BEST CHEATS IN THE GAME! (Fallout 4 Cheats)

► BEST CHEATS IN THE GAME! (Fallout 4 Cheats)

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oh this is great this is amazing okay okay so I'm back for another video and today we are playing some more fallout for today's that is going to be quite special we are going to be doing the best cheats that I can find in fallout 4 now I have them all here and basically I'm just gonna be going through them and seeing what we can do I hope you all are liking my character so the first command that we're going to be checking out /qi is the god mode the classic god mode and by doing this all you have to do is type in TGM after clicking like the tilde key it's the weird one to the left of the one is it yeah there we go god mode enabled now this basically means we could do whatever we want including pulling out rocket launcher and taking on the entire town um what the why are you so mad Oh tuck this gang-rape okay let's just see how much we can take these guys out and it's like I don't you get unlimited ammo Zorro Mike that guy's got a baseball bat get out of here get get out of here get get out of here oh he really is dead now these like guys are really shocking maybe they just died pretty quick actually what are you doing running over there what is this woman doing does she know how to run away you deserved it out she didn't even die come on reload huilo huilo huilo huilo well there we go that's what you get for being dumb oh you got arms bro alright let's finish a couple more of these while that robot just got rekt sorry lady your um your legs a bit broken I mean fix there we go fix is that everyone everyone dead look at this little dude ran away how does he not die I miss them again damn this thing doesn't fire super quickly so there we go problem solved now the next command I've got is gonna allow us to be super human basically like we're building our way up there but this one TCL basically allows us to noclip through things like the floor so yeah what's with all these little things down here they try to make like floor pieces with them what the hell so yeah we can just Oh what the hell we can go inside people see I'm in his face he has a Wow look at that jawline though I can also go into these secret rooms that don't exist and I can fly up into the sky and then aerial strike these stupid douches unless of it mean maybe that's a bit mean from above get rekt I'm like a unlike an aerial strike drone woo die what that what is it with these people that don't know how to do something if I broke something why do these guys might want to run anywhere did I do something um I think this is probably a good time to show you the next command that we're gonna do this is pretty self-explanatory really ah there that yeah we just we just killed everyone but everyone's like frozen what the hell this is so weird Oh Oh everyone but this guy apparently died all the robots didn't die okay okay here we go problem solved and there we go um hello hello did I do something look at his woman here she must've eaten something terrible poor poor lady all right the next one we're gonna do is we're gonna fulfill our characters dreams of becoming a lady because it's 2015 guys and that's allowed okay I mean apparently just became a woman but didn't really do anything maybe I just look the same do I sound like a woman no okay well I think I might be a woman now I don't know we're gonna have to look later you know what I mean now the next ones are quite a bit more complicated this is I'm gonna be like doing a lot of fiddling stuff here because all know why don't we disable God am i mad this one is to make a character a bit cooler so I can let me just try this so keep your eye on this if you're trying to figure out how to do it to like set GS f this is going to make us jump super super high apparently we'll see and then all we do 10/10 does that I don't know I don't know red 800 we might have just yeah you may have just actually made it less whoopsie woo I look like I'm just hopping hopping hopping hop pop okay yeah there we go 100 let's see what this a does oh well okay we're getting there guys look at that we can drop a bit higher now we are actually getting through the hip yo bro how high can you jump I can jump this high whoa alright let's try a thousand okay um are you ready though whoa okay yeah we could definitely jump it higher now that seems about right whoa we are literally like the Hulk now all I need to do is look like the Hulk we'll get there don't you worry okay ah nope oh okay the question is can we land in there the ultimate test the ultimate test what oh we miss okay let's give it one more go okay and uh and we made it we fell off okay that's just beginning embarrassing now the next one I want to do is a speed multiplier now I don't know how this wasn't like a multiplier so that means that it's gonna be multiplying what we're already doing so let's do ten oh okay maybe not it lied to me that's not multiplied that's just making me really slow we let's go with a thousand instead then that seems good to me that worked last time Hey look at me hey though Wow okay and oh um okay yep no that's not how you run and we're back whoa oh whoa whoa well that really screws up my jumping oh crap we can like jump Wow we just dropped across the city what the hell oh my we need to go do this outside what the ohm lost forever okay we are literally out in the wastes unfortunately like I've ever smoked it's funnily enough oh wait guys what's up okay no one cares the funny thing is is that ah out of all the stuff that I've found us don't know how to change the weather all the time but you know that's fine Oh stuffs like spawning in we're going too fast too fast this is literally crazy what the hell I am like in control of the wastelands now god damn Oh which wasn't so flippin misty oh look it's some Raider scum arrows try boom get rekt son whoa whoa oh I can actually just bounce my way through no one even cares guys I see a vertibird I see a vertibird can we take out though that is the question where's that going can't see anything okay that one missed oh wow this is so hard to see maybe we could jump up to it hey buddy what's up I fly like you oh that was gonna hit oh we did it okay okay we please this is probably they're not even bad people probably oh oh do we kill it oh hey what's up sorry I'm just killing your friends but I can't barely see anything why are they fighting people who are you a legendary gunner oh whoops this seems like about we shouldn't be involved in let's take out this ver bird though alright okay oh we got it we got it but we're stuck we are stuck this is great I mean use my noclip abilities guys noclip is literally not working so please tell me after all this we are not stuck in here this would be oh we're making ground this would be embarrassing this would be very embarrassing there we go damn I comedy we didn't even get out there properly we just took this but ver bird down Hey look what up buddy oh don't hit me that's mean oh did you kick my dog you just kick my dog you know what for that we're gonna kill all okay wheel it oh that's the vibe Oh crash wait I think Oh where's it going it it just disappeared should we chase it is that possible nope my NoCal it's still not working oh well goodbye birds bird ah guys I was just trying to uh I was just trying to change my height and I think I might have made a mistake uh I may have had someone selected when I did that okay let's make sure we don't have anyone selected how do we unselect there we go flipping egg alright we should probably kill that monstrosity well there you go that is that is what I'm trying to do basically make myself big just give me a second I'll I'll load everything else that we had alright there we go we've got our abilities back now now it's time to make us big not not just this douche bag alright this seems like a good place to do it let's uh let's just switch you out there good thing we're not going to be making anyone else huge this time okay there we go it's a pretty basic well let's go three first oh okay I think we did it guys we did it okay we're now scale three what woo hoo we are cute what okay jumped on a building see that's how big we are I can't even see Eddie there whoa okay I can tell that this is going to be interesting you know what we should do we should find a super mutant and make him huge as well that would be cool at this point my camera kind of bugged out so enjoy still frame my face for a little bit don't worry it is fickt in a couple of like things time in it yes talking of finding a super mutant look who I just found a super mutant set scale ten Wow okay he's pretty big uh we should probably put this one down he's oh wait I swear he's like only this big actually don't have to shoot my kid oh there we go whoo we just pulled out the half health all right but now basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna kill this bad boy and we're gonna check out the last command before coming back but for the end of the video and we're going to make me huge huge er and we'll make him oh he's gone and we'll make another guy huge and then we'll have like a huge battle somewhere somewhere with somewhere when it's a bit lighter as well that's pretty much why the next one will take us to a secret safe house okay this will allow us to access anything in the game there we go we're here so this this is everything in the game apparently so as you can see here this these little boxes here these are everything in the entire game alright there we go so we've got some of the stuff that I think of cool in the game let's equip some and stuff so bezel got the alien blaster pistol you guys haven't seen that in other people's videos then we have the abroad side out which I think's just the cannon like I think that's it it's just a cannon like yeah it's a cannon and this is a cryo later if any of you have played this game that is that like at the beginning of the level and you can go back and get it with that just I think it just turns people on ice so we've also got this thing called emitter just a nuke is it that's it just hold in hand I don't some of these guns I think are just debug guns I don't even know and yeah I think that's about everything interesting with guns like the resume you'll just fine on your own it's not that interesting but let's have a look at some of the armors first of all this is the clone new hat Oh actually it goes really well with my dress look at that isn't that lovely and the more important the mass go ahead brilliant look it I think we've got a pair all right there we go we had a bit of a sleep here at the sanctuary and now it looks like we can see things this is good all right we should definitely head into into Boston I guess and see if we can find them super mutant to battle look we found our little friend you sir are gonna be our battle buddy this I am so excited there we go okay so hmm we need to there we go set scale again boom boom this is great this is amazing okay you're not you're a bit cramped but this is fine and now just for myself hang on I can't see myself whoa boom we are Tet huge but we currently see much oh but we could jump I interesting okay all right so we're back in our little city area it's getting quite hard to actually kill something I keep forgetting how actually cram packed everything is outside of this place but let's as a set scale here there we go there we go we've got it we are we're scale tennant um how far can we actually go oh yeah this six this is great okay so the one problem with this is you can barely see anything well that's okay I've got an idea we can do the last kebab that we're gonna be doing and that is where is it where is it TFC this allows fly cam boom Oh what the hell okay look at this look at this so yeah that that that's what this does okay I've got a picture that that that is incredible so that allows us to basically just a free cam around the place and oh that dress is beautiful that dress is okay well I think this is a great place to end the episode okay thank you watching this fallout video I know it took a while to get there but we finally did it and I'll see you next time goodbye