ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME | Deck Tech, Zoey Samaras #1

ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME | Deck Tech, Zoey Samaras #1

Justin and Travis talk through a starting deck for Zoey Samaras including all of the core set and the Dunwich Legacy player cards.

Find the playthrough of this deck here: [Link Coming]

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ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME | Deck Tech, Zoey Samaras #1

hey everybody this is our last little deck tech building thing of a jig for our Kimura we're gonna have done which legacy campaign with Daisy Wendy and Zoe and this is Zoe these are the starting cards I don't know that I never played as always let me know there's much to say about her but you guys that goes around and kill things right yeah pretty much is always very strong a higher difficulties in particular because her cross allows me to get free damage and anything you get for free without having to test for it a higher difficulty seems incredibly valuable some the course at first and then we're gonna go through the Dunwich legacy cards were playing with the first cycle and that's so here's some oh you actually stayed use though everything up to and not including with the path Carcosa yes we got two machetes which is an action fight you get +1 straight a fist for this attack the attack the enemies the only enemy engage with you to stack deals +1 damage this is the best weapon it is like just the best weapon you can get pretty close I think I like the fire axe better personal and considering experience cost and like my resource cosplay it's the best weapon I think rabbit seems to think otherwise yeah I was like again as long as things we'll explain it later fine but it like it's just that's a core blue card if you're playing a blue guy you should probably plan to mache if you're going you better have a damn good worsen worst case is it like you were a fight yeah we're like +1 fists like you only only one copy of the corset yeah just case you should part by another copies to get your machetes we also got a to first date which is used through supplies that first day does no supplies to scarlet heal 1 damage or horde from investigator location I mentioned this is here to kind of make sure you don't die don't want to die in combat yeah fun it is mostly just filler at this point but this first aid he's not really playing for him actually he's always got eight hearts he's playing close I can also heal or damage and I only get several yeah you know I don't want so it's it's not it's not a terrible card about you hero without making any tests wrapping bandages your head you feel better right there's a fart what if you couldn't hear this would be less scary there's a car coming out that adds supplies office stuff that'll be good there's also a green card that adds supplies onto things just oh my god looks horrify you play around their eyes like that's better right yeah sure we go to dodges which was just fast play with enemy attacks an investigator location cancel it attack not taking dad why not making damage is better than taking damage it has two symbols which just you know yeah I mean like the foot is very important actually for Zoe I wouldn't feel bad to see Zoe conveying one of those to attest to like not take damage my grasp because ultimately these are going to attack ones always around cuz she's gonna throw up that's our hope anyway the what if this gets blows as you call this the two copies of vicious blow if this skill test is successful very an attack that attack deals +1 damage with the machete alone that deals +2 damage a tree damage let's go wrong that's like three bees after after the base game they seem to learn that all the weapons deal +1 damage so three health is where they wanted their monsters to be a so the +1 damage on fish is blow is super relevant for that well they only do they lost 1 damage like your weapons cat garbage so yeah although all the good weapons did create a snowballing effect where you're like you know if they're not worth plus damage not worth playing and then they'll make monsters have three health well know if they don't deal +2 damage they're not worth playing yeah and then I guess we make monsters with for health I imagine it's gonna stay at +1 and three health for the base yeah and then like more experienced weapons and later enemies in campaigns we'll see though you can definitely buy some pretty big guns for experience if you really want them to do some awesome amounts of damage there are some pretty big spells like shriveling level I've isn't seen it's like plus damage you get cluster like three brain something I like about the skin but also hate that you have to like play through to buy the cool stuff yeah you always have to start out with some of the lame stuff in your deck yeah well she'll be less we're problem later in the game merchants of cash I imagine is killing this one twice before oh yeah it's just that it's good zero just as good maybe a later video just put it in your deck yeah we got unexpected courage it's good to wild symbols one protest still too wild is very strong do have been doing the windy deck but we only have two corsets so that's only four copies of that card as a side note as well I also really enjoy because these are the non wild versions both guts and overpower both fists and brain the balance of non wild is being able to draw a card if it success yeah I actually think is worth worse in most cases I'd rather be playing like the draw card one than the yeah I agree beyond the filter three deck like that is in general very like I wouldn't I wouldn't play the book one Rizzo a because I never plan on like you don't want to be investigating that's not the thing you're good at yeah you should play somebody else if that's what you want to do you know even then like if you are playing it it's not awful you can like just stick with your investigator guy like I'll protect you and like and then just throw it away for them and then yeah and then and then you get to draw card and their deck like I'm playing to overpower so like here's some punches you kill that guy's track guilty yeah like you know it's their card together they die you beast for text is the first time I've actually honest-to-god noticed that these cards have flavor tears because I did for Silas yeah he's gonna be real good killing squids and apparently alright so now we're in the Dunwich legacy so if you don't have the expansions stop watching now and go buy them and then these will make more sense to events if it bleeds fast play after you defeat a monster enemy each investigator any location heals for equal that enemies horror value again this is just to shore up the fact that so we only have six six brains to manually you're not taking damage but sometimes you do sometimes you can't avoid and then and this is not taking damage it has two symbols so you can use it for treachery cards let's show up or is another one of those very low opportunity cost card that's got two variables and symbols to a goon it only costs one resource it's fast and the poor value is damaging what you do yeah the brain damage of wood so it doesn't do much to like a small rats that just doesn't do anything like for example whippoorwill which deals a brain damage value rather we got two copies of prepared for the worst certain seems very good sources top nine cards of your deck for a weapon acidy add it to your hand shuffle your deck filters through your deck the seconds are what you want and this lets you possibly pick it you know for those of you who are wondering what the optimal amount to use there is a post on the Arkham Horror LC u sub R it on reddit that details it I believe the optimal amount is to prepare for the worst with four other weapons to have was something like a 92% chance of having a weapon the first two turns or something like that seems good so there's a as I'm going through this I'm noticing the trend of one cost usually has your player for the blue guys they don't have ways to make extra money as a general rule they're not gonna have the luxury of having extra actions to spend taking resources they just they got go and kill stuff they got work with what they got so really does have wasting resources on your own but we have ways to spend those as well as we'll get to eventually yeah and we got ourselves two copies of taunt fast blowing during your turn engage any number of enemies at your location that's two symbols brain and fists see this one's cards let's you'd be like a tank for your softer squishier allies like it um it's Daisy if I get attacked by three amigos you can be like a man one of the cards in particularly should be looking to upgrade is like to get copies of brother Xavier they let you be like real tanks especially in conjunction with the taunt is also very good it's like Johnson and then you draw a card for each which seems quite good because it's still one cost and still fast yeah no it's just one of those cards that like it lets you fill in your role much better it wasn't there during the corset and it just you know you get to be the king tank I feel like I'm gonna take damage I'm gonna buy guys this lets me do that better oh yeah we got two copies of leadership I've never seen this card well leadership is committed to a skill test but he informed iPlayer by another investigator leadership gains one brain and one wild so if you put on another player it's one brain and two while if you put it on another player it's like yeah unexpected courage plus right yeah sometimes on yourself it's just one wild but well it so it's always plus like you always could have the advantage on it I mean you always get the brain but it's you only ever rel know what you're doing it's only relevant when doing a brain does but yeah it's a pretty solid card again you want to spend a lot of your time new your allies so I like the squishier ones this can help them out with like she Treasuries that come up that might be threatening their health or whatever and worst case is you discard it yourself to give yourself plus one to whatever whatever test your why not like foot tests like foot tests ideally I'm you know you never have to do both testers over a Ranjit Chicago is a fire axe so as the extension care if you can have up to five zero level of everything anytime if your they've done in which so fire axe is fight if you have no resources in your resource pool this attack deals +1 damage as a fast fast action you can during an attack using fire axe spend one reversed you get +2 for the skill test limit three times per pack so that's what we're ideally gonna be spending our resources doing it's a very good strong my sink it's kind of a premier red weapon if you're like it's that it's kind of weird now cuz right now because like when he doesn't want to fight things really and she's and then the other red person is like he has a dog who fights for arm so like there's a really a red character that wants the fire axe right now it's so very good it's very good for Zoey because you get that you get one resource every time you engage in and it means makes your axe better and it's very good if you're also if you're playing Jenny Barnes yeah yeah just get a nice pile of resources and you need something to do with ya is a pretty solid green weapon as well as a just a mighty sink we got ourselves two copies of liquid courage which for supplies spend one choosing the best getting out of location to heal one horror then then investigator test bring two if they succeed they heal one additional world poorer if they fail they discard one card at random from their hand again we're just trying to shore up the fact that we only have six six brain and a lot of monsters do brain damage to you and treacheries in particularly a lot of the treacheries are the really scary ones and you know we don't want to die dying is in the game so we got one copy of clarity of mind use three charges spend unless you have running things spend on one charge kill one horror from an investigator at any little aggro location brain damage is bad like dying to brain damage is bad this helps us not do that helps us not so much yeah those are the five off-color cards for Zoe right now and we have one pain killers which is spend one supply exhaust pain killers take one horror and heal one damn crazy damages because this one does the opposite of what the other cards do but you mean listen case it lets us have it like if we have this card and we have one of our several options that let us hunt heal or damage we can heal like meat damage with it too right so this is what we're looking to do as you can see from all of our decks if you watched all three deck techs that Bryn's deck is the one that has the most healing because he's the one that's gonna be going most toe-to-toe with monsters yep well we were going by the in Karis monsters I'm likely gonna be right away and I am going to be never angry monsters ever having a good time how it is and yeah so you can find below the links to the videos for the Dunwich legacy that we're doing with these new decks if you have any comments about decks hearts you think you would add or be good in this day deck let us know in the comments below otherwise let's go kill some monsters