Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review! The Good, The Bad & well actually it's just good. (PS4) Xbox

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review! The Good, The Bad & well actually it's just good. (PS4) Xbox

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review! The Good, The Bad & well actually it’s just good. (PS4) Xbox soon. ✅ Build your own SCUF controller! Use Code MesaArmy for a discount on the best controllers available!
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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review! The Good, The Bad & well actually it's just good. (PS4) Xbox

get em boy yeah someone's upstairs yeah don't camp upstairs yeah good boy yeah good boy good boy I gonna get a cookie now yeah yeah we're gonna get my another cookie hey you killed my dog get on ya trash yeah okay folks I'm probably gonna get some backlash on this video but I have to I have to make this video I am having way too much fun playing the black ops 4 beta right now so we're gonna review this beta in this video and I got to be frank guys it feels like it's 2012-2013 all over again now what do I mean by that for me personally and I know a lot of people probably don't agree with this one black ops 2 for me was the holy grail of Call of Duty's I've just always enjoyed Treyarch games more than some of the other studios now watch this guys gonna waste me here but I put my little mesh mine up right there and his friend walks right into it love that thing but for me call duty black ops 2 was my favorite Treyarch in general I like their games I love their Maps the maps the map layout and I'm not just talking about the way they look they look gorgeous but the map layouts man in this beta they're really really good and I think one of the main fact is why I am enjoying this so much is because of the time to kill the time to kill is drastically in my opinion drastically different than all of the other Call of Duty's that we are used to it's a lot longer and for me that's perfect because I'm used to destiny which has a long time to kill in the previous Cod's it's always well who ever sees who first gets to kill or whoever has the better reflexes and I have bad reflexes a bad aim because I'm old so I can't compete with these little 14 year old all hopped up on G fuel that's a dumb joke anyway so longer time to kill and then all the enemies including yourself have a little health bar above them so you can kind of get a gauge for it if you notice I keep healing myself as well in the bottom of the screen and where you see your specialist my mesh mine ability or whatever it's called I think it's like a trip mine on the left hand side at the bottom you're gonna see that little medic symbol there so whenever you take damage you need to heal yourself that's called like a stim pack or something and they have a version of it where you heal longer and can still use your weapons but and that's what I'm using in this gameplay but later on I switch to some sort of I think it's called acoustic something I don't know I'll look it up in a second when I show you to create a class system there's this acoustic transmitter that you have on you where one you hear enemy footsteps better I've got Astro a40 TR s which means I can sound for really really good in this game but you also as you get close to anywhere where an enemy is I think I fail this health storm right here yeah and then get anybody this acoustic transmitter when you're close to an enemy you're gonna see a cone that just lights up in red so you know someone's really close to you now as of right now there's a few game modes you have or a few playlists so there's the control playlist that's my favorite it's 5v5 and you have two zones that you need to either protect or you need to take over there's the capture moshpit which is two game modes it's hard point and domination domination I love because it's like control from destiny to hard point not such a fan of I feel like it goes on for too long and I feel like all this the real sweats the reveal sweats are playing hard point then there's chaos team deathmatch which is 6v6 I have not gone near that playlist I have never ever liked team deathmatch in any Call of Duty or in any game just in general and then they have Search and Destroy which became available today as of the time that I'm recording this video and also it's double xp and I think it might even be double weapon xp to do they notice my weapons are leveling up pretty quickly now I believe this is supposed to be a prequel to black ops 3 so it takes place between black ops 2 and black ops 3 so these specialists are back now normally I'm not really a fan of having quote-unquote supers I guess for a Call of Duty because I'd rather that be in things like destiny or other games like anthem but um it kind of works in mint I just I love the k-9 one the k-9 one is hysterical you've seen a few clips here and there when you call him the canine he's a pitbull he's got a lot of health if he comes at you you can jump over him but if he gets you you're dead as disco but when you call him in not only does he start letting you know where the enemies are because he doesn't just stand by you he'll start running off and finding where they are so it's kind of like having an on the ground UAV so to speak where he's gonna run off and start chasing people and you could follow him and either one shot them so the dog can kill them easier but the dog kills them really really quickly but I'm a specialist I mean I'm fine with it I mean what do you guys think in the comments section who played black ops 3 are you a fan of the specialist or are you not a fan of the specialist it's okay I think some of them are fun the only thing is when you play certain games like control when you spawn in or when you get into the login screen you got to pick one right away you can't have like five people on the same team all running the dog only one person can get one specific specialist and I think team deathmatch we're at 66 I think you can have two of each I believe so when black ops for the pick-ten system is pretty much back pick ten perks weapons attachments wildcards and so forth so I'm level 15 right now so I don't have a whole lot of things unlocked but I've got two main weapons I'd like to use well actually three the can 57 assault rifle I like the AI cr7 assault rifle and the mx9 submachine gun running rapid fire but for Perks I'm running cold blooded engineer I love engineer because it will show you enemy equipment that's all over the map whether it's a dog some of those barbed wire all sorts of stuff cold blooded makes you resistant to certain things like enemy abilities equipment scorestreak targeting systems you gotta run lightweight it is it you feel so slow if you don't run lightweight and of course I go with ghosts so you're undetectable by enemy UAVs while moving planting or defusing bombs or controlling scorestreaks but dead silence is in the game but you can unlock that until level 26 so if they extend the level cap then we can unlock that so in closing folks I love it the bait is a ton of fun I just can't put the game down I keep staying up to 5:00 in the morning just wanting to keep playing and playing and playing which to me speaks volumes because normally multiplayer games man I could only take in doses of maybe half hour to 40 minutes whereas this is the first well first game in a long time for multiplayer I just want to keep playing and playing and playing keep upgrading my weapons trying different weapons out and it's a lot of fun so in terms of me covering this game well that's kind of up to you because this channel is your channel I cover what you guys want to see but at the same time I only cover games that I love so like the division I made a boatload of videos on that horizon zero dawn ton of videos on that I am looking forward to the division – looking forward to anthem I'm looking forward to this coming out but I don't really see myself at all as beauty channels like making tons of videos on tips and tricks and weapon reviews and more just you know what when there's droughts within destiny too or there's not much going on it's just nice to have another game that I could just you know shut everything off I have a good friend of mine Chris so I play PvP with the Destiny too and he's loving this game too so we just come in here and we just have a really good time so that's it guys babble mode has been engaged this entire time let me know what you think in the comments section leave me a like if you enjoyed the video and leave me a hash tag made it to the end if you did make it to the end do me a favor drop like in this video only if you see fit follow me on twitter at Mesa Shan chick on my stream usually and always on YouTube and that is it I am out of here like Vladimir alright I'm unable to dog outside my blog

24 thoughts on “Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Review! The Good, The Bad & well actually it's just good. (PS4) Xbox”

  1. Well…. you are the first person to say you liked this. Every review I'm seeing says this is the worse COD game yet. I can see your point tho with being used to destiny so TTK seems fine. But I played it…. don't like it. Going to pass this time

  2. Every time I call in the k9 he doesn’t do anything. He just stares at me and ignores players on the other team

    Why are my dogs broken in this game 🙁

  3. It's tough going back to Destiny after playing this. I felt SOOOOO heavy and slow in Destiny and took awhile to get used to it again. But this is fun and you should definitely play and do fun videos when D2 is lacking.

  4. I have tried to get back into COD over the past few years but just doesn't draw me in anymore. The only thing I would proceed with caution is that the TTK from the BETA to the full game might change. I believe this has happened before but cant remember when. Enjoy the game and have some fun.

  5. I am really enjoying this beta. BO2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I also love playing Destiny. Treyarch did a great job on the maps and making the returning specialists fun to play. Excited for the full release. Also will you be trying out zombies?

  6. This game's probably gonna replace Destiny for me. At least until Y3 of D2 when Bungie adds a boat load of content and maybe some old D1 Raids. Destiny is getting stale for me.

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