Black Ops 2 "AN-94" – Best Class Setup (POWER!) – (Call of Duty BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

Black Ops 2 "AN-94" – Best Class Setup (POWER!) – (Call of Duty BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Black Ops 2 "AN-94" – Best Class Setup (POWER!) – (Call of Duty BO2 Multiplayer Gameplay)

hello everyone welcome my name is Ali and today I've got a new best class setup video for you guys I tweeted out whether or not you wanted to see the an-94 or a sniper class today and you decided on the an-94 and the first kill here shows off my third perk dexterity really well climbing over all like that would normally be very slow but with dexterity allowed to me to get over it really quickly and shoot the guy that was heading towards the wall but for you guys that want to see a sniper episode for my best class of series I'll be covering that in the near future a sniper for you guys if there's a specific sniper you want to see just leave it in the comment section down below but in terms of the an-94 it is of course the final assault rifle you unlock it within black ops 2 multiplayer some of you guys may still be prestiging aiming towards prestige master so you guys may not had a chance to use the an-94 very much but it is a really powerful low recoil assault rifle you can see on screen now the whole of my class setup for this gun a lot of you guys when I tweet about the an-94 said you use the silencer on it and although that's interesting I like to stay away from the silence on the an-94 because it means it takes more bullets at medium to long range to kill with the an-94 once you've got a science on it so I go for a more powerful class setup I have the stock attachment on along with the quick-draw attachment and flows you guys I didn't know when you're trying to zoom in with an assault rifle it takes a lot longer than it does say against an SMG but if you're using quick-draw it means that the zoom in speed is 60 percent of the normal speed so it's almost having the time it takes to go from standing to zooming in with your weapon which is really good if you've been quite offensive or you're just trying to win gunfights even quicker than almost an all-around amazing attachment also if you came up against someone else with an assault rifle that wasn't using quick-draw you'll be able to zoom in quickly and get those bullets on his body accurately quicker than the other person now I partner quick-draw with stock and with assault rifles the movement speed while you're zooming in or aiming down sight is unless than the movement speed if you're using a submachine gun as you can see here I poked my head out and strafe back to the left to avoid the fire and stock allowed me to do that quicker than normal which is awesome so essentially grouping stock and quick-draw together means that the an-94 can act more like a submachine gun in terms of its movement speed in its reactions when it comes to zooming in which I really like and unfortunately a semtex comes flying over the roof here and sent Texas and grenades are really powerful because of course you're spending a point on them to use them in your crater class slot so they are pretty damn strong if you see them on the floor then you're probably going to die to them unfortunately that's my first death of a gameplay buttstock and quick-draw really awesome try them out together and trust me you'll really really like them in terms of my perks my first perk is hardline I'm using UAV counter UAV and VSAT here I've been addicted to these course troops recently they're really really useful especially in game modes like domination where you're wanting to know where enemies are making a lot more easier to cap flags to play the objective because you know what the enemies are in TDM they it works just as well of course it means you know where the spawns are and when once you've got to be set up it helps your whole team and since it's all about kills that's what those score streets are going to do help your team get kills which is awesome now my second perk is actually two perks and these are the ones I like to use a lot they are scavenger and of course toughness toughness is just an all-around beast of a perk if you're struggling in gunfights in one-on-one gunfights then you're probably not using toughness or your aim is a little bit off and toughness means that while you're actually in a gunfight and you're being shot as the hit back of getting on your gun screen it's going to be a lot less than normal which is awesome and I've mixed this with scavenger I mean I'm never going to run out of ammo because the assault rifles especially when you're aiming at mid to long range targets you'll probably be firing a lot more bullets than normal because you may be missing a little bit more than you would normally so having scavenger means you're never going to run out and I've grouped that with the c4 and the c-4 always use you see me throwing it around corners it's really good for clearing out rooms where there's a doorway and if they're behind the door you can just throw it in explode it by double tapping X or double tapping tapping Square really quickly and here I hit some with my c4 and I know I can be aggressive and throw my body out the window or out behind a help AVO sorry because I know I only need to get one or two bullets on him and here two guys come through I know exactly where from trying to set myself up but I think I hit the guy on the left and right two or three times which means I need to shoot them once more to dice they'll both really weak but unfortunately I didn't manage to take out either of them but this is my setup for the an-94 I really appreciate all the feedback my last episode the mp7 you guys really enjoyed that got a lot of good feedback on Twitter and in the comment section but if you haven't seen any of your other class videos I've done I've cut a little covered a lot more the MSMC the PDW the m27 there's going to be a link on screen and in description which will take you to my best class setup video playlist so you won't miss any of the videos at all but I hope you guys have enjoyed this if you've done so give it a like and definitely go and use this class let me know how you get on with scores and such in the comment section because always awesome to hear your feedback and click on-screen to check out any of my recent videos including a black ops 2 live episode and also a battlefield 3 live episodes thank you very much for watching I hope you've enjoyed and I'll see you on my next video