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Ashlen Rose joins the show to breakdown and discuss the Kozilek, the Great Distortion deck that she played on the most recent episode of Game Knights. Colorless decks are tricky and unique beasts. Find out how she navigated this difficult brewing challenge and built a very powerful deck!


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greetings humans you have entered the commands your destination for all aspects of elder dragon Highlander enjoy everybody how are you doing your watching / listening to the commands own podcast with me your host Jimmy Wong how is it it's Josh leak why we're here with a very special guest that's right it is ashlynn rose from the latest episode of game nights hello hello how's it going ashlynn it is great it's been a long time since I seen you all yeah most every day today we are well the new game that came out if you haven't seen it disclaimer you should watch it first because we will be spoiling things that happened in that episode on the show today yeah if you haven't watched the episode stop this right now go watch it then come back that's unless you don't care if we spoil the ending in which case follow right along well let's boil it right now yeah this this deck kicked our butts this deck one game nights I wouldn't say kicked our butts it was a very fair fight I think towards the end between your deck and hers and there was a lot of stuff going on but I think in the end the the value engine of this deck somehow surpassed rune kicked our butts like a unified effort from like the three of us to get rune yeah off track unfortunately you had drawn enough cards by then to take our butts so Ashlyn played a causal like the great distortion deck which we will be breaking down tonight this is our first ever colorless deck on the show yes and there's a lot to talk about actually because colorless is very interesting not many colorless decks existed prior to wastes which is a new basic land type but first we're gonna talk about a lot of great cards today and you may be interested in purchasing one more if not many of these cards you can do that by going to card Kingdom calm slash command zone that is our affiliate link all you have to do is type it into your URL bro and then boom that's it you're on card Kingdom order away and you are supporting the show by using that link yes you're gonna buy magic cards anyway use the affiliate link when you do mm-hmm you're just getting free gravy of our content sticking around another one of our awesome sponsors is ultra pro they create all the very awesome things that protect your cards spice up your battlefield actually they are your battlefield a lot of times because they're your playmat ultra pro makes really awesome stuff like the Eclipse leaves heavy metal dice there's awesome relic tokens so many cool things so while you're at card Kingdom calm slash command zone look for some ultra Pro stuff or you know anywhere you are ultra pros all over the place and the last way to support the show directly is at slash command zone your donations there go directly to helping us make all of our great content from game nights to the command zone to the new merchandise we're doing as well as we get to see the new game that's episode a day early so everyone got to see our butts get kinky day early I hope that was awesome for everybody in fact we also call out one lucky patron every single episode and this episode is get it dedicated to Chris thanks Chris you rock yeah okay also very important well yeah a couple of announcements well one Ashlyn was on the episode of game nights with someone named Jacob and Jacob he's not a part of our normal game that's crew in fact he was a fan of the show that auditioned to be on it and right now right this instant you also have the opportunity to do so yeah we get asked all the time I would love to sit down and play with you guys or be on the show be on game nights this is your opportunity all you have to do is join our patreon and all the info is there you can audition we've got a couple weeks left and then we're gonna be choosing from the big pool of people who have sent in auditions already another fan to come on the show so yeah it was awesome I know somebody out there will be awesome oh yeah and I know a lot of the people that audition the first time around they're gonna be auditioning again you know I'm an actor I auditioned a lot and sometimes you don't get it the first time around so thanks to everyone that is doing it again the second announcement until March 31st we have another piece of merchandise on Kickstarter and it's a limited time sale so if you do not participate Ashlyn was actually integral in helping us getting it all together putting some of the graphics together it's the game nights token series ten different tokens you're gonna get four of each and they feature some of your favorite game nights on the cards in characters and worlds that represent them yes Jimmy is a goblin token I'm a soldier we've got Cassius Marsh as a beast it is really awesome stuff the card stock is very high quality again the Kickstarter link will be in the show notes and it is a Kickstarter so it's a limited time offer once the Kickstarter runs out we're never printing them again if you want to get a hold of them go over there right now lock in your order lock it in all right okay well let's talk about Ashland's deck here yeah Ashland would you like to read who Kozelek the great distortion is absolutely okay where is it okay found it kozilek the great distortion and when you cast do I go with you I swear creature oh yeah do it all right how much does he cost all right the great distortion cost eight color list and two ways it costs ten total it's a legendary creature Eldrazi twelve twelve very important when you cast cause like the great distortion if you have fewer than seven cards in hand draw cars equal to the difference it has minutes and discard a card with converted mana cost x counter target spell with converted mana cost X well that's a lot a lot going on this card yeah first of all eight diamond diamond so eight into colorless that is a requirement that a lot of decks I have trouble with it also means something interesting for this deck because of the way commander color identity works this deck cannot have any mana symbols of the colored variety on any of its cards none so the like that's kind of nuts and like Jimmy said I think before wastes it people will try it but it was very difficult to do yeah but in battle for Zendikar they created a new basic land type called wastes that tap four colorless mana and that kind of opened the possibility to decks like this yeah because otherwise you'd have to use just a bunch of weird utility lands that didn't actually do anything and some of them would have to come into play tapped and you just have a weird janky mana base but with wastes that made it much more possible let's talk about a couple of things first off twelve twelve you said that number is important why is that that is because that is twelve commander damage that will be coming at you so it only takes about two hits to a KO someone yeah and it has menace which means it needs to be blocked by two or more creatures so it's very hard to block it's giant yeah commander damage actually very relevant as you will see in the game that's episode for the first time on the show I believe someone was knocked out by a little commander damage yep very true we had 25 episodes and finally somebody died the commander damage it makes sense though yeah it's a 1212 with Menace so it's gonna get in there yeah when playing against this deck I would recommend the first time it's wings that you don't just take it yeah you you can't play because you don't know what's gonna happen later where it gets where they sneak it in there yeah so if you have the opportunity to block it even if you got a chump just don't take that 12 commander damage because you're liable to die to it later yeah let's talk about the second part of text here I scar the card with converted mana cost X counter target spells converted mana cost X now this type of effect on the creature is really hasn't been seen before it's very weird and odd to have an activate ability where you can discard a card to counter another one and not to mention you're gonna get a full hand with causes like every single time you cast it so it's not necessarily gonna get you the win but it is going to help you secure the win if that makes sense and after all you do have a twelve twelve minutes on the battlefield which well helps out quite alive I'm honestly surprised because with like an effect like that I would have like expected there to be like a an activation cost as well like okay to discard a card or something yeah that seems like it would have been a lot more I mean it's very powerful to turn the cards in your hand into force of wills yeah I mean it's kind of what it does not exactly but it feels like that and like you said you're gonna drop to seven so the card advantage necessary to sort of keep that up is there on the card itself KO's likes the full package yeah he really does it's what I think it's they Emeril's she the mother yes yeah so I don't know about the other two though yeah I don't know they you kind of look at them and they're just I don't know my brain starts to get all funky and twisted distorted look a little too long let's talk about where this deck came from actually when you emailed me this deck inspiration I was actually very surprised I didn't realize that was the origin so you want to talk about why you made this deck and Commander oh absolutely so I love eldrazi back when I started playing magic was around 2009 so I had like primetime and semanas and a car came out so that was my first like standard block where I really got into playing standard and I played eldrazi green so I've always played eldrazi for the most part modern I play Tron and so it's just the type of duck I like playing big powerful creatures and rapping to get them out yeah so the Eldrazi greens act back an m10 standard got to play a couple of cards that we don't get to which is primeval titan primetime wood to get these things out and aya Bugan which is now banned across matter and summoning traps to to get em er cool the Aon storm which also we can't play and you'll among the infinite gyro Kier oh dear no I just like thinking it's one of those things you also I will say that you have I mean does your love of Eldrazi also span to your cosplay because you have cosplay Tahiry who I think has a very key part in the eldrazi story yeah absolutely I definitely have cosplay Tahiry I like this in the car story in general and like sad what happened but is a very interesting part of the lore well hopefully we'll get to see what we didn't get by the way in the war of the spark like glass windows Sauron is there I saw that so you know I guess he made it out of the wall do you want toss this paper it's a tradition okay so let's talk about playing a deck like this in commander the practicality I think is a little bit tough so let's talk about the downsides before we get into the actual deck tech lands so before waste like we already talked about this there were no lands that really produced you can't play any lands in the stack to produce colored man that means none of the cards can even have a colored symbol on them fortunately though there are finally a lot more colorless lands as well as lands that specifically I don't know if you guys know this but back in the day soul ring when you tapped it it just said II D to with a low circle around it and now we'll show diamond diamond and specifically adding colored man a colorless mana which is a little weird to understand but you go through all the lands in magic past as well as the waste you have actually a decent number of lands you can finally play with you want talk about card draw because I think it's very similar to a mono colored deck like if I'm playing mono red I really have access to no card dry outside what I might find in colorless cards this that can only play colorless cards so card draw is kind of limited right yeah there's not a lot of opportunity for card draw I mean cause elect himself itself will draw you cards both side from that I don't think I have very many cards in here that are actually gonna help me draw into more things it's purely ramp and removal I mean luckily when your commander has card drawn it like kozlak then you always have access to card draw so you don't Ted nano we just kind of crazy right right which you know we're gonna talk about this in a second but there's a ton of ramp in this deck which totally makes sense because generally you don't want to overload on ramp in a deck because you risk drawing only ramp and nothing to do with all the mana right but you don't risk that in this deck because you can just cast your commander right which you're you know you don't have to like hope you draw it you always have access to it and so that kind of evens out the fact that there's tons and tons of ramp yeah and I mean not something you should rely on but if when you're playing for player commander there's also like the other decks usually have something wrong or draw in it I can rely on Josh Lee quite to reliably draw me cards I'd say 25% of the time exactly just so happens that someone's gonna have a howling my now your Vinny honestly and finally removal right another like key thing about magic is that there's not that many options for single target removal especially not in the cheap ways we also like about path to exile and swords like it's so cheap it's just one man oh you don't get that option when it comes to colorless so again the very important part of having so much ramp yeah the way that colorless is balanced in magic is sort of away from efficiency right because if they make like a super efficient catch-all removal spell in colorless oh yeah every day every deck would you have lingle deck would play so they they have to naturally cost that stuff a lot higher so you've got cards that are just not efficient so that is like a big tough thing about the deck right yeah there's like we have scar from existence here and that's they cost seven tags I'll one permanent at least its Exile is what's still like this I'd say of the deck something another reason to have a ton of ramp though exactly okay let's talk about these weak points below and in surf see how colorless deals with those problems so there are 24 cards this deck dedicated to ramping in some way seven of them are lands four of them are creatures and two can also substitute card draw so let's talk about what the more impactful unique ramp that's specific to this kind of deck first up we have I of ogen and no drazi temple now I have oaken and electrons temple both kind of do a similar thing Ivan lets you cast colorless eldrazi spells cost two less and Eldrazi temple allows you to spend two on it sort of like a temple of the false god and you can spend this man that only two cast colorless Eldrazi spells or activate abilities of Eldrazi the eye Bugan also has a nice ability where you can use it to search your library for a creature card at seven mana but these both are the very unique tool draws edicts because they specifically sailor Ozzy and then there's also spawning bed which is a card that I didn't really think about when I saw this deck it's a six mana you I mean so it's a land that taps for one colorless but you can also tap it for six to Sackett and you put three one one eldrazi silent creature tokens and they all are able to ramp you because you can sack them that once your mana pool but in terms of land that's like that's kind of it yeah ancient tomb we saw doing really good work on game nights which is a ramp eel and yeah in temple of the false god obviously but again those are lands that every other deck can play but it's like decks that the colorless SEC absolutely have to play otherwise you're gonna be at a pretty severe disadvantage yeah I mean the Eldrazi lands other decks can't play you have to have enough Eldrazi yeah to do it I mean you have to have an old risers commander kinda right like because you know you're not gonna have twenty eldrazi on your deck yeah yeah I mean let's talk about the artifact ramp we have here yes we have things like unwinding clock which is gonna let you on tap all the artifacts you control during every other players on tap step which is gonna help you when you're playing all your artifacts furs like your mana rocks and whatnot yeah there are 10 targets for unwinding clock in the deck as well as many targets for Josh likewise absolutely favorite part of all time my favorite card has so paradox engine yeah one of the frontrunner for most powerful card in the format I'd say that good deck that can run that's gonna run this amount of ramp and a lot of it as mana rocks paradox engine is just gonna be crazy especially with Kozelek and the ability to draw youth cards to sort of keep going yeah paradox engine I should say and for those that don't know five-minute of fact legendary artifact whenever you cast a spell untap all non-land permanent so you control yeah it also allows you attack pretty freely with a lot of the big creatures in the deck and not worry about the crack back just because you'll know you be able to untap them now this is an actually really interesting card it's geode golem it's a five-man artifact creature Gollum that's a 5/3 with trample and whatever it deals combat damage to a player you may cast your commander from the command zone without paying its mana costs what's great is that it's specifically cast right and there's a cast trigger on kozilek so yeah I you know I didn't I put this in the ramp category even though this card doesn't technically ramp you but a 5/3 has a I think a really high chance of honestly hitting someone memorable right yeah I think that's technically ramp it's gonna add 10 mana yeah right and refill your hand pretty good for a 5 man creature I mean like there are a lot of different ways to get cause like out before turn 10 or whatever and she'll calm seems like a really interesting way of doing it if you guys are watching the video this is the stack of ramp cards in the deck that's a thud that's a lot of man room that's I mean a quarter of the deck is ramp yeah that's a ton that is a ton a really good way to build decks in general if you can get away with it you know if you can guarantee enough card draw because having the most man on the table is kind of the biggest indicator of who's gonna win a game of commander yeah yeah especially when you're able to cast other card dress balls in the deck so yeah like you said there aren't many ways to draw cards in this deck so let's take a look at cause Alex I guess prior self so we have cos like butcher truth that cost 10 and when you cast it you draw 4 cards it has Annihilator 4 and it also has whenever it's put into the graveyard from anywhere you shuffle your graveyard back into your library yeah that's actually really important we'll talk a little bit more about that later on but cause like is I think in law ways can be more strong than your commander just because you're guaranteed to draw 4 cards in game nights there was one point I think you cash a commander and you only drew like two cars off there you drop you have to drop to 7 yeah and another 4 that is no joke yeah Annihilator 4 that's one swing and they're probably done I mean they're totally probably yeah another one is Oracle's vault I like this card a lot it's for mana for an artifact you can pay to and exile the top card of your library so I paid two and tap it exile card of your library and until end of turn you may play that card and then you put a brick counter on Oracle's vault then once it has three brick counters you can just tap it and Excel the top card of your library and then you may play that card without paying its mana costs whoa so this starts off as being like two mana impulsive draw kind of outpost siege and after you've done that three times then it's just tap and play the top card of your library for free yeah a deck that has a bunch of huge Eldrazi and things once this gets three brick counters on it I've seen it in not you know just this deck but many decks it's the scariest thing on the battlefield that's like they can represent just ten mana or something yeah that's the zendikar resurgent right with it with paradox engine now because you just keep going on over and over again not too many it's a ten minute investment you are a lot of times I would say that this card is harder to play next because the two minute activation cost actually ends up being a lot but when you have 24 ramped spells yeah and then we have Tammy O's journal 5 mana legendary artifact at the beginning of your upkeep investigate which means you create a clue or the fact token on the battlefield that costs to the sacrifice and get draw card but more important you can also tap this and sacrifice three clues to basically demonic tutor mm-hmm so this card itself has a tutor built into it as well as has card draw so these are serve I mean kind of your limited options when it comes to card draw obviously your commander does a great job of it as well but the fact that you don't really have that many options and they all cost a lot of mana goes a lot to say why ramp is so important in this deck I mean I think it's just good smart deck building because people will you know quote our numbers to us like we want 10 card draw spell a 10 man ramp spells but there's a reason right like that's in and then just your average deck if your commanders gonna draw you cards then you can push the ramp up real high yeah and and take the card draw down because again there's a difference between hoping you draw something and guaranteeing you have it yeah how many times did you recast kozilek in game nights oh goodness I want to say at least three times yeah so you were getting up to 14 maybe even 16 man in the cache of commander and every time it was like I got this wrong plans so that was actually very impactful to see I was a lot of fun actually the watch so we're gonna go to a category we alluded to earlier it's single target removal yeah and none of it is no it's not salutely none of it so we talked about scar from existence it's a seven-man that instant to exile target permanent now the text on this card is great but the seven mana cost is very prohibitive an attack like this so you kind of need to do whatever you can to do that and I found that that's where wattsy balances of this out in terms of play design they put this kind of effect at colors around six to seven mana like this wonderful planeswalker this is my favorite a car in liberated which also cost seven you can plus for them to exile a card from a player's hand – four three two exile target permanent and no one uses the final one let's be honest here yeah anyone seen I have but it's the worst really how long that game go a long time yeah essentially you take everything he's exiled you restart the game and you get all the things that Karnas exiled yeah restart the game restart the game it's really underrated that he can sort of come in with ten loyalty if you just plus them yeah just there's a lot of boards where there actually is good attacks on them but it still won't kill them and that's the worst yeah another removal spell here is duplicants it's six mana for a two for shapeshifter but it has imprints so when duplicate enters the battlefield you can exile target non token creature and then as long as a card is exiled by duplicate its power and toughness becomes the same power toughness as a creature at exiled but the big thing is you just play this as a six man is spelled that exile is a creature yeah you know obviously it's good if it's an eight eight or something so the duplicate is big but you're really just using it primarily as a removal spell yeah and you already have a 12 12 commander again at these seven mana cost we have destroying target perm that it's not exiling and that's meteor golem it's a 3/3 that cost seven mana and it's a creature when they're at the battlefield you destroy target and all impermanent opponent controls unstable obelisk with just three and I you can tap it for mana or you can pay seven to destroy target permanent yeah so you sacrifice the obelisk in the story from it so again like all of these as you can tell six or seven mana that's just sort of the baseline cost that you have to get to and these kinds of decks and we also have a card that almost I mean had this thing kept going I think this actual would have taken over the game faster than anything else yeah yeah you played it in game night Lux cannon it's for mana for an artifact you can either tap it to put a charge counter on it or you can tap it and remove three charge counters and then destroy target permanent but you don't sacrifice the lux cannon when you do that so what you it's sort of like the normal play pattern is you know the first three turns you put a charge counter on the fourth one you you blow something up but it does interact well with things like unwinding clock and paradox engine which allow you to just quickly put a ton of counters on it and then blow multiple things up or just you know one rotation of the table maybe you're blowing something up yeah which becomes very very powerful yeah this is a good card if you have the synergies for it and again in a deck that's just sort of hurting for removal even just playing this and not having those other synergies at least it does give you the possibility to interact with problematic stuff yeah and again like when you play a commander that's that has the ability to counter stuff that doesn't directly win you the game right you still have to be swinging in within killing stuff so your games may go longer as a result you also have cars like energy chamber that just add charge counters to stuff so on target non creature artifact so like yeah there are a lot of synergies there for that to work out and when it does it the impact is very powerful in fact I remember playing my guys create a lot and remember being like oh gosh that Lux skin is just gonna go up and almost guarantee destroy one my permanent so they have two problematic ones on the battlefield that is one good thing about a lot of this stuff is it will hit permanent like they're flexible they're expensive but scour from existence yes and Lux cannon and unstable alga Liske will destroy it like you know most lots of different major or enchantment or artifact yeah yeah all right let's go on to mass removal again now this category isn't hurting as much and actually we see a lot of these cards being played in the lob decks as a result steel Hellkite is a giant dragon and more importantly you can pay x to destroy each non-land permanent with CMC X whose controller was dealt combat damage by steel help guide this turn so this is the kind of thing that can crash in in the air as a six as a 5/5 flier you can pump it and then it just is able to pay an extra cost afterwards and you can really specifically target a lot of things usually I found that three mana is the sweet spot for this as it gets rid of autonomy amp important creatures and won't generally just terrorize the board actually you must really like that card because I remember you're killing us with steel how kite the first time you were right that is right I think it was that my recommendations like you should put steel just cuz it's powerful like okay sure it works like a pirate deck but steal ELQ I should still be in there yeah worked out dragon it's like a ship in the air with wings next we have olives dust which costs seven and its each player sacrifices all colored permanence he or she controls and that's great because I'm with colorless deck I don't have to sacrifice anything right you don't have a single colored permanent unless you somehow yeah you just don't have them yeah that card seems super good yeah one-sided board wipe that's your cyclonic rift that is my grift and when you have like I have you can or the Eldrazi temple it'll actually cost less that's a tribal sorcery Eldrazi that's right and then of course we have these cards are playing the lobbed X which is oblivion stone and Navin your all's disc they're both artifacts that come in you can pee a specific cost to tap it sacrifice it and basically blow up everything and of course because destroying permanence wasn't enough we have ways to exile them as well you use this first one in them both got used yeah perilous vaults which is four and you can pay five two and tap to exile perilous vault and exile all non-land permanent that's an absurdly powerful board wide exiling all the nonlin permanence on the board it's really good against the deck like rune it's really good against the deck that any deck that wants to look into the graveyard and the same goes for egging the spare dragon that Jacob referred to as Eugene on the show now this one's even more flexible I think you can maybe one of the best cards in commander he just flat-out oh it's the versatility is amazing on it yeah every time we've seen it in game nights it's just been a house it's a mana for our planes Walker has seven loyalty plus two even deals three damage to target creature or player so lightning bolts something – ex though and this is the one that gets used the most eat exile each permanent with converted mana costs X or less that's one or more colors so once again it's one sided because you don't have any colored stuff and it exhales and you can even pick and choose a little bit like you know I'm going to negative for it and leaves a five drop around four you know a friendly player if I if you know if that situation comes out a new gun comes in with seven which means you can use it for seven the turn you play him and it's not that untenable to think that hookahs gonna also get to ulti range because as soon as you plus him up once he's just won loyalty away and he's just I mean like his ulti if it clears the board gives you a really good shot at building a backup now one of the categories that you wanted to talk about on the show is discard slash graveyard matters and it's interesting because there are two eldrazi in here that have a trigger that when they hit the graveyard you basically shuffle your griever back into your library which allows you in the show we saw a burnished heart get cast off of Jacob's bill in the villainous walls because it got shuffled in by the kozilek but you also have cards like god pharaoh's gift seven man artifact at the beginning of combat under turn you may exile a creature card from your graveyard if you do create a token that's a copy of that card except it's a 4/4 black zombie it gains haste until end of turn and it doesn't get rid of itself as well a lot of these kinds of effects usually says exile the creature at the end of combat or sacrifice at the end of your turn no God Pharaoh's gift keeps it around and it's very good with Annihilator so like if you're able to ramp this out and and pitch something like a path razor of uh lemak or any of these numerous giant creatures even the card like mere battle sphere right like they all integrate the mirror gonna have the effects and it's just going to do a lot of damage if it's because it has haste it's gonna be able to come in I think that's the one thing that I'm never ready for is like oh you have Annihilator okay I have a turn to figure it out it gets the text box so if that betrays then it's gonna still text marks if it's a void win or then it's still gonna shut off a lot of their spells you know you don't have to attack with it or whatever to like you could just be like well I just want the ability right it's gonna do the thing yeah good enough and you use this card to great effect in the show – yes it's Al and it's buried rune and you can tap it from one colorless or you can pay to and tap it to sacrifice it and return target artifact card from your grave our to your hand and you have a lot of artifacts that people want to blow up yeah which is important or when I'm discarding as well right to counter spells right so I'll cause like obviously wants you to discard thing to counter stuff and then if you need to reshuffle some of those cards back into your library all you have to do is discard it cause like renew log pending your opponent playing a spell that cost that much and who does that are you sitting there being like oh man hope somebody plays a 10 drop so I can put this in the bin and God froze gifted out pretty much somebody yeah well sadly that was we all played enough big cards for that to happen which is very sad now all this stuff in consideration this deck still needs to win although I think anyone that is watching this show will agree that we have already stated probably more than enough wind conditions for them to go like oh yeah there's plenty of ways for this deck to get there but let's just talk about some of the more impactful ways to do it this card I love it's a game that's winter on the tone planer bridge it cost six it's a legendary artifact cost eight and you tap it you search your library for a permanent card put it on to the battlefield then shuffle your library there turns where you can just do this on the same turn right 14 mana and that's not that big of a deal no especially with like the high casting cost we have in this deck it's very very easy to do especially if you're the first thing you get his paradox engine then he cast a spell on tap it and the planer bridge oh my god you're just going off right like that's what playing a bridge is super scary I think with a deck that has paradox engineering right because the ability and then play kozlak draw back up to however many to be able to keep casting spells and activating plant playing a bridge yeah yeah that seems like a super powerful play what seems powerful to because you just give your opponent to zero time to breathe yeah like as soon as it starts happening you because there are so many commander games that come down to hey guys we have one turn cycle to get rid of this and everyone's usually able to cobble together some kind of answer but if you're able to go out that fast out the gate it just seems incredibly problematic for everyone else also like you said like this allows you to put in Eldrazi and to play on the end step before your turn right immediately on top with it and be swinging before yeah you know really people can adjust to the fact that there's like Annihilator on the table basically yeah and with all the Annihilator we have it that betrays which is a 12 drop Eldrazi that the main text here whenever an opponent sacrifices a non token permanent put that card onto the battlefield under your control there's also Steel's fetchlands yeah that's right if you just completely shuts him down unless you want to give me land yeah it steals a lot of stuff actually it that betrays that I've found it just has giant impact cuz there are a lot of cards that force you to sacrifice it in order to do something within something that's interesting about it that betrays that I've seen come up a few times it does have an eye light or two also so it works with itself right it attacks and then you trigger and that opponent has to sacrifice to permanence which if they're not tokens you're gonna get them it doesn't care where the token or where the sacrifice thing went so it'll get their commander if they sacrifice it a lot of people think like oh I can sacrifice and put it in the command so if the betrayer says nothing about it dying or where it went it doesn't care you just get it says whenever an opponent sacrifices an on token for a minute put that card onto the battlefield on your control so don't sacrifice your commander to it yeah sacrifice it in response to that betray being cast or cheated out yeah but that's that really stinks because in general one of the things you are willing to sacrifice to annihilators your commander because right it's not loss of a card you're gonna get you're gonna still have access to that thing yeah but with Inter betrays you can't even do that well we always talk about like Oh have a sack outlet for your commander so you people don't steal it and all that sort of stuff oh boy that's pretty rough hey Josh you wanna read this card that's a cute one so this is Blake steel Colossus 12 vana artifact creature Gollum it's an 11 11 with trample and infect also because that wasn't strong enough it has indestructible and if light steel Colossus would be put into a graveyard from anywhere you reveal it and then shuffle it into its owner's library which is a little different than kozilek a new log in that you only shuffle the blight steel not your entire grade yeah I mean obviously the big thing here is that it's trampled and in fact and it's 11:11 so unless you can stack block it you're gonna die and then you know what are you gonna do next turn yeah and we say this is usually not the first swing of blight steel that kills you it's it's definitely the second unless somebody has Swift foot boats or lightning Greaves as it were yeah and yeah please it on like turn six or like a whisper so cloak ESCA feck right yeah not to mention we have all sorts of other just game winning all drazi in here which is definitely on theme right you play one of these monsters people have to deal with it immediately it's the same that when you play like massive against at once the card cost gets above seven and eight they are most often must deal with cards and we saw just how powerful void glimmer was on that board state I literally couldn't cast anything in my hand between gatok Teague and Lloyd win or being out so it was such an effective lock though because that's sort of the sort of effect that you can't really build your deck around right you can't be like well in case my opponent plays a void where I should probably have less even cost mana smells in my deck that's just not a plausible thing to do so it's like going to like Josh said in the show shut off 50% of people's decks which is incredibly powerful if you think if you think about just for one card and on top of that one of the things we realized in the game which I actually didn't consider before but with kozilek he has Minnis and with void winner you can't block with all right with even even CMT creatures so if a creatures cost for mana for donor means that can't block so it's already hard to block kozilek and then you turn off maybe half their blockers that's what killed Jacob yeah because he had two blockers knew that like I can't take one more hit from kozlak or I'm gonna die so I'm always gonna leave two blockers back didn't foresee the void winner were coming out and that cost him yeah that's it that's I mean I don't know how you prepare for that or see that coming not to mention right because you can't cast even CMC spells then you only have to discard odd ones to counter stuff with kozilek as well so then you can actually start safely playing those cards out of your hand if you really want that's a really good point yeah play my even CMC spells hold back my odd ones because there's less stuff that's gonna counter this stuff yeah well speaking of countering things with Kozelek let's talk about the spread of the cards in the deck was this something you thought about when building it was like having a nice even or covering certain numbers more or is this just like wow I'm gonna get lucky if I get lucky that's good I honestly didn't think I'd be able to counter that much I thought it was like a nice upside to the card yeah and then you countered like 17 things well it just so happened that we all were playing big spells right like she counted a six drop for me and eleven drop from you well she does have six six drops in the deck yeah that's the thing though I think that a lot of people that watch the episode didn't realize is that there was a good amount of luck that went into you being able to draw the right stuff to counter things really it has to match the CMC it's not like I'm just like discarding anything yeah yeah I mean you've got to draw a lot of cards though by casting your commander like three times so I think that you know it wasn't all look like the card lets you draw cards that's gonna the more cards in your hand the higher chance you're gonna match the CMC of the spells yeah and honestly I probably should have tapped out and played my Marshall Cooper 13s I'm getting greedy knowing the fact that cards like Ulla MOG and path raiser do exist in there at 11 right because 13 is just a much awkward more awkward honestly if you look at her if you look at our list though and we have broken it down by how many she has at the one drop two drops so and so there's two eleven drops and one 13 drop so even if you went for 13 you weren't upping your chance yeah yeah not that much it still could have happened yeah but the the deck really focuses the most in the four five six seven area there's nine four drops and I think if you actually go through and look at Magic's history there are incredible amount of cards like Glenelg Endre Oracle AMOLED aya the four drops lot that are very powerful and that countering those are actually like being able to do that more consistently I think is actually right so I think without even realizing it the deck sort of built itself onto that nice curve and in most decks I think top out around seven or eight and you don't have that many HR ups but you have seven seven drops so you know you get a stop stuff like LS Norlin those crazy powerful cards good good to have some redundancy we should mention because this was a very common question that was asked on the glass game nights if your spell has X in it the CMC in your hand is equal to X is equal to zero and or in your library in your library right but when you cast the spell and decide the amount for X you are actually changing the CMC of it so avoid wonder was out and I decide to pay nine for extra Marshall Kuh to make it 11 when I cast it you first determine those costs and then you're gonna check if volume owner world will allow it to happen so that's something that's a it's definitely a niche rules interaction but it's good to know if you guys are trying to play around void glimmer and stuff it's important for like musics decks to we talked about this in the past because of that yeah X is a x casting consonant spell is a weird interaction but when it's on the stack when it's placed on the stack then XA is calculated into the same seat everywhere else it's zero yeah so Ashlin thoughts about this deck and how incredibly powerful it is but at the same time let yeah actually pretty balanced like you've played it obviously more than just on the show is there anything about like how would you advise somebody to play against it I mean honestly when you're playing against a you want to just blow up all the and the artifacts right just make it so you can't get up to so it's slow like you are not casting codes like until turn 10 11 12 because the faster a tramp the faster i'ma start playing my bomb so the best thing is just so you're out of the ramp or even as much of it as possible you're kind of like a Gatling gun that starts to charge up it's slow at first and you're like starting to take a couple of hits but once it really gets going you have to neuter it and stop it there because I think another big thing is if you get rid of all the ramp and you only have like four or five lanes and play I've seen this happen to a lot of players well you can't even recast your commanders rights to more you I mean there is enough high CMC in the deck that could get to the point easily where like you got a new gun and Emre cool a new lemak and a blight steel in your hand can't do anything and you're just sitting there like living off the top of your deck is not like you draw land you're still three turns away but if you don't draw lands then you're never casting that stuff yeah yeah yeah so that's that's interesting I think also like you have to be careful with your removal this deck has so many like ball and after bomb after bomb that it's really easy for me to exhaust removal out of people's hands and you just keep playing heavier things as well oh I see so you have to kind of know what you're gonna be up against right yeah like maybe this isn't as big of a problem as that void where that's gonna come later or that planar bridge that I know I have to get rid of seems like there's a lot of decision points because of the ability to counter spells – how do you handle like holding cards in your hand so you can counter things versus playing things out I think it's honestly like figuring out like what you have in your hand and what your outs gonna be to win the game like I had paradox engine in my hand but I was like I also have unwinding clock in my hand and that's cheaper and that's gonna work better and I can counter with that so I might as well get rid of that instead of worrying about the combo right right and you also smartly countered my survival of the fittest normally I when you have a counter spell and someone tutors or something you wait to counter what they tutor and not necessarily the tutor itself because not that many cards have like can't be countered on them but you smartly got rid of the one that had be repeatable activate ability because obviously I could just keep searching stuff up and that was the one thing I was starved on which was cards that I couldn't play on my hand so I'd have to go to my library to find them instead huh it's a pretty sweet deck it's a very sweet deck yeah it's actually making me kind of want to make a colorless deck it's fun and I don't think it's overpowered like it doesn't have like all of the like like manna vault or oh your yeah yeah yeah it doesn't have its I feel like it's pretty balanced for the most part compared to other ducks yeah I mean obviously a run soul ring but a lot of the ramp is at the 3/4 lon and like you said it's it's a deck that in a way can be a glass cannon I always find this about an mr2 right if you just get rid of annum are enough times and don't let that engine build then sometimes you're stuck with just these massive tourists the Don's and things in your hand that you just can't cast mm-hmm you can usually put Crypt vault grim monolith yeah get super crazy and be doing the turn through and stuff yeah not here vandal blast guys vandal blasts yeah and it's in red so you know I'm playing it all right to the listeners what do you guys think about colorless decks have you built your own that you like to share have you faced one across the table do you feel there are any other inherent weaknesses to the color restriction it is it is tough to build these decks right your options are very limited yeah yeah but it that actually can be a lot of fun it can free you up to to like play some cards you wouldn't otherwise play yeah it's like a little puzzle trying to figure out like what works and maybe like if you want to do a different theme trying to figure out how to build that people bit limited card pool how often have you gotten full tron out with or is this tower mine and power plant not at all with this like one or two maybe but the dream is to get all three someday yeah you do have an expedition map in there and still like that's like having one extra one yeah but in a singleton format when you're playing three lands in the 99 card deck probably pretty hard to get it out but I'm glad that the dream is there all right we talked about a lot of cards today and a lot of them are very powerful and look they're colorless they can go in and in command or deck would you look at that if you want to purchase any of these cards because you're gonna be buying cards anyway make sure you go over and over to card Kingdom comm slash command zone that's our affiliate link just type in that URL or click it it's gonna be any more info box below the video and honestly that's all you have to do there's nothing else outside of that outside of just you know go buy the cards that you want to when you're on card Kingdom and they'll know that we sent you and that's gonna directly help out the show yeah and when you get those awesome cards for your decks you're gonna want to keep them protected you're not gonna want to get damaged or beat up in any way and the best way to do that is to put them into some ultra pro sleeves yeah they also have really cool like themed background sleeves for all the new sets that are coming out so I'm sure wore the spark stuff is on the way keep an eye out can that wait yeah ultra Pro stuff always looking sweet so many planeswalkers all right now it's time for the instep where we talk about something cool outside the world of magic Ashlyn you are the guest today which means you're up alright so what I wanted to talk about actually was a app I recently found and it's I have a lot of anxiety especially in public so it's called mood notes and what it is it's was developed by two therapists two psychologists and it uses CBT which is cognitive behavioral therapy mm-hmm and you get to kind of track each day it'll ask you know how you're feeling and then you know what what's causing maybe you're like current mood and it helps you kind of like break down what's going on at that moment to like trigger those types of feelings even even if they're good or happy oh wow and then you kind of pick in the neck like tells you about different like traps that are easy to fall into like you know positive like declining positive reinforcement or trying to predict what people are gonna think or say so it's just a nice little app to kind of let you take a step back see figure out what's going on and figure out how to rethink a situation that you might be in that's really neat I actually like that a lot what's the app called again mood notes mood notes I know you were nervous coming in to recording this podcast today is that something I use like in this situation sort of it just helps you like I guess take a step by step process by looking into what caused something or it felt made you feel anxious in that moment yeah exactly so like you can be like I'm trying I have a podcast and I'm really nervous about it but like what's your mood and it's like what's your trap and so it's like do you have an intolerance of uncertainty that's like oh I see what's another way of thinking about that situation without that trap and so it makes you think like how can I avoid thinking like that I like going down like a path that is hard to come back from right exactly it's serve like one of those things where like you know I've had anxiety attacks before where things start compounding on itself and then and then after a while it feels like you you can't even escape from it right because you've given yourself a treasons why you shouldn't be able to escape from me yes you just get trapped right right well that's cool too I have impostor syndrome sometimes which is you feel like you are do belong in the current area because you're like I'm not worthy of being here I'm not the professional I'm not this I'm not a real actor I can't tell you how many times I've felt that when I was doing Milan so that's really cool I'll make sure to check that out as well as you guys all out there I am a big fan of anything mental health related so that's great thank you for sharing all right something else that you should check out it's not an app on your phone but you can find it on your phone it's masters of modern podcasts they are sister podcasts Alice Kessler Ben Bateman friends of yours as well Ashlyn they talk about modern and all things competitive magic you can find them on iTunes on stitcher podcast related apps you can find them on Twitter at the mmm cast you can find them at collected company right next to us our editor for the show is Josh Murphy Josh Murphy and maybe a baby oh yeah oh my gosh yourself that's crazy yeah well if you haven't heard has been helping us out here doing some editing she works on our thumbnails for I think a lot of people have noticed that our thumbnail thumbnail gets drawn way up well that's because of her so my favorite is still the one with view as a Super Saiyan Josh like the gling one with you and yeah so if you guys appreciate Ashland's thumbnails where can they find you online oh you could find me on Twitter – let's do it rawr it's ashlynn and on Twitch at twitch – twitch TV slash ashlynn underscore ropes that's right and you use some sponsor streams for Magic the Gathering arena as well yes very cool very very cool and of course special thanks to Geoffrey Palmer he does the living card animations that adorn this behind us just so you guys know it's two TVs turned sideways if you want to find that more about that we did it behind the scenes we get that question all the time are those green screen is not green television you would just have to sit there and render a three-hour game with a green screen behind it that would be yeah and and chroma key at that distance you might get a little bounce back it would be tough yeah it's just a lot simpler to do the TVs so anyway there everyone cares about that answer it won't matter because they're the people who ask that aren't listening right that's a good point actually typing the question in the comment answer the question about the cool windows we're actually on Ravnica yes or wherever this in the middle of a thousand-year storm yeah it's for Africa that's rough that is rough thousand years man that's like Portland but same thing yeah right around the same area all right Ashland thanks so much for coming on the show thanks so much for kicking our butts mm-hm you're undefeated on game nights that's right yeah are you I think you might be the only player with two or more games that's undefeated like who is played in to her right right right yeah yeah cuz melissa has one game on the show on the channel right now and she's undefeated but that's one to know yeah yeah so you're better at magic than Melissa datura how's it feel good here everybody alright thanks for watching we'll see you next time thank you for your attention for further enquiries send an email to command cast at rocketjump calm or ask us on twitter at jf long and at Josh reacquire see you later and later grading [Laughter]