Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reveal Reaction – Worthabuy?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reveal Reaction – Worthabuy?

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reveal Reaction – Worthabuy?

the rules have changed there's a fine line between right and wrong such a please here and somewhere in the shadows is a fun boy how long how long did it how long it took them 36 seconds to see actual actual if King love that word actual in this confront eyes everything's actual actual cough Bravo six going dog as your team smoke onward gourmet jelly beans 18 natural flavors with syrup has been processed to allow this food to meet FDA requirements for a gluten-free limb – Oh another one guys uh is it lovely city teeth back Oh full of flavor so there you go guys the new Call of Duty is called modern warfare looks fabulous I can't wait to preorder it and cover myself in baby oil and slither around the floor playing it it's a it's going to be quite an experience I can see and easily game of the gameplay looks astounding the visuals look amazing the actuals look very actual and Bravo to the entire franchise for bringing us the best first-person shooter experience the world has ever seen and the best value for money I mean our how of they possibly managed to to change the game so radically every year that's a testament to the skill and development within Activision I take my hat off to them all I sit here in complete awe but the talent that oozes from Infinity Ward and other companies that have made this franchise possible and long mayor to continue long me it's go into the night and into the day and may it serve the generations after my generation has thankfully Duff from this godforsaken pistol and that we will indeed never be able to have to watch this drivel again my name is Mac and I'm going to stick my face in a cow plot in the field opposite have a nice evening