Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #63

Episode #63 of our Apex Legends WTF & funny moments series.
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hold on to target [Applause] under standing still you're lucky I like you come on compadre get up come on come on come on I believe I'm standing still you're lucky I like you oh yeah we think that they come with all one I need help please how much my friends we're cool we're good so just drop my guns and we're just dancing around with the salt absolute unit this mani now right when you come to this building don't be shocked get over here shave Chris I'm going to the ocean with octane I see let me after the room let's do this like saying really this man's a hero [Applause] just pay just pay just testing out where uncle from it [Applause] no I've run this run where I'll stop around you already know that order go fresh Thanks they are about to bring show back this is an end kilo we get cut up kilo yeah so long I'm a voucher bring low back don't call gotta say because he must push my see girlfriend and all