Arcade Hacks Tutorial | 100% JACKPOT WIN RATE!

Watch as I teach you some hacks to make the machine think you are just doing repairs/maintenance allowing you to win all the time!

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what's up YouTube I'm here with my cousin Marlon Hey we're gonna show you guys how to win arcade games let's do it some jackpot okay here's a lesson if you see this crane game never played because the odds of winning are one out of two thousand seven hundred and twenty-two thousand so that's why I'm saying don't play this game don't waste your money on this game let's go to another game okay this is one of my favorite games called fish ball frenzy so there's a hack on this it's really easy you tap three times for three times so one two three wait two seconds three two seconds and then once you have done this most likely not all the time the ball will go straight to 500 right here so check this out that's how you do it easy okay this is my my third favorite game that's called quick drop the objective of the game is to get 50 balls into this bucket by a press of a button so in order to do that there's a hack for this game all you got to do same thing same technique as the fish game three by three two second intervals in between you've got one two three two three one two one two three I'm just gonna swipe it here you go that is how you do it as far as you go down with words your coffee and then you just win the whole Jack I don't know if you can see this but the machine is taken way too slow to calculate my jackpot it's counting so slow it's not even at a thousand yet unfortunately they don't have tickets at this arcade games it's digital everything is in the card which is pretty sad but if we did have ticket I would have over 9000 it's over 1030 tickets thank you thank you okay so this is a little bit harder it's called poppet extreme what you want to do is each number represents of a search like a specific psi and basically the way to win this easily is to get the needle bike in the middle so in order to do that for this one same thing with a fish game three times three times two seconds intervals one two three one two one two one two three if you do that technique you will break the game won't even work anymore because I broke it that is how you break machines three taps two-second break three tops two-second break now we won't even work don't tell this to anyone I do this all the time alright let's go alright so the technique for this ball game you want to get this ball into that 1005 we're to do that you want to go underhand throw it really high okay this game is called monster drop the objective is to get the ball inside the middle jackpot hole that's the monster jackpot or that pink little spool right here that's the jackpot and the technique for this is to just drop scrub this this weapon tell them so listen you wanna watch this machine will this game is a lot harder than others but you don't get as much as about jackpot so it's not worth the I think it's not worth this why because it's harder to get unless you get the the cheeks alright I think it's time to cash out our tickets our Virtual Ticket look at that I might get the big glasses right there awesome I hope you enjoyed today's video of arcade hacks Thank You Marlon for helping me film this he also did an arcade hack so if you want to see his arcade hacks please check the description below and you'll probably learn a lot more and uh so anyways keep hacking arcades and you'll win a lot of prizes trust me trust with only $10 you can get all this I promise peace