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we have 30 minutes to build this okay we get started in 302 1 alright so we made it to my platform I've prepared a couple things for my rocket built already this over here is gonna be our launch site that's right I need a large sackful medical kit currently built in Inwood because oops what was that we're gonna change it to a white wall now in the previous built challenges that mean the guys have done we usually didn't work with timers but now there is a legitimate 30 minute counter and that's actually a semi stressful I don't think that's a lot of time alright launch platform looking good so look what I found ladies and gentlemen I've got this huge circle object that I can use for my rocket you can go inside of it you can do fun things with it it's great all right would you look at that okay I'm just gonna cut this one short by a little bit you know what I think it's already starting to look good guys you hear that yeah I'm doing great guys guys what's happening I gotta start all over again with limits of time I deleted my entire build yeah hey guys no I accidentally deleted my build wait what yeah agent I need a little bit more time I'm these are okay so I started working on this rocket and I wanted to do the interior and I ran into the problem that I couldn't do the interior 30 minutes so instead I decided to build a replica kind of different though with the other side I know I know but I carry the interior there so imagine that interior on this roll well first of all it's really cool I love it I got some wood fire and I even put some lights over here which I love it man yeah so we've got these rocket boosters with the lights and yes it's about to take off and speaking of taking up I have these these stands over here but you know cause it's based on the Falcon just like SpaceX right they have these penis support beams rockets can land again – why are they right up here these things they can control it when it's coming something on there it says yeah don't read it you will die and only jelly anyways follow me for a second please land over here oh yes so technically this is where the entrance would be yeah die be careful isn't fire tonight so picture this interior on that thing okay welcome where our seats are whoa you can like sit down over here and then yeah because you have to look up in the spaceship what's the spaceship evens out why does it go to this side because you will most likely be inside and there's a beak you know monitor over here right that's where you watch all the YouTube videos because it makes – I can show you proof that I had me all right are you ready to see my technically second [Applause] square rock and I realized that but in fortnight there's really no such thing as perfect circles so I decided to go with a square rocket my original one was circle similar to Jordi's and before we go and show you show you this one how about you follow me all right very legit look at the coloring Jordi has nice Jordi had some struggle all right he had some Jekyll with putting the interior in his circular built without doors anyway you get there just like what I did I created a fake atmosphere with an interior you see the Stars though we're missing the stars exactly yeah technically we're missing this but so this this was my interior you would fall into a similar rocket like Geordi and then you enter here the inside can you just do this anyway well because because you'll see unit so it was a full by forces from my old wicked now it's time it's time for my new rock everybody we jump on our you took that time and okay so obviously at the bottom we've got four beautiful thrusters million horsepower mine is already like mine is about to golf it's still still heating up okay well you know we've got two different layouts as you can see it kind of swaps into a different structure at the top that's the part that will go to the ISS you know and the rest just yeah everybody coming to the bridge it here we are serious mission I'm confused so what was the big down for the old ship and that's for the old ship so this is technically the same idea as the over the interior well you fly yeah these are actually the bed skies it just in case it's a long story traveler more sleep I always leave like this loading all right you're in zero-g you just buckle yourself up and it's the most comfortable thing ever Center where I type in all the special keys to go to Mars yeah the codes what are the sort code three codes you I'll type in two guys on the screen right now they're on the screen yeah whoa whoa so that's pretty much my rocky I want to have a look around the top so yeah my tía details appetizer Oh losers at the bottom there's an open-top all right name at the time okay yeah oh yeah but we don't see this really don't worry exactly but Josh josh is really wanted to see the top I had no time I broke my first rocket all right well I hope you liked it but now I want to see smoke all right guys you ready to check out it's very nice and bulkier I feel like we can put a million passengers in and ship to Mars I managed to make it kind of like circular it's not too blocky at all so this is how I decided to do my thrusters oh yeah you're just turned off Josh I get it yeah yeah so and then as you can see on the sides these are kind of the the flappy things that hold it there make sure it doesn't fall over those are your feet Josh yep yes the feet they're pretty much if we are by the way look at these things here look at the size of these panels I might put on to make it bigger like I found a wall that would just do it but it's pretty cool so on the side we have the fuel obviously okay that's a lot of balance right now aerodynamics josh is one of the victor a majority another one without the cool thank you and go anyway okay so okay okay you know what it looks like actually Geordi it looks like I just attached rocket ship onto the side of mine ship and this is the fuel yeah I think you're right Josh did this look like that carrying my payload got a little like bridge here to find a point what do you mean point impressively done see it depends from which angle you're looking at really all right here but sure I'm kidding josh is great good job just a disclaimer everything from this point on I bill in jelly's time does that make sense so when jelly has Bailey's extra time my extra extra time I was eating out of my nose yeah bridge area here to get off very nice and that enters into the control room areas very cool this is awesome this is the control area like your space hey this time I have a normal-sized seat no no no that's jelly see um we couldn't get one in his size but cozy is a nice one and it's perfect for your length for a jelly yeah yeah that's the whole thing for a Josh I was gonna be doing like electrical work everywhere by run out of time we're doing our thing so but yeah so that's my rocket ship it's like it but how do you close the door chilly it's a meeting right now it's a sliding door you put it inside I think the comments should decide which rocket is the best whoo and yeah that's pretty much bye if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight Dyson store thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly RB t-shirts on jelly