Budget Yawgmoth, Thran Physician – EDH/Commander SACRIFICE

Budget Yawgmoth, Thran Physician – EDH/Commander SACRIFICE

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Budget Yawgmoth, Thran Physician – EDH/Commander SACRIFICE

this episode of budget MTG Dex is sponsored by TCG player the best place to buy your cards in the US welcome to budget MTG Dex all the cards you see in our videos are adult or less with exception of the commander cards also don't forget to hit the subscribe button and click the bell icon to be notified when a new video comes out hi and welcome to another episode of budget MTG Dex I'm David and today we're gonna be looking at another fun and effective commander you can build without breaking the bank and today we're tackling an awesome sacrifice commander in the form of yog math a Thran physician young moths costs two and two black so four for man I will get a 2 for legendary human cleric he has protection from humans additionally we can pay one life and sacrifice another creature to put in minus one minus one counter on up to one target creature and draw a card additionally we can pay two black discard a card and then proliferate which means you get to choose any number of target permanence and or players and then give them another counter of each kind already there remember that this does not target so yog moss in this case we're gonna be building it around its first ability which is the pay one life and sacrifice another creature and then we're gonna be using that to draw cards and as removal as well so let's have a look at the strategy of this deck the strategy of this deck is going to be play lots of expendable creatures and they're creatures that come back or tokens that we don't mind sacrificing we're gonna be playing drainers as well which means that whenever stuff of our dies our opponents are gonna be losing life we're gonna be gaining life so that we can slowly kill them without using combat if necessary and finally we're gonna be using sacrifice the sacrifice outlet of the commander to draw cards drink and also to kill threats with the – 1-1 counters the deck is also pretty affordable outside of the commander itself the commander costs 20 dollars and 15 cents however the rest of the deck only costs twenty six ninety which means that the deck total comes in to blow fifty dollars you go as you can see a lot of the cost comes from this very expensive but really really awesome commander now let's have a look at the synergy cards first we devoted the synergy cards into sac targets tokens drainers and the cards that have synergy with counters – one of mine as one encounters to be specific all right let's get started with the SAC targets we're gonna start with butch or ghoul ever nightshade and sightless ghoul now all these cards are here for one reason and that is the fact that they have the ability called undying undying states that when this creature dies if it had no – one – one counters on it we're gonna return it to the battlefield under our control with a plus one plus one counter on it now it's very important to remember is that with our commanders ability we can put – 1-1 counters on these creatures and if they already have a +1 +1 counter on them due to state-based actions these two counters will cancel each other out and both will be removed which means that if of course we have a butcher ghoul for example and should it dies gonna come back with a plus one plus one counter we put a minus 1 minus 1 counter on it and then it's gonna be as if it was brand-new again it can die and it can come back again two of these undying cards can loop together with each other in order for us to draw all the cards that we want unfortunate of course it will cost us one life which means that we probably want to have something which allows the game life as well to make sure that we don't die to that then we have a reassembling skeleton brood of cockroaches and endless cockroaches these cards cannot be looped because they either we need to pay to get them back however we can't play them every single turn again often multiple times which means that it is a nice little way to have a recurring sack outlet which we can keep on using every single turn then we have weapon craft enthusiast sling gang lieutenant and marsh flitter these are the token cards these cards come in they come in with two tokens additionally and these are great targets to be able to you know to sacrifice those tokens or to just be attacking and doing a little bit of damage then we have sync your autocrat and a port Overlord is a little bit different saying your autocrat comes in with three tokens so a little bit more than the cars before that however should this card be removed the surf tokens also how are going to be exiled so they're gonna be gone so you do want to make sure this one doesn't get removed but it is a great target to reanimate because those surf tokens are fun to sack for cards and apartment overlord it's got devotion to black which means when it comes here we're going to count the black pips on the permanence that we have on the table as you can see we're an overlord already has two black mana symbols which means that it would just be by itself and give us two harpies however this with our commander will give us four we've probably got some other stuff so we're gonna upload some eight or six harpy tokens with this card fees is gonna be a lot of nice little tokens then we have some token generators which are recurring Genesis chamber a Crone horse and Hendrix our master breeder Genesis cake chamber can also go infinite with one of our undying creatures as we can put a token on we could put a minus one minus one counter on one of the tokens and then of course then the other creature will come back and we can loop the minus one minus one tokens from the undying creature onto the tokens cuz every time the indict creature comes back in we're gonna be creating another one one colorless mirror artifact creature token a Crone horse comes in under control of our opponent and we're gonna be getting very soon a 1/1 soldier bonus also we'll get that except for the one who owns your own horse but it's still nice every single turn have a little bit of a disposable body and end ryx are as long as we can keep on casting creature spells we're gonna be getting more and more thralls however if you control several more thralls we're gonna have to sacrifice 10 drinks sorry we don't want that which means that every time we run a risk of giving too many of these creatures where he's gonna sack them to our commander to make sure end-rig star stays on the battlefield the last one of the token creatures is softer assembly comes in it's a 5/5 flyer but at the beginning of our upkeep if we still had it so if we've gone around the table nobody's removed it I'm gonna pop it back into our hand we're going to create five one one thought for creature tokens with flying leaves them to attack me because it's a sockem and then once we sacked all of them it's fair game again to play softer assembly because then we can't bounce it back to our hand again and get more they move on to the drain or cards we got Zulu port cutthroat and vindictive vampire it's important but both of these cards check out whenever another creature dies mostly I mean Susilo port up country also cuts itself but in principle whenever another creature that we can roll dice we're gonna have each opponent loser life and we're gonna be gaining like so this is only our creatures dying but we make everybody lose life when we gave life do we have a death creature and a falcon run noble this counts any creature dying so not only ours but also anybody else's creature dying death creator only gains its life but this is still quite nice because it neutralizes the downside of our commander and for us Noble also deals one damage and gazes one life but it only does it to target player so unlike the Sewell approach cut away at the addictive a part it doesn't do it to all players and finally the drainer extraordinaire great merchants of asphodel this thing comes in once again devotion to black counts the pips in their six eight is gonna be doing that much damage to each opponent and then we're going to be game we're gonna be getting all the life that are pawns lost which means it's gonna be a massive life swing this is a great card to play sac get out of the graveyard play again do it a couple of times everybody's dead wonderful and then we move on to the cars that have synergy with – 1-1 counters and that is necessarily need of if near and carnufex demon nest of scarab states that whenever you put one or more one is one one is one counters on a creature we're gonna put them in e1 one black insect creature tokens onto the battlefield now again with one of those undying creatures and their commander this can go infinite as you can bounce the – one – one comes from the undying creature onto the token because every time we put them as one – one counter on the undying for you we're gonna get a token which of course can take another – one – on Connor and then we can sacrifice the undying creature again to loop it our screen of if near really nice because whenever we discard another card we can put a – 1 – 1 cut on each creature our opponents control and of course the ability we're not really focusing on very much with this commander is the fact that paid to blacken discard a card in order to proliferate but in this case it works really really nicely so that is awesome as we always have an ability to do that with our commander out and carnufex demon comes in with 2 – 1 – 1 Connors on it and we can remove one by paying a black to put a minus 1 – 1 counter on each other creature this includes our creatures but this is essentially like a board wipe and using the proliferate ability we can make sure that we always have enough – 1 one counters on carnufex demon that is it for the synergy cards let's have a look at the protection cards we only have three cards to protect our commander and that is supernatural stamina undying evil and dark privilege supernatural stamina gives our commander basically the ability to come back from the dead once is being killed instant speed undying evil essentially the same thing if died is gonna come back to the battlefield with a plus one counter on it and dark privilege is it nice and Champa to put on our commander and as we have so many disposable creatures we can just use those creatures to regenerate our commander should somebody want to remove it that is it for protection cards let's have a look at the control cards even though our commander already has a very nice removal package built in with the – 1-1 colors sometimes you just need to kill a lot bigger stuff or stuff of other nature so that's why we still have some control cards in the form of creature non creature and board wipe cards we start with the creature removal spells I mean that is defile tragic slip and bowel blight the file is gonna give the creature – one – one activity on the turn for each swamp we control so that's gonna kill anything including indestructible stuff tragic slip it's very similar target creatures gonna get – 13 – 13 if a creature died this turn that's how you want to use this card's gonna kill everything as well for single block amazing and bio black costs – black and it's gonna give a creature and other creatures with the same name as that creature of – 3 – 3 till the end of turn this is great against those token players and just hit everything pretty much then we have font of Agony's transmogrifying wand and friction plague Lord font of agony states that whenever you pay life you put that many blood counters on font of Agony's and we can pay two mana and remove four counters to destroy target creature who's repeatedly and as we're paying life with our commanders first ability we will be able to destroy a lot of stuff with haunt of Agony's and transmogrifying wand is beautiful comes in with three charge counters on it but every time we pay one mana tap it and remove a charge counter we're gonna destroy target creature and they get 8 to 4 ox in return as a token we can't do this instant speed but every single turn being able to discard a card proliferate and then tap this thing and kill something you don't care that people have to for is they can have a whole army of two four even our commander can stop two forces is the two for itself without any problem getting rid of their best stuff every single turn is absolutely beautiful then we have friction plague Lord this is a 4/4 and what's really nice about this card is that we can sacrifice a creature and turn creature gets minus one minus one till the end of turn so essentially it's kind of like a commander light we can use it as an alternative to our commander as it also uses those warm bodies we've got as removal and of course they can also tap a sacrifice itself to give a creature of minus four minus fold to the end of turn then we have a flesh bag Marauder play crafter and virtuous maneuver all three of these cards make our opponents sacrifice something the great thing is that play crafter make sure that they don't have a creature or plague a planeswalker to sacrifice they're gonna have to discard a card and virtuous maneuver is also really nice because instead of our opponents all having to sacrifice a creature we also get to return a creature card from a greater back try hand really nice then we move on to the non creature removal the only card we have here is agent of air boss comes in or whatever an enchantment comes into the battlefield under control I'm gonna exhale all cards from target player graveyard we like to use our graveyard let's make sure that our opponents do not benefit from anything like that and then we move on to the board wipe cars we've got mutilate Knight incarnate and demon of dark schemes mutilate just gives all creatures – one – one until the end of turn for each 12 we control we're playing tons of swamp so we're gonna be able to kill everything yes this will probably also kill our commander but we sometimes plays in desperate times when you gotta kill absolutely everything and then this does the trick Knight incarnate whenever it leaves the battlefield we're gonna give all creatures – three – three killing their turn really nice of course our commander will not get killed by this and demon of dark schemes when it enters the battlefield is gonna give all creatures – two – – until the end of turn once again does not kill our commander really nice it's a 5/5 flyer which is not to be underestimated and whenever a creature dies we're gonna get one energy counter and we can use four of those energy counters in paying three – return target creature card from a graveyard back to the battlefield under our control tap now this is not just from our grades with any graybeard so that it's absolutely brutal that is it for the control cards let's have a look at the card advantage cards now our commander already has a great draw package built right in but sometimes you need to be able do either some draw or you need something else in that case we divided the cards in to draw and recursion cards the first ever the draw cards is wretched confluence and promise of power wretched confluence yes we can draw a card and lose a life give vitarka creature – two – two – in a turn or return to every creature comfort wavier to our hand we can choose three of these any of these more than once so yes we could draw three cards and lose three life but who kills returns to forever a bird and use it as removal so it really is such a such a versatile card in all points of the game promise of power also very versatile yes we could pay five mana to draw five cards and lose five life which is absolutely phenomenal but if your hand is full you don't really need that much you know what you can all just play play the second ability which is put in xx black demon creature token with flying onto the belt it's where X is the number of cards in your hand as the token enters the battlefield so if you got a lot of cards we can get a very very big flyer as well then we have our girls blood fast and underworld connections our girl's blood fast pay to mana pay to life draw card underworld connections essentially is pay one life pay one mana and draw card why because we have to enchant LAN and we have to tap that land in order to make it work so actually kind of a better deal in our girl's blood has both enchantments still very strong a lot of strong cards for very cheap then we have a smothering abomination and cough oh fed soul hoarder some other abomination is a for three states that begin your upkeep you have to sacrifice a creature that doesn't matter too much we got supposed to be creatures we're playing lots of tokens so that's fine and it also states that whenever you sacrifice a creature we draw a card and of course yog Mon stability sacrifices a creature which means we're gonna be drawing a card or ever equation we sacrifice with either this one or with a young mom tanto fed very cool 6/6 flyer and say someone ever permanent owned by other players put into the graveyard from the battlefield you draw a card in you lose life this is not only great when our opponents are killing each other stuff but of course the armor mouth is gonna be using its ability to put minus one as one counters on utilities small utility creatures killing them and we're gonna be drawing cards for that as well up next we have soul exchange and no rest for the wicked soul exchange for a measly to man out we're gonna sacrifice a creature X eyelid and then return another creature from now Gregor back to the battlefield super cheap for only two mana and no rest for the wicked is very nice as it comes in early we just pop it down we don't have to worry about it and then should somebody do a Borg live with all available valuable creatures out there we can sacrifice it and return all those creatures back to our hands so we can recast them again and veteran or another turn then we have Undertaker and whisper Blood liturgist Undertaker allows us to have all those dead cards in our hand that we don't really want to use maybe extra swamps or manna flooded or maybe a really expensive card that we're not gonna be playing for a long time we can just pay a black tap and discard it and then return a creature card from our graveyard back to our hand and with whisper we're gonna be tapping it and sacrificing two creatures and then return to our credit card from our grater to the battlefield as weas already all of our token producers all of them produce at least two tongues when they come in so this is an excellent target to be able to sacrifice the token I mean we can sacrifice the original creature to Yaga moth and then sacrifice the tokens to whisper to return the token generator on to the battlefield and then we have the last of recursion Kars palace siege and Dawn of the Dead both of these cards do essentially the same thing Palace siege at our upkeep we're gonna be able to return a creature card from my graveyard back to our hand and Dawn of the Dead is gonna cost us a life but it's gonna return that creature onto the battlefield straight so we don't need to cast it anymore go straight from the graveyard to the battlefield however and it also gains haste which is very nice however we do need to excellent at the end of the turn which means that before the end of our turn we do need to sacrifice it again with an ability such as yog must ability to make sure that it does not get XL that is it for the card advantage cards let's have a look at the ramp spells the ramp spells are pretty much all manner rocks with exception of these first two cards we've got sphere of suns and pitiless plunder sphere Suns comes in with three counters on it and we can tap it and remove a counter to add a man any color now this we can do this three times and early on the game it is pretty much all we're gonna need however we can use Yama's proliferate ability to put more counters on it should we need that amp utilize make sure that whenever another creature we control dies we're gonna create a treasure artifact which we can sack for mana now these very important to remember that it does not care if it's a token or in a non token creature as long as a creature so it does counter tokens which means it's gonna give us loads of mana when our tokens are dying as well then we move on to the mana rocks mind stone prismatic lens and fracture power stone all come in for two and all tap with colorless star compass guardian idle and late Amir all also comfort to and tap for one mana the star compass and the Layton mere can give us black mana as the garden Idol can only give us colorless and finally we have a Pilate Amir and unstable obelisk Latium air is a creature but it can tap for two colorless and unstable obelisks can only tap for a colorless but very importantly we can't pay seven and tap it and sacrifice it to destroy target permanent and sometimes there are enchantments or artifacts on the battlefield which we have difficulty dealing with as black and then unstable obelisk can save us that is it for the ramp cards let's have a look at the lens we divided the lands into 29 swamps and nine non-basic lands to start off with the non-basic lands we've got bear and more and polluted mire both give us black coming tapped but we can cycle them so it we're later for manna flooded we can get rid of them and draw a card and we have emergence own memorial to folly and encroaching waste these are all lands a tap for a mana however we can also sacrifice them to do various abilities emerging stone we can sacrifice to cast spells let's flash this turn we can sacrifice memorial to folly to return a creature card for my grammar back to our hand and we can sacrifice encroaching waste to destroy target non-basic land then we have majoring network detection tower and robes passage majoring network comes in with counters and we put more counters on it and then later on we can remove a whole bunch of them to give us lots of mana which works great with the proliferate ability detection tower allows us to remove hex proof from targets so that we can make sure that we can target our opponents stuff with yog masa – 1-1 counters and rogues passage can make one of our creatures unblockable which is nice when they have a big fat creature that we do not want to have blocked then finally the last of the lens is cabal stronghold it can tap for a colorless bug can also tap it pay three mana and it gives us one black for each basic swamp with control so once we have five or more swamps then this thing really starts to give us more mana that is it for the lads let's have a look at two examples starting hands in this first example hand we got a way to protect our commander through undying evil and with butcher ghoul and Genesis chamber we can loop them infinitely and we also make sure that vindictive vampire being on the battlefield means that our opponents will lose one life every time we do it and we gain one life in the next hand we start off with some mana ramp and cheap creature which gives us tokens a creature that can get us that creature back onto the battlefield every single turn and smothering abomination which make sure we'll also be drawing cards every time we sack the weapon craft that Sue's yest or when we're sacking the creatures to the whisper blood to thir just so we're gonna be drawing an incredible amount of cards that is it for the starting hats have a look at some non budget upgrades as you can see over here we've got some awesome cars you can use to upgrade this deck mostly in the form of stuff that we can sacrifice works really well or the effects that it gives us when we sacrifice those things remember at the top is the card that's in the deck and at the bottom is the card we suggest that you put in instead of the original card thank you very much for watching I'm David this is budget MTG Dex find all the cars discussed in this video in the description below also show your fan of channel by rocking this awesome budget MTG Dex merchandise this show was made possible by the support of our loyal patrons head on over to patreon calm budget MTG Dex and donate as little as $1 per month