Beta64 Live – N64 DEV ROMs (Beta Stream)

Beta64 Live – N64 DEV ROMs (Beta Stream)

I came across a bunch of roms that were used to test various parts of the Nintendo 64 system. So, let’s go through all of them on real hardware and see what happens!
Streamed on July 28th, 2016.

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Beta64 Live – N64 DEV ROMs (Beta Stream)

I'm going to go and see what these demos are first unknown test cuz I have no idea what it is whoa okay let's uh who um I don't know that much kanji high level kanji with that well no buttons work um okay we have one time or revolution I think one bite bite Oh count okay so that one's the kanji right next to the one to the left of the one that one means count so bite count something bite count what does that other one mean I don't even know welcome to Japanese lessons with Andrew doe do fine do do fine maybe con todo at our controller okay toss suit test suit toll okay controller test something controller test tow do fine something huh so basically is a controller tester basically it's a controller tester well now we know that that unknown test is what was the other one ultra 64 demo and see what that is whoa the original name of the new and we have a Yoshi story background Thank You Dennis dolphin that's what I was like greatest oh my god I'm getting encoding overload is this too much for OBS to handle whoa okay we got a lava block now on the music stopped huh so far conquer is winning I don't know what this is oh okay if you haven't voted yet feel free to keep voting conquerors winning so far we can look at whatever what is text is that text view I want you to load this don't care okay well that's it for that one yeah that other one was definitely just something for testing it was probably for testing I don't even know if it was pretending he was just showing the power I guess player dot Nintendo 64 what is that unknown format stop well we found the best one ever unknown format stop love unknown format stop this is great I don't even know what half of these are but now I'm figuring out photo viewer huh well okay cool cool cool cool okay we now have 12 votes for Congress winning by two votes when we got here oh we got preview okay we're previewing a black screen cool this is a see the thing is this must be missing something what is it missing I don't know it must be missing a device or something maybe it needs to be on a dev console or something I guess so oh I just unplugged my headphones and I think I might have yeah there we go we use off I think you met megabytes I definitely don't think the ps1 discs were 600 gigs but yeah I know what you mean yeah that was back when Nintendo 64 cartridges couldn't hold as much okay it's not reset we're doing a hard reset let's see now quick preview maybe this would be quicker oh there we go now that's a preview what does it say NIF it's not what it says on the top left it's funny cuz it's not on my TV because it's like cut off but it says it says Neph good old NIF's and then a star and then whatever the things maybe it's memory usage huh maybe hey Marty man welcome back sound tools that sounds fun just run it still not running okay is everyone voting cuz I think Concord just one we have 31 votes here did you Scott Krusty I have to stand up I'm getting my exercise in today standing up to reset the Nintendo 64 oh gosh okay beta doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo we got Space Station so con okay these are all normal ones pack fatal o pack fatal oh the poll boom status no pattern oh I wonder do I wonder if this is uh if it erases the entire pack like the controller pack where all your safe files are because it's got no pack done 0% it's a good thing I didn't have a pack in there else it would probably erase the whole freaking thing put some like Nintendo tracking files on it yeah I figure that's what I thought it's a good thing I didn't have a pack in there okay what is this now Oh fun yeah talk about fun try that again mini erasers vh v qm Oh what is this now nope that's not working well conquer still winning okay what about without the EMA hvq oh my dear goodness what is that what is that so this is why I don't play things on emulators cuz none of these basically none of these roms would work but golly what is that why is it running so odd way to say let me try something did I still have it set to Powell nope I just hit the door yeah I still have it set to M pal let me put it to default and see if that works nope same thing holy mother that is horrifying that's not what I wanted to see okay we got that what else we got 64 gigabyte checker version 1.05 oh my this is actually impressive looking welcome to 64 gigabyte checker world this is like a theme park it's the 64 game welcome one and all to a 64 gigabyte checker world here we're going to do some really fun stuff like a rom check you want to do a rom check I can do all the rom jacks you wanted to do an SRAM check timer check I can do let's look at the log let's look at err log oh my goodness there is no error logs fun times what about timer check one I didn't want to set the days and hours I can set the days and hours on any port wait Gameboy carts on timer is that what that means huh clear and carry start timer stop time dang what in the world SRAM read SRAM so apparently you would plug things into the controller ports to do different things I don't know what you would plug in now dang that's freaking cool that's it pretty nice yeah I'm impressed with this one I like it I can't do anything with it cuz I don't have anything to plug in but yeah I guess it would be the transfer pack maybe not sure too though cuz it says that's four ports it's Patti oh yeah cuz it would be in pad one two or three so would be dude I want to transfer pack now just to see if that's the thing was there real time clocks in let me see real real time clocks in Game Boy cartridges are there any games that had a real time clock in it hmm I guess there would be see I'm thinking trying to find games have extra hardware to keep them playable many Pokemon games have a real time clock huh trysting I'd like to actually do that yeah the poke okay Pokemon gave us a battery I would assume that the Pokemon games would be the ones and then you could set the days hours and minutes huh that's pretty darn cool huh well will you learn something new every day okay let's see we got CC BL load it anyway when was the last time you stole okay so we got those lines on the bottom again and we have RS PR DP v1 and miscellaneous huh this is a weird one I don't know there's no buttons pressed so oh we did do something oh I just press random buttons and it did something blender render um sure background color can I change the background color okay it's all in hexadecimal fog color c-dac pattern threshold what is this render Wow well wait there's a lot of things here oh wait then okay wait so I'm thinking the meters on the bottom left are what the how much power this the 1906 Ford is using because I know in Conker's Bad Fur days debug menu they have these same kind of meters on the bottom and when things are more being rendered on screen there's so much more stuff happening the lines will get longer so I wonder if it's like you can change these items to see how much load testing it can do this is basically I think this might be a load tester maybe that's just my opinion huh it's pretty interesting this is real interesting hope you guys find this interesting because I certainly him okay well wait VI special features oh I love special features desert filter we use awful uh yukl a is coming out q1 2017 Thank You AJ model Cuba how do I get to show up Oh fear Mountain triangle that son oh that isn't a WoW okay so this is like textures brick checkered Mario background color red woohoo whoa that's weird saddle no it's Cheadle what is Chiodo mean see Google Translate to the rescue she at all ohso codec whoa what the heck is that what does that mean a black or brown paraffin wax occurring naturally in some shales and sandstones formerly used in candles polishes and electrical insulation is that what that text means if it is that's weird what the heck is that what even is that what I like the other one better yeah these are good stars like stars I want them Mario why can't I have Mario this is art fellas tetra oh I like that one how it's fancy geo mode lighting oh you can turn that on and off I guess how do you do that oh well I can move it whoa whoa okay I can move it dang what uh this is probably the weirdest twitch stream anyone's ever done this is what in the world am i doing recho gamer beta this is what was this one called this was just something weird I don't even know what this one was oh okay so that turns on and off of this this is the new Mario Paint now how do I turn that on I wanna I want to turn the ah there we go it's the bottom one so shading let's turn them all on I assume zero means on Wow this is this is something this is the lighting I guess so down changes it by 10 left and right changes it by 1 fog position world I can change it to 0 or 99 okay and then I can change each of these oh okay I do have Mario Paint for the new Tino 64 disc drive on here I do have that though I don't know what this is but I feel it's important okay I think I've had my fun with this I think I've had my fun okay I love that little gamma deter there okay well there you go this is whatever the heck this one was we sure found a lot more than I thought I would okay what is it okay that was CC BL I don't know what that was okay this is the last one of the weird ones oh it's the same freakin thing does it have the same textures want the saint's wave I wanted to change it back to the yes is all exactly the same except now I know of what a cube is okay cool

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  1. I think the CCBL.N64 is something like a 3d image editor. After all, the manu says blender, cycles and the images are in 3D. (Blender is a 3D software and one of its rendering engines is cycles)

  2. here's my translation of the test at 0:32

    ドルフィン・コントローラ・テスト | dolphin controller test

    送信バイト数  1Byte | bytes sent 1 Byte


    1回 | 1 time

    受信データ | data received

    I'm not entirely sure how this stuff works but my guess is it was a controller test that has to do with testing the controller via data transmission or whatever (if anyone is more tech elaborate than me i'd like to hear your opinions)

  3. computers use the cmos battery to keep the time up to date when it's closed. I'm pretty sure that all carts that have a save feature need a similar battery, and that battery would keep a timer or clock.

  4. I wonder if you'll ever do a livestream of the Super Mario World ROM Hack, "Super Mario World Beta"? Just like it's similar counterpart, "Sonic 1 Beta Remake", it's a recreation of the Beta version of said game, gathering up as much details as they can get from magazine screenshots and SNES Test Program. It even has a fully-coded Raccoon Mario counterpart. 🙂

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