Ark Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review

Ark Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review

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This is a sponsored video for the Ark Lexip 3D Gaming mouse, which utilizes a joystick and tilt feature….ideal for Star Citizen? Lets find out.

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Ark Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Review

hello rania a kmac and welcome so I've been asked to take a look at the new Eclipse hip 3d gaming mouse they just started their Kickstarter campaign now the link to check that out is in the description below I highly suggest take a look first and foremost this is a sponsored video but my thoughts are my own if I think it sucks I will let you know if I on the other hand think it's great and awesome I will also let you know that too so with that said what is the electric 3d mouse basically it's a gaming mouse with all the usual features that you would expect we'll talk about these in a sec but what makes it special is the inclusion of a joystick on the left hand side plus a tilting control feature now the joystick on the side offers similar functionality to traditional joystick it's got 30 degrees of tilt in four directions allowing you to use it for flight or even FPS movements the tilting shell joystick is an internal mechanism which allows you to tilt the mouse itself using the palm of your hand in four directions so you've got left right forward backwards giving you another 20 degree tilt in all those directions registering 550 individual points so I would think it's ideal for incremental movements both of these features offering alternate control options when entering 3d environments now another point of interest is the a DNS 9800 laser which is good to 8th to 200 dpi the version I have are going to get it to 5040 dpi it could just be that this is the review version not the life it says so on the box so that's good a couple of other buttons on the side like of the mice and the DPI switch button on the top it's got ceramic feet for reduced friction a braided USB cable plus a control panel software to tweak the feel and functionality including lighting and sensitivity and so and so forth now I'm genuinely excited about this mouse not just for personal use but for the star citizen community hardware is always a topic which is constantly discussed of you know what people are using I think many mouse and keyboard users in star citizen will love the extra customizability of this plus offering perhaps a greater degree of movement while flying maybe helping strafe while landing down on a planet or maybe rolling out of the missiles way I use HOTAS so it doesn't really suit my style of flying but having the ability for incremental using a mouse may help me flying more than I think maybe with larger ships now aesthetically it looks nice nothing overly unique it's very similar to other leading mice in the market the joystick doesn't really look out of place it feels comfortable quite tactile my only gripe however is my hand may either be too small or my positioning doesn't suit I'm a really lazy gamer so my natural mouse resting position is towards the back of the mouse this means that I cannot actually reach the joystick I can only nudge it with the tip of my thumb it also means I don't have the full control of the tilt feature now that said my hands measure about 19 centimeters or seven and a half inches so for people with larger hands I don't see this being a problem plus if I just adjust my hand position something I could probably try and get used to over time it would probably work better now I noticed that the right and left mouse buttons don't extend all the way so my fingertips can rest on the front allowing me to reach the joystick and have better control of the tilt feature after about two to three hours of battlefield I felt a slight ache from the adjustment but again it's probably something that I could get used to so if you do have bigger hands or if you have a sort of grip which is more of it I think the claw grip it will probably be suited to you more now it comes with the lexicon troll panel this is much like any of the software that you would you would see with higher-end type of peripherals you can change the sensitivity the DPI you can configure buttons and lighting one thing I do like which is similar to my SteelSeries engine is the option for programmable profiles not just that but the software actually detects what program you are using on the fly and switches between those profiles so if you tap out of the game and you start using the Internet the profile follows suit recognizing that you left the game and now it you're using the browser adjusting all the buttons and the settings you previously set up which it's actually really refreshing and useful so you just automatically know it will do what you would expect it to now in terms of performance I've not add long enough to really get to grips fully with the mouse I feel there's a little smoothing which I am unable to adjust at this time plus I really want to check out how it works with star citizen so I will spend some further time just creating a profile for star citizen and seeing if I can call pray the joystick in the tilt into the game and the flight which I will create another video later down the line I will also be using it on streams as I test it out further so if you do have any burning questions feel free to head over to twitch TV /super Mac brothers Ryan and asked me live remember the Kickstarter campaign has just begun so if you are interested in learning more follow the link to the description be sure to let me know what you think of it I hope it's something that many started as a mouse and keyboard pilots can utilize better for their skills I'm sure if you got used to it it would be something definitely worth trying out thank you till exit before letting me take a look I for one will be following and watching the campaign as it progresses thank you for watching be sure to follow me here on YouTube twitch Twitter and Instagram hit that thumbs up and I shall see you next time you