Call Of Duty Knife History: MW2 Part 2

Call Of Duty Knife History: MW2 Part 2

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Call Of Duty Knife History: MW2 Part 2

super old-school so this is a second part of the history of Call of Duty knives simply because a lot of you guys left comments reminding me that I forgot something can't package glides why did you talk about the catsup holy shit the care package glitch I don't know how the hell me doing a video called the history of Call of Duty knives and I forgot about an iconic amazing amazing time the care package glitch so let me explain what the care package which was I'm gonna show you some old footage of me actually using it and it was fucking fun the care package bitch was this get four kills like so put that little care package marker in your hand and fucking go that bet that's all the instructions you are good to go buddy the care package glitch allowed you to run way faster than normal even though you could hardly run insanely fast now you could run even faster and it was so it really was when people found out about this we all collectively I can't speak for everyone look how far down the hallway that dude is then he's bad but still when we found out about this collectively I'm just gonna talk about 9 firs or people at his play Call of Duty what do we found out about this we went to town we knew that they were gonna patch this there's no way that this game would have like gone on if they never patched that we knew that it was gonna get patched so we decided to just run with it have fun and so during that month or so when when that was when this care package thing was was the thing that you could use we just abused it knowing that you know while it's here let's do it so that the care package glitches lasts for about a month and it was really really funny really annoyed people that obviously got killed by it but for that little month our knife and heart contents we're having a blast with it then you know obviously uh snipers we went the whole you know cold-blooded ninja stealthy route but for this time we just went like ran around like complete maniacs sit down obviously this footage is old because there's no way I can do the care package now it is patched for some reason they forgot to patch the one-man-army noob tubes or the sliding and sniping kinda silly so come on here sit down other things that I forgot to talk about is I forgot to talk about unlocking perks like cold blooded Pro you can get cold blooded plug without shooting but the issue is people kind of don't know how it works because in order to get cold blood Pro you need to like to shoot down air support well one way you can get cold blood Pro without shooting is the ability to knife sentry guns and to make it so there's more century consoles in game I literally will throw sentry guns equip sentry guns throw them and then wait for I will stop my prey and have him put down since your gun and knife it so I think you have to do this like 40 times 40 sentry guns and then that's how you're able to get and you have to have cold blooded Pro equipped that's how you're able to get cold blooded pro in modern warfare 2 without shooting movies blade if I can help it I don't want to have to shoot any guns so get him sit down okay now the next thing is the tactical knife how do you get tech drunk you don't shoot well show you so there's a couple different ways to go about it but let me to show you the easy way if you want to do it for the Magnum so you go to the first Recon class and look you have pretty much a perfect knife only setup except for instead of throw knives you have semtex but with this setup right here it gives you the Magnum with the tech 9 so you go into games and you knife with it every knife that you get with that tack 9 will unlock kills for you Magnum and this is literally me achieving that I mean he gets knifed look at the screen I got a hundred kills at the Magnum and then that means that I've unlocked the tactical knife that's that's how it works so if you can some help secure see I got the tech knife and you can somehow secure a knife through that career class thing even though a lot kills to them well you may be going well how do you get the akimbo you as peas then how do you get the USP tech knife I go into a game with someone who already has a Kim USP tack knife and I have him kill himself okay this is a really boost Enoch M kill himself I pick it up and then I go knife with it and then wherever I drop it I just pick it up again so this is a pain in the ass but once I get enough kills with it I've actually unlocked the all the attachments for the akimbo USB which is awesome so there you go guys that is called a duty monomer for two knife history part – sorry ID including the first one love you peace and buckaroos