Call of Duty: Black Ops – Campaign – Rebirth

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Campaign – Rebirth

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Campaign – Rebirth

you killed him Jacob obliterated their base they said budget bull they were both killed your entire self keep wiped out only you survive this you no one else no present of survival true no no ray zombie still with me since Makuta Benji let's go chuckles compound in Laos after your table killed you know I wasn't rogue I was continuing the mission violated their stores what style was there we had to kill Steiner but listen at the CIA were already on their way to get Steiner as readers where's her – egg of each Kravchenko Steiner they all had to die you want to start her alive what the numbers were telling me – why don't you understand dragon vicious sleeper cells are on US soil the over 6 is weaponized it was use it Moscow is go duck we are out of options a clamp that strike on Russia is prepared the president will authorize passes for the last time where is the session how many times Steiner is a rebirth Island we had to kill Steiner we tricked original what at the same thing the same delusion it again oh gosh but remember allied with res no rebirth island finally Steiner was ours we are here Riverside source of drug knowledge is opposed [Applause] they are preparing to the you know who sees my watch I'm showing an Oscar and you must consume the Roskam audience you're busy earning nothing snore that is gray aura nasty kasisvara give me a study of our iturra short Paris Rallo it's a bruise Italy at Cana Pakistan it doesn't play me to start a guru sir kill you we are outnumbered stick to the shadows before they become too don't click they are beginning to evacuate the facility you know we're here you good follow me the chopper is coming around again we must find a knife wait you are it did not see us good very good we are getting close we should be able to access Dinah's lab from the roof they've gone to full alert the CIA what Steinar alive we use the elevation a sonata no seafood reload economy Oshin this is horton we know you're on board give me some psycho bitches men are rounding up everyone on the island those no longer essential to his plans are being executed you must hurry before they kill me do Friedrich Steiner this is you they love you more kuta you don't know what we did to you your thief has claimed the lives of many good no look kidding me will not stop Nova I do not care about know my name is Victor there's no rule and I will have my baby I swear to god that's how Steiner died Resnick killed him right in front of me Jelani bitch you killed started Reno's it it has not got exactly what he wanted revenge we saw the report Mason Victor res nap did not kill Forex diamond Hudson so what happened Weaver Mayson still dark we work our way through the research facility and extract stone yeah we're moving up squirrel let's roll copy that Salvatore new at six hazmat suits now focus run we're moving forward protect your hazmat suits erupting your sugar beet dozen minutes it's quite clear the wood furniture moving down we're moving up in the flesh keep heading north quick sitting with it we're about half a klick south of the left they got a spin down yeah yeah I got it there you talking cuttlefish one more that's the violin move out check the room look you've left I'm in the lemon tree laughs every enemy yeah in here I love the clothes confirmed can go down we need to pass through decontamination Mason this is Hudson we know you're on rebirth island talk to me Mason let's fight mrs. Hudson are you there is there in summation what the hell is he doing killing everyone between him and Steiner then you got it's Steiner it's trying to contact Stein what's the situation macer we have to stop him now dams bulletproof nation what are you doing here live hangout stand down right in Victor random and I'm glad my revenge Mesa go I'm fine chicks neither is dead but the Padres not the defect we need to find we won't he was never here I didn't believe it till I saw it with my own eyes what did they do you in vocalization Steinar dead Mason's our only link to the numbers broadcasts bring them back let's go this way it will take us to the dock this is Weber we have the package well wait copy that take the dog now what the hell did they do to you Mason