and then I guess you could um you can also add anything like this to it as well for some reason when I was doing the oh nevermind just don't make sense never mind what I was about to say now can you do custom match and go solo dolo so right now the final hike is the only match and it's the sleepy mining town of Middleburg where shadowy Horror Story game rules join in progress not allowed let's put that and can we just start it off with one person ready up and it's like you're loaded mark yourself is ready to start the match once all players are ready the match will start okay let's select our character here so we could choose Jefferson the Ralston who's the roast then oh that's that guy Murray over here or Olivia there we go I'm think we're gonna go with Jefferson I feel like we gotta go with Jefferson and then I'm not sure what this consumable stuff is but let's let's just get this started here I think we can go in here select loadout so we got your special you got mods oh my goodness what the flying fuzz let's go with players ignored by zombies that seems to be a pretty good one doesn't it let's go with I feel like this one would be good okay we're gonna go with let's go with this one for now which one's better oh let's go ahead and go with this one let's go ahead and start it oh there we go it will start all right let's get in this playing nazi zombies on the new Call of Duty World War 2 we're gonna see how well we fare in in this hostile environment here so wish wish me luck as we attempt to complete the casual path guided quest here and see if we can see if we can see what's up with this area see if we can see what's up medic is the best one oh shoot well I just want to see my cool gun really it's all I want to see okay town mr. surgeon we need some more jolt so what is this over here I'm max I'll survive damn that meat and up pay for everything here they do make you pay for everything do you have to repair windows anymore yeah buddy I don't think no you can't repair windows anymore interesting one two three go ahead and take out my shovel we're going overtime over here oh shoot knocked I do setup hope you got a zombie Supply Drop oh it's coming through here knock his head out where's your head at no you can't repair windows anymore so that's pretty that's pretty neat – no that is pretty neat to know this map though what is this oh the machine pistol maybe we should totally should have gone with the other thing what is this nothing to retrieve look at this map though this looks spooky there's like an aurora borealis going on this time of year in your kitchen nobody knows what that's a reference to and I'd trying to execute people like that there's a lot of them come on stand in a nice line so I can kill you all there you go look at that you guys are so nice to me all right come on you two come on you two make your way out of here I've had enough chopping down these zombies over here let's open this up and then we got this whole area to do so now if we hit this button locate the bunker entrance so we can go ahead and this is very clearly at the bunker entrance maybe there's a generator somewhere around all right so blow open the path to the sewers sewers over here we got this and this is connected to this thing over here which means we got to go ahead and turn this valve get this power started here this is a really power this is really just focusing on turning on this thingamabob er what does that release power to the bunker door oh never mind I just read the wrong thing um okay so that's one we need to do two more follow these cables oh hey Ricky freaky Birds oh all right you can make creepy sounds all you want dude I am NOT gonna play nice with you weapon though what is this so rear oh this is definitely part of the Easter Egg or something oh yeah dude up with your head up with your head all right so we get a type 100 over here mmm oh it's not a roller Borealis that's for the boxes yes you guys are right you guys are correct now can I go through here there goes all my points worth it worth it come on spin spin spin spin spin we got infinite ammo for a pistol as well right now we can activate that whenever Olli shoot out the way out the way I said move zombies oh we're stacking some points up Freyr we were just unleashing the Beast on them these yummy zombies here he's young a zombies we want to waste all our ammo I think this one okay let's follow this path now there's too many strikes I'm sure there's a ton of Easter eggs Oh kind of just done this one the whole time good night a part of me boys it'll just be a minute yes we're just powering the valve here turning on the gas there we go activate the pilot light let's just go ahead and okay here comes the fire oh shoot nevermind you know what do that one doing that one do know what you know what do not what do not what do not what do not what do not one line holy moly do you want do one what is this force sort of power to the bunker door okay how do I do that now this requires power okay just there's a few of you guys chilling around I see you guys fight my shovel went down funny all right power we go open the bunker door there you see guys we got it right off to start like that so we opened the bunker door now oh no no no we didn't that's right beside the bunker door whoops now I think we can do it oh there we go opens the bunker door so now the bunker door is opening up we were over here go inside the lab or whatever this is it's not a lab oh the box over here look at all this fancy stuff find this on my door get through find the power to the salt mine door okay there's a lot of things going down what is this over here like a weapon assembly station of some time all right I'm down I'm down for some weapon assembly of some kind hopefully the good tech a good kind we just hit the mystery box up in a second here Oh Billie y'all are gonna start running now that's cool I mean y'all can start running if you like it's really gonna help you you are one ugly dude I just wanna throw that out there you are one ugly sign you are probably very very disturbing to look that even before a zombie all right let's open up this mystery box get their points up what are we getting what we getting give me something good oh yes the mg 15 baby that's what I'm talking about that's the good stuff right there that's good good all right let me get a heavy attack let's just do this crank show me what you crank money in the bank all right well we got the crank we got the crank up I believe to do this next part we need to open up both these sides so damn alright well our pistons not gonna do very much longer is it made for farming especially not for now though no BBE let us go around and around as we pop some zombies in the brain there we go now we can run through those I'm just running through them right now oh this this insta-kill lasts forever I love it there we go look at that okay how much this cost 1,500 fudge you would be fun to have a party's holy shoot bro alright you gotta kill you anyway we're gonna give you the best honour right here oh yeah pop goes the weasel doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo what is this over here increased melee damaged the fuss blitz is the fastest so we got free fire that we could do right really do some new dogs new dogs okay there they're ten times more terrifying than dogs these are the new dogs these are the new dogs be nice please be nice you are so fast were so really fast oh look at that we got max ammo all right so they were the dogs they wear the doges they wear the dojust all right let's open this one then let's also open this one over here and then we got the laboratory and the leaves I think it's the morgue is the other side you got both of those opens so let's go ahead we need to get power up there we go there's a power source on the other side I know that for sure I've got about this far this is as far as I've gotten playing solo so we're gonna see if I can get the new new heights here come on we got to run a bit faster oh great sweaty just right there we go turn on the power open the salt mine now whoo double D points double Z happiness hardpoints baby oh fudge you want to open up now oh shoot that's a long open open this all mine up baby we opened up that saw my Millicent whooshing that's uh so this is the emperor's chamber that is the name that is given oh oh what's that just carried a bum maybe no maybe no that's great okay let's give him some death boys I'm bobbing and weaving right now I'm popping the weave right now absolutely I think we did it are we good I don't even know what's happening anymore there we go alright let's charge so there we up start the weapon assembly in the control room let us get moving over here boys we have to go to the weapon assembly come on now let's go you gotta get moving buddies Oh darkness is this over here let's leave somewhere else where the Frick are we why is the power out who forgot to turn the power on the weapon assembly I believe it is no birthday guys to cut off some transfer device sounds healthy let's hit that you ran the Box real question metal boxes been real good to us oh yes even better oh so it yes it moves and you gotta kill stuff in it it's always healthy come on buddy we're doing this at a good round before when I figured this out you need to be I was like at around 15 or something it was a little bit crazy okay so we're doing this part right here and we have to follow it around when we charge it so let's go ahead and kill stuff in this right oh great chat my favorite part keep moving baby you keep moving for dad areas of all-time there's a million printing zombies there let's just stop the stupid little thing oh really well come have some trouble escaping here do a little wrap around oh yes you can pop back out perfect perfect perfect you need to get some power-ups right Oh what the flip yeah that's it going great this is turning out to be real just spectacular what is happening I've never got this far we're gonna stop pick up the Tesla gun barrel holy shoot oh this is great really I need juggernaut do I have juggernaut already confused oh now move me back Wow shoot that guy clotheslines me every time that hurts okay so we got one piece of the Tesla gun we're gonna make you proud Elon Musk and Nikolai Tesla make you proud boys don't know what that was back there all right let's follow on through over here we have to put something over here now oh look at this it's looking pretty cool Oh mother truck please please please just leave me alone cuz all you gotta do is leave me alone be nice Wow another one okay so you got through this side too let's keep it moving keep it beachy wave completed but that guy's still alive what'd I do about the guy oh great this is bad oh shoot speaking of the guy oh it's dead oh alright well that's the thing that happened oh no I don't want to be scared right now come on hey not zombies Holy Mother stop leave my kids alone what is that in there like rats in there really dude oh really what is this I don't know what's happening oh I think it's doing the same thing the other one did amen as long as I can get that Tesla gun all I have feel accomplished oh it's brushing it up oh yes it's gonna poop it out right there just gonna poop it out oh my goodness bring around then the most dangerous game of ring around the rosies like pick up the Tesla core alright oh do we have to escort it back oh no you're good come on come on don't be so soft this side is so much easier what's up what the foot what the flight what what the flight but please that killer Oh Maggie okay well I think I'm out of ammo for that gun though I agree with you buddy I agree with you buddy oh we need some power power help us out right now Oh Oh picked up his head where do we put his head oh shoot what do I do with this ad I have it read what the fuck hold up what do I do with his hand what do I do with this head what I do with it oh my gosh what do I do with the head though I don't know what I do with the head I'm so confused maybe I can yeah throw it at something how do I drop it I don't want the head anymore here let me take this and set oh shoot look at this thing oh damn that thing's head is on the ground that thing was cool whatever it was but oh no nice gun okay took my nice gun I have like 10,000 points though so kick it like a soccer ball drop it you'll need it later okay what's our next step examine the right hand of God what does that even mean what's the right hand of God why do I have examined the right hand of God look at this guy's head oh wow we're gonna mess them up what on earth is the right hand of God take it to the altar eat it guys I'm not supposed to eat the head holy mama mama I'm not eating the head okay it's very disgusting right hand of God I thought there's something like this no I okay I was wrong I don't that's not very specific oh there it is I want to use this Tesla thing but Elon Musk is gonna be mad at me like how it gives you a hit lavertus kept examine this I need to write a lightning strike to this bolt I think the Nazis already set everything in place okay so right how do I route energy to the tower how do i route energy to the tower fudge this isn't good I don't know how to route energy back to oat okay we're still in this mode and it shows us where to go so there's something over here so it looks like shows us the sections here activate the power grid oh I don't know where that is how do I activate the power grid what is the head have to do with anything oh there okay we have to hold activate that power grid charge for few boxes of hopper frequency okay so what is this blue blue red red blue blue red red one and two is blue I don't know how to do it okay so this is one right we're in the command center we're in the bunker guess we got to change that the blue move it man that one's blue that one's the right one right hey what's the other blue one gosh I can't read okay let's just hold on for a second all right let's just hold on for a second so which one's gotta be blue as well where are we right now oh my gosh second bro I don't even I can't even hold up which one is remember the colors okay hold on I'm trying to figure it out where are we supposed to so where I I'm at one okay wait I'm at one right I'll have to turn left and turn that one too I'm so confused I'm not gonna kill him yet oh great things are going crazy I can't reach our bin okay hold up I'll kill the zombie in a sec I'm trying to figure out the Easter Egg guys it is aam be with the head I will do that okay so I think maybe we should get some more power-ups what do you guys think that's where rat right okay that's where rat so confused on the messy entrance there okay so this one will be this one so the morgue right so the morgue and this one and what are the other two these were the other two are I don't know I don't get it so I got to do this one too so this one's blue as well I don't even know where it is I thought that was it I don't know what these power things are this part confuses me a ton oh there's one there's one in the sewers one of the sewers what am I looking at here suppose all tubes tubes I don't know how this thing works so we're gonna try it out here we're gonna see how this this Tesla gun works you guys ready for this all right Tesla gonna impress up side boys all right so there's one in the sewer there's one in the sewer there's one downstairs once we figure out where they all are then we can do this so there's one of the sewer one downstairs where the other ones guys do you know you're the bunker door someone said is one where is that gonna be so we have some armor here that's good just gotta find the other two spots jump it up everything so we can run around easy let's open up this this is something no this is more armor I'm confused about the whole armor system but that's a I guess that's another it's another tale what is this yeah but really going to a tower I guess not gonna get the nuke okay this looks like it'll probably have something here no how does this not have something okay so this isn't an area this is just we'll call this the tower I guess for now we slide on the rear that's nice when you guys said if I go through all of them it will activate the pack a bunch okay we're just going through increased sprint speed and stamina let's go ahead I don't mind that AFP's happy weird the other ones guys so you know just past one all right so we know where one is for sure we know we were to is what's that noise oh here's another sewer thing so where are the other two you guys are telling me that pack a punch opens up when I get all of them so this is not one okay I'm gonna keep looking for them but if you guys have suggestions let me know I passed it I might have passed it but I sang I passed it it really helped it right now because I don't know where you guys are referring to great trying to jump scare me trying to jump scare me so we've been here before where's this right here increased weapon damage that might be good that's good but let's keep moving let us keep moving here okay so we know where one is to learn for sure we just need to find three and four three and four where is lucky number three and or gonna be what is occurring something is to check that I'm just check out stable as ground areas when you slide down the tube there's a button to the left good company you guys saying it's in here this is this over here faster reload speed I like how the zombies are kind of letting me do my thing now I appreciate it they're independent zombies now oh here's one no no that's not one where on earth are they no friends okay I get what you guys are saying so I didn't I didn't open any of them by going through the tubes weird the other two I forgot where the other two were let's go through this one they're closed when you haven't started it really is that noise let's go ahead and raise that cage a little bit more so we will have done one hand to hear catch a little bit higher oh oh wow that's really bloody down here really bloody cool you have to activate it with four of the colors okay I still don't know which color goes where though that's a big problem – right new zombies are being real nice though I think they'd be a little meaner Oh am I on this ma'am I'm no wonder they were nice send these after a while I guess so this starting around just kill the ones that are annoying cuz that one's good we have to take this tube here still so where else did you guys say they were I have no clue man I haven't spotted it anymore that's that's the big problem we know we're like two are for sure and that's it no one's in the sewer me this one's right that's two down that's two down got you alright so we know where how many are so I didn't know that they look like that before you activate them right Oh what is this I've been up here I'm sorry moving will find marine their minerals Marie they're not rocks okay let's go ahead and feed this out [Applause] there's one in the Tesla room one in the tubes and so we know you got one there that's one it's one leading out there's no second one here it's one over here so that's so that's otwo oh they have numbers on them oh pardon me boys that's Oh – this is oh three oh three is the furthest oh twos in the sewers aisle three is the furthest Oh Tuesday the stores three is the furthest through some servers first series in the sewers oh we use the furthest a – is in the server sewers oh so what is that gonna be so that's gonna be oh three is red Oh two is green oh great I'm gonna go down come on Oh two is blue and I think this one's blue as well right that's all I gotta remember everything else is red so everything else is red so let's just remember this one this one is a one I want so the sewers and Oh two are blue the rest are red okay so we just got to find the last panel done sewers in this one are blue the rest is red all right so where's the last one I know her three of them are right now and there are four does anybody got that Intel anyone got that spicy Intel because your boy does not I've seen it over the last one there's no more good guess okay so we got sewers exit of sewers we got the base and then where's the last one where's the fourth one I know I've seen it I've seen it is it on the way to the tower is that what I'm thinking of that's the fastest way to hit all these up I think I know how to do this now alright let's figure out where the last one is and then we'll we'll continue from there figure out where the last one is I think I saw it somewhere here right like crazy I might be crazy watch cakes where is it I don't know where the last one is as soon as we find the last one we can do this I got some bread oh oh there it is okay so this is Oh for perfect okay we know what the L R we know where they all are let's do this Oh as a new Easter egg trying to someone trying to complete the Easter Egg whose completely new I think we're doing all right I think we're doing all right so let's do this one with stylus see this one of the style if I can remember how to get back I'm running forever this is great and I ran now ran so far away I couldn't get our way ok so I think the best way to do this would be activate this alright that's activated now I think we can actually cut through the sewers through here right here no I was completely wrong oh no should not have tried something new but not I don't even know where I am anymore Oh clutch cakes oh no oh that one up for me alright let's get her a run straight then okay so as we go through we will then make a left go through here through the morgue and as we go through the morgue we'll eventually make our way throw into the sewers now in the sewers we'll come upon this one this one it's also blue look at that and then this one over here is red along with our other friend who is also red so maybe we can get it right now there we go that one's red and then we got to go ahead and get the last one we just need one more please give me the time it's on a timer very clearly I can hear it tick tocking I have to resit the sir oh okay we know the run now we know what or under this now let us go ahead and do it one more time now we know which way to do it for sure so will not be hard for us and let's to find the tube it'll be quicker Oh true dude you are right thank you for the pro tip guys oh no oh no I've lost my way how the heck could I lose my way in here it's almost like not big at all oh this one's also blue blue now last year one so this one's gonna be red oh we're gonna crush this one no doubt there we go and then let's get last one we are bolting it as fast as we can come on come on money we should be good on time here so this one should be red as well go ahead here we go we good there we go activate and defend the central lightning rod where the Frick is the central right lane where the heck is the central oh it's over there okay so let's go ahead and load up a little bit actually shouldn't we get with no strategy all right we did it run to next step boys ladies and gentlemen you're on to the next step these zombies are getting a little bit mad at me get a little mad at me I don't know what to do all right let's activate this oh great it has help [Applause] top it off if people how are you supposed to defend this thing how are you supposed to do this if you don't have my weapon really really what what does it mean both lightning rods now are you bloody serious I can't do that so we've done one of them one time what's just not fair [Applause] that's just not fair that's just silly that's just silly isn't it okay gotta go Oh Mike why does uh gets me every time that's just one you need two more to defend laughs nonsense man Oh jack-in-the-box oh I didn't No good to know how on earth am I supposed to do this pleasure somebody want to explain to me headshots only baby we need you to get that thing that doubles our our strength the weapon strength say we almost died is an understatement the same we almost died is an understatement now wait really it's gonna get harder whoo motion okay someone tell me how that big guy isn't dead you just standing there doing nothing the Tesla gun about to do some work though I will protect the towers and totally charge up but gosh these guys hurt me is their juggernut do I have juggernaut on how do I get juggernaut guys jackin the-box is definitely hype there's no doubt my god okay I need a pack a punch as well how many have I done I've done this one all right so how many super things do we still need to do like one let's count this one's active one to two is done threes done I guess just a four you guys know where that super would be anybody knows holler at your boy where's juggernaut it's a red perk machine how come I have not seen it how come I have not seen it Oh what is this some freaky-deaky stuff going on over here boys there's some freaky-deaky stuff going on all right Red Machine what is what is this armor thing can you guys explain that to me that stuff consistently however stuff confuses me this one right here have I done this one I've done this one which one am I missing guys it's a shield on the bottom left you take three fatal hits if you level it up oh okay good to know so weird it's armors there's no I'm so confused so there's no more jug it's just called an armor fair enough what am I even looking for again I'm looking for one more sewer grate right then you go on a sewer trip this is just three avoid something hidden in the painting about something hidden in the painting already hit all pipes look oh okay I thought there was one more down here so this thing should be open then right oh look at that not upgrade this weapon oh yes ladies and gentlemen the pack-a-punch is up you just need to hit three Seward's thank you guys so much for your help I am really appreciating you guys are seriously the best alright let's let's swap this gun before we pack a punch we can't pack a bunch of this gun unfortunately and I guess we'll buy more armor with it whatever we have left right we want something that can do a ton of damage to a bunch of zombies at once so we gotta go for something real good what is even this over here I can open that up and I don't even know what it does come on screw me over Oh mg I'm gonna I'm gonna pack punch this alright perfect so we'll get this will arm r up a little bit oh oh oh my gosh that was close so we took two fatal hits already interesting because he gives you three every time I assume go ahead and pack a punch this oh look at this oh look at that so we have now upgraded our weapon look at this thing where's this called this is the prop shredder the prop shredder okay these paintings are scary oh this guy's kind of scary too you're gonna want DoubleTap oh shoot dude you bring up a good point all right so I'm gonna want DoubleTap you guys are right what else am I gonna need what else am I gonna need like I'm doing like all these things you're like all of these things alright if you guys are joining this by the way hit that like button in three two what likes like and if you're new right here make sure hit that subscribe button as well we got to go ahead and get the one in only I feel like down here is a good spot to run around is it what's the best spot to Train honest map okay this one's good a lot of happy needs to run around but I know I don't play zombies [Applause] well this thing's a beast confirmed beasts confirm beasts oh what's up dudes oh he's dead those things are so annoying me how do I get speak Ola where's that yeah I don't think I'm beating this unless I have everything so that's what I'm trying to get everything so we're gonna go ahead and grab this over here there we go you got that one yeah we're a speed rail Oh guys that's all I need and we're good to go soon as I discover more speed reload as we're at Gucci in the Louie store [Applause] music ooh that's a hard hit oh that was a they had a linebacker there on me can you double back that out oh I completed the weight I don't thank you again where the heck is it oh is it down here crease I already got that um gotta figure out where this thing is I'll hold to buy ammo that's about it okay the head reveals the coats in the painting holy shoot this is nice thank you for letting me know what the head does guys yeah I'm trying to figure out where this feet hole is because that's what I need I need a quick Grove that I rehab cooking about for spike I need speed cola this one is in the building upstairs well fuzz I don't remember now this isn't it is it increased melee damage now alright let's try to figure this out man zombies is so stressful like constantly just stressed oh they're releasing these guys are the cages that's what's happening here at the top of the big hole oh my gosh stop Oh coming at me somebody said it's in the morgue um I don't think it's in the morgue said some popular circle the big circle I got to figure out where this is it's it's always tough I mean on a new map I'm sure everybody memorized it three months from now or something but me I do not know where this thing is right now we're doing pretty well though I got a mitt we were doing pretty well something I said above the dickhole stairs maybe why did I do that that's great out I'm trying to find what the Frick is it I'm having so much difficulty finding it anybody know where it is I need an expert in here it's in the lab outside the bunker I'm outside the bunker and I must be blind looks this sure looks outside the bunker to me now I'm inside the area but I haven't a clue boys the lab everybody stay in the lab now okay you're just running around we're just we're just doing laps around this place okay I'm in the lab now just sit oh there we are oh I thought speed real look I thought it was gonna be dream you guys know speed reloads always cream the heck thank you guys appreciate that all right let's go activate this tower thing I'm sure this will be fun we dropped him near in story all right should we try to do this now activate and defend both secondary lighting rods at the same time okay all right all right all right all right let's do this activate and defend oh this should be fun start this lightning rod let's keep throwing jacqueline boxes yeah I found easy way to do it no go go go another one Cowboys fudge back up please thank you thank you very much what's the right hand of God boys I forgot sit what is the right hand of God back to the altar okay all right we we're doing some work right here boys we're doing some work awesome good detective work Oh chop its head off that felt good that felt good to chop its head off all right back to the altar this will be fun this will be real real fun real real fun all the way down here and then we got to go ahead and investigate boys examine the left hand of God God are you there God God are you there very good job an example the end are you how on earth do I examine it oh oh my it's actually a hand what the fuzz weirdos how do I says examine the left hand of God investigate commotion in the village shows it there but I don't know also what's the Zeppelin what is that noise what the buzz out what the what hit me what did I just do find the Fallen uber smile where's the where's the fallen uber snell anybody got a clue on that one that's what I need right now I need a fall the fall and find the fallen over Chanel okay so we knocked that thing out grab the head okay let me grab the head see what's up ahead the head was chilling around for a reason see now we got a head like a football hey you want a head no okay now you guys really mean do I really need the head for this it's did nothing bus ahead to nothing put the head in the hand do anything laughs just not true is it I do want to see one thing though over here I have the head I don't I don't have to do with it now I broke through a little Nazi machine you're saying there's like a coat in the Oh portrait max leave are the light from that monsters eyes oh yes yeah oh it does nothing to the zombies they don't care leave it down there in the middle this is for the paintings what's the point of the paintings that is not used for that okay paintings now you say we're kind of an artist an artiste if you will any more artists down here because there's art I want it why did we go down there um okay put the head in the middle okay I'm confused kill enemies near the uber snod right I am so so very confused my friends we're gonna go grab her head back though we kind of left it over there okay so once we grab the head some of you guys are saying just leave it down there you might use it later somebody's saying you don't use it for that well we've certainly got a head surely signs shine some UV light onto our enemies paintings are for the main Easter Egg put the head in the middle let's go down here and see if we could do something with it about the blue what's about to blow oh my gosh how my sister in this bar confuse me it says examine the left hand of God how do I examine our do you see that up there what the heck is that is this it it doesn't really tell me why I shot the Zeppelin weren't issued it I did shoot the flying thing until it drops I just don't know where to drop now unfortunately for me oh this is where drop you go to heck you don't come back shine light on it the Hat is for later okay so let's go ahead and kill people around this and then apparently we will use the head for something else so pro tips on pro tips the battery this thing I mean you're living in a bar oh yeah right okay why do I have it can I please drop this thing please let me drop it please gonna drop it please let me drop it please let me drop it why do I still have it I'll be back for it it's in the lab oh my gosh this could be doing the gang over here [Applause] scooby-doo and the gang what I am getting rocks right now oh what the ah it comped I swear calm I need to go ahead and take this thing out of here but a boys I just need to bring your leaders head over to my spot I appreciate it if you guys try to stop it right just a lot of ammo for this gun I'm surprised upgrade the head alright now we should be good maybe maybe not I mean it's gonna be hard to bring either way No are you bloody serious it's gonna be the hardest thing to transport like two feet my strat my pro strat pick it up and bolt pick it up in fall boys pick it up and bolt one we're hitting them out of here I'm taking the battery down taking the battery down don't worry about me I'm just taking the battery down set it I don't even know where I put the battery in two more guys I put the battery oh here it is so what I put in the left hand of God I'll need to board what do you made I'll need two more damn Zeppelin tough to release another uber chanel oh my goodness another uber snug you're great Zeppelin you're just great she gets it ordered you like Spears okay might pop up the orange light there's the orange later there we go let's find the fallen thingamabob er is it gonna pop up on my oh here it is we need no help fun at this time it's getting really hard with the levels though I just want to throw that out there if I died would you guys be proud of me getting this far cuz I feel like it might be our time maybe oh why me why am I playing this solo I feel so much more comfortable playing this about people right my battery every part is that some people are just straight up some pervious tonight we're Bolton with it boys I'm going on a trip with their little battery snare you want to play the zombies to Samara you should come here so I'm not freaking terrified playing this game please and thank you please and thank you yeah no problem just running down here doing my thing like a Majid herb ugh totally no zombies by me oh no zombies behind me at all no zombies come here no if you got the wrong powder to town that's the other part ham no those zombies come in here never seen no zombies around there do it one mol I should do it alright let's go down at that dog in taupe Steve with my Tesla gun over here let her try it I'd let her try it just not now I would let Samara try this probably not now oh really you're not gonna fall okay you want to play me like that come on open up open up open up your heart I get it I don't [Applause] come on I just need to do one more where the Frick it's on the other side of it it's on the left side oh that's so frustrating how much does get on that side bring up drop down take this side swear I wanted that line now how on earth am I supposed to get this okay I need to be on the opposite side of the map right now hold it yes oh my god oh I have no ammo for this gun houston we have a bit of a problem okay so I will go find that in a second what I need to do right now is swap this weapon with a another equally powerful mg box moving right box has moved how's this thing's still flying around where's the box you guys in or the boxes it's over there somewhere ray I am terrified that it does the Zeppelin doesn't need one it's toy back there's the box okay we give me all of them jolts I should have packed punch Ram does it give you full animal though I was there depression it didn't there we go you got an empty 22 this actually might be better yeah I completely forgot about that thanks for reminding me guys but I think this is a better weapon pack a punch oh she had three weapons that would have a nice what is this oh you can share jolts it's so nice you can be such a nice person okay so in this one we're gonna have to kill the zombies while trying not to die from the Zeppelin shooting at us so we got we got a two part thing going down here we have a two part thing going down again if you guys are watching to join this join me hugging this out Easter egg adventure hit that like button and subscribe if you are new around there let's go ahead and put yourself in ease can you upgrade this Tesla thing anyway I just don't know how okay look at this guy he's Wilding out he's Wilding out there we go okay um so let's go ahead and find where did I drop the generator a few guys go right Zeppelin is very angry at what have we've done I don't know where it fell I think it fell somewhere in this area it doesn't show on my radar though does it are you buddy I have no idea where it fell that is a problem it doesn't just show up on your thing Thanks they would show it but apparently they do not I want you to go discover the joy finding your Zeppelin battery oh okay it's a lock alright zapping battery I give up brah I don't know where the Fricke went not here you have to do damage again oh oh I have to release it again Oh what I thought I did it again oh boy okay well it makes sense why it's still attacking them oh really oh really oh wow there goes one of my shields there goes one of my shields on joy [Applause] how are you not popping though you are making me very upset I'm going to die because of you and I'm not very happy about that don't do this to me Zeppelin and be less lame for a second I can't pop it I cannot pop the Zeppelin right now I'm having a lot of issue like I'm hitting the zones that I'm supposed to that's the gun is pretty great in this Tesla refuses to go down at the moment it's dropping his office the best part [Applause] okay I'm going crazy I don't know it must be really bad at this why isn't it going oh there's one more I think I think I have to have hit all four I think they hit a little bit I should be able to get on this side Oh mother-of-pearl sheet the red as well oh there we go oh I didn't know that I thought I thought ready you couldn't shoot what is going on he's not very happy that we did that is very upset very upset all right um don't need to know where the engine went um any ideas and the ideas oh there it is they don't want to stand in bang with this guy but [Applause] yeah but I wasn't I just killing them over here I don't have [Applause] well I almost died oh nothing dad is gonna hurt in the morning you get some arm robear don't mind if I do okay pretty good what do you guys think is the best weapon to pack a punch let me know in chat as we try to make our way as we try to struggle our way out Wow it's not hard to me raaz we don't lose our full armor okay with that there's a lot of zombies maybe deal with a these office and be happy with our life let's go to the last one bring this thing all the way down come with me fellow zombies down with me zombies we got the left hand the right hand all right let's turn this bad boy on find more notes hidden in paintings are you bloody serious what do we do with the necklace it's not working okay we're going to go at it from you find find more notes hidden in paintings the outline throughout outlines on the paintings out do hit me with a one-shot combo we need help all these paintings and shine some light on them on these good old paintings here okay so we got this one no got that one alright so it seems to be four four total so there's one up there we have not touched there must be codes hidden any other paintings yeah bro there's definitely another head alright there is alright so we've gotten most of them right how many more paintings that we need Wow this one's the one in the sewer think no it's not that's all the notes let's make some music ooh sound the notes at the voice of God voice are we gonna beat these keep as a spooky skeleton right there what are you for Halloween a spooky skeleton let's make some noise rumble in the jungle here we go hey girl make some noise what what what wait what do I do what's the flip do I do hold up what do I do there what do I do oh my gosh so we have to activate that thing okay so an animal and then number underneath so okay all right we need to go back where's our little school that we're at now well the paintings just show it now or do I actually have to bring the skull back cuz I didn't write anything down oh no oh no oh no this one's the bloody eagle and three what are you going three okay wait okay eagle with a little I mean write this down I need to put a paper okay I got this I got this there's number okay I shouldn't ruin them down at the start then all right here we go you rip out a page over there we go and all right my little best design at a weird eagle oh all right and that weird eagle is gonna be he's at a three great all right so this is gonna be one two three all right I'm the next one I wish I wrote them down this would have been much much easier so let's just straight up the bird looking at us that's gonna be four it's gonna be the bird looking at us alright let's go ahead and make it says other one here we have free fire which makes them really really confident so that's good this one is going to be the bird looking the other way and it is too so let's go this way and equal to and then where's the last one at the last one is gonna be all the way over there okay alright there's a fun Easter egg I like it this is really an easter egg it's like the main quest thing just like the main main quest thing let's go through here and then Zapdos is gonna be two as well it's gonna be Zapdos two is well zap dose alright we're gonna go ahead and do this let's just pick up this head – I'll rat it bring this nice little head along really really you want a tough look you want up tell me you really ought to fight a little scaredy-cat how much damage does this give us if we put this back in so we have 63 oh wow it gives you a lot of ammo oh that's great actually it's actually fantastic hello Samara is so confused Samara come here you got a cover to the room right now I'm scared it's too bad it's not me that's nice it's real nice that's coke that's real nice nice two-headed zombies found love all right so this is that one's gonna be too awesome Aires here okay that one's gonna be to the bird with that overhead yeah I said you should come here now it's gonna be three and then this one looking at us it's gonna be four come on the last one is gonna be the little Zapdos guy and that's gonna be two all right there we go Oh actors the voice of God look at that what is that but hey point of no return cert objectives will fill available after freeing the empire so choose wisely shoot hilt with coordinator shots from Tesla gun I got it I got it I got the help find a way to defeat the Panzer Mordor what what look we got a cutscene we gotta cut soon what the flying buzz how do I kill this thing [Applause] oh wow okay that's real nice oh boy [Applause] Thanks hello friend what's the flying buzz we're gonna have a little great okay so apparently we have to destroy this thing bring the battery down kill zombies on it and then place the batteries on the guy there's apparently what has to go down I do not make this stuff up how missus to do this and run away from this guy Thomas is just and run away from again my question [Applause] we call him Fred by the way that's his name Fred you're running we've got to shoot that right one out can we get an infinite ammo for this I feel like that should be a fair trade-off there we go oh okay so we gotta kill zombies around it oh great oh great first try not bad thank you guys I appreciate that now zombies are spawning because if you gotta kill zombies on the frickin point oh jeez okay oh great Oh Oh great wave 21 21 doesn't even give me a break in between waves it's just like you know you'll figure it out you'll know you're good you're frickin good you'll figure it out from don't worry with 21 not dust then you got this gotta do math [Applause] boy just wants a friend well I don't want to be his friend afford forever I'll be every one of your friends to chat but not this guy man he's a little a little different difference not back the wrong difference he's a mutant trying to kill that's a bad don't want that as your friend how much more okay so stun the pans are in catch the battery to stun the Panzer and attach the battery to him really that's a thing that's what we're gonna do now he's coming my way don't you come not my daughter I see your face no more Oh big ol dude stay away from me Big O dude Oh bite me son get a battery on you now I'm gonna get another battery on you and you're gonna die cuz you're stupid like you uh-oh which is bad I have a little battery on him I'm glad I got a battery on you I can't wait to finish this and never play Tom beast again because it terrifies me I'm gonna throw up from anxiety she's gonna happen apparently it just takes it like twice to do it twice the government use the Tesla gun miss Dunham mocks mo Lux um oh no summer is still not here Samara needs to be here for moral support she's not here look at that clock look at the Flickinger clock okay where's the Zeppelin huh do I have to finish the round or something stun the Panzer I already did that why is he telling me to do that again oh there it is the hardest part is gonna be again getting up zombies kills in the little zone little section that's the hardest part for me at least that is definitely going to be the hardest part for me like I'd let that thing out but Zeppelin don't care Zeppelin does not care I'd be break already keep moving oh great I'll share you a loop huh I'll share you my juice box dude just go another way now that you've got that juice box life no I don't think he's about that juice box life that's kind of breathe right like I'm good oh there we go hold it right here traitor Oh perfect gonna bask for a better spot good now it's for a better spot all right let's just breathe focus don't worry lots of armor still [Applause] we're totally not leaking blood everywhere it's not us that's the other guy why is this so terrifying why is this so terrifying why is this so terrifying yes yes yes yes oh yes oh no no no come on come on come on don't die now don't die now that would be so dumb if you died now Andre I would not like you I would not be your friend do not die now please please please big man big guy big guy where do we put the battery Oh Shi where do we put better I guess the batteries right there yes one more time is it one more time oh my goodness of course it is why wouldn't it be right Oh where's he going stepping on out of here [Applause] something they say one more time I thought it was two times and I got excited I think it's three times two more times you have to do it four times you don't have to do it four times do you I think it's three total I think it's three total I think one more so we're gonna see if we can get this done I think it's one more the two times Nikki knows what's up why have you hurt my soul lied oh no here we go tgd singing open and open fire chestnuts roasting on this dead guy big guy big guy it's three hits four it's three it's for which one is it you never know nobody can agree in chat I I would think it's the read they always do three they always I don't see why they wouldn't do three they always do for oh great face this guy too yes some people are saying it's four maybe it's more oh boy my thumbs are gonna fall off before I finish this I'm so scared I shouldn't be scared but oh no no it's not how it works right lie back or flan back earth I thought it's three strikes and you're out we're not playing baseball rules this is nonsense what am I getting anxiety then it's gonna keep on doing this I guess much up less up hey what the fudge how did he do that give it back dude I shot it down fair time to keep saying I have to get it back bites you to parties company by two fun parties nobody likes that's just the honest truth except sorry I got to be the one to tell you about it but since you're being very disrespectful with me all these zombies around thought it is good that we told you now sure little grab at first how great Oh oh great compose now okay I should be dead I should have lost the shield at least shield Oh big guy big guy Samara help you need Miko to come in Mika would own this guy doesn't even know what's happening he could hit him with a quick one to do a couple runs of it complete I didn't die did I beat it boy I know I want all we need your help this big guys trying to kill me that guy that guy oh no okay he is large and in charge he's certainly that is certainly true this is completed objective why does to say that this big guy clotheslines to me 24/7 is great oh yeah I have to keep attaching batteries to them yeah that's my button it's my weakness – yeah it's gonna put a foot a couple batteries on him y'all little guy so you guys know oh the battery's unlocked okay so I need to know hit him again well I need it i stun it I don't okay we call him Jeff Declan that's not a good name what is it's not allowed on me did you see that that was so stupid [Applause] I'm so dead alright enough on my armor I go down in this I'm no more armor okay please be free and not before oh my god please hold in place why won't you please okay that's just nonsense I eat my game glitched or something Hey look now he's stunned [Applause] okay there he Sonny Sonny Sonny oh my goodness yeah go up and outer space go back where you came from oh my god oh damn okay all right anybody important to the show Nazis hey we just beat it Oh what is this I tried it I have a truck wait how do I take it out I can't take it out anymore nonsense how do I get it back well we beat the Easter egg or they mate one of these days how do we that's pretty cool that's a cool outro now it just tells me I completed everything I don't know what to do now do I just die you're just lying die dude I mean I bet you there's like another Easter egg right oh no there's so many dead zombies ever I can't clean this place up there's still more how do you what more is there to do if there's an easter egg I ain't up for that I'm I ain't up for the Easter Egg part of the sword now you need part of a sword oh you need to finish the maintenance rate via the sword oh I wish I could use the store oh you need to start over after oh I guess we can just play until we die at this price why yeah did you win your first game all ears Waka Flocka I'm rockin the world but did you died oh did you died oh thank you for your thank you for your thank you appreciate that I probably won't die for a while try left nothing works like you don't actually get it but I like I get I got the hilt I got there's like a bunch of stuff on the bottom right I assumed this for the other Easter Egg I mean this is mostly just epilogue but he'll just been a carbonyl probe more secret spooky look at me some B's B's some B's I'm piling up right this man time a little bit [Applause] totally not to fall down the pit I don't know how to do the main you Craig girls their blood but I mean the game just came out I'm sure it'll take people figure it out maybe probably figured it out smart cookie that one he's a smart little cookie isn't he how do I upgrade the Tesla gun is there a way to upgrade it upgrade the test log on how do i upgrade the Tesla gun does anybody know how to upgrade that time slow done how do you do Thanks ya know I figured that out thank you with that trap though no one pizza betta oh we know how to do it then don't think people certainly know how to do with it I want to know how to upgrade this gun now how do i upgrade this guy guy whoa fucking bomb I'm assuming we're gonna have to go back to this you can't upgrade it I think there is definitely a way to upgrade it I read it before coming to play find the upgrade button tell me life without reusing man tell me life for that easy let's go down here there's still stuff going on oh you got Zapdos on the ground my dude just exploded on me totally cool you got to put the writing Rock looking things into the chamber where all the nuts and cymbals when your thing is fully charged we give you a small test the rail the ragnarok looking things into a chamber bro I don't even know what that means my dude what is that I don't even know if that's English he's very upset I hate that guys so much Oh magically Oh what the heck did I just grab did you guys just hear that I just grabbed something what is that oh I killed that what did I kill that what did I kill him out of your man I don't know I just grabbed something I just grabbed something now know what it is let's go around look for more tables I guess four more tables clack more random stuff I'll see you like all these experiments got out that's good good to know well all the pressures off I feel good now I don't have to do no Easter Egg I feel good about my life feel good about my life I don't feel no pressure now we're just explore now we're just checking out all the sites to see a part of me sir oh I see I'm collecting those things what are they I don't know Brenner ahead at the door near the bridge all right we gotta check this out you guys are hyping it up now Dornier the bridge what what bridge oh it's adorned in the let's grab the door near the bridge you have to restart so you have to be started to even continue right that's neat at least we don't got to worry anymore at least you do not got to worry anymore don't worry you get the bridge a door here the rage that door you need the bridge dortmund near the bridge yeah this thing's definitely used for a lot more you already know that though so I guess this is the door maybe come on that that thing definitely opens there something hey hey hey George George that's it no playtime for you George George that's why we can't have nice things George this is why we can't have nice things George what was I collecting them which collected like looks like five of those things I'm leaking I'm leaking all right I think I can like two like all those little things I don't know what else I got to do I think I'm pretty much done where I can do right now the other door near the big gate slash path thing where I throw down the guy's head the other door can I come in zombies will not give up though zombies will not give up you're spooky music that's all here definitely something up here George we spoke about your behavior and we're very upset I don't like this nice the same creepy is that a tall throw what's that Nicolas Cage yeah it's on Nicolas Cage oh you passed the point of no return oh okay that makes sense I know I've said that three times I just a lot of people sometimes give wrong info but a lot of you guys are agreeing so let's go ahead and just play until we die you guys ready to play until we die let's get stacked up on some armored drove me up doc my body's ready and I'm still I still wanna do multiplayer today it's getting a little bit late though it's getting a little bit late but would you guys watch a multiplayer livestream let me know what you guys think and chat as I wind this one down round 23 nuts bed nut to bed so where's the bull crap do oh-oh-oh looks like anybody's gonna have to try my dude is gonna kill me who's that big guy anyway now it hurts burn baby burn really freaking hurts what the heck do you guys see this why is this box showing on my radar what the flip gosh why is this box showing on my right what is this oh you can straight-up just buy all the ammo you wanted more this is hair bra this is fair bro burn baby burn and fight my shuttle but you can all buy my shiny metal but we're just going for a high round now that one guy he's very stubborn he's a very stubborn man it's called the midnight Tesla that's what stock page mad amounts to be in this game very clearly let's keep on farming the stuff over here somewhere do you believe me now I'm just playing around living life like I'm just seeing you how many rounds I can get you now so I can play the what was that like I still want to do multiplayer but this is taking forever die come on I'd be a cop-out I know you're gonna die like right away no no golf at all hey I got another head over here look I'm stacking these head so he died because George was a but he died cuz torch was a but that's what you get for George being a but easy bro zombies too easy five easy for me from zombie player PG are we done I'm gonna get another max ammo after killing this guy there we go double max ammo double DiPaola we're just gonna run to random spots and look at stuff now we collected those like tape recorder things I don't know what they do but apparently not much not much let us go through where should we go we just go explore now you know find out who we really are like we've been killing zombies for too long maybe we want to be like a marine biologist or something maybe like want to be like a firetruck Who am I to tell anybody that can't be whatever Oh fire truck go ahead do you all right don't want no one's gonna stop you from being a fire truck it's beautiful it is beautiful what is this thing anyway this Tyrael exactly this some kind of wonderful that's the gun housing about I think it'll probably be like another hour before I die if I tried really hard I like to go look at everything around the map ow ow ow ow 100 K points I don't need it ranked seven right now I really hurt my pro skills that pay the bill and we just gonna make an appreciation Tesla guns great so who wants to see some airplay I'd love to let's Fairplay I'd rather rather you play like an actual here for part you should play like when you get it like this is hard I'm having trouble surviving a little bit what wave 26 let's get it you just get a little cocky well the thing is I don't care if I die so my cockiness is warranted because I kind of want to die no no not like that though no you got to twist it you got twisted maybe I'll let you play if I get to round 30 I'll let you play I want to get 100k points but that's gonna be a little hard if you ask me and it's going to be a little hard if you ask me we did the entire sort of cutscene I'm really happy that we got to complete the entire guidance me that was really our wasn't harder than like yes but resume oh I acted Oh Oh my life another one bites the dust I'm not joking not for life I was a little bit buggy Samara I don't think I'm gonna make it by the way I'm gonna make it you think you would have made it Barry it's apple juice if you ask me very suspicious I'm just spending all my dough here oh man if you guys want to see some airplay let me know in chat I'll give her the controller and see how long she survives I I think the first albeit acts are will killer that's uh that's my bet at this point yeah they're really high level so like I kind of want to give you like a prime debut you know huh so I mean you can you can come up step up if you like right now would you like to no come on come come come I'm down to die I'm down I'm down to die I don't want to live and not see zombie world no more Yes No maybe so come here okay oh you are not gonna have fun here okay what do you want me to do they're all electric scooter right now this gets clogged through the clapping yeah you mirror how to run stuff this is not the time Roberto sometimes yeah they follow you nevermind maybe should play at a lower level this is I mean absolutely there is I kill the transfer goal for the first time I get the new Oh tell me dude I'm mad enough of this life I'm about to die I don't even know where I am anymore I don't have a mo Pamela left yeah like you would die instantly right here so I don't want to I don't wanna put you I don't want to give you that stressful experiences you know like you're a young whippersnapper you see a chance yeah stack rack all down baby I hate you see I can't I couldn't right now go get another self provider so do it you're saying you wanna die but like deep down you don't want to die like you're gonna try not to die I know you not gonna like this let yourself let me play and I'll die for you by two seconds that's the difference I can't I think you complete we did be done the entire I came in two hours and 20 minutes holy shoot hold my goodness gracious there we go look at that i leveled up like ten times guaranteed do I get another cutscene so wait is the game done did you go to like the end game or what there's like that's like the main one I'll finish the game in two hours but not series well like no there's like another Easter Egg but that one's gonna be like crazy intensive it's gonna be like crazy intensive so I don't do that you got you all right brah brah all right I want to see how much we leveled up here we didn't get the experience because the game reloaded so let us connect back to online service here and let's see what level we are in stuff I think we did super well here today what do you guys think at least you guys will know how to do everything in the game by watching this entire video so I'm happy about that I'm happy about that let's go ahead and go to oh you can replay prologue social oh no I don't want to go so should what can we do here so we are level 7 we are level 7 ow over a thousand kills loadouts you can modify of special abilities mods starting weapon and equipment to bring to the matches you love hope you unlock more starting weapons and equipment Oh interesting weapon bill kits Raven research the Raven Lords were granted a fragment of this mysterious power by Emperor Barbosa Barbarossa himself it's what they used to serve Him and slay him they left him hidden messages for those who might follow the path and Klaus Fisher has unraveled these riddles the result was new more powerful mods each Raven Lord had the unique gift and mods represent their abilities to either protect or disrupt give life or destroy master the power at the rape Lords level up turn Raven tokens and research new mods oh very interesting carry a third oh do you have to help me Raven toe oh I have a couple Raven tokens you know I like my Raven tokens so getting one fight of gusted guess child what is this one here carry twice the amount of leaf IMO carry additional blitz Crees max reserve ammo that sounds good right there Oh what's this nearby teammates can also receive damage close we're gonna let's get one of each there we go that's cool consumables we already know what's up with that to begin new emblems I don't think we got any new emblems for that let's go over oh look at these overlord ones Oh nay up oh snap we're gonna put that one on what else do we got here weapon build kits so can we like the LMG that we were using like crazy which one was it I mean is this one right which one was it oh gosh I'm blacking out I'm blacking out we can have one attachment slot for it look and we can put our fancy little camouflage on it look a lot of fancy if you asked me it wasn't the mg was it all of them got that so maybe it doesn't really matter which one yeah I think you unlock it for all of them with the brain alright so we got that ability their loadout so if we have custom one for example we can then choose our special ability so it's one of four over here the player is ignored by zombies player can fire the weapon without expending ammo even this clip is empty nearly nearby zombies chase the user and then creates a burst original for the player let's do camouflage here and then mods okay so which mod can we choose here oh so right now what is his armored up Oh spawned and respond with three points against child that's pretty good though oh man if I had this before we would have done so well there's pack mule so I carry a third primary increased chance of spawn power-ups when killing enemies resourceful as good as well these are all pretty good how do you unlock these yet oh very interesting if you ask me very very interesting so oh you can change your primary and what can you change to have you Oh unlocks at level 10 we can change through the semi-automatic pistol which ones more bullets change to that one and then with the let's go with sticky bomb let's go with sticky bomb and then if we wanted to I think we could go do this raven research storm Raiden I don't know carry twice as amount of lethal weapons gain one point of abuse child when activating camouflage camouflage let's do this one I think this is the camouflage one significantly reduce delay before regaining health by using frontline all frontlines active okay so these are all I'm just trying to figure this out so which one is like which looks like the the best for camouflage there's some pretty cool stats though there is some pretty cool stats oh there's a game flush one never mind I think you know which one would be the best one no not this one I think the storm Raven one increased max Reserve I think that one's pretty good alright well we did a lot today ladies and gentlemen we did a lot on these zombies I hope you enjoyed it we're level seven we did the entire what is it called we did the entire easter egg or a casual path guided quest that's what people call it so I hope you guys did enjoy if you did make sure you smack their like but in three – what like spike let me know if you want to see me it's my replacement Somme B's bring you around here hit that subscribe button as well let's go over here to the super chats so we got a bunch of people who've shown that super chat loves so we got oh my goodness I'm sorry I was paying attention the game but we have a bunch been bad some shout-out to you bro appreciate that should be studying right now but I my priorities brow study in this we good we good Michael sire shout you for the soup chat Joey Silva love your face thank you Joe we appreciated that shout at you for that soup chat anti man cha can you shout out me Anthony and Daniel shots you and Daniel Anthony appreciate that daily videos I'm your biggest fan and these sponsors shout super sponsors welcome to t Julie Thank You Man I appreciate that I appreciate that we all Scott team WWJD Samaritans using an ultra off rare offering going ham oh snap I want to see this Noah over here shout you team Noah says hey to G but love your fortnight series and this one too hope you're having an awesome day good luck with everything Thank You Noah appreciate that always great to see you chat bro I'll be having an awesome day bed and yeah man 4 nights awesome I'm gonna keep doing it definitely I might just upload my wins instead of doing all the sort of matches but let me know if you guys wanna see live streams 2-shot do you know I'm glad you're enjoying that and this we also have Jason Jensen appreciate that tame WWJD and Duffy ban ganja man appreciate that James says Samarin you come to the streamline well she's like in the other room when she's lashing so she come she comes you're quite a bitch she comes for quite a bit let's go over to Twitter now we're almost at five thousand likes on the video wildlife so shout all you guys for that amazing support let's go ahead over 260 or retweets we got spoopy corn a high power HP Vinnie typical Jordan Eddie Adrian Austin Tristan witty Rabi tragic gamer Dakota MLG gamer Joshua random Diego Daniel ultimate gamer whitey boy biker Brian Baker Landon Alex Jacob Tate Steven hooli typical design and swan Sean Thornton Joe Ferrari Reaper her Joe Ferrari do not pronounce last birdshot – Carol Brooklyn Nero Caden Christopher Casey Dakota Christian Scottish spinner Gaiman for me we got Pablo the lucky crate Miku the cat de mer typical hunter Caden Lavin –scent little church boy hunter Brian Jarret Gustafson everybody else shouts all you guys for the mix before I appreciate love I see you guys and chat with those teaching logos I see you guys on Twitter with those TG logos really appreciate our sport I build the love I'm feeling the love it I hope you guys are too next up we'll be playing some multiplayer I think I'll be doing it today if anything changes we'll let you guys know over on Twitter so make sure you follow me there slash typical gamer but look how cool this is I want to give you a little sneak peek if you haven't seen the multiplayer yet but it's it's a lot different than the way you would see in previous Call of Duty's in terms of where you hang out with will you meet up with your friends like the lobby system and stuff like that so as you can see I think this games about to be released in the East Coast 15 minutes from now so that's pretty that's pretty hype that is pretty high we're also 71 likes away from 5,000 you guys are crushing it let me just show you this real quick and then I'll extensively go through it in the multiplayer portion all right so let's go ahead and load this up yessum arrows showing my my art that I wrote down for the zombie stream what should I tell this truth I don't even know that I should title it anymore complete mini Easter Egg complete zombie mission walkthrough there we go look at this guys look at this your third person first before hey send me a supply drop over here it's open our mail over here OOP it's get our payroll Oh what is this zombie element awarded for finishing off Penzer mortal oh shoot yo boys we got a frickin we got a frickin zombie helmet no frickin way let's do this oh shoot that is cool that is cool let's put that one on feeling that one's more unique look I got my TIGI logo ready to go and if you guys want to see some Call of Duty multiplayer action you guys let me know and we will explore all this good stuff and and take it to the next level oh we got a zombie Supply Drop I mean might as well open this calling that Supply Drop baby Oh interesting okay very very interesting what else did we get here can we throw down a rare just a Supply Drop oh shoot Adams crush somebody y'all got to be careful out here oxp ten minute division XP then a bunch of grips man how many grips am I gonna get that's all I get in this thing anyway guys that is gonna be it for this one I hope you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe turn on the supposed to notifications that you guys for almost five thousand likes during the livestream and I'll see you guys in the next live stream again slash typicalgamer check the description below to check that out oh shoot look it's teaching off my shoulder I didn't know that how cool is that that is so freaking cool I did not know that does anybody else have my helmet anybody else have my helmet nobody else had my helmet mmm see it's kind of unique then y'all didn't kill the y'all then kill the guy in zombies nobody did it mmm get some kind of unique then huh get some kind of unique but yeah I'll strike Trump post notifications that's gonna be it for this one guys thank you so much for being so awesome thanks for watching hope you've lost a day and peace out