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Call Of Duty WW2 Game Movie

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Gameplay: lapman17

Game Developer: Sledgehammer Games
Game Publisher: Activision

without mass ferocity hisses war machine has launched its blitzkrieg against Western Europe pushing it to the brink as we brace for our darkest hour we must summon our strength to be the bulwark against oppression the naazy onslaught will be the trickiest test we'll ever face but with our eyes place it and defeated we must this day is set upon a mighty endeavor as a criminal to preserve our civilization and to set free a separate humanity our sons pride of our Nik please them straight to prove their road will be long many souls will be sickened with the violence's of war in this hour of great sacrifice we shall prevail Paul it's June 6 1944 wish you could see this brother we're invading some frog Beach I'm not supposed to even know the name of all so we can take back France from the Nazis but the waiting's been half the battle we asked me for my watch thinking what the hell you want my watch for your to captain or the goddamn football team but I turned I made some good buddies in basic and they're all on the boat with me everybody's scared as hell but nobody's letting on I hated Sussman the first week of basic but now he's probably the best friend I have in the world he's always looking for trouble if there wasn't already a war on he'd be off trying to start one side I got to keep all my fingers I'm gonna take photos of the year Stiles says he's gonna be a photographer for Life magazine kind of looks like Clark Kent said when he takes off his glasses the only thing that happens is he can't see shit hello's the bet but being honest he will mom would call it a bit of a rube okay let's make this more interesting st. Michel patron saint of soldiers he's had my back since Kasserine so it's me three times in ten seconds and he's all yours I don't know oh you could always push out my money's on Sussman okay I'm in I can't watch just timing when I tell you back to my story me and my boys who muscled our way into this poker game the football team has gone we worked out a system where they can signal to me everybody's hands you should have seen the cubies face when I took that pot you ready that's what happens when you try to hustle a hustler now you get why Ohio had enough fighting him for two men my said never shake hands with you that's not what you said last night and enough bigotry for six well let me just give you been denied right apparently you did yeah I'm gonna give me something better a real trophy you'll see good luck with that Oh briefings 18-hundreds we're gonna be late I got us covered Daniels don't worry about it briefings about to start what the hell you boys doing then there's sergeant Pearson a real sweetheart what you think you're special on the Krauts are gonna eat your lunch it's not our lunch sergeant our lunch is secure watch your lip Susman on me since I'm obviously on a lucky streak whatever happens stay close first Normandy than the Rhine we got this Daniels today with our allies we embark on an operation of unparalleled importance to establish a beachhead at Normandy and rollback the German aggression that has terrorized Europe for the past five years we are all that separates the world from darkness yes so much more than a chance to be heroes in our own lifetimes if we prevail our triumphs will be etched into the hearts and minds of a grateful world or untold generations I'm talking about glory gentlemen true glory Colonel Davis sure can't give it a nice speech his pep talk reminded me of the one coach Johnson gave us on our Thanksgiving Day game versus Austin I'm sure you remember we lost that game about 42 points always looking over Pierson shoulders lieutenant Turner he's got him on a tight leash but it appears some breaks free we'll all get bit ever since I could hold a rifle I wanted to be like you Paul you've always been a tough act to follow but I'm damn sure gonna try it's now or never hey I wish I was coming home to her yeah it's just wait till we hit Paris seems like a long way off remember no digging in at the shore gotta advance you need to stay low and do not bunch up stick to your training you're gonna make it through a proudly gee fellas in the battle anytime anywhere all right get bellboys beaches are supposed to be flattened right jump-scare private no sir should be got a light get your head down and keep moving [Applause] take the bangalore and get to the seawall Daniel this is what you trained for now pick up that banner you can do this yes sir oh Jesus we push it towards the bunker thanks bud all right here we go ain't nothing left okay that's the salt way bacon emission go ahead for fuck sakes don't get yourselves killed all right touch me one more we got this move it up use some help here we go Oh God give me a buddy I can't walk oh shit get me the fuck outta here we're gonna get you out of stay with me we've got to get over to that CCP we got a dick cover work Claire come on you call that fucking clear hey keep it down they keep coming he's dead let's go we gotta move I got you I got you stay down oh man I'm bleeding out just keep pressure on it okay stay with you gotta hang on those girls in Paris are waiting for you really of course they are another look at your girl huh you kidding me it's okay I can't see shit what a restaurant yeah no no you have to stay awake hey Daniels come here help me I need a goddamn attic I got this go he'll take care of him I need you with me Daniels listen up there's the GPF cannon by the farmhouse up the road it's tearing up the beach let's move we'll come back for you check your ammo and grenades you heard them now move it up and mow when you're ready private sir ready for EM oh it's here private look you have to take out that cannon let me get to the farmhouse be ready to engage we can't let them retake the canon the whole all right rally on me to the assembly for Pearson go I'll need a casualty report bait a damn high price Daniels I thought I'd seen everything he gonna be alright yeah they taped him up pretty good sure stayed on the boat well now he tells us hey what you did back there I owe you I'd say we're even we'll see this through to the end to the end beachhead secured bivouac at the second hedgerow after the ridge welcome to the bloody first you're a long way from Texas farm boy none of us could have prepared for that but you came through when it counted thanks sir oh yeah you'll be all right son thank you yes sir of course I will it's seven weeks since d-day to break out a Normandy we're pushing inland to secure Marin yay that's how we'll control the roadways and plow across France to Paris liberation is coming soon and the fellas I'd say we're doing pretty good not good enough for Pearson nothing maybe I'll get home by Christmas with a couple medals on my chest but first we got to take Marin yeah smelling worse LaMotta smelling would have Kayode LaMotta no way and smelling is a Nazi I'll shoot him in a heartbeat now they made him their poster boy I gotta have a choice we all got a choice that's enough mouth all right what about Lewis for Sugar Ray Robinson talk in 1938 Lewis Robinson wins hands down who came back for more I thought you were out another week not after I heard a bunch of tough SOPs were about to take Marin yay well playbooks working this rate we'll be home by Christmas don't just stand there let's see all right not bad eh and I've seen worse glad to have you back private good to be back sir alright fellas we got a unique opportunity here is our chance to break out of Norman won't be easy hedgerows are heavily defended we got reports of crowd Armour in the area but if we can hold and secure Marin yay we own the roadways if Sussman can take a knife from the gut and come out swinging I like our odds just fine always better in a winter sir for turning shielding us as his noble call let's move the war just has a habit of getting in the way all right we're rolling out let's go let's go hey you know a woman like this takes eight weeks to heal I'm ready sergeant you've got my word oh your word I don't mean shit to me so you're good I'm just fine and dandy sir you got guts Friday I just don't receive tanks rolling hang on tight boys gonna get rough what else is new I think Pearson likes you huh like a lion Lexus steak let's go let's go looks like you're holding up all right yeah how about yourself I couldn't let you guys have all the fun fun's not allowed under Pearson you know why he's always writing you Kasserine pass lost my best friends there yeah earns him an article 15 and a demotion he had to be a hard-ass and his men paid the price mission was fubar and massacre dossey's had no mercy nope we only survived because they didn't have time to seal the Western exit almost lost everything they stood that son of a bitch Turner still ain't over it matter of fact he was the one who wrote him up Pearson figures if he makes you a model platoon he'll get it scrubbed only we're doing the scrubbing yeah dad you get it it's why he's never gonna give up he'd killed to have it removed you know what I kill for decent grub you just had supper hey shit on a shingle doesn't count hey how about barbecuing they never stood a chance guessing no to the open casket that's somebody son it's a Crouch Dan this right you're not all bad they did give us Keppler both sigh all right College Marlena Dietrich II dads more like never get about their inventions you got the printing press electron microscope mine flutters you guys are killing it you guys hear that he's headed this way get off the rope well circle around mu we have to protect our Sherman's that's flak fire in the distance we're gonna capture one of their AAA guns bring down those students and G's in the board everyone what push you to the field we need to rally with our tanks they're surrendering hook admire you to secure those prisoners on the floor cuz they're killing our tanks armored needs our support I'm gonna take the a a gun behind that tree line get on that flat gun and take out those two could look bombers are killing our armor you gotta take us down didn't come guy on the radio selfish crowds don't know what's happening who are coming in brother Clark hi one o'clock there's too many Hey okay they got my buddy Mills in the ambush but we hit them back hard the holdouts are dug in with packs up ahead gotta clean them out all right Pearson take a fireteam through the orchard and find an overwatch position after you soften up the packs I'll lead the main assault with Perez yes sir Daniel Sussman you're with me come on p-47 damn it wish I would have gotten to that flak gun sooner can't blame yourself those are civilians this is a war crime no shit College get out your binoculars you're gonna hit this pack operators bar everyone open oh Claire I need that ain't get another enemy position just past the hedges fall in behind the tanks everyone let's put these rhinos to good use Oh tanks forward we got trust within the trenches but coming for you we can adventure thr down 38 Oh we got to sweep trenches thanks for the fire support Daniels Oh give me the possession we're surrendering both the fire on the four frets lieutenant hold on see you approaching alright listen up Charlie company's under assault near the church they need ammo and fire support send a squad immediately sir we're already stretched pretty thin then stretch dinner yes sir you can take the cheap so we're gonna need armored support that's the plan her eyes here she'll follow you with the squad can't do it just got orders from Collins we're heading west with the 11th god damnit those boys are running out of time you're on your own take the jeeps and head out move alright snap to it Charlie's up shit creek and we're the paddle let's go let's go which way to Marin yay they go eat Oh Charlie you gotta get there first which way right suspect grabbed the wheel I'm getting all the gun straight ahead take him out Mary I rally up we gotta stop meeting like this but you be going soft on me Murphy well thanks for showing up when you did thank captain Davis it was his orders okay it's too late to press on it looks like you boys got a reprieve excuse me sergeant isn't half the crowd army on the other side of those buildings shouldn't we find a better place to set up a perimeter sure private why don't you book us a room at the Ritz sir he's scared is all don't you worry about your own problems like how that sign is gonna hold up tomorrow I'm right as rain sergeant Daniels what did you watch him the only thing more dangerous than the enemy is pride rest up boys we take married yeah at first light can't believe I'm fighting the long sides essman again he's holding up all right considering we just blasted through miles of hedgerows you think Pearson might go a little easier on them you'd be wrong July 26 we're holed up in a farmhouse outside of Marin yeah I closed my eyes thinking a hazel but ended up having a dream again same dream huh pretty much can't seem to shake it I'm good now you get some rest no I have to show Pearson I'm ready I don't care what he says you ain't got nothing to prove yeah well I'm tired of taking a shit back home you want to settle something you do it head-on it's the only way to earn respect understand that believe me a man has to fight his own battles respect don't mean a lot if you get yourself killed besides good old st. Michael's watching over us so we got nothing to worry about that realize you guys believed in that stuff I'll take all the help I can get so are you gonna tell me about that dream or what wolves had been killing our cattle me and my older brother Paul were hunting them when we got corner [Applause] sorry Paul listen good kid it's only natural to be scared we need to head home baby brother from that day on I swore I'd never let Paul down again and now it's not just him I got to live up to its Pearson get the cover the Turner will lead the maneuver element into the square our job is to lay down suppressive fire from that church any questions good I have a question save them up Stiles you win a gold star let's go I think I missed a prick get out there I can't walk rally but a church-door somebody help me that's the first aid kit you take the door got it he go where'd they go they must have run when they heard us coming supply got them watch your play well John let's go alright the church is out Janet's drawers on those guns moving to the door crouch sit down and our fighters you provide overwatch from a town with me just glad it's gonna be you up there no pressure don't worry I've got your back you better everybody up the stairs let's move up the stairs get to the ladder I will be scared of heights would it matter No get ready all right those guns he's down damn it finding our boys hit the turret he's that getting back up alright last one he's still moving good one Daniel they can't move hit those guns they're getting closer to the flak guns Kratts on the rooftops hold the high ground got him candles Krauts at the end of the street there you go they can't get by for behind half track on their Ritter getting surrounded okay the hell was that must be Turner cover up so they can support trust me he's down Jesus you see wings on me private no sir that's because I'm not your fairy fucking godmother but damn it I just lost two good men in there then we gotta pull it together and take out those guns come on I don't see sassman god damn it they were together before it collapsed best we can do now is hold this position can't let those crops up here come on cover fire suppressive fire the target zone to the b-47 can you know got a speech right smoke [Applause] hey God good work man you gave it everything you had got these bastards on the run have some damn fine soldiering I'd say they came through pretty well wouldn't you sergeant maybe you were wrong about you've been holding out on me boys I've been way too easy on you well now we're gonna find out what you're really made of if we brought him Hitler's head on a silver platter he'd complain about the shine we keep fighting like we did today war will be over in no time but we got to make the big place now all right oh man we captured Marian yang Germans are retreating as fast as we advanced but we're in Pearson's crosshairs more than ever guess we'll just have to deliver and then some for a month we've been tightening the noose around the last escaping Krauts as we rolled towards Paris but like a cornered rattler you can bet they got one last strike if we're gonna make our mark we got to be ready for anything like teaming up with the SOE British special forces something big is happening the resistance about a German train carrying v2 rockets for an attack on Paris refueling near argent own that gives us just enough time to move our team into position it must be stopped prove yourselves in Maron yay which is why you'll get the opportunity and the privilege thank you sir but it seems like a job for more than one platoon that's why I'm teaming you up with the SOE it's like YouTube caught a bit of it no women left Tennant we said some for you agents Vivian the Crowley will lead the operation they've been working with the resistance for months and know the terrain well we'll defer to them we had about Marigny impressive I can't take all the credit just doing our job and a fine job it was but a warm-up I'm afraid look this is no ordinary German supply train it's a fortress on wheels a liaison in the resistance Rousseau will provide support as possible but attacks on a network could mean we're on our own fate of Paris is in your hands reminds me of the time we parachuted into Berk or ambrus that Gestapo Patrol you're just an old romantic alright there's that target you gotta give those Krauts some credit trains right on time figures train I've ever seen thickest armor Рit's a panther zerg those vetoes have a range of 200 miles more than enough to hit Paris we can't Larry to the launch site any movement up ahead all right Dean I'll take them out Turner that'll be your signal to advance Daniels said you just won were so gung ho at Mayer and yeah you'll provide them with fire support all right let's go now the officer on yoga really shocked Turner take a few men and go around the house keep moving Shh well done stay low and advance slowly we've been spotted they're still hanging in there buddy j-just get up stop that train thank God finish it working on it the price I'm gonna puke shit rope tells you chance take the will let's record a check we got to get to the front of the tray keep firing here I got it I'm coming hang on holy shit did that just happen can't believe we're banished that's one for the books I hope Stiles had his camera Pearson might even get off our asses for 5-10 minutes look out follow me I'll take you to your platoon I'm sorry who the hell are you a friend's no hurry first thank kid here look over here here oh the grenade [Applause] I believe these men belong to you I assume that Rousseau she's with the Maquis French Resistance she killed a crowd that was gunning for us here at least try to capture and interrogate them first there would be more trouble than they're worth I thought we lost you looks like you did some damage the train was supposed to be stopped not destroyed yeah I'm sorry that things didn't go exactly its plan but on the bright side we've just alerted every goddamn German outpost in the whole area so we got to get moving come on not until we finish the mission isn't that right major we'll need your help in security I don't know how but Zeus and I survived wrecking that train long enough to find ourselves Ronde born with a tough French gal goes by Rousseau she's a member of the resistance and if you can believe it she made us Paul through the wreckage for some papers she needed him for mission in Paris she had a job for us too but blowing up that train we bought Paris more time now the resistance is going to use the papers we secured to infiltrate a Nazi stronghold in the city sign me up August 1944 this is it we're gonna liberate Paris the French 2nd Armored Division and the u.s. 4th infantry rive at dawn that means we move tonight it's been a week since we took out that train our platoons in the middle of Paris working with the resistance Russo and Crowley have a plan to sabotage the occupation and that means striking at its heart using the documents we obtained from the Train Rizzo and I will pose as Nazi officers to infiltrate the garrison this way gentlemen yayoi-san was run by SS on put inside Fuhrer anguish and he couldn't find me came for my parents and my husband and find me son tonight everything we were lost everything we fought for will mean something tonight with dickbag oust the garrison our contact there will supply us with explosives and when we blow the gates that'll be your signal to approach but counting on you all right boys let's get ready he's crouched ain't gonna give up easy I figure we can survive Pearson we can survive anything now for too long song cometh kasseri we should all be so brave it won't be long not missing me but first we enter the wolves den see you there one more take now see Fox we're going soon this nightmare would be over if you're stopped the cover story must be ironclad let's go for it again you up gather Schneider a military attache you were sent by hirschbiegel and foreign intelligence to arrange for Heinrich safe evacuation to the lid take some time to review the dossier this is our one chance recruiting our inside man came at a terrible price you have to find him and exchange your briefcase with his hopefully he's obtained the explosives we need two predicates you worry too much Metro that's my job I'll meet you in front of the garrison when the operation is complete who sent you Hershberger good whatever happens once you make the trade you must maintain possession of the briefcase at all times I've come this far I'll be damn sure I'm going to finish it but is their nature busy you know niggas in my sister go on to us Brazil's how about either documento for police I feel her Heinle big you are Adele who banished him for me it but your app appears only not on Suzanne she couldn't Vitaphone Oh Shania I remember your contacts name is Fisher he's wearing a gray officer's uniform tell me the passphrase well then good luck Coenen see me helfen yeah let's keep this happens if random HAP's lead from vallega hurt humid Amitabha Canoga dude met lighting demanded site for plan fun so I can see her Papua maybe com4 Gazette's maiden can realize what is amiss colliding widows in see here you come the cable has documented food in bullets I feel her first deer he's very embarrassed in the unfresh MC van key editor next Kim hmm yeah insuring Zippity dish to Hong man hair began in heaven having city Vacaville in Scalise yeah that's half sleeve Markieff is honest gonna assist alkyne a minor deep links Khadijah it say here in life father must be brief are you ready to make the exchange no you're early and I'm late for a meeting I have the explosives in the case matching yours will have to make this father in the war on need the way no they're watching me use your cover to get into hi nice office on the third floor from there you can cut across to the north wing and avoid the checkpoints we shouldn't be seen together go now and I'll meet you in the war good an ardent connection and behave Lee signed for line yeah it's a Verizon documented for her 90s Dada 9s moment an in an evicting expressions economy an ensign in be over tener complex work Chavez Enochs niggaz again dafif garden Farsi and Madame Fenster Zuzu been having fat seong Herr Kommandant which was a garden that was full of snap it's been Gators NIDA Hamas baleen in erisa paparazzi bring foreign Schneider cover of even Aslan studium you heard s in Cambridge yeah there's a straightish venison mia straightest Commissioner eyes popular time a common fear no see feel and dunk Duncan is enough nice free lunch neither Oh No if you will indulge me perhaps we can converse in English first you know I'm sure practice makes perfect Peter name is he does not have a seat so here Gruber sent you to arrange for my it was her command our speaker sir good very good one cannot be too careful these days you look so serious let us drink to my return to the fatherland the French deserve each other but my god I will miss the cuisine take the Ortolan that tiny delicate songbird its eyes poked out so that it can go and then it's drowned in Cognac it's ingenious I'm not sure what I will miss more savoring this sweet flesh while watching it thrash to death but there is one thing of which I am certain watching your son flail as he drowned under my boot gave me the greatest pleasure of all it's for me dick avenged embellished tail Spelling's and karateka calm danke next Mackenzie also that's to be joined z-bone tulips in the knee hi Gamzee Missa for Tiana Papua it's just blue tenyer malm̦ it's free this is tinder where does energy the tagger things you hacked into sure to inspect your naff didn't ich etosha wouldn't have approved Highline you know Tasha the fuck you never disappoint we've been compromised the whole bloody places honor that they kept at our contact tell me you made the switch yes I have the explosives they were staying on mission well rendezvous in the courtyard after you fought the challenges have to be quiet thank you I'll be here if you run into trouble just one more now it's up to you and your team Daniels they're late we should go now hold your fire till they blow the gates get ready it's not over yet the Germans will not to counter-attack soon we need to set up all the places follow me Jerry's still inside we have to take him out yeah take this Rousseau get a smoke in their sleeves I love you they sweep the building Daniel Sussman head upstairs and secure the second floor we'll clear out the rest down here dose it room clear gotta set up defenses Germans will be here soon will see them coming from here if they get close use the model tops the whole city's fighting back we're almost there they're throwing smoke down the street here they come Daniel's aim for the truck everyone else wait till they're in range you serve on top goodnight out No toss it out a good day both Renee Renee liven up your new day [Applause] outstanding work boys outstanding we did it the ghost bosses are entering the city looks like we might get that champagne and caviar after all hey Daniels you still think there's a young gal looking for a handsome GI sorry buddy that was just a boost to morale now he tells me sits here lights something to celebrate hey curly there's no turning back France has proclaimed Paris saying exactly Wars not now come on passing some habits that's a Turner for you taking the garrison and helping to liberate Paris is something I'll never forget hell I think I might have seen Pearson smile we're gonna ride this momentum all the way to the Rhine October we're knocking Krauts are fighting like hell for it cuz it's the first time one of their cities has been invaded by the Allies won't be the last we thought with the liberation of Paris we beat one step closer to home but our troubles are just beginning we're fighting in the city now walking the crowds got a death grip on it for good reason we're drilling a hole clear through their western border Davis as it's going block-by-block house-by-house knock them all down he calls it Turner and Pearson ain't seen on us as we got here grinds taking a toll on us all time for more beans and bullets hey pick up the pace we gotta hit CP by nightfall hey I'm this lying around from your girl thought I told you not to go through my things what kind of chump doesn't open a sugar report the kind he thinks it's a Dear John see the address she wrote Daniel's not read only one reason to be so formal hate to say it I think she's cutting you loose oh hey maybe it's like Schrodinger's letter you know you don't know she's still your girl quit screwing around we get the state theater at AU 7:30 tomorrow everybody's got their limits everybody true or not hazing I got a believe you still love me if I'm gonna stay strong coming back we can't hold the plus much longer Hillary's on its way they're saying ten minutes five ten hours down and let me think God all right Daniel do not yell go with Pierson and call it in oh such a dead one yq7 of villain we're driving fire requesting immediate support to face line two over all right just beat your asses here as soon as you can make it quick these packs are telling us apart over and out all right boys we're rerouting to the stat theater the 1st platoon needs us enemy dispositions unknown switching to radio and intercom radio master our rhapsodes we're taking a right to cut back to the theater a Brooks pull hold position here with 2nd platoon and cover this flank until we get back watch the windows let's move fire it will that's the stretchiness in the front upper story and restructuring a centre front upper story Рseven Рvillain what's your location in them pushing through resistance on our quest black offer our unit press over now reps first platoons taking heavy fire alright get out Rupp's slow down I can't see you guys on the Cathedral we're almost there Pat's her right side right side I don't see the enemy Armour reloading good hit bad shot bounced off lost track of the enemy we have to fight over down wraps come in perhaps it can you hear me Christ perhaps sorry patching us up thank fuck we got another pants right here too we've got some insights we have to move for to expose stay out of this children Gretchen German Armour to our right mas visual on the enemy gotta find it nailed it let me take us down we still got a tiger to take up we're not leaving till we kill my last pack boss traffic and we have to fight cut the bastard move up the hill with the tight came in Peter should be over the rise Philip to Deadwood white to seven wraps it is down it's just us now we're on our way take out those passes there's the theater looks like Turkish watch the shit got German over here now take them out they're pulling back that's all clear we shake this scizor dagwon whiteout all right Perez is gonna hold position at the theater to cover our flank we need to push toward the hotel Allendorf without armored support let's move all right let's do this hotel has been a Nazi stronghold for weeks we need to capture it to take the city be a lot easier if we had a couple of tanks with us Reza needs to hold this ground we're the spearhead on this one private something's wrong it's too quiet just keep sharp stay calm stick to cover fj get off the spring push forward and find an opening stairs are no-go we sure as hell can't go back into the street this wall looks weak Daniels usually launched you to clear a path there she is boys crowds last stand Daniels take a closer look yes sir got ammo for your private seems pretty quiet but that probably ain't a good thing what do you see skies look clear guess our bombers did their run you take it in the sights private are you looking at I got eyes on the hotel no troops on the balcony not seeing him anywhere else either must be holed up inside reinforcing their defenses they're betting it all on this place then we should be able to get close without too much resistance but once we hit the hotel we got to be prepared for the worst we'll need to take the apartment first it could be swarming Krauts we're gonna sweep it to cover our rear then advance to the hotel fall in Daniel Sussman take 40 let's go stay alert as apartments could be crawling with the N and O when you're ready frogs sir ready for em oh dear Daniels we're clear move up stay alert Daniel's we need that launcher again watch the back blast Rogers take point secure the next room yes sir doors locked we're gonna have to squeeze through looks awful tight nice suit who laid off the corned beef Oh real funny Daniels you're up I'm good keep quiet till we hit him okay go down the stairs a truck blocking our path I'll pop the brake and steer rest to you put your backs into it you got it Daniels need your help right out of here okay dang one more wall we need to we need to secure the basement on me every one six looks sounds like a kid Daniels you still got that chocolate bar yes sir bet y'all are hungry go home take it alright it's alright we're not gonna hurt you I'm not gonna hurt you no food my sister please help us no no kraut reinforcements will be here any minute we don't have time to be babysitting civilians it's only two of them sure you better come see this Oh we passed that truck a few hundred yards back you can drive it here and we can get them all out with all due respect our mission was to secure this hotel Kanazawa goose you speak German when the hell were you gonna tell us that it wasn't all right we're gonna get these people out of here Danielson ILO you take that truck rendezvous with us on the west side of the hotel get moving makes me wonder what else you've been hiding from us hares Iceman Cometh some slack search and not on your life private not on your life looks like you me Daniel can't believe Sussman didn't tell us he spoke kraut his family's German Jewish he just didn't want anyone to know about the German party I guess we all got something we proud of they got a kid in there old folks Рthey're civilians we send them to the rear that's what we do come on okay just need a minute to get this baby started all right we'll cover you German troops [Applause] let's play pcs incoming they stopped coming in looks like they're falling back you got a running thanks for covering me I think they might be regrouping on the north side god no we got to get these folks out fast bat digging too risky we don't want them caught in the crossfire a little late for that just hurry Pearson's right Daniels we don't have time to worry about these people there's civilians they need our help let's go let's go let's go we gotta move reinforcements are on the way hold on where you going what you saying takes your sister went backs in the basement well then that's where she's staying we got to get these people out of here come on lieutenant let me nobody's going you got two minutes I'm going with you nope just Daniel it's too dangerous I need everyone here to cover the perimeter yes sir you get back here fast will do sir oh fuck gotta find him hey kiddo come on let's get you back to you sis it's alright kind untie him foot fine nice kids a shot it's gonna be okay so now stop coming so now stir button off come on that's my mother give an angry cousin Joseph thought it's opening Amanda he had land elephants I must get opens I've caught the safe after suture dentists hotels problem no they all the sudden you're doing great we're almost there just need you to be brave a little longer I think it's cute thumbs I'm right here it's okay where do they keep coming from we gotta keep moving I got you in it that way I've got you thank you exactly so medium custom on the cognitive oh okay they can take it from here let's go we're escorting them and that's final Pierce is right sir if we go with them chances are they'll draw fire it seems like a risky private Sussman we are clearing this street and then getting them out understood I understand sir I just think they might be safer on the road and if we let the Germans reoccupy this hotel every squad that comes through here will be in danger this isn't Kasserine we have the upper hand get them on the truck it's your show defensive positions streets clear everyone okay everyone accounted for Daniel see if any of these people can drive this thing Kayne minun lost the father via nine in Brighton no I can guess he's got five come on she's gone go on go the hell are you doing following orders everyone back to the hotel room below hey there's nothing we can do we secured Aachen open to Western Corridor to the Rhine but the rift between Turner and Pearson's growing wider and it's not just our lives hanging in the balance after och and nothing's gonna be the same but we finally got a foothold into Germany the Gateway to the Rhine is open and there's no turning back for any of us your orders were to take the hotel not evacuate civilians who decided this was a rescue op we thought there was time sir last time I checked Turner was in charge not you is he making the calls now no sir it was my call it's on me it's on both of us yeah well right now the last thing I should be worried about is if two of my best men can follow orders when we're on the verge of the biggest operation of the entire war let me remind you this is the spearhead of our final drive to the Rhine and a whole damned forest clear so the convoy could get through so from this point on I'll accept nothing less than your best now get your insubordinate asses ready to move out it's been three weeks or in the hurricane force now clearing it so the convoy can get to the Rhine not proud to admit it's taken me this long to open your letter if it's over we're here for you pal I tried to warn you college let the man speak she's pregnant oh hey that's huge this is gonna be a daddy it's just trying to let me know but I wasn't ready to hear it all right I could use another cup of joe come on you mooks let's give him some space but I don't want coffee sure you do I'm sorry I waited to tell you about the baby I tried to the day you were shipping out the day you took my picture everyone gather around where's Daniels Davis is talking come on on my way Harken is dark and nearly impenetrable our mission is to take Hill 493 whoever holds the hill dominates the valley for lesser men this task might seem insurmountable but our division boasts a proud history of firsts World War one we were first to hold off a German attack first to launch a counter-offensive first across the Rhine nothing has ever stopped us nothing ever will lieutenant tell them what we're all about no mission too difficult no sacrifice too great duty first I can't hear you no mission too difficult no sacrifice too great Judy first right now get ready to move up duty first back to the old meat grinder amen brother bring some chow over to Willis he's watching the perimeter you got it much appreciated he's overlooking the valley compliments of the chef only in the finest day thanks buddy how's it looking see for yourself those guns aren't letting up it's been non-stop I heard you're hitting them today that's the plan all right our objective is to eliminate the hilltop artillery so we can hold the forest first stage is linking up with second Platoon at the river then we move out what kind of resistance are we looking at the heavy kind bridge has been changing hands all day we're gonna help you secure it here she is Davis assembled the biggest and armored convoy ever if that'll put the fear of God in them Krauts not the will still a long drive to the Rhine that's why we need to hammer those guns and keep them alive Hayes us the cold make your home backed up is mine honest she broke her hip every winter do I look like your nada no know that you mentioned it kiss my frozen ass I'd rather kiss mine honest that's a pretty picture everyone on me marks how you guys holding up sons of bitches keep hitting us next wave could be any minute all right first of all to let's help these boys out push-up retake the front line set up perimeter defenses I grab some olds and get those mg's ready Barclay Cooper advance the bridge and signal when you see movement we need to strengthen those defenses place those vines center I thought we were gonna hit your Tillery at Hill 493 can't leave our lines exposed the assembly once the bridge is secure jahmai these craters ain't gonna be easy traps coming through the fog go straight enemies concealing their movement somebody ain't getting their buddy hang in there buddy check for March grenades whatever you can find answers down good work Daniels alley on me rally up we're gonna split into two teams Pearson you'll head north over the bridge to reach the hill I'll follow the river with a squad to guard your advanced assembly point will be the base of Hill 493 see you soon yeah you be careful up there hey you two splitting up was the right move the whole mission that's like a garden Pearson's flank how far to the assembly point sir we'll get to the base of Hill 493 soon just need to follow the river stay low take them down but we're outgunned got probe there flex don't let them see you oh we've been spotted come on [Applause] get up red I know you better than anyone so I know you still got fighting can't give up not now not ever Paul crowds could be here any second so show me what you're made of and get on your feet I'm afraid I won't make it you got to read Hades will need you and so does your child now get up oh well of course you will because you don't know the meaning to quit I got faith in you baby brother Paul Paul meet me at home baby brother bridge got a five a seven point Jesus bullshit No Turner thought you didn't make it Daniels still kicking what's the plan you'd find the river we can get to the assembly point and support our boys I'm ready sir get the door cover you looks to run down to provide much defense crops probably abandoned it they'll be back hope not anytime soon listen it's water river must be close I'm praying those boys found cover from that artillery will back him up don't you worry there's the river just gotta follow it to reach the assembly and then silence those guns head down he'd cut one of ours check the flanks see if we can reach it sit tight we'll get him let's get the drop on him through here I'll draw his fire you flush he's not alone he's down you did good Daniel's moving out on me area is clear but that soldier didn't have to die let's move assembly points not far hope our guys got there okay gunfire we must be near our guys [Applause] that's the hole in the bridge will hold the mill as a staging ground where Pearson gets here will advance to the assemblage one on my way sir we'll hold them off stay a look we're gonna wait for Pearson then proceed to the assembly point Stiles Daniels on me we hold this position until Pearson gets you then we take the hill together unless he bypassed the mill and went for it himself he doesn't have the manpower that's never stopped him before said we wait here and that's what we're gonna do no disrespect sir but what if thousands right in Pearson did go ahead you let me worry about that Daniel's made decisions based on your gut private we'd still be on the boat at Normandy exactly you heard of how Pearson's platoon got wiped out at Kasserine looks like history's repeating itself it better not I want to know what really happened there yeah well I don't have the guts to ask Turner but I know someone who does you mission is to knock out the German artillery together but if Pearson season-opening he'll take it squad be damned there's a storm brewing between Turner and Pearson and it's only gonna get worse still waiting on Pearson there's no telling what he'll do but his record ain't exactly stellar if you were here Paul I know you'd set him straight just hope Sussman and ILO can hold out till we hit those guns together mami-san sir maybe we should head to the assembly point not yet here's some good news sir is it true about Pearson getting those men killed at the Kasserine pass one day Daniels and you leading your own platoon you find out there's usually two options bad and worse don't you focus on your men cuz that's what it gets you through tell that to Pearson sergeant Pearson you just pray you're never in that position she's got a transmission from Baker they're going to assault Hill 493 Pearson's with him what he took our guys and second Platoon keep up let's go let's go maybe Pierce is still at the base of the hill I'm guessing you're way past that keep movin goddamnit sounds like our guy's Daniels you alright yeah my where's the rest Pearson took him to attack the guns we begged for reinforcements stubborn son of a bitch we'll come back for you they need us we have to move up this hill take down one more Angie take it up clear it up good to see you buddy Pearson what the hell were you thinking I'm staying on mission we need to get our engineer to clear that this isn't a manual to Scott Parker so you can plant a charge on that bunker yes sergeant Daniels let me know when you're ready keep your head down and go suppress that mg you're good my suppressive Parker move up should I go move though heading out all right government going for the George George's plan get back how many casualties we executed the mission how our instructions were to take this here you should have waited for wasn't time what a better we had ordered the hell with a goddamn order do you think I wanted any of this we are cogs in the machine Joseph we start going our own way the whole thing breaks down when did you forget that these are men our men what did you forget those 150s are still Daniels artilleries ahead get that door open enemies to Daniel's get a thermite on that gun got your ammo Daniels we need to sweep this area before hitting the 150 enemies down hit the last guns George's passionate here's the denial of dogs fine then you plan a thermite on the back enemy reinforcements fight number damnit it's okay I've got you enemy reinforcements I'm not gonna make it leave me I got you you have to go it wasn't no sacrifice too great go sir I thought you might like this he thought wrong you see we're in a whole new world Daniel's my world and you can bet your ass that I will not shrink or waver for my responsibilities in any way so I'm making you my second and you will support me 1,000% and you'll make damn certain that all those men do the same anything less I will consider a dereliction now get out of my sight Turner covered our retreat and died in the process had ain't easy to write or live with he made sure we got out and kept the convoys safe so he didn't die in vain least that's what I keep telling myself six weeks now since Turner was killed and I got promoted it's Christmas we're digging into the ordains forests in Belgium so cold we're pissing high scoob's gonna be one hell of a fight with Turner gone we lost our protector Paul all I wanted was to come home a hero now that Pearson's in charge I may not come home at all Merry Christmas Turner oh and Turner piers they made farm boy over here corporal I wonder what you think of that probably the same old sack of shit Aiello this ain't the time lucky son of a bitch you're always first right keep eyeballing me yeah I get your jollies tonight boys because tomorrow when that convoy comes through you're gonna be on the front line defending it Turner's not gonna be easy your corporal now huh give us your fucking easy it is give me an excuse yeah six years I served with them six merry fucking Christmas convoys coming through and it's up to us to make sure it gets to the Rhine now all we got to do is survive the cold and Pearson these boots couch they look new yeah coach them awesome replacement the port get frozen then Pearson wasn't so stingy with requisitions I wouldn't have to steal it's okay they weren't doing the replacement thank you where's that farm kid I used to know you see him give me a holler hell of a Christmas season oh yeah why would I want to be cuddled buh-bye nice one I'm viola Miguel freezing my ass off were you bastards yes sergeant sergeant any extra coats or blankets you look just fine to me East I got got hit all night grab it on my box you're gonna recently I take that ammo I always gonna runs right but I guess you better make every goddamn shot count Daniel's what are you doing in this neck of the woods got some ammo fellas lookee here it's a regular old Saint Nick throw it under our tree which bring us [Applause] I got a treat for you this is how pleased to make your acquaintance sorry hi Denix to work alongside such a fine engineer Howard was part of the companies that took the ridge I can't believe they let him fight oh yeah even let us die now this convoy rolls through Krauts are gonna unleash hell thought we had the reserves come we are the reserves sergeant we should call an air support oh that daddy's here just remember he was a corporal radios working now yeah I wouldn't count on any help the flower boys got their hands full now it's got to make sure these guys get to the rock yeah it's over all right we need a fine piercing Queens nothing new like you say sake owes an NCO give up my stripes to me now we need to move now lead the way Topsy wait till I put you know get to the radio I got it [Applause] Roberto Roberto this is Deadwood wife five requesting close air support copy that Dagwood white five air support is already tasked with heavy bomber support eta unknown over 509 this is command we've got an emergency request for close air support pull your squad once you've reached the target area copy man will adjust once these heavies in safe course change complete with three minutes out from target location let's keep these heavies clean coming up on anti-aircraft fire taking evasive maneuvers to avoid flack hold formation stay tight to the big birds looks like the flak is letting up keep your eyes peeled for Krauts baby dude bout two o'clock high I say em I say em let's keep them off those bombers break formation how's our bug it out that was ouch you're back on our cake approaching the target area keep those heavy some room cut the chatter and warm up on me command this is five zero Niner we've cleared the heavies and are ready for air support copy 509 we've got enemy infantry and armored vehicles engaged with the 9th armored division over we're getting overrun where the hell is that air support stand by guys with white 5 aircraft inbound 50 miles out over keep your eyes on that tree line hey alert I'll be back any minute No nine one three eight two all right ask me after my ears stop ringing Russians piss above my paper probably get a medal for it lucky to be alive Daniel stick those crossed apostles yes I'd be quick okay I seen that look before before kasseri all boys despite Pearson's best efforts to kill us we made it and defended the convoy stop the enemies he'll marry dead in his tracks Turner would have been proud Pearson's gone to a dark place I can feel myself getting dragged down with him but I got to stay sharp if I'm gonna make you proud brother what's he want what's that what's that huh how's that work for you much better hey stop he's not worth it Daniel's don't crowd why'd you run must be hide something so the pitch was holding out on us fucks to say these are our orders to plant explosives on the bridge and Remagen ordnance is gonna be loaded onto trucks five miles north of here if I'm reading this right it's the last bridge standing across the right like that's something friends enemy trucks with explosives to be coming through here soon we can't let them get to the ride Pearson told us to block the row by bringing down these trees where the hell is Pearson probably in some hidey hole with the detonator and his whiskey drunk hypothermia not if we keep moving Silas you a Pearson screw Just My Luck Daniels dust me you come at me while I set the final charge then we ambush the trucks good thing we found that intelligence huh one step closer to the Rhine breathing just gotta stop those trucks I got this go watch the road for enemy trucks there's our signal trucks are inbound we've got Nazi transport on the road Howard all wait until their position so go up top ILO get it ready to move out how many through the road huh let's go [Applause] we'll be coming through the gates at Oh 300 find a high vantage to cover our assault so we can take out those last trucks they keep it quiet and watch the patrols let's move there's our two high points therefore cake must be a few ways to sneak in you can look there's Christian that you make are salty we need to find a high vantage so we can help destroy those explosives keep it quiet this path leads to the ridge hold your fire Pierce's squad will be assaulted escape soon Scout the area look for targets explosives are being loaded into those trucks look right Pierce's in position the gate here's an advantage to the trucks first day get ready for you sit it this way here [Applause] stay calm it'll be okay there's clothes hey they captured us man I'm sorry about your buddy but we need to get that last truck now I can't leave I ain't gonna hit lose that truck you disobeyed a direct order then I guess you better court-martial me desertion is a capital offense so maybe I should just do us all a favor and finish the job it's over you got him place in my platoon it's gonna be okay look at everything you could good after softener our bottom versus patina the unzip a lot present Union the Union where that the frankness talk to Nazis took shy sir that's my stories thank you said you'd fix dick toxemia we're Americans period it's been eight weeks since I suppose caption I'm trying not to lose hope sir tell me they fell in Sussman I wish I could soon Pearson didn't give a damn about him just like his men at Kasserine Kasserine you got it all wrong private Pearson was ordered to retreat some of his men were trapped in the pass I couldn't bring himself to fall back without them but he ended up just losing Moore trying to save him he's never been the same but you don't need to worry about Pearson you're headed stateside am I looking at a court-martial sir wouldn't reflect you good on the army to punish the soldier who accelerated the whole damn war effort that's right the intelligence you found on that prisoner was critical locating the last bridge across the Rhine why didn't be a Bronze Star in your future your bona fide hero welcome home red from this moment on I'm not letting you out of my sight you understand me corporal yes ma'am y'all right there red we're gonna talk are we gonna hunt you should be proud you ruled your fear you held your own nothing more you can ask it's the best feeling in the world ain't it dayson downhill and coming home bona fide hero yeah you're bona fide hero to the ending to the end I've been discharged worse than that the Krauts captured Sussman but I didn't giving up on him even if I got a ticket home March 1945 with the 9th armored and the 99th our mission is to take the bridge of Remagen we get across the last German resistance will crumble I want nothing more than to be with Heiser when our baby arrives but I gotta convince Pearson to let me back in the fight I'm doing it defines us because he'd do the same for me if I don't make it home well just watch over him Paul Oh Oh what are you doing what's it look like suicide hey I wouldn't go in there Pearson's been hitting the sauce thanks for the warning you gotta be fucking kidding me I'm not giving up on Sussman tell it to the chaplain cuz I got no room for a second we can't follow orders you weren't following orders when you refused to abandon those boys at Kasserine what did you just say to me you heard me you better leave while you can still walk Davis told me it wasn't your fault you were only trying to do right by your platoon get out get out I'm not going anywhere I said get out my orders were to fall back but I just couldn't leave him I told my men we're gonna hold this pass until reinforcements got here but they never came they never came so I guess you're right I did get my men killed no go not without my platoon or do you think you got some guts don't you try getting the job done day in and day out will your men are dying all around you Turner would have never given up like its dead then make that mate something no sacrifice too great you don't know anything about sacrifice how about this honorable discharge papers signed by Davis my ticket home I could have had everything a hero's welcome my girl in my arms hell even a Bronze Star but I got one last mission you must be crazy crazy hate to have I fallen sergeant I said fall name goddamnit if you want in now's the time get the fuck out of my way I guess the gang's all here not all of us let's take that bridge and find our boy yes corporal Sussman's alive he's across that bridge we just got to take it first this is the life Bridget's right we get this convoy across we're in the heartland we'll bust him open look at all the nothing it's all been leading to this get it secure the bridge entrance yes sergeant come on hey don't make me regret giving you a second chance you know I want let's move Daniel cue the upper floor hey I got your back hey Rene down the fuck down Daniel secure the enemy now we're all clear hey oh my god Krauts are gonna blow the bridge we gotta stop them Stiles what do you got they're rolling out everything just buy some time we'll head to the charges all right I'll lead the way while Daniels and Stiles cover the engineers ready let's go you to defuse the charges below the main structure stay low and keep sharp up ahead on your shot listen oh the grenade that's everyone plays we're gonna take out the fridge we need to capture those a a gun [Applause] pointed out sergeant nice day [Applause] nice party coming out everyone stand down stand down mister rendering the bridges ours believe I owe you an apology you owe me a hell of a lot more than that just made history fellas where's the cross but you looking at fritz there are reports of POWs camps in the area Davis has ordered us to wait for authorization before conducting a sweep but I guess you know what to do with Davis's orders copy that sergeant all right proud our platoon held the first bridge had on the Rhine now our convoy rolling into the heart of Germany they say war's as good as one not to me that walls dust is out there after leaving the bridge on our mission east we searched camps along the way I thought I knew what cruelty was I didn't know anything but one thing's for certain what I saw will stay with me forever survivor said that the other POWs including Sussman had been taken to a smaller camp three hours east all I could do was hope he somehow made it last woman looks more like a labor camp come on I get the feeling it's deserted it's still burning they must have just left there's a barracks over there Daniels un styles check it out ILO with me they wanted to hide whatever happened here these were our guys take out your camera the world's got to know they had him living worse than animals from the looks of it they were beaten starved and worked to the bone over here the Nazis had murdered our boys in cold blood and no fire in hell could burn away the stain I'm guessing they made an example out of one they'd slaughtered the weakest anyone that was slowing them down Daniel's you got to see this tracks lead to the fields that's where they must have marched on and that's where we're going I wouldn't get your hopes up corporal I made a promise to Sussman we'll find him I just can't guarantee we'll find him alive sergeant I'll take point everything's coming full circle all I've done all I wish I'd done it's like my whole life is leading to this moment we need to head home baby brother you died right there in the snow all because I couldn't couldn't dammit I'm coming Sussman you're not gonna die brother not now not today Sussman take the shot you always looked out for me Paul and I reckon you did today cuz there's only one thing that keeps you going on that long March and that's having your brothers besides you when history called you answered from all walks of life you can to defend peace and freedom I thank you in the world thanks wherever your path takes you know this you will always be amongst Brotherhood no this is it foes lost me wonders you have it and you'll need it more than me you got a kid oh no thanks for the vote of confidence yeah you'll be fine gentlemen Queens your prodigal son returns now are you gonna be okay gotta say bodies last me going home sergeant I am home what about you you're gonna be up I've been away from Texas for a long time you take care of farm boy I will well my son that's what I did I'll tell him I fought with the first and I crazy bastard Pierson crazy after half of it if you're ever in Chicago I'll get there oh you maybe I'll surprise you and Longview first you're welcome anytime you know when they captured us wasn't just our freedom that they talk even though we were together we were alone looking for any way to survive are you you could have gone on me hero why'd you come back I saw that life just kind of living to the end the dream was different last night this time we made a home together I could still hear the wolves Paul sometimes I'll still see him coming but you showed me how to fight him so this belongs to you because the sacrifice you made taught me that a hero will risk it all to save his brother and you'll always be both to me you you