BEST GTA 5 STUNTS & FAILS! – (Funny Moments Compilation)

BEST GTA 5 STUNTS & FAILS! – (Funny Moments Compilation)

Welcome back to another GTA 5 Funny Moments compilation, today it’s time to go back and take a look at the best moments from the past month of my GTA 5 Videos!
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although I want to try something chemical wheelies around these cops yes we can here we go and no I do not me to eat you oh god that's not good go go go go go alright here we go can't wait this stunt with the cops on our backs there we go we landed it oh there's a cop what up dude is gonna roll by you come on keep this up and into the garage this could actually work holy crap I was so sick we hit that with the cops after us as well let's say the replay on that that is gonna look sick in the replay alright let's take a look at that in a cinematic replay it's like we're on all day cuz we both disappear I want to jump out about here and fly through this little hole on top of this Motel sign right there and oh my god Fraggle is backflip into this rail and completely slam baseball's I'm just trying to escape the hell leakers and I seen the air but I don't think they can actually see me and there's one right here come on man I'm gonna teach this heli a lesson that you don't follow me on the dragster bike get him gonna get him that was so sick come on on this escape I would not keep following me with this headless man it's not a good idea for you guys here we go oh that's actually looking really good come on nice a bit too short you can see that landing that was freaking amazing oh oh oh it's all good there we go we made it through nice and easy jump oh that is so perfect please yes there we go that was straight through I think that was so clean holy shit we flew high okay come on go down can you slow down a bit and stay on it dude that that fingers pushed me off I was the biggest roll everybody's got pushed off I would have landed that perfectly come on okay go go go go go I'm gonna try to get down into the drainage canals maybe just we can dodge these cars of it and oh well I have no idea what I'm doing right now it just makes no fucking sense we are currently upside down okay super focus no talking here we go damnit come on now this has to be one finally need to try to make it onto the top platform here we go yes that is definitely good enough come on don't mess up this glide now come on nice we bumped off it that was so close yes great first attempt come on bike don't go all the way down yeah damn it there he goes coming in hot hit the explosions take a left and yes please hit this come on Franklin that's gonna be the one that is so perfect guys we found a working with Joe looting explosions behind Frank come on quick see the replay Oh way to stay pretty low but also go fairly fast come on now yes that is good that is actually going to be far enough come on keep gliding don't mess this up now yeah damn it come on Lana the little white thing land on here I don't care that's gonna count we made it on the crane finally not sure what I can do with this we can crash that's pretty much all we could do that's it all the way Franklin that was a shit dig lie but it could still work stay on at this time there we go finally hit it didn't get pushed off this time and let's jump light for a bit of the plane pause and this is so good come on yeah there we go while we hit that in ten minutes I did not expect that I guess I have to do a second start in today's video and see if we can land here nicely yeah there we go like a boss so let's see if we can do the same thing again just land that is not what landing is Frankie and I start to jump out about here maybe let the plane pass and through the gap yeah there we go we made it through dude that was so clean as well this guy's impressed he's currently filming me but I think you missed the actual stunt that could work or could it yeah I think it could if I can glide all the way over there to try to get them all right in the end stay come on yes there we go I was gonna slide off I never actually expected it to hit that time let's try this out let's go into the little pipeline this has to be like the best way to get rid of the cops because there's no way that they can find me here if they do then yeah I'm gonna be very surprised five minutes later surprise motherfucker are you serious they actually got in here what the heck just keep on going then maybe go a bit deeper into the tunnel sharp right there we go don't want to go too high get down a bit yes that is so good come on there we go guys come on hold spacebar oh we're good I think we're good guys and it's need to hold space for otherwise I think I might fall off there we go come on serious we hit a little edge on the top come on why is this so difficult I have no idea it's a freaking unicycle stunts come on dude just make it straight through there you go oh yeah that counts we just bump through but it's all good to see can we see the replay yeah there we go let's take a look at this unicycle stunt in a little cinematic replay I don't know what it is tried to do let's try to jump into the truck all the way Franklin here we go come on that was sick we just got like a sick little extra bump there from the tree I did not expect that at all now that's so straight there we go that was right in it and look at that beautiful Sun in the background into the garage as well it's going to be a lot harder to actually time these windmills with a unicycle because you can't really drive slow and it's kind of go for it come on yeah well that was great here we go channel your inner really master oh my God we're going so fast this time holy crap Franklin if you do it this time you're a champ here we go yes that's gonna be the one holy crap that was so fast as well that was perfect Franklin I couldn't keep a secret you found my something brought about it – are into all the preachers spider-man to shut down so pray to the God [Applause] [Applause] you