Best Solo Player on Fortnite | Best Shotgunner on PS4 | 2790+ Solo Wins

Best Solo Player on Fortnite | Best Shotgunner on PS4 | 2790+ Solo Wins

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Best Solo Player on Fortnite | Best Shotgunner on PS4 | 2790+ Solo Wins

tired as hell I'm tired as hell boy be am I here got to be so long bra am I here gotta be so long balling like LeBron as good a job pop in your do you know what time it is yak time on weeks if it's not yak time then I don't know what to tell you guys but yeah at times the most fun time to me I don't know about y'all but let's get his youngji Boleyn try out some of those already in the stream with it was poppin within the chat loyalty's key if you already in the stream let's get it John G Abelson boy be brother beers sorry buddy I'm out here tired today stream you let me beat today Pharaoh door yeah let me beat to the shuttle Milo's in the stream right now if you in a stream right now you loyal bro I appreciate you in a stream that's we call loyalty right there bro that's you call loyalty right there you guys gotta take notes low cheese key and one key slow to go crazy we already got a donation shout out to my man colic for the $2 donation your brother water with a Catholic pusher the donation brah what I woulda excessive what are you talking about this guy's weird with it except these weird whatever the agility whatever the ants are talking about they're bored at home tops all my loads in srimad it ready let's go crazy with this your ham let's go cray cray boys with and when you go cray credible you go savage what I would iso beats baby van on goes plays got some miniatures take over the tradition mama that's AG my guy Rodney whatever the ages are you doing buddy we get donation box well cheese key with you it's my mic too loud you let me know if I might gets too loud I better let me know you gotta work work work it's just right there we get it's just real quick can I get a big show take him to chill our nation by evolution stop your nasty I'm builder pro think of it a love shots my man's evolution priest your donation broadsky his loyalty with you I fell off the head in circles for the Big Show's I so type of bigger Sam what I would have my tail of what / – easy you what I would Omari Lois its key with a cheese log fine GG's mongrel GG's mongrel GG's sacred spot on it's my eighth in love you Riggs love you to a tee official donation brah Thank You Man click versatile niche my doobie well Bob Elkanah marble Kingdom whatever they do BR you dorm brah you fell off a lower seat take ridiculous my lemons can you see ian has voted the N is a go bruh the ends are go simple chance 20 bomb on me imagine first game on am I like that yeah that's six miniatures how many up there right up there with it secretary SHM is a reverse be the best load she's in the chat that's why man to reverse picture the donation in bra so my trihard face is hilarious I'm not used to builder pro setting that I'm not used to like having it and pubs yeah yeah so it's not muscle memory down I gotta focus on my builds I gotta focus on my bills with it I'm gonna pop this chug what am i doing that's all my loads in the stream water with a supreme sorry buddy let me use this real quick early 21 weeks imagine am I like that and then star water with a big fish that's my man big fish whatever to supreme sunny everybody in the trim welcome to the strain bro I'm gonna turn on them coin just now I'm gonna turn on quite just now give me a second but I turn to mine all right now it'll clear if I get this double turn it on shuttered up who's over here with it show your faces so your yaker dude Oh hurry up Where's Kenneth nobody came in from the storm gee John Zi Jun what over 2g dinero take me to tarnish my doobie I fell off on no knows I stay loyal fat mo gang that's what's up stay loyal to the gang gang will tell you brah you got to stay loyal if you don't if you don't stay lawyer you fell off that Geist is no keppra Stein first and the mob with servers that's how we stay on bro we're over the PA what's your stance sick sick sense like 1.30 building it's not above 1.30 I saw ice around there it's around there it's not a bug – yeah memorization sorry buddy come here yeah this guy's trying to sneak up on me stream he thought he could go in there and come out get up on my grabs Sarika hide in the trees for a second how old are you I'm 19 years young rhodium night BOTS like what 16 years long I think no gliders why would I hold the gliders after patch sook sook sook whatever they ate in October lows in the stream where any boys as good as John jubilant take a little niche my evolution you got the best shocker name on ps4 question mark facts imagine am I like that yet if y'all thing got the best aim drop a like on the stream right now let's get that thousand likes in the stream I need everyone in stream drop a like on the stream ASAP Rocky baby well the patch do or the passage coming up tonight brother patch didn't do anything the pass is coming out tonight what's happening with the patch that I y'all let me know in the chat even know what's happening I didn't know what's happening think with a Darwinism I do on think I'm too loved you on what I were to Dragonball what up Jaden everybody say what's up welcome asuka head in circles revert there's no point that's my man you revert anymore yard they don't like us no oh plant how this guy doing he banged his head off the ce o–'s got another kid they go to fire I wish my evolution you bent had the best shotgun a my ps4 think of it logo Oh I'm selling right now oh god yeah bang head on context sorry you buddy ought to hit you hard a little what's this guy just shredded me with that a our I don't know how he just read to me without yardage eat admit he's one shot go I didn't shoot him in the head hmm she joins me that's all my loads on the stream buddy uh if you're on doing the same as guys you're up and lick it this urban whatever they rub run Queens imma turn on the run coins right now if you don't want run coins on y'all drop a lake on the stream right now let's get a young bull wobbling wait veteran queens were young boys he Jie's me GG's in a chat that's crazy um rock coins better beyond Oh baby what's up I'm new here welcome to the show a mommy that's renegade in the game yet all people thank you bro take Richard our initial move on man to moon sub to me chill out with a self-promoting rhodium that guy's got mad love to you brah he disobeying his gun synchrotron is mom are you brother to the love of Mario I fell off a lawyer to be honest what happen McGill oh that laugh at geez geez geez DC fell off at what's up bro what up restin settings I'm not showing y'all my pet settings right now boy not yet brother ins love the stream picture that's Stephanie how do I get a mod you gotta stay loyal to the stream Russ stay low to the shrim what I read what I read you stay low to the shimmy be good they gonna sit on this my drink or what up iron Utah imagine keep up your grind think of the loved all free shitty man we should have loved rescue hmm where's my controller harder ready like that makes no sense whatever they rel that makes no sense that a sniper I want to snap somebody's that off who said you're gonna snipe Don did use me Mae Gigi's made you Jesus let me go up one of these real quick scoff freaks on you and I'm not using a scuff rody not yeah I don't even know for me just go talk free sir oh no that weird I wish my Quarian good luck for you we shoot a low bro I'm apt to focus up for a game imagine my jeans on the ceiling so clueless huh sorry buddy but you're gonna have to let me in there imagine I get be him don't go crazy with the heavy sniper or what rim actually I got a I got a big show I can't have the big show go to waste that'd be good sacred fire our rich mama Mets evolution in the last stream you said you're gonna make a video on your settings you want my settings – what do you guys got my setting for a combat pro or builder pro is that the same they're kind of the same kind of the same low Q oh yeah more bigger knobs join peds imagine what / – AK so now under combat I know you guys want the combat one how about we'll go in a fire oh my oh my kind of snatch some yaks right now so where do ya cure sign that I need to snatch some yaks hold on let me go crazy with it real quick sure any more yaks that retail is getting numb scold me the rest of goryeo riff to go rep to go OD Xango a lot yah feller slurpy derpy or a jump happy jumping jumpers I am jumper sign on me jump first I'm on three it's uh take me – uh first time I missed a green sub right the green slope was already over here I'll trippin I'm like what am i doing ray got one more test I missed that green stuff yeah I'm gonna go grab real quick well that's almost missed dad – huh oh jeez not key with me sorry you know i neva play some more pubs brah I don't know wants to play pubs with Riggs Brad let me know on the chat you guys wanna play pub to me I'm trying to play with some viewers more often who's loyal enough to play with the go I asked you that 80 young let me get right we're gonna go crazy to share everything had to be pressed with our – how many in there sorry zero – yeah but I see you somebody for a second I thought Gerald was in here scram imagine if Gerald was in there I don't you spring my default either it's crazy house builder pro I'm just chillin burger pro this chili right now you play Claude nobs eckrich it our initial my my man's Nick how many coins you need for a mod cuz I have 130 if you have 1000 coins right now like right now you get a mod but it's gonna obviously go up over time in a month from now pipe you be 1.5 well once that was in right now if anybody has a thousand coins in a stream right now I'll give you a mod right now just cuz I'm loyal with it just cuz I'm loyal with it I have to die ATM to be honest or I'd rather talk to you guys and play the game and I'm saying like this stay the game I hope to update like brings back some shield or something off the kill something at least you need a little song for you do custom sometimes I don't even have my own custom yeah homie I don't have my own custom code out stick with a tradition my evolution over good I yeah sorry buster that's a juggernaut for me did I the chugger not for me sham GG isn't mail I got to get used to this raw just endgame I gotta get used to that's it did use Thank You rqx my favorite youtuber and the best thing for the love Raza me GG's any some mad no my Matt's already gone up what fight off one fire my match already gone how take me to finish my cuddly have to donate to the best ps4 player thing for the love cause be fugitive Sam I'm at Scully tradition my my meds are true what's your favorite grant in foreign aid basket a foreign a has to be the part mommy I love the pump I love the pump baby Rico how's your day going – going good HD gamer what about you is your gamer are you doing bro I am cute i AC young my match already gone off one fight that's crazy bro that's not that's different give me your yeah give me a cure do those simple drives birthday was good better what oh what oh what oh what up boys that grab this p90 you guys probably all me to grab this p9 sacred tradition well imagine micro thing we're to love my phone put assault ease there's a bunch of drops gonna be over there what's your favorite gonna for and I said to pump want me to pump the best the pump has to be the best of all time sorry Candace but I'm up the Jimmy Jam stop sorry gerald you guys bang McKenna's more Gerald but you guys stood still didn't tell me Kenneth or 0 I got a jump I got a double top square damn you trying to snipe all the way over here thanks can I make this round sorry buddy but you can't be me today royalty knives each other shred me when I go to 90 are you try to shred me without going to be 90 mm is for my man smacking how'd you get so sick could be cut you from the six yeah I'm from the six bro stable to chill out this is my NICU are the best ps4 player shots my man's neck piece your donation Brodie me finally meme over to do that oh my god kid now I can't win that one HP fight now I can't win that one HP fight I'm gone for them drops I said move over there suicide ski oh my god on top of the mountain and although I think you actually think he's low my opinion Sam chill out with that stuff up there can I make my job back I'm nasty when I say I don't B's I mean it badging me not being there let me up here you gotta put Jim Jim's why do you get afforded Jim Reese or the yakety those uh I'm in the middle to circle right and I'll show you mel see that guys using a camp my cap today okay then by all means I'm gonna try to golden now in there lying or alive how did you hit me like that guys ain't by to my opinion how I know I'm not dying leg down Helen all my dying like that Kenneth music let's Medicare to um cuz I'm a boss made myself uh basket yeah I like to make uh it's game 7 and we ballin like the play yard hey power this guy had a mod or something I don't know what do you sitting have you shot can I use the campfire eat the campfire right oh that's gone GG's mail I got no shields what's the best skin the best can just skin right here bro come on oh I'm going to Dusty's bra I'm mad right now I know there's gonna be somebody in there too like weird shit I wish Mike in Castile think of it a love King Castle shit everyone try to keep your eyes peeled y'all here with 30 house banana boy hit 70 shopping or do this do to be no type of Lu here I need some bandages at minimum better play the outskirts what you leave those for me he is loyal to you my kids love Vinny cheats hey madam you welcome to the stream but if you enjoying the stream drop a like on the stream right now let's go mm like so many 30 more likes y'all I need everybody in stream drop or like ASAP Rocky if you guys are messing with the stream elbows oh my I need a hundred health at minimum CY CY CY make your cents higher dead-ass what sin should I put 1.40 had a big boy sniper on there get the biggest sniper in the game oh god that bitch's game seven one we always get behind me first shot accuracy baby my trying to get beam where two apples here I pulled out this Jim just shot going them that values I nobody told me you guys don't respect me nobody told me those Bandys on arm oh yeah man sorry buddy I don't want me to edit me in she lower down give me a yak 123 sorry but Sir what I have to do it to you John oh we got a camp tool I'm going to use this kind of live live and direct you geez me five kill game on rigs I got the most kills in the game get me a rice to him shut up in a stream but if y'all I'm doing the shivers guys say that like – uh well baby crying don't stop around honey everybody dropping like this gets a 2000 likes ASAP rocky baby I'm gonna start playing solos more often mother stop playing pubs more often builder pro what God's me as kids just like my force the uploader pros I'm a fourth down builder pro I'm dirty with it when I don't be as I mean it and cam Han come on go to pro imagine me ray made myself a boss cuz yeah I like to make yeah I used to touch pad at his job touch but I just I'm trying to get laser beam hey now I know everyone's in salty these guys are hiding he's got that he's gotta hide and uh grab a blue a yard or play my circle my circle you sell to the Edit you mean l3 I don't you split by default homie I can't do that Brody what should I get used to somebody for what I'm just gonna get lasered then we're to tarnish my dearest ah I think what I love dear Judith oh no wrong I mean are you bang their head off the computer desk take over the tradition by Raghu ruthless keep up the guys I couldn't love roosters preach to the podium I'll definitely keep on my grind bro thank you house three to add in I don't use all three others bro oh we got a circle it's got John Patti up here Don sorry buddy take it out is mama mad Lawrence take a little of Lawrence Zuk Zuk be me rise sorry buddy you G John's in the chat baby y'all drop of like hit that sub I and grind dont stop already know how we come here John Jill boosting and drop a like hit that sub boom we got a 7,000 people in this train baby 1.3 K like Gigi's in the chat big tubs in the chair do you know how we come in baby grinding don't stop if the grind stops I want to tell you guys Gigi's may fourth day on motor pro I don't know some get a nasty I don't know but Gigi's let's get it done terrible singing oh my you know I wasn't yeah what what I would her knee if he G's made you G's me y'all drop of like it's a mm like somebody's 500 more like we got 6,000 people in the stream y'all if you're new to this uranium drop it like a head that's up but maybe simple trance you know item shops in the air and sweaty boys set up by a soccer scan say Richard our own issue my madness Nathan take the love Nathan we should the donation brah I don't even use the skin let me try it on is it hard to kill better be hard to kill elbow this with this or let me try this huh jeez made you geez man wish you the best in your life thank for the love everybody – yeah I hope everyone gets far but I would every X whatever the effects take religion our nation by mozi what's up bro I'm back what I would it Brody you play Claude now homie on a play clock I do not play club I'm new to the chat welcome to the stream Emily you in the greatest room of all time right now it's take me to chill our niche mama man AR thing gonna love breath it's mm it's my Dexter whitey put your donations boys I appreciate y'all young boys I need everybody's ashamed drop us up right now let's get to 700 K y'all give me the 700k boys get me the 700 K okay everybody say what's up welcome to this rain babe II hope everyone's having a good day I hope everyone's having the best day of their lives and I'm saying for real on this luscious Wednesday Oh better I see what finger you used to edit um I don't even know left left um I believe I'm so muscle memory say I'm not muscle memory to build a pro yeah it's got to be passing all for ID stability combat pro it's like doom doom doom and then just hold our two and stuff I just got to get used to a bit different gotta pick up cigarettes indominus my mozi every kill equals $20 dead ass okay I'm gonna try hard right now it took more every kill equal $20 to him should I go trihard just cuz he said that or what I'm after coach are just gonna be said that boys you know when do I ever use the skin y'all let me know the chat do I always use the skin I think I always use it in my opinion let me know in the chat do I ever use the skin this is my skin i'ma have to go charge for that you talking about $20 a kill kit focal I'm I'm gonna sub down here hmm that's red nose reeks me red nose Raider nasty with the red-nosed radar yo I swear I used to use the skin back then ah nombre let's shoot him through this door imagine it's got Dino platinum here the life what is another kid I got nomads this guy behind me I'm going inside I'm going inside you must be out of your mind tennis guys lining over there I know math boys had no type of mess GG's doughboys dijon says Dijon says mm-hmm everyone's having a good time in the shrimp it's all of us supporting the chat baby I need this submachine gun bro can I find it sir please so I thought he could cannonball over here what gods and shrim he banged his head off screen six use the Black Knight Black Knight you guys go back another time you got only use Black Knight next Lester no you're all sharing a black knight skin who uses that skins over gusto use it a Black Knight I wonder how my B will build a program once I'm finally gonna get everything on deck in a month I might get a strike pack – I see a bunch of yeses a bunch of knows I'll put it out for one game I put on for one game I'll put on the Black Knight for one game I know you guys want to writing Gatorade or more I'll put on writing again read it again yeah you gotta get these matched now it is better work for these masks it'd better work for these mats hey anybody grind them right up in I've been doing YouTube for three years boys if you just started YouTube and you're not gonna know progress just keep grinding you gotta stay at it boys you've got to keep going you're barely seen any progress gotta keep going man I need to find a so much England noise noise noise noise I've been doing it for three years boys you know I'm saying I wasn't getting any of that progress I wouldn't get out a lot of secrets I wouldn't get a lot of success I mean its secrets how'd you get a lot of success I just kept grinding stayed on my stuff there are your stuff you go me good I'm gonna use this instead got no minis hmm with the vision are you I not even play the game already told you I don't play the game like that I don't know what the vision oh man I didn't play arena llegaron so I just be chillin how do you become better saw the grind Rochester process stay at it was that your grind it's just like grind it for YouTube gotta stay on your grind to succeed keep playing the game five-year right settings but don't copy people setting copy people setting it's going to become trash no point that's what I think I like why would I copy another person setting like these people like Jacob sway and all them like they edit with different stuff like I can't even oh don't copy other people's settings unless you play with their set it like if you I use a d-pad bro copy my settings if you want I use a d-pad I gotta go Matlin what's up mother with a queen Cara is this your full-time job this is basically what I do bro I've been doing for you two for four years three years I mean three years bro what I do for a living every day of my life I got to stay on my grind I remember I went to school it's pretty hard for me to grind and go to school but after school finish that sort of grind anymore you got to use your time wisely if you're not using your time wisely what are you really doing you got to stay at it bro we're just submachine guns that I don't want to get in a fight with the AR and just get body bags to show y'all Don oh yeah yay I find a blue pump in here imma be happy did they buff the Aki guy I think they Buster's gonna get oh no oh no what you guys are about to get beamed I got a a cave and you can't be seeing the Camino just trihard refire yo head rush just charged reeks I hear say it's hella close to it damn camera Oh better get back here yeah hey Rock yeah good circle with it rabisu a suicide sido new item shop new item shops in our boudin somebody right here and I got a ball beside me wonder what this guy's gonna do I suppose on something get back here now where you going to party now they're gonna go ba tie down we didn't make it that suicidal oh I don't have redeploy he almost editing me off she's the one shot sorry buddy gee John G John G John's I finally got the blue pomp – uh i'ma hold dat i'ma pop this take it better to the addition by whitey Steiner you're a god sample my guy think of it a load Brody and please hit a row he almost editing me haha I would have been sigh I got Nomad again oh no we need some type of mass if you're not gonna put the shields and I'll just play my game slower at least had some mats people are good everybody needs a mass are you an evade yeah I'm a Navedo me red nose rings Justin come on our kid come on now kid right nose reasonability man I can't even I got mad kid someone even trippin I need some meds you be a cute yeah take Richard our own HTML I'm a squirrel oh what's your epic I couldn't hear you last time my Skrill is like candy be broken or something that's what can you I don't know what my epic is room at the clips I put clips of Eclipse hmm I am a good karma pro player let's go saw broke a six-yard people are starting using you can't really use parametric combat pro a lot like you can't use it a lot I'm trying to become advanced player plus my hands be hurt and like my index finger just be killing with that yeah I mean you play Klein are about how to play claw claps claps claps I just turn the boat up Romo ready go – yeah I'm saying I'm not going it but I'm got in there give me a month then I'll be going this go routine here heard me you heard me there's a drop right here guys waiting for the job sheet have you got no matter Stein's you should play claw you're crazy bro come on you should play clock thinks I'm like that laughs what are we doing today fellers guy had so many traps here what the hell and I hit one what what the hell guys laughing I'm here what was that bro that was a glitch what was that GG on ttis flick the hell shrimp I was inside the trap stream what the heck was that oh no bra no for never just too many glitches with this game what was that bro are you serious this might have to go on myspace for that once your ham I'm inside a trap I'm excited check y'all doing here y'all really are not gonna put myself private don't be doing that I hate putting my stuff private get what skin should I use boys let me know what are I'm clueless IRA wants to meet me in real life but I'm telling me some fans this year well schema schema scan quick oh my I'm collapse a change in skins that's not my best technique wall glitch on me I just got trapped inside the wall I couldn't move it or anything y'all may Gigi's boys may Gigi's use black night remember I tried you I tried talking skin what sockets can poised playmaker or the black gram I use a black girl after I'm he's a black or black night first though I couldn't either black night for you give me the soccer skin please like it they will cheat on each my match even pray for my boy miss you fine buddy suka games praying for my boy miss bruh keep your head up bruh suka goalie funny man I must act now baby girl don't lag now what should I let me know I mean no why should I land that you already know that was shoot at your damn hat like what it's tarnish my squirrel oh that was me in a lobby play creative in a little I'll play against you in a creative 2 hour an hour and a half row if you guys want to play creative let me know boys you guys gotta go run up them run coins you got to run up the run coin if you guys wanna play against me Ge Ge is made I just take a break if I go to creator though my hands are hard for no reason I'm gonna chose should I evade your crib sorry it rave work hard evade cuz we invade remember that video let me stop playing sorry Johnny big Chris mind okay I pissed Johnny's clueless I keep me a rocket and talking about Johnny I want to be able to loop faster with without claw-like what if you have clawed you loop faster like I want to plan clock we're gonna plant on shrimp soup I'm switching a claw no more builder pro claw old squaw imagine imagine playing out claw an old score that's imagine tales about bill to be ours we built up Bowers I had to line here this is my home come on to came lose videos in big career she can't stay holding us Jam that is hideous what gun is that again slaps legit clip legit clip hmm pop upstairs I missed the green pumper ready thank you Richard ah there's my mom as Nathan can I get subs up to Nathan y'all y'all see the blue pond but it all better I'm just looking and got a pump that's a tactician guys talking about this that's a tech tacker science Peppers and tilts is getting destroyed open your face just break this real quick I need some brick need some more brick get out you know almost again laser – damn where's Cruz you set up Lou palm that might be a blue palm I mean I'd be over there with it that blue pump is looking at spectacular – just missed the old schoolyard bus for solos gopher dear but it's what's the old school for Dale boys we can't find no type of shield into the game why can't you find any shield in this game again yeah Oh look at the stream sniper no you don't even extreme sniper just bored out home kids Zee Mac 19 sorry buddy I'm getting this dub right here boy or something ended up right here let me have this chest open up further yes and so I'm talking mochi me and I'm saying take me to follow initial – nice it neat dog five seven six nine nine man y'all have too bad no what is he talking about stream think you were to fight our donation Nate Nathan Nathaniel BC I need some more mass where's Carol would have I'm using this just cuz usually regular controller match the regular controller no claw no scuff yeah this is my controller I here's our we y'all look at it I'm sure you grab the best control new let's control there more time I run you down I ride you sorry autographed by I run you know I'm saying if I gotta grab that I run you on it y'all I'll see you now that's young had I run your honor I don't think barnacleboy's over here it's a jump out jump person call these mats I like that I like to see a 30 mats around it gets me excited definitely no more yeah sure we need to all these mats don't like oh yeah it has to be a yak here look at this what can we get free dough let me see you find out camper Stein campers mine it is and lose them another copper site over there tell you the purple pump I may use it I'm we use it because you guys always say pick it up y'all you missed it you guys always say my videos – I miss the Pope I miss the pump this that this step but the blue pump is better sorry like nobody else's over here I'm a stream sniper yeah I don't even care about you guys I'm used to I just be chillin you're a beast a grid of love yo you're a beast buddy are you in college no I don't go to eyes I'll call it your bro I'm gonna go to college soon I'm gonna say college you're tired of grinding use who wants my channel 30k 30 Carol I'm talking big books he says I'll never quit YouTube I know y'all love me Mia quitting YouTube that's like me quit in life blue pomp or purple pumps I mean on the chat boys huh get my boss kid hey pal what I just let this guy kill me I just let this guy kill me GG's me I saw it on his sticks he's one shot 17 hours I just let that kid killer B's dream DG's I thought I was gonna do him dirty I thought I was gonna clip above the year clip of the year type stuff stream is me oh yeah Black Knight Black Knights dream Black Knight quick where's the where's that where's the Whizzer you call a rager but anyways y'all today we gonna be vlogging I quit for tonight y'all so basically you're just chillin you're gonna beat you sweethearts today we saw three times we go y'all either sweet eyes then gotta pull out the double bubble I'm saying double bubble go crazy double bubble go crazy Hubba Bubba think fresh eat fresh hmm teach me how to be godly I'll teach you guys that let's give you a confirmation boys ninety nine point two to two point one six six but one oh why are you gotta get I'm not selling my YouTube bro I'm playing all right I saw my YouTube shrim new item shops in less than one hour boys I'm gonna be showing you guys the item shop before it comes out who's ready to see the items up best item shop of all time or tried right here I'm tired of it anybody meet me I chose to town I'm destroying you stop playing did you turn on instant build I turned it on yesterday Oh Mia I turned on instant bill yesterday we're crazy what's your sense up now at 6:00 extents take it easy take it easy if you get up off the jam if you stall in here low cheese key and that's all like to see get a PC clown zip in handy how to put down the crown forget the PC bar all that trying hard well I'm trying to try not who has gray unlock come here system you system you guys quick out Luther Luther keep pops bushes ah this guy's sorry had it in the bag you thought you had in a bag Jefferson sorry you Barnacle Boy – I raise my sensitivity at least a little bit but sense should I put it on I'm not going above 1.50 the fact 6ik sent some stain on it I know a built-in sensor on I'm using all the explosives blowing up somebody's slippers smithereens smithereens if you use 200 I don't know how people use sweetheart advances 200 Billington's fail give me chills this game does not like me I'm blowing up I'm going on this game does not like me this guy's waiting it's night people's heads off what's ah ha ha have to be bored up there that's at the bottom that's super high ground uh-huh why is he ought to be up there I gotta put the jams second if to down is my Marty bra how are you so good I played a game a lot I need some Ludo Gras I'm one shot jump and I'm out here one shot stream you should go to the bottom throw down I just did but GG is wrong I think it I think two more walls need to be destroyed over there some more I believe I need a scar he's easy lately know that Lou I got a challenge going there got Nomad I'm here yakeru tow higher you up when I like yeah I go crazy a better AR what do you have get out geez man give me a give me Jimmer Fredette Q are you buddy what I'm getting better with builder pro and when I get better Hank's your eyes is that got a lot more something think buddy had a llama another jump pad I'm buddy use one how'd that sound yaar did that sound like a commercial use me busy dudes made easier on me she was going to drop like it that sub one let's get the three thousand likes in this room where they need everybody in stream dropping like it that's up on ASAP rocky cuz the grand doesn't stop your girlfriend and you know she man you know man you know I got a hop hop on her and I hop on us I find it a big part I'll entire no shield hey hey Luda this mom take that glitch up the game I might even hit it a chance brah um what is your sense my sense is not that high bro it's pretty long that's a pretty low bar new item shops in 50 minutes all 55 zero I'll show you guys item shop in 50 minutes but he's a jumper nine guys hacking you have to be bored you're not how to be off this not gonna snap either up they're meaner guys going hi let me up there Susan oh my god you got yaker Deuter kid get up all my gems you got oh my goodness let me in there buddy you sorry buster but I'm getting nasty on combat I mean builder pro kid when I get mad I go crazy I might use a purple pup for you guys jeezum a John Gees made John geez man it's got nothing for me that's some nice loot let me cover that up let me cover that up baby if y'all have joined us Sheamus guys hit that like one that saw when I saw my jump head right here alright I'd like one that stuff on boys this guy shouldn't do these from now these come over here and be Mia watch nevermind I take that back at the best with you will be kids the best with Julie this is a fag come up the jams that fo Diane getting Oh Dooley this guy's beam gosh has anybody or something take a Richard Arum on my man's uh IV hi I'm new and I sub don't forget the Shamrock if I get this off I mean here yo that traps the best vibe oh we gotta go on I'm out here laughing come on man DG's mae-mae Gigi's made Jesus sorry buddy but I gotta ruin the fun but ruin is fun real quick let me touch it on this to my son you take him to love Sonya I might check it being from behind please don't do it to me bro chill out I got jump sides I can't even go in the storm now let's clear this kid sham yeah balls for no reason what else can I get in there going pump get me Ryan I hate this guy get DM I came to switch oh yeah this was like this I got it switched differently right crazy let me up here buddy let me up here I got a I gotta use this right now tell him let me up here shame let's turn him he bangers head off the ceiling let me get nasty with builder pro but I get nasty with this shame who's ready for the boat approaching I'm gonna be the best soon give me a month imagine I sue you join me sweet claps you uh that's my second day of builder pro homie hmm he'll probably still clocked me though I'll just leave but I'll just my second ear boater Pro I finally can do that to me doing that oh you don't want to tell me our beams on me by all means I just thought I was on combat prone take my hi going down look at that tribe look at that tribe what the hell that does mine mess me up that just messed me up to him look at that tribe like what is that at this mind games the hell outta me did yous and I said no whatever what the hell was that stream you know this chap stuff got to get fixed but I can't even use my head sometimes how are you I'm 19 but did you know Gigi's in the chat the hard kids Burton Gigi's boys Gigi's it always does don't even play the game why is he doing that brother that just mind the hell out of me playing mind games with my head hey mind games with my head take for the – domination brah my my room that's recon I just put on a black night y'all you guys wanted – black night I got y'all you play clown auto play claw these may be Gigi's my Gigi's hmm shouts I've been in shame where I did everybody sleep dropping like let's get that 3,000 like somebody's 400 more likes only 400 more likes yeah the new item shops in 40 minutes 40 minutes did use me were you from out here in the six on me out here in Toronto if y'all knew dropping so I hit that like button where you from out here in Toronto bro keep doing the floors I forgot to take off my black bling forgot I got my back bling like a idiot you guys wanted this what's getting guys Y next was gonna get one next you speak Spanish Thomas man is gonna be no speak-o espanol ah puta marijuana guy hit a secretary I wish my Angelico's I couldn't sell our nation my Joseph renegade Raider I put on after homie I got you you guys love the renegade radar you from Etobicoke yeah I'm from Etobicoke broski names be Sasuke Donna from Etobicoke I'm from Islington Jane strip I'm out here in Spadina I goes to Scarborough mrs. saga did use me GG's maids you don't want me to get the hold on his gun oh geez look at yours idea how he sucks I shouldn't snow went straight for that gun I'm stupid look who I just died to kid Howie just be me with a a key up close just beat me with a hickey up close to him that's tough how are you I'm 19 bruh how did he kill me I just messed up thank her for our nation mama man's Adam would you add me if I donate 100 nah but I'm sorry I don't have anybody that donates bro people just use my name for clout screenshots of this that Rico holding myself we're gonna use it with no backing which I black this one on Blackman black and I were no backup then how did he just be me with a a key up close to him I'm kind of confused I don't know about you guys but that's kind of confusing to me I go liar my let me radio up toddler you a real life I'm over six-foot bruh I'm around 6-1 6-2 6-3 6-2 6-3 bro wants to meet me in real life I'm gonna meet you guys sing remember I love you I'm brought into a fan meet all in Toronto but I do another meet-up in New York meet up Chicago another meet up at lien California another meet up in Florida somewhere in Florida I want to go to Florida what do you guys want me to visit let me know boy what about city you guys from I'm gonna show some jumping 50 kills right here I'm killed I'm tired of it so everybody's but I gotta go to built it bow where elbow my wrist is hurting me who dressed me hurting them when I play but my wrist skinny but I'm still checking oh man man I'm saying you know man man man oh man is he loves you go okay everybody you go cray cray bows I see a bunch of y'all live in the states brah 90% of y'all live in the states ain't it you landing up there you're a warrior kid this guy's beaming somebody already he got beams on somebody guys on the table with it I need this sub kid by sighing some minions over for you better hope I don't find all minis kind of Kenneth better pray Reina I'm gonna pop up find some mini now come down here now brah sorry buddy but give me your yaker do those kids y'all better stay in school – don't quit out of school that just came in right now take a breather – domination by virus be sure to love virus reaches to the other bruh dee John's give me those jacks you guys see those yaks right there that's just straight yakky doodle for fire better chest at the top I me a big part I'll be happy sorry barnacleboy a trickshot door turd I got was lost in the sauce have you lost in the sauce like that I'll use this I can't use it I'm gonna run this GG's me better not show you appears are you serious cause somebody will pop this bigger than iron DG's made Meiji geez what sensitivity you play out I play nein nein I'm shut up here six six bro you guys love the black night air jump Adriana I'm gonna better at solos with boater Pro I got to be up my full extent on I gotta play out my best I got a play on my best your girlfriend and you know that ESS that bat tre man you know that I am next punch you in the face when I punch you in the breath home for that guy bro there's a jump pad if somebody throwing basketball as though they have my hair and stuff any boy ain't bought in Belem anybody in Belem anybody I'm bone you over there with it you'd use me I'll take of my Luger are you I gotta make that rift I'm gonna be doomed over here SEC rips it out into my boots life it with love boost life was good bro it over the army how you doing rough I just heard somebody shooting a scope they are something party want to go that way bard is one more couldn't sell it always sucks I always boring this is one guy sorry buster Tron's touching everything there's no way you gotta put the jam there's no way you gotta put the Jim Jim's llama y'all seen a llama where you'll see the llama what's the coordination from where y'all what's the coordination it beams.again having fun he's having somebody in here I knew there's somebody in a bar come on you're gonna be him so I'm gonna throw this you might call me insane can you show me your settings please I'm a fan my settings video will be dropping for Berto Pro really soon but be on the lookout Berto Pro settings will be dropping very soon wrong guys will be running from something different about you something about you I don't know about and this is a yak take very long leash moments call me insane I gotta love comments a appreciate donations bro hope you got for me you got nothing say you got the bag for me I'm falling off in my Tahoe combo too fast for me ain't no way to dress oh dude because of me I'll cut off all my stop hmm we're not llama oh yeah you guys said what is its Ellis guy said okay 213 I never said – no no no I'm over there is your alarm over there bro I got a jump hat I'm going to use it after get this chest we're the lava from here y'all – what Tommy shifty okay you know what this young moving loads he just got put down to jump pads beside each other his IQ of a god 238 where's the wedding was it I found I found it suck a llamas I'm on the llama hunt I'm on the llama hunt come on mama he'll buy 50 this is their air then I need those mats could be on a llama hunt I just heard it over here I think they're gone up here y'all talk them over dear I'll chuck them with other mounts in this one I need those mats this guy's going for it that's going for y'all the other one there okay this guy's going for it done guy thinks he can leave with my mats get back here Barney I'm showing no mercy good it's missed what this is nice get back here buddy my name is Jefferson what about you you owe your arnold me me me me me me me yeah cool dude what stop looking at me how many minions forget that did he get it I don't know if he got the llama wrong forget the llama brah haters are my battery let me get the top three olive oils I'm gonna dope right now we find it in dusty stir down run in dusty today yo shreem i got a glitch you already told you guys this boy I got a glisten went flying I came all the way in here I'll just stuck under there but who got that glitch before cuz I seen it happen to random to y'all come on fly I just went I got stuck under here who got stuck under here before bruh I got stuck on there that little where it gooo whatever lava I was like what the hell bro I hacked systems I have the clip – I probably put in a video I'll show you guys the video I'm like what the heck a buncha all got stuck I see a bunch of got stuck in a chair huh I'm same row but is that glitch there's a lot of glitches in this game that's a fact too many glitches in this bitch I'm moving low-keyed oh my god I told you that they know me that was a lot or if he ever cross me you're gonna have to die so I'm just having a bad day let me share your Dale but you can't think of negativity if you think of nothing negativity every day your life bro just gonna be negative like there's no point I think of negative vibes you better be lit with it stay late and I'm saying negative I've snuck wrong you can't let people bring you down all that people bring you down uh-huh are you weird or your weird I'm gonna join us fight what up Brody whatever the boys you got shot going across the map go stop shooting at me brah write down my balls for find out where you are it's over for you I'm beaming you find out where this kid is a sham he's hiding with him outta jams oh we gotta go laser beam you geez me no one trying to do that we can talk about you domination by gamers y'all think what a love game or Joe Friday I'm about to die what the hell you're crazy bro got some problem tom oh you better die I'm gonna get des mannes you geez man regular tasks are better and it's a press sky drop turrets we drop turrets now that's we doing new meta dropping turrets anywhere I like that I like it I like I'm gonna use this real quick you gotta move though imagine getting my toes taken away put some squares nah but I just be chillin in the solos brah you know I'm saying that's what I do a man for the big pot he just jump at it he outdid Jim Reese I'll play with you guys in the future though y'all don't worry there's going to be the best builder pro signature da this is my gamer jail because of teacher parents teacher conference you're gonna get your grades buffer get for it nitro address the case rah she better stick to Spore I finish school I got it I got it I stick to my squad graduated boys I graduated on time I need no dumb classes thank we're to sit on it to my rap here the Culebra hey pal I need all these mats are you crazy are you crazy won't be one situation he's in a ball all right don't buy me do sexy cross the map whoops whoa let's get it wow those on the corner 360 no-scope uh scope let's get in oh let's get it baby quick scope how should I do I'm Jim you did not see that coming baby I'm GG's in the chat y'all drop a like it that's oh boy and you already know how we come in I had to pick axe him yeah geez in the chat miss guy said Alaska might call me y'all drop like for that pic I could kill right now I need everybody in stream dropping like for that pickaxe kill that was intense stream that was intense gggg is John geez John geez you re excited to pick action for the last kill I did I'm dirty for no reason I'm anxious my mansion Gigi's made and he everyone in stream if y'all knew droppin like hit that sub button the grinder to stop over this my fourth day on builder pro when you're getting a PC you guys want me to use a PC I see Roberto probably call crazy jeez man fourth day butter Pro give me a month yeah be a god hopefully what skin should I use now dou Y our skin should I use the new Adam shops in 17 damn and it's Tegra 2 domination my gamer jgg my grade is good but my behavior is f so be nice to your parents boat don't be nice to parent like be nice to kids too it was control on PC might do it you guys want me to control a piece here I go on that I'll be sick pretty sick on motor pro gg's made my charge gain real quick new item shops in 17 minutes I kind of want to rest my hands a little y'all before we go back into it I'll play you guys in our creative probably like an hour from now 8:30 a.m. 8:30 p.m. I what are we gonna do I'm a building creator for 10 minutes yo whoever wants to join me join me I added a lot of people you guys want to join us join up its joy I will sit create it for like 10 minutes anyone who wants to join join me bro our dorm 19 bruh nineteen years young we gonna show the item shop in 15 minutes and you hadn't slept in 15 minutes that's how I'm going to create it that's we go Creator I'm gonna play more solos I mean after item shop I'll play more solos and I would play creative against you guys yt everybody stream keep dropping likes but I push are the new likes industry push on the new loyals I switch to builder pro and I'm feeling genuine I supposed to builder pro and I'm feeling genuine grin don't stop baby anybody that wants to join join opera bro you 15 stop lying I'm 19 years old 1999 baby imagine I look like a little kid right that's good I love looking at all I love looking little somebody join me bro my manager our somebody how do they do that John I think you updated different setting for that somebody's already joining and I already knew something of you enjoying you item shops in 15 minutes I'll be showing Adam shop be showing the item Shah baby where's yeah was this just in who is this if it's a cloud chaser you're gonna IP bad that's a nice quick money oh my I'm uploading my man's I guess I guess I'll play with burns here money man am i stack now I'm about to combust your asshole oh yeah you're not like that yeah we gonna play after realm just thinner creator for a little bit I'm gonna do a little bit of what you want to because should item saw it just a little bit of 1p wises no burn just play what you wanted but you aren't gonna hear me but come on come on stop watching the shame and come on sacred ah this is my gamer joke ask who do you own your own house no I don't my one host yet bro let me get my edits on death row I'm gonna get nasty with that is I'm gonna practice edits for a whole week I just work on my edit now rel was joining rel watch the claps Grell really wants a class Jim I'm too aggressive hard on sham I'm off to do them dirty real quick give me that I go you're not aggressive with it you're not aggressive with it Chinese spring by Depot yeah somebody's room ID for you item shop in 30 minutes why don't you sprint by default boys come on just a couple 1p ones so I click a weird or an aisle please black where to my shrimp plate exam let's go round let's get right baby you but I like round you're not aggressive where they already told you it is not high ground too aggressive where you going eat that come here you're gonna shop in the middie are you going to oh he got did I hit him bro he's not one shot homie jumps up they hit him I'm on his head but how one shot is he shrim HP are you burns I've been on the comments section right now well HP are you bro well HP are you new item shops inside minutes are but HP are you it has to be 1hp boys I'm gonna show you guys that I'm tough just now where'd you go they get rid of throwing me some of my man's can and think we love cannon let's do one more make this fires on fire but be aggressive 120 to cure yourself next time whoa I thought it was dirty you're not aggressive way there stick with the tradition my gamer drops at high top what are you talking about rodeo you're not aggressive where they owe me something to tell you GG's maybe going to show the item shop now you are he joins in the chat this guy's head out let's grab it come here you know how be common but I pretty creative when I'm bored I saw how creative I was getting right G John says D John says new item shopping time in a second with two down is my gamer gel Brownton high school or this cheese go there that's my mines cheese brown oh he's over there with it DG's made the autumn shop in nine minutes let me rest my hands finally always get it hmmm how you build like that oh no I'm Debra I'm dirty I don't be sometimes Dijon sis made creative doesn't mean anything though kids were creative could be a creative God but don't know how to build it online um pre-shot xi reporting to chat baby eight more minutes I'm gonna get me a drink you hugging me Sookie I need everybody in the stream drop a like right now in the mean time y'all drop a like in the meantime ready know how we come in the new item shops in eight minutes I'm gonna drink baby you I might have to be top 96 quickest in the game if I'm on top 96 at least make me top 97 and fell off or jzjz John says yeah I don't have fruit Tokyo varistor Fruitopia I think only Canadians have this Canada on top I'm Justin you get legit clap kid you don't mess with me okay stop stop stop shining 1v1 me you're not I gave you know that reverts how these guys reverse primary burn to chat that's all we want to see right now Reaper in a chat with my min up are you up so I want to see who you foolin instrumentals code that's a fact roadie but I think that's copyrighted I think I can use that my video uh big fish I also gonna use that my video yeah reefer in the chat if you guys want to see a reefer happy to see Rivera sample I just want to see Reber in the chair right now for one minute that's it reverb reverb Your Honor this room is guys dropping like hit that stubborn let's get some 4000 like somebody's 500 more likes in the stream y'all 500 more likes I'll do a giveaway you guys have to do it before the item shop though I do a giveaway in extreme or some like weird our nation by my man Jackson take me to love Jackson I gotta start doing giveaways for y'all don't worry I gotcha well in the meantime wants a Vblock lollipop this is a VBAC lollipop yeah who wants one I'm gonna sign it I run you on the back of the plastics v bucks which is good to army play a quick solo nah bro that's 20 minutes that's like a booty baked 1v1 I don't know if you want everyone spamming one me one rum I don't want me one player you guys notice I don't play warm you want love you mummy game well you want me on me again game you got six thousand people in the stream where my mother brought you guys fell off at Jason Eaters keep grinding take me to love Paul I gotta keep growing every day of my labor I'm sorry I'm Emma streaming a lot but I'm gonna come back here I'm gonna come back to my stream it is sweet on him that's claps I'm getting nasty Justin wise you're gonna destroy it soon kids about to get destroyed 20 year old type stuff shiny did you clap in legit clapping whatever record over exact so finesse they wear our initial biomass revolution think of it love evolution but margin my chat right now shout to my man's big fish in the kala I love you to the most the most item shop better not be cheeks fags take me to domination by its dope today how much money you earn on YouTube I think one cents a month around there once then I believe favorite streamer love you I love you two about love all my supporters but I love everybody what's your edit button d-pad row in the middle metal d-pad bigger bar but get nasty with the d-pad I did some up there ya know with it if I use l3 edits let me go split my default on take over the 2.5 our initial ball my man's Chicago's Merc can you show your settings fam no I can't show my settings right now it will be in a video soon though if you're loyal you see it whenever I pop it up bro fuel oil you just see it whenever I pop it up sometimes but I'm done just gonna show it it's gonna be in a video very soon we'll know are you from from Serrano homey I'm here in the 6 my play gets you guys to the creative after you guys have to have over 300 coins today just today are 300 run coins and you get a chance to play with me my March help me – I did my much to help me are getting name please shouts I'm Michaela I'm big fish I appreciate you baby skin forgot you favorite skins right here on me big word a violation by meds it's dope today don't like me goofy yeah don't lie to me what are you talking about don't like to me goofy-ass we talked about Doughboy you're on 20 take it a tradition by Chico r.i.p kombat pro harpy combo promo I had to get up on the jams like imagine a year from now like everyone's gonna be garlic I'd only be on combat probably doing pyramids in on more advanced pretty more advanced maybe word man I subscribe to you Bridget of love angel what's your worst skin the worst skin in the game has to be jungle Scout now I'm gonna be cell playing my first skin you know who's ugly this guy's horrible I hate seeing this guy running around that's a free killer I rescued this guy running on something what are you really doing like you're on 20 this guy okay whatever you're getting here alright this man okay whatever but these are clap skins I'm picking out door claps to little Jake left but else's clap clap legit how about a clip legit you item shops in two minutes right now to our new items left in two minutes which I'll think our new skins coming out today or what is a new skin coming out today use a pro controller now my controllers right here bro regular regular controller I don't play Clyde on play o'clock any everybody extreme drop a like for this item shop if you guys want a new skins it's come out today just drop alike in this room baby because I want a new skin to come out today I got three thousand V books I need cement some anybody asking for when's y'all this is not my only epic account I have like 3 to 4 3 to 5 epic accounts I have over 2000 ones in general all together over 2000 these birds have you used stretch reaiize no bro I don't play on PC they were too darnisha my my man's Chico how can we play I'm uh playing with anybody right now homie there's a huge line to play with me though like might be playing with subs in the future as future I'll be playing with subs 40 seconds left baby 35 seconds left let's get right have you ever tried claw nah bro I'm not going to try that either bearded court I run in 2019 use this code if you want him by example dynamic dribble libera copter did I buy a gift fifteen seconds left you are 15 seconds to the new item shot which I'll think I need everybody in the stream drop a like right now if you guys want a new scan the drop drop alike in the stream if you're loyal they get a five-second five sec see what it is renegade Raider legit clapping legit clapping or what that's legit clap not even gonna touch that that looks horrible it's the only good thing is this camera this camera is garlic and this hair clip legit clip legit legit took the cyka cyka cyka cyka with it soup got a Muslim load around I have a couple Muslim friends but I'm s we are best with cha I shop right here doughboys Gigi's maid I want to buy somebody a gift once it's camo can I buy it for somebody already have that arm-wrestle Tommy that thing with father his mother man Sammy I don't even mess with the game anymore but I still mess with you think of really love Sammy that's I'm saying bruh foreign a losing fans for new supporters tell you what I love Sam you appreciate it that's loyalty right there he is loyalty with you let me gifting some skins out in order I favorite youtuber thank you for the love Lamar appreciated hmm going crazy for Ness please don't tell me somebody join my lobby please just back up please but I don't want to hear anybody thank you my back you better I got you what is it like with a $2.00 nationwide Dylan blaze will you ever buy a PC or build one yes bro probably no the near future we'll see happens did I get a PC you I feel like I love concert or like console you know I'm saying like everybody has console like you're probably you ever probably have a con so if you're watching this like Xbox our ps4 excuse me I like staying with the Contras cutting butter tape blue house door here's God Oh your best I could even put down a trap did use me why is my stream freezing ashame will just freeze it for a second damn brah designer clothes so now I'm taking off the skin pretty Gator each time renegade or each time we put on the renegade Reese we go filthy with it straight filthy with it hey Twitter chat our edition by Tyler how much skins do you have I think I have over a 90 skins owe me sup bro you're so good at foreign a pretty little of jabari item shucks that's a fact bro there's some giveaways coming out in the future y'all I got some giveaways for y'all so on chronic is now you bathe at some fat we don't you don't mess with chronic anymore we evade should we invade people's house Eve a people's house jeez man what is this Ginger's j9u 1/2 block did he make it did he make this song we find out somebody made this block let me find out somebody actually made our block right there you Eve eight houses ah you're my head for no reason kiddo you wait here I'll come over America a door easy was to you bodies years with it somebody made that stream there's somebody actually make that a sick broad actually user people's stuff that's sick shout out to my man ginger Jeb where you got like you're making history imagine me not one person to get in that's sick pickaxes that I don't even know Bron you like it I like it to a man dadima guards I just came lagging like now my loadout was just lagging it right on Louie Vuitton just emo and me and I still a Louis Vuitton God for me they talk about they stay talking pool area signature darnisha my G talk best skin start a game our John wick role bought some flowers you thick hahaha that's a lie those are not the best skin khaki like John wick is trippin you like John wick there's got to be something wrong with dollars class everybody get boogieing take over – no this is my Chris Farley – hey man I like you're a poor I have a s4 they are great cars hell yeah bro rd gang in a bit man rd gang on top now I'm saying everyone f2 domination my Dylan brah I wonder one be one you bro I don't really won't be one that is out what the hell bro it's kinda Sabrina me what everybody's bored take me to dollar nation bruh wants me to go trihard Ram I have to go trihard again anyone wanna go trihard brown I'm not going to try for him I'm too boring to go tired can you find shields get shields but I don't crazy if I go looting around for a longer time man you whatever it Oh boys we almost two hours into the stream so I'm just going to be chilly you I'm chillin I'm chillin God is willing my bottle Rio Kastle yo Lovato or Vybz Kartel pick one it in chat let me know show him my bottle Vybz Kartel your girlfriend see my cartel streets yo facing Malvado better than vibes okay Baba tokachi Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah I'm gonna toast you aren't duals I'm in around them doors right now I'm an idiot what did not man Bobby were yeah I played against Wade house my second a builder pro I want to play against them next week you probably so slap slap me but I'll be better chance only killed him once it's a bouquet game suka games on this weekend I am set out what am i doing I'm in a duel game I play around too much after a minute you use this don't want to use this on somebody I can't even Eddy right now let's go crazy I'm taking this win home I play duels when I'm bored does this kid ever stop playing I play the game all day bro there's no point I stopped playing when I stopped playing come on none of my bullets here have you serious that's a random Durga I'm steer now tell us where the shields a bra you got no type of shield we're to show that SRAM give me a slurp give me a slurve give me slur I need some type of shield five kills of nomads all right Pam 5 goes into shields and up door I gotta get this I get these type of dogs what up fam what I were to close that house murder problem just chillin I'm better Pro it's not even my first weekend yet so I'm crazy but I know I'm good with rotifer already I just can't reach whoa good I am in a month hey man you're my favorite youtuber think we're good love body you're the goal think with a little fornicate who caught some tall Heidi's you guys better cop some tall Heidi's does better cop some chalmers you guys don't like murder what guys who kept mine Mertz I don't bangs with the hoodie the hoodies ugly or what let me know strong with it the chest derpy derpy they're gonna 2000 issue might the goal what's up dog what I would at the go how you doing bro you should go find out you to go to ball goats Brown you not to go I'm the go I feel like the greatest I think I'm go we could both be goes though to compose me goes I gotta use them it's the best day ever your orders on the way let me find our big fish copter hurry man my man's big video show me you better take a picture of yourself when you get it bro I want to see people wearing the Tom merch already seen like three snapchats people are messaging me like he keeps about me I got the hoodie I got to hurt you that's what's up that's loyalty there was a rip will there is I'm not gonna hold some shields to be real I'm on appeal let me a picture will you get the high D going my a belt bro going my Abell go on on my channel then scroll over to our balance and then know there's a website right there meta collections you wanna bet it's hard it is a shirt and a hoodie camille a bitch shows us I do not like this fire Amish my the gold you are a favorite bro I made you respect for you I would love to go bra that means a lot man thank you also my man's the goat he feels like the greatest he thinks he's a goat please don't copy I just wanted to do a total oh surely you know how we go I am that I shoot at your head on my shoot at your dog bag merch and I don't got no bag merch bro imagine having a bag what's on it is that minis that's many damn mommy the trusted each other the random duels yeah it's not solos you know a solo duo this is solo duo there take in this one area where do you buy merch my belt bro look at this helicopter yo when are we gonna be able to fly this bruh we all know foreigners the type to make us fly it one helicopter in a map when did this come here I saw it moves around what is this come here when did they come here Don uh-huh the minis only dropped too many so I'm like what the hell mini drop two now though of the extremes might do think of it a love ad appreciate it although do when I get away get her mind and get a win how does Jen 360noscope landed should jump out right there we were thrown issue by Alexis taw he's nervous because I'm in his game shrimp chow okay whatever I like this come chives we see if you're doing cochon wants to be yogurt adored and by all means come get something from I'm running around this home mat this is a duels game this is not a solos game bro what I dropped is you guys say you drop these right I'm a job for this guys you just jump that in there my aims on him get back here yeah oh you have a mile oh you have my aimbot the one guy I don't think it's one guy oh man I got hit by a bulb right serious take these boys out the game bro what the huh that's unlimited aim I'm in here hurry up I need you what other guy got the turret Oh No we're so using chairs and 2018 is you still line it back up 2019 / 2018 we're 2018 right is a we're 2001 in my opinion GG's me pick up this p90 real quick I'm using butter / right now i'm using better / right on I'm gonna get good with it soon everybody games dry game weather like Here I am this is solo dual jaw you speak Spanish – nah bro excuse me I'm not Spanish for me for my name is – Rico put them in the corner good let me again let me again oh my god he's got their own ball damn you're gonna mow that you turn this around turn it around baby Daniel you got so lucky bra yeah I'm trippin did you kids claps bra I swear kids clubs you you you jeez Mei Gigi's made this item shop anybody wondering y'all it's the item shop right here what a rawski I'm out yeah I hear Buddha use a scarf Nara he Jie's me Mehdi geez hey are we so close to 6:30 to caveman thank you for all the love you got hello subsidy back in the solos door I would a challenge that guy different if it was gonna go solo Hatcher gonna recruit you keep grinding shakes you bench grinder but I'll keep trying keep trying to broski him I like to hear that you play claw and a bra no play clutter that's not my first dog it's not my first I haven't been playing I'm builder pro what am I saying I took my first hopefully I'm gonna protest like my first week fourth day and I'm just trying to get good with it you like builder so far yeah obviously bruh but but everyone their first day of builder pro everyone's first day I go to pros trash but mine my first a barrel pro is garlic so I know maybe you god take me to Chile audition by Alexis 1v1 my PSN is chopped or I won't be wonder I know I want me agree right now are we gonna show those now let's get it so I see that big shirt at the bottom I'm not mistaken that's see a big shirt at the bottom you can run up on me get the hell off my Vegeta game yeah this clicker nomination by Alexis Tosh stream you don't want some ugh yeah okay buddy it's written down it's about Keegan are you a try hard to open the ammo crate nah bro forget the battle case no forget of let's go we add it we open ammo crates no y'all we open ammo crates we try hard now tired open every ammo cream yeah I somebody use this got the idiot I'm trippin oh my god bro I thought he was a boy I'm trippin whatever I played that stupid I'm gonna be on the jams though I'm tired to play in this gamer I might be able to jams after somebody wants a 1v1 me what's the 1v1 me right now bro who got over 500 coins let me carry brothers this game is dead I'm tired of running around in solos playing board Hunter formats I'm dead why do you want me bro wants what you wanted actually I'm gonna warm you warm Brown we hate for no one be one if you're not going to random now clean I'm going for any match but we in here bro wait here with it arena eat I'm not playing this this is boring I'm you're playing I don't know where to play on this game anymore brah sacred our own niche my Jackson but I think it'll of Jackson it's tough I also play on this game anymore brothers yeah this is joyous this game Titan now my opinion what do you guys do it for an I fix a game sucks random do as it is one game around him do it about the jab stick with it turn our nation by Alexis I'm not won't be winning right now Ashley your chop was talkin reckless trim hold on you better have a mic to you're talkin reckless I'm want me when this guy's talking wreck wanna talk reckless right chop or I'm adding on PSN right now going on 1v1 in clown you I added you bro added you bruh sacred for our nation by my man King Khan do you have a settings video now I'm not setting video right now border bro come on bro I added you bro you better be ready Chapo I know I'm bro if you take too long I'm ending this yeah you in a lobby you're talking right okay I'm tired of you talking right turn up scrub over take your time make them cyka cyka cyka cyka ready you upside and you breathing so hard in the mind are you talking wreck for no reason now Tommy oh I would but if you get clapped we're doing the best out of seven first to four wins of course the four winds I would chop off El Chapo I'll shoot up your crypto Irina is all but it easy trust me I don't carry bra I just want regular pubs just wanna chill on regular pub delete this stuff chapo talking wreck shit for no reason I don't know what guys and bang this head off the concrete or something off his banjo yeah best out of four kid you're probably not gonna hear me sorry now geez man no I know I know hold on my right up to the party go see the reaction I'm ready to party they dick clip energy clip in legit clipping I'm gonna join up you're my party bro I forgot I don't know my party on or that was long that's going far and do that on me I just build in I'm breaking you down why keep that sorry chopped off sorry Chopin the jeez man that's one okay trash-talker expose oh my god Ron if you over build I'm just gonna hit you down not an autistic yourself kid I mean here I'm playing mind games with them sorry Chopin but you thought you had it in the bag and stop without yet in the band y'all chop you Tatiana talk a lot of smack I just do it for fun brah Rico I'm creative yeah I don't play this gated I'm a beast in MIB Center that's two zeros chopped oh sorry chopped alone but so you get for talking smack ah whoa you lost the game but okay ain't no runnin you lost the game lucky writing oh my god let's get a run for plan I'll back down here boss you carry yourself next time once I got a blank I just got a blank I just got a blank I just got a black headshot headshot y'all y'all seen that who just seen that blank headshot that's crazy I got a blank headshot even care about that one right there this game clap for that this game is clap for that I just got a blank headshot on my screen – I don't play this creative stuff so anything to play after the patch so I just hit him for the head I just hit him in the head one my rotation messing up doing my rotation messing up big-time guy just knows ninety that's all you know is nine you doing there I'm gonna turn it up a little quick for him chuckle charge real quick going on oh my night eyes No what are you doing here brother what are you doing – goes camping in a box at a 1v1 I'm just chillin the creative and plated how do you lose that I don't care this comes in a box I'll win this game right now you guys like to me to go trihard bra hate China on this game now this game Deborah on me seems boring to me look at them to carry this all goofy news into a bar right now just do it and what are you doing when I get up there you just bills don't cap you know box boom we don't do it all Bob so so um you want to drive look at them that goes with Bob skyping enjoy tap play to KO but hop on to game 3 – I'm not gonna let him get a win you guys say it I'm gonna slap by a meter bottom in restart I'm not gonna get him left I'm not gonna let him touch me brah you throw them it's easy to throw him on the try them again for Alaska watch this watch me throw my gun front of that come on kid you lost stop taking my wallet but stop cheating where are you I this guy's in a box right here like what are we doing I'm kind of confused about what are we doing there's no way we're doing that brah who goes in boxes and one p1 is I get bad hold on let me try them fully all wrong for you bro give the bot last fight right here last fight right here who goes in boxes in 1v1 though like we're doing box 1v1 fights that's what we're doing on you get it then I'll double your idea I'm trolling you laughs go go go take that it for to that's game I'm about to kill him right now ahead of me again you're not killing me again so I just cut them 10 times in a row er wha – Caze taking over facts I'll go back to 2k five – five – yo shut up everybody in the stream bro I appreciate where this dream yeah uh this guy was talking smack to me you could get that it again did that it again get that it again we're doing one more time so you guys think I'm trolling like I'm not trolling against this guy i'ma kill him one more time y'all tell him to take that he was talking to back come on come on sucker guy ran Oh brah the hollowed out for running sit the hell down forum buddy all right one more since you fell brah one more since you proud oh yeah I've done a little sense so obviously my warm you once look slow all right mrow come on I'm gonna take his high ground like oh hi you are I just fell down on accident oh I hate him again this guy's watch I'll let you line em up the Jimmy jab just so you get a head shot turn the stream baby I jumped off and get a suicidal shot and it's a baby that's how you do it you already know how we come in G John's in the chat you already know I rat shoot you in your face bad you better damn damn quack GG's in a cha cha cha when I came out to the shrimp I'm gonna get up with the Jimmy jams y'all drop or like hit that sub button the grind does not stop around here you already know how becoming the Gigi's Gigi's jgies I had to do him dirty kid thought he was good I'm joking brush on touch my man chapo bro you're loyal I appreciate you bro he knows the lingo you're chapo I'm s what you Brody I'm s leeway don't talk to guys like that bruh Thank You domination by Alexis think we're to love Alexis I'm gonna be playing to get some more subs next to me I'm taking some more subs in extremes not right now I don't mom better get up put the jam shut I said when I came out to the stream I love y'all young ways shots a big fisherman Kayla shots all my lawyers anyone granted from ID anyone granted her add anyone granted for wrong coins anybody just a beam lawyer bro I'm under jams shots I when I came up to the shame I've seen young boys tomorrow your gran don't stop I'm out the jim-jams baby grind owns time make me look good