Call Of Duty BLACKOUT Funny Moments!

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It’s time for some Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Funny Moments! I’m joined by my friend Kwebbelkop as we make our way across the map, finding ourselves in some sticky situations! Like for more Call Of Duty videos!


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who needs a parachute when you're a squirrel Judy have you ever heard of a call of duty hit stun wait what's that Chad gosh no good he says judge don't let no back in mr. shocked that we silly me up we're not supposed to go this way judge no actually took damage don't worry about know you can back sorry back here oh just stop boats gonna break choking push it push it [Laughter] it doesn't like smoking a bit alright let's go where are they on the bridge on the bridge and he's going okay don't worry don't worry no snow ready Judy I'm about to join faith no I miss I miss Josh I'm Josh accidently go out don't worry I'm just chillin by the way all right you really relax over here on this boat dude I'm sure I gotta get back in the zone so you got you just you just have a nap just chill yeah yeah and I'll get back in the game no scope it's a month it's a monkey it's so pretty he's clapping wait Josh Josh it's about to blow up I thought it was just a happy monkey that was like an old good handshake when you go for a breakfast and they handshake you thank you whoa dude is that a weapon whoa well I'm dodging your paw what the heck is so good at this I'm dancing all of them guys dancing all of them do it get ready what are you gonna do about it Josh for I'm flying okay no you're not are you yeah do you know how to fly nope but I'm gonna fly it wait but you don't know how to fly who ever said you need to know how to fly to fly a helicopter you need to know how to fly Ellie if you want to fly a hill eats right is the dumbest rule I've ever heard and what the heck is happening to make it all right jack I was gonna say we're just gonna fly off Jordie get in my beautiful taneous Lee gonna win the game and learn how to fly a helicopter wait wait we're all good came here all right who is amazing you wanna do some loops maybe some look Luke gypsum loopings how do I'd loose a little boobs like that like to pull back hey that it's not working you want to do some stunts then I'll do a stunt yeah yeah going down are you doing this is going way too you're going wait okay that goes down I've just tested a base bring it right here we're being shot at Oh chaton Delta Delta shooting bullets okay okay I don't want to get close to that bloody farmers and their shotguns oh yeah so this bridge right in front of us here no no no Josh wait you're not gonna fly in or that you crazy you just we're gonna put on overage justice wait see the red bridge underneath all right [Applause] Josh Jory okay well I'm gonna drop you the top of the dam then you jump down and I'll catch you Oh sounds like a plan just like just jump through the blades okay you should be okay yeah sounds good okay you ready I'm gonna I think I'm gonna line in the blade no no no no Freddie I'm gonna train ready three two whoa go Josh in the water all the way to the bottom Olson really was looking he'll get a yard here we go go go go well that was an experience how can we see the help of heading up there's a truck down there okay I'm gonna grab it Josh wait wait wait wait wait helicopter oh you're right yeah yeah I made it oh my whoa this guy's right hit Oh Tony did it again I'm dead hey josh Josh Josh get in kitchen wait wait wait get hey I'm taking a shortcut Danny Danny [Applause] yeah I find T we're a train now huh I didn't hit the top welcome to train simulator wait if we block if we put two trucks at the side of this this would be a good place to hide ready to hear Sun landing oh my god Rudy I've got idea we should you should jump off of the dam into the back of the truck I think something's around with your V not sure though but I think yeah maybe a little bit Oh Josh I'm pretty sure sinking the oils a bit low you trust me yeah so go around these all right around this right down here all right oh I'm at the bottom of the sea it's oh my what about you well this the fire's gone out I don't want to be on this ride control a thing you'll see I'm even though oh okay okay did you just crash it Josh come on come on get in get in now you're it's fine what do you mean these are flares black black player of our Volvo so you'd pull me up down by the building or shoes on okay oh wait let's do that did I just get him come on someone told me to just hit oh no I'm paying the rowboat land add Eagles on the moat and then I'll take the helicopter we need to take it with us okay arkad underneath me okay fuck you done anything down down down down down down right no I'll be fine over here at med evac okay thank you so much don't worry don't worry don't worry we built this okay right yeah I'm gonna outmaneuver them I'm gonna outmaneuver them yeah they won't see this coming see psych haha don't worry don't worry I've got this they won't even be able to chase me Jordi I'm out of here Jackie you are a complete genius hey on house way I see enemies at the bridge if I can bring it to the bridge without getting shot and now just what are we doing what are we doing slime up nice yeah you didn't just die Josh I mean you come help me no no why is my parachute opening hey Josh hey it's just a gym we're gonna work out but all right hey everyone hey jumping right into it watch out guys they're not nice we're not walking at this gym come on why are you shooting them a lot of people you keep killing them all right you're doing good – oh this consciously responding we really yeah what are you have to put in it hello up there still guy here you okay finally got some pills what is it wait wait now what open up and open up and open to me Oh what is it Alma – nice and what the heck is this what did you get done but it split there's no gun well what the heck bye bye kiss bye bye you just went into the ceiling and blew up oh gosh I need help with my homework okay how do you write help we have powder you're writing your most of the other way there you go Trudy oh it was the bird no I felt someone's landing but it was a bird Oh someone else's shoe to them sorry shut up just keep going keep going – I'm very for the hair son he going that literally went on it is tip Oh Josh people right in front of us people right if we're going right at them Jackie I think so they were right in front of us yeah so what I went left oh my goodness we're all there why can't I see the east-northeast I'm just running away Jody I'm gonna go in there that's miles away I'm just running away to the nearest building okay there's not overthinking there's literally a mountain in between us in the other guy I poke the best camping spot in the game why are you setting my house on fire it was an actor click I'm sorry hey Josh I'm just in my bedroom all right so you want to see my bedroom yeah so here we have the bed yeah nice time here we have a carpet oh yeah window pane right over here we have a staircase oh wait what my attic okay and this is where I like to sit down and shoot at people the Stars right peaceful family with guns yeah I mean yeah it's pretty self defense for these type of situations you know by having guns out we invite people with guns in you know guns no we're scaring them up so the people in the house gotta run hey okay I mean I do have a sniper damn I suck all right I hit one oh thanks Jordy dive oh hi well I have 75 miles this is going great I was high didn't realize my breath oh I have the smoothest lungs in the world I don't even see what the mom like what's going on guys welcome back to my house tour boat and let's check it out so right over here Josh you come here yeah right over here we have the toilet okay well can I say this toilet yeah yeah the toilet and a shower it's like a Jimmy sighs shower I also got some bunk beds you want to get in there with me baby all right let's goo were too big for that all right I'm right over here I have the kitchen all right very nice Coco you know wait what are you lit up into okay I was going to say what are you cook on yeah you know also don't have a television here boat this boat yeah I don't know strange yeah I mean you can sail the boat around you want to see where I work yeah welcome to Domino's Pizza how may I help you oh you're a pizzeria all right I'll have one burger please okay let me just yep where's this oh I'll wait right here oh yeah this is my pop-up shop customers shorty