Call of Duty WW2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part #1 – Campaign Mission 1 + 2! (COD 2017)

Call of Duty WW2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part #1 – Campaign Mission 1 + 2! (COD 2017)

Call of Duty WW2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part #1 – Welcome to the Campaign! 🙂
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Call of Duty WW2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part #1 – Campaign Mission 1 + 2! (COD 2017)

welcome everyone my name's ali-a and we are about to play the epic cool Duty World War two campaign from start to finish thank you for joining me for this adventure we've got just a few things to let you know about before we jump into it so you guys are fully prepared first of all we've got a load of videos going out early right here on the channel for called world war ii and the campaigns can be uploaded every single day until it's completed so you must be subscribed hit that subscribe button before it's the older videos straight away there's a playlist down below that I'll include all the parts as they go live so your playlist as you go to place to see the whole of the campaign all together on top of that for five lucky people watching this video gonna be giving away free copies of cool Duty World War two all you have to do to enter is smash that thumbs up button leave a comment down below let me know which platform you want to on PC Playstation or Xbox without further ado guys we're about to start what should be an epic epic journey completing the cool Duty World War 2 campaign I hope you're excited without further ado guys let's begin the adventure Paul it's June 6 1944 wish you could see this brother we're invading some frog Beach I'm not supposed to even know the name of all so we can take back France from the Nazis but the wait has been after battle she asked me for my watch I'm thinking what the hell do you want my watch for you're to captain or the goddamn football team alright I made some good buddies and basic and they're all on the boat with me everybody's scared as hell but nobody's letting on I hated dustman's first we could basic but now he's probably the best friend I have in the world he's always looking for trouble if there wasn't already a war on he'd be off trying to start one night I got to keep all my fingers I'm gonna take photos of the year Stiles says he's gonna be a photographer for Life magazine kind of looks like Clark Kent said when he takes off his glasses the only thing that happens is he can't see shit Aiello's the bet but being honest he will mom would call it a bit of a rube okay let's make this more interesting say Michael patron saint of soldiers he's at my back's with kasserine toast me three times in ten seconds and he's all yours I don't know Oh my money's on Sussman okay I'm in I can't watch just timing when I tell you back to my story me and my boys we muscled our way into this poker game that the football team has going we worked out a system where they can signal to me everybody's hands you should have seen the cubies face right took that pot you ready that's what happens when you try to hustle a hustler now you get why Oh Milo had enough fighting him for two minutes I said never shake hand with you that's not what you said last night and enough bigotry for six well let me just stupid pendant anyway apparently you did yeah I'm gonna give me something better a real trophy was good luck with that Oh briefings in 1800 we're gonna be late I got us covered Daniels don't worry about it briefings about to start what the hell you boys doing then there's sergeant Pearson a real sweetheart you think you're special huh the Krauts are gonna eat your lunch they're not our lunch sergeant our lunch is secure watch your lip Susman on me since I'm obviously on a lucky streak whatever happens stay close first Normandy then the Rhine we got this Daniel's today with our allies we embark on an operation of unparalleled importance to establish a beachhead at Normandy and rollback the German aggression that has terrorized Europe for the past five years we owe all that separates the world from this so much more than a chance to be heroes in our own lifetimes if we prevail our triumphs will be etched into the hearts and minds of a grateful world or untold generations I'm talking about glory gentlemen true glory Colonel Davis sure can't give it a nice speech his pep talk reminded me of the one coach Johnson gave us on our Thanksgiving Day game versus Austin I'm sure you remember we lost that game about 42 points always looking over Pierson shoulders lieutenant Turner he's got him on a tight leash but uh Pierson breaks free we'll all get bit ever since I could hold a rifle I wanted to be like you Paul you've always been a tough act to follow but I'm damn sure gonna try it's now or never hey I wish I was coming home to her yeah it's just wait till we do Paris seems like a long way off remember no digging it at the shore gotta advance we need to stay low and do not bunch up stick to your training you're gonna make it through a proud look at you fellas into battle anytime anywhere it's gonna be insane d-day in Normandy Beach landing ladies and gentleman what right don't scare private no sir I'd be scared I'm scared with the verb though I just Minaya I am pooping my pants and I'm not even there with you I'm sad my cushy little rules good thing oh man we are literally about to try and storm the beaches you will be we are already being shot these guys have no idea what they're about to get themselves into good luck guys I just hope that all of our squad members don't go down in the first mission I like them already I can't lie friends easily you heard the lieutenant both feet or you can look around everywhere all Mike show please that's them gum don't please go be us next well it could be night how close he's food rocket to go Wow 20 seconds let's get prepped the guns wrapped up because it's object brain get ready oh my god we're going in oh geez talk about making a tough landing even harder all my old about squads down already I hope not some people are like to breathe definitely not alive you've got a head man I'm sorry oh reach the checkpoint I don't know if it's possible to fail that part of the game but if it is then that's insane alright guys game looks amazing we're still in it sail or get to the seawall oh my god I think that's literally the boat we were just in oh my god Daniel this is what you trained for okay now pick up that banner alright let's do this bangers as I guess that guy he's got me yes all right so I've got Tommy gum what we got we've got Tommy gun as well Jesus that's rough boys smell as rough as well this is it ladies and gentlemen cool Jew to world war ii spawning Normandy Beach on d-day oh my god and we've already lost half our health that isn't good oh man cover oh my god yeah no no doubt was dead already quickly quickly quickly quickly oh my come on it's insane Turner which way do I go next all right funds mr. bunker I guess all right this one of our squad members in life thank goodness come on bro oh no not time to be hazardous and slippery fingered come on bro you got this nice well done here we go here we go here we go no oh my god get back with Drew oh my go he's like a funnel if just if I was then oh here we go our first first NASA q4 cool – – world war 2 campaign oh my god this loads we are in deep in the trenches now lads Oh what you doing are we couldn't save him sorry got a three scan now or PPSh what you reckon now I'm going green scum probably better idea the peopIe say two spies ridiculously deep your secret oh yes I need that thank you so looks like we're getting medkits throughout our playthrough we've got none at the moment unfortunately nice please come this moment damn Oh God oh good job almost ran into Sussman's freak all nice med kit for med kits nice okay jeez Louise I'm playing the monitor so post my face but I literally feel like I'm in the trenches game looks amazing cannot I nice squat abilities all right nice so everyone gets home from jesseman as long as these abilities restored we take them out oh nice we can oh good job oh this is intense geez alright oh no definitely something still alive oh I thought I heard him say rule clear don't listen to you and that's for sure we've got a lot of ammo though it's looking good okay all right bunker time his mouth wasn't moving but oh wow we've got a few grenades here let's go to love there now nice make a run for it hey what else in here get out of here anyone else gonna coordinator straight into there hopefully that's gonna take some of them out nice whoa system into almost ready to give us some med kits no one else here oh my god I think we're good jeez Louise always lift me up a little piece of Intel or anything Oh got you bro good job all right one bunker down nice oh man I think the search one of the multiplayer map to recognize it now from the beta alright next objective what's the same ok mg's take them out get out of there nice we form heroic actions to help you out nice alright the next one goes over in this direction oh my god jeez Louise it's gonna definitely need a grenade hold on gotta get in there oh my god I've tried to grenade them I can try and smoke it as well oh oh jeez mate watch out lads she's not when you're dying on his first mission I'd already got another smoke with your grenades nice nice Jesus for this running out of ammo lads oh my god and the enemies don't care Noah I've got low ammo okay I'm nice get a little bit of cover here as well ppsh nice definite gonna pick this up thank goodness we've got another SMG all right few button goes down a set is going five in total for this first mission cheese alright we get ourself any med kits from him Sussman can give us anything yes beautiful mini pop wannabes nice back up to below Oh drop it watch out yes sir pick okay out a few of them oh my god stretch out the PPSh nice whoo she's wet intense intense way to start this game that is for sure guys turn up is any way of getting through that doesn't look like it where's the next bunker for me in the right direction oh my god got any first aid kits are amazing here we go this way let's pass and we can get first aid kits whenever we need him from him always a flamethrower here what should I go you know I'm gonna stick with the m1 garand flamethrower he's not even enemy there hold on hold on oh my god running out of ammo get him get him nice okay so we got oh my god she's sound to smell it has to be actually think that's a door trying to get from the other side such a horrific ly terrifying terrifying experience oh my god yes amazing we got ourselves some ammo I'm gonna switch off this guy's mp40 is that actually has some ammo on it looks somewhat slightly different way actually get out of here mate get out of here oh they're behind us now that's why we came in these guys are sneaky nice get out of here whoo ladies and gentlemen I knew to be a tough campaign with three out of five bunkers in but man it's intense more than anything all right both bunker ladies and gentlemen's made us clean one nice another heroic action thank goodness good job bro private grim I'm glad you can still be with us oh my god what the hell get out of here what are you doing launching grenade launchers on our team no nice good job sit down you're not allowed to get back up again we're not finished with you quite yet four out of seven bunk fortified bunkers complete I did all my serving game from can I get some ammo from there we go all right hey bro makes clean we get in all right fifth bunker guys let's make this a clean one for the last one all right touch me one more Sussman in myself all right let's do this slow and steady ladies and gentlemen one damn oh my god is a lot of a modem this is gonna be feel a bit more precision here we go nice oh it's a lot of them we've got a lot of m1 garand ammo justman nice smashing it broke Oh God grenades a deadly broke yeah that's way back oh my god watch your throw me what Sussman the super hero yes big place oh my god I mean I'm quite good at tapping bugs quickly but that was just not enough oh oh quickly quickly I'll try to try to juggle nicely within it's questions respect jeez jeez I don't if you gotta aim anything which is pressing square loads let's like Michael Condrey a little bit nice you've done it or another one another another never another triangle no Mitch she's a light these little like QuickTime events oh my god grim dustman mate Oh oh my God look at that everybody quick scope with the pistol you're okay mate I can't walk oh shit get me the fucking Oh God be paralyzed we're gonna get you a nice a with me oh my god oh my god okay um I cannot really see anywhere I go need really go backwards here oh my god prayers for Ally adjustment oh there we go nice she's just got a pistol shot or even the now it killed him I think it's only down them as well last shot to the chest I like jasmine I think everyone like Sussman there she was crazy crazy today throws nice three down blue let's go a spy – how do you know it's Glenn ok medkit quickly oh okay that's a good guy that's a good guys come on just go down to the bunker that way why don't we just go around alone we could live literally put him down right there oh my god of making hard for ourselves aren't we keep your head down we go like zombies cheese did you get oh they keep coming I've got him I've got him oh oh good job I guess we went down early we've literally going to the middle of the Nazi bunker and we do not not know it's in the other side come on just get down here no go back oh my god that was close like I said quite quickly as one okay come on get out of it get out of here I don't think so stay down oh my oh look at that head show us well I'm bleeding out Jesus yeah we can't really sell honey on sessemann oh hey clay no thank you oh my god oh my gosh don't do that Shane oh we've got you bug oh geez is he okay come on we gotta hang on come on those girls in Paris to wait for you come on Sussman of course they are once a visa gonna finish you mate you got this no wait you have to stay awake Hey yeah hopefully we're gonna lose him already why's there no penis jeez I got this go we've applied pressure Oh take care of him I need you with me Daniels listen up there's a gpf cannon by the farmhouse up the road it's tearing up the beach let's move alright guys hope your goods estimate I hope you're good bro alright guys it looks like we've now got Turner for his ammo which is amazing I'm gonna grab that thank you so much I'm Roenick please dustman with the sealing abilities I don't know if he's gonna make if he can't see and he's bleeding out that's not looking good at all but the mission in the bunker continues this is Shawn our over guys I've got a waffle I've got an m1 garand all right I you geez okay we're getting to a farmhouse now try and get Chico shot on them here we go nice it's a smart way to enter get out of here good stuff Jesus so many of them isn't there and putting out a lob a grenade about em Cheetara where you've gone buddy you can't hide my god you know what I think these defend the position oh no we done it we've done it us about CSR we're gonna ever stop coming alright well done sweetie mater got rid of Atari Geno your are there be careful you see alive nice whoo all right okay operatic mg Rosa where's the mg Oh God I don't think so I think it's up here Oh put the worked up get out of here cheese where's the mg type we can't control it from here though okay noticed a little bit there's nothing over here here we go let's go baby nice she's talked about a crazy amount of enemies I actually would rather in real life not be on this turret at all this is way too risky thank goodness we've got poor med kits oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god it's done oh jeez this is not easy this is not easy let me tell you there we go Oh get out of here then he's a martyr holy Jebus oh my gosh guys starting to run out of ammo here they're treating nice they're scared oh you can run you can not hide nice Oh tank absolutely saved us oh what'd you commit you can I wasn't sure if it was that you gonna let me take it off or not but oh yes please okay I'm good destroy it how do we destroy let's have a look what's it wanted to do nice blow it up obviously I thought maybe we had to shoot at it my god get out of here put the heaviest got in the game right now run nice good job cheese what's the second weapon the waffle and the m1 garand I dropped the LMG damn that's not bad Patton we just dropped it will someone yeah geez we did such a good job state the beach house that's been doing please tell me he's okay yo how the hell did he make that you're gonna be all right yeah tape them up pretty good stayed on the boat well now he tells us huh hey what you did back there Wow say we're even that pipe will see this through to the end good job Beach head secured the bivouac at the second hedgerow after the ridge been quite successful first mission so far come to the bloody first you're a long way from Texas farm boy hole we're farm boy in Texas when the beaches of Normandy none of us could have prepared for that no I damn right but you came through when it counted thanks sir Oh oh yeah you'll be all right sir thank you yes sir you imagine mentally having experienced that how messed up absolutely jeez I'd be having nightmares for the rest of my life that was very very intense and the fellows I'd say we're doing pretty good not good enough for Pearson nothing is maybe I'll get home by Christmas with a couple medals on my chest but first we got a tape Maron yeah smell Amata smelling would have ko'd LaMotta no way and smell he's a Nazi I'll shoot him in a heartbeat now they made him their poster boy I gotta have a choice we all got a choice that's enough mouths all right what about Lewis for Sugar Ray Robinson 1938 Lewis Robinson wins hands down okay back for more I thought you were out another week not after I heard a bunch of tough sob were about to take Maren yay well playbooks working this rate we'll be home by Christmas don't just stand there let's see all right not bad eh oh I've seen worse glad to have you back private good to be back sir all right fellas we got a unique opportunity here is our chance to break out a Norman won't be easy hedgerows are heavily defended we got reports of crowd armor in the area but if we can hold and secure Marin yay we own the roadways if Sussman can take a knife from the gut and come out swinging I like our odds just fine always better in a winter sir for turning shielding us as his noble call let's move the war just has a habit of getting in the way hi guys operation Cobra we're gonna try and gal of Normandy and they think they're gonna be able to get out by Christmas if only they knew if only they knew okay quite a nice camp it gots up here we have both dustman for his medical bilities and also turnip was a mobility switch is cool looks like what actually can be getting on a tank nice okay throwback to when I want to actually went out achieve you know wound like this takes eight weeks to you I'm ready sergeant you've got my word oh your word I don't mean shit to me geez g-good geez I'm just fine and dandy sir you got guts Freddie I just don't know see I thought he's gonna punch him and like rip open his cut again that's rolling oh she's gonna say rinse to remind that she went out to tank town boys in America and actually got to drive a tank around it was insane like a lion likes of steak I hope guys gonna hold up if he's come out early then he doesn't in it if it hurts this 2-part it that is not good at all this is I smell like you're holdin up all right yeah about yourself I couldn't let you guys have all the fun fun's not allowed under Pearson you know why he's always writing you Kasserine pass lost my best friends there yeah earns him an article 15 in a demotion he had to be a hard-ass and his men paid the price mission was fubar a massacre James had no mercy no we only survived because they didn't have time to steal the western exit almost lost everything face to that son of a bitch Turner still ain't over it matter of fact he was the one who wrote him up Pearson figures if he makes you a model platoon he'll get it scrubbed only we're doing the scrubbing yeah there you get it it's quite he's never gonna give up he'd killed to have it removed cheese might kill for decent grub you just had supper hey shit on a shingle doesn't count thank bad I've missed fewer thaws out there the game looks amazing as a few odd graphical glitches like in the first one is I've the hands and daddy invited was on the tree socratis to does look like we're gonna get bombed or something at any second you guys hear that Oh headed this way oh I called it please they say a new rule coming oh my god jeez get off the road well circle around boo well good luck tank guys we're leaving your lines fire in the distance we're gonna capture one of their AAA guns bring down those two alright we're gonna go again eh auntie a gun which way should we go let's go laughs all right he's down now I thought when this game was first leaked who do all of the emphasis on team played that maybe you could do a multiplayer campaign we've like four of your friends I thought I'd be amazing fortune econ baby cool magic like one of you went left the other one went right still few tourists left geez geez I'm trapped I'm normally a good shot I promise but in the heat of the war apparently not it's a big get grenade up there may work no no hit markers which means he's off not down but he's off the red hit marker means he's dead and the white just means you all just means you hit him he's here as well I've only got one more grenade going for it I'm fine at five chizel please to think their enemies disclose to us and we were just chilling on our tanks if only we knew we definitely wouldn't have come this West for sure I'm a like grammar for the moment bro just I'm all right I'm all right get him out there nice easy headshots easy headshots I'm going for its crew making aggressive play oh my god this could be bad it's good bad went for it you've been too slow oh my god that revive came in just in time let's go last stand I mean I ain't floating with me we go tone up thank you amazing oh my god she's only got two med kits dustman oh my god nice I'm gonna pop med kit it's like YUM I don't know a plane for something and trying to revive a so called time and being really careful Miami conservation notice how I kind of span the abilities if you're calm raised all the time man I do enough grenades in here for these guys to not be alive I'm sorry about get out of here you guys should be dead right now nice good job Justin where are you bro could you love me thank you bro all right what are we saying okay Rene to be great that you've got for you know what it's love with you nice okay take a few of them all right I hear you I don't know the enemies can throw it back for Nate's for that smart oh that's good that was a good let's get over here use these hay bales a bit of cover okay am I am I really that bad shoot you right now I blame you intensity of war right now our dad though they're out of it they are out of here they are on the run and as a result they're easy pickings nice good stuff I like the heads up it's kind of like minimal but enough to know what's going on I think you may have tried to surrender we're not taking any prisoners buddy I'm sorry but if you're not see you're getting queued I'm gonna do a little bit heal up here just make sure with full health and always grab some walls or have a health pack later all right try and flatten it from behind let's go where is it where's he a gun I think I can hear over here okay I hear you a a gum any more enemies around here I don't think so I think we're okay oh there they are yeah should get one in this view it's gone but let's get rid of him get out of here mate another grenade just in case jeez even look at the sky it's crazy let's do this I think we're okay what are you guys doing geez take him down okay here we go all right a guns ours now where are you guys hey two o'clock two o'clock what the hell don't over oh my god okay nice which of like songs in front of them good stuff still at full health anyone else around here oh is that them no it's not down it's not down nice another one guys miles away the cold bad that is for Amy even most in act you're aiming together get out of him a nice target destroy how many more of them oh geez damn I missed that one so annoying okay okay got them thing but both yes cheese without it's cool no idea five where where oh my god Alex come on one I wanted to get all of them wanna crack alright just over here a little bit yeah please Game one of them is ha 3 o'clock 3 o'clock alright I heave feel like shooting again nice another one we get it come on come on come on oh yes whoo 10 o'clock hi all right good shot good shot with the karate school now if I were fine we're fine we're good we're taking out love that plane Jesus Kuban nice we're doing okay oh my god she's there was too many of them good job oh she's gonna be quite a good shot and that was tough if only be achieved when she's getting all over and then we'll be screwed on nice good job buddy Mills in the ambush but we hit them back hard the holdouts are dug in with packs up ahead like he's fighting them out all right Pearson take a fire team through the orchard and find an overwatch position after you soften up the packs I'll leave the main assault with Perez okay let's serve Daniel Sussman you're with me come on on Daniel Sussman I need hammer though oh man is Bernie ammos anyway here no I should have resupplied bad chance all right I've got to leave him behind this is our score let's do this thank goodness here we go deck of these apples no more give me some ammo I mean if anyone was hungry this is a good chance to grab some food why apples have been picked in the middle of the war but I guess people go to eat you know what I mean oh no damn it yeah you can tell but would've gotten to that flak gun sooner blame yourself all right let's get out of here boys this is what she is that is pretty shocking those are the guys who are picking apples for things just trying to make a living getting taken out all right ocular alright good luck lads how are they missing our tags nice got sniper all right let's go for it where's the other one we've got anyone else over there oh my god it's embarrassing hold on hold on there we go get out of here that's better come on I know I know I'm trying let me hold my breath there we go that should be good should be okay nice you get a triple Wow slo-mo cheese okay birds treating they're out of here gonna take this back snipe was useful but I'm not gonna stick with it I've got Pierce's binoculars that's pretty cool nice good job team you realize tunes alright more ammo okay which one should we take I'm gonna go I'm gonna go far left actually there's a few left is here right South forty turbines let's do this stay behind the tanks guys all right nice oh my god I see your turret uses he's down got him nice anyone else over here okay I hear you I hate you I think I'm gonna come over here if you want me to take him out nice got him it's two of them down I've seen both of the energy forces they should be down my darius i hearin shouldn't be alive much longer i get behind the tanks you're gonna get one home for if you don't get shot so just screwed either way to do this with you get out of here oh my god oh this is a ticket for a grenade for sure get out of here oh my god jeez had the same idea literally the exact same I know I shot the wrong person god damn thousand heroic action I'm so sorry and Eve the war isn't easy to work out what the heck is going on hotline get out of there a push in the back cannot lie please keep them retreated nice solid shots solid shots I'm using my bayonet charge here that'd be quite fun oh geez all right nice reach a sniping position that'll be a sniper wait you think I don't have one just saying all right I'm here I'm in a sniping position oh no you don't get up here nice oh here we go thank God okay we've gotta wait me you've got card this time all right where are the objectives where we okay hit the ammo caches learn up the ammo caches hope where the hell are they oh here we go that one okay geez they did not make that obvious all right it's one down two more to go apparently where the rest oh here we go here's one of them here's one of them let's get it you must gonna get he's gonna get sick and tell you to pee on vacations get out of here nice just one more somewhere where's the third ammo cache here we go we found it nice good job chief took a while listen slow down time that's dope but this all right step here show run back down I don't think I'm gonna bother with that all right push forward okay let's do this good luck oh my god this is not okay jeez all right get out of here we're clearing the trenches you can do this well maybe Talbert finding ammo caches but this we can do well up all right where's where's my team are you guys doing don't leave me behind okay tanks coming in maybe good woof jeez we're getting there oh nice Oh Turner thank God thank God lieutenant I missed your ammo hold on see you approaching okay who is this guy all right listen up Charlie company's under assault near the church okay I mean II ammo and fire support send a squad immediately so we're already stretched pretty thin then stretched thinner yes sir geez not easy is it we can take the Jeep so we're gonna need armored support that's the plan her eyes fish it'll follow you with the squad can't do it just got orders from Collins we're heading west with the 11th god damn it those boys are running out of time you're on your own take the jeeps and head out move all right snap to it Charlie's up shit creek and we're the paddle let's go let's go all right it's not looking good a little bit of driving no can't complain about that okay here we go which one Marin yo geez I think there's a timer if you don't drive quick enough I think you screw up the mission okay okay I'm going to follow Pierson to be honest with you I trust Pierson likely make a jump back oh geez this is crazy I never thought being intense driving mission in the quad World War two campaign what are you doing this you're terrible driver oh my god see you later oh this is insane gonna drive on you a pizza oh my god okay Wow which way you have to run me off the road for saying ah here we go oh my god oh my gosh he did say go straight I think I think this is what he means yep we're fine this is insane oh my god just mad grab the wheel what hit know the good what's come on oh my god okay did not expect that oh my god oh this is insane since suicide mission Wow uh oh it's a be easy we got him oh my days gonna be coding we got him ice anyone else doing good job oh my god how the hell are we still alive right now I do not know below them come on clear the mouth as if this is what they wanted to support was a ng power on a 3q like what we really want to type support this was coming tonight I was rude till I started shooting here we go nice whoo that was fun live everything can't complain about that we gotta stop meeting like this but you be going soft on me Murphy well thanks for showing up when you did thank captain Davis it was his award okay it's too late to press on it looks like you boys got a reprieve excuse me sergeant yeah isn't half the crowd army on the other side of those buildings should we find a better place to set up a perimeter I'm sure private why don't you book us a room at the Ritz sir he's scared is all don't you worry about your own problems like how that side is gonna hold up tomorrow I'm right as rain sergeant Daniels what did you watch him the only thing more dangerous than the enemy he is Friday rest up boys we take merrily at first light all right guys that's the end of part one of a cool rooted World War two campaign check out the playlist right now for part two down below in the description remember make sure giving it a thumbs up when I enter that giveaway we could be jumping straight into part two to come and join me go and check it out Wow or an intense first mission I'll see you guys there