Another Top 10 Famous Cheats In Video Games

Another Top 10 Famous Cheats In Video Games

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Another Top 10 Famous Cheats In Video Games

playing by the rules is fun but never underestimate the appeal of cheating you think you're competing for the gold of Tokyo or something welcome to and today we'll be counting down yet another top 10 famous videogame cheats for this list we've included some of the best and well-known video game cheats and like our other lists we're only doing one code per franchise we're also only considering codes or secrets that are specifically put in their respective games by their developers so unintentional glitches and exploits are a no-go number 10 hidden ships Star Wars Rogue Squadron Star Wars Rogue Squadron allows players to pilot their favorite Star Wars ships but more is always better by entering certain cheats in the code menu extra hidden vehicles were unlocked such as the Naboo Starfighter the Ty interceptor the Millennium Falcon or even a 1969 Buick Electra 20 to be honest it really doesn't get any better than shooting down ships with a Buick in a galaxy far far away despite the poor gas mileage those things get number nine explosive fists Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony in a franchise where mayhem is the name of the game a little cheating here and there to bend the rules seems almost natural while many are familiar with the flying car cheat in the Ballad of Gay Tony players can enter the cheat code two seven six five five five two six six six into their in-game cell phone and acquire fists that can blow up anything and everything in their path try it out for yourself if you want to have a very explosive ballot number eight killing the end with old age Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater drop your weapon cheats are often the last resort of the impatient but this one might be the exception major I found the end he's dead what the hell happened maybe it was from old age when confronted with the deadly sniper at the end snake can use time to his advantage although this is normally a brutal showdown you can actually kill the end without having to even fight him it was his dying wish to fight me but I disappointed him if you save and quit your game mid battle and either wait a full week or fudge your ps2 s internal clock to make it think a week has passed when you return to your game the end will have passed away from old age patience is a virtue number seven play as Richter Castlevania Symphony of the Night Symphony of the night is not exactly a quick game to beat especially since once you get to the top of the castle technically you have to go through the whole thing a second time but if going forwards and backwards through the castle was not enough for you once you've really beaten the game if you enter the name Richter at the name entry screen you can play as the whip-cracking Belmont who is only a minor character in the main story come on don't you want to hear that Symphony one more time number six moon physics Tony Hawk's Pro Skater – it's not like this game was realistic to begin with so why not push the envelope a little further in the ps1 version by pausing the game holding down l1 and entering X square left up down up square and triangle players could activate the moon code which gave the game low gravity and allowed you to pull off mind-bogglingly huge combos radical bro number 5 DN stuff Duke Nukem 3d it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum I'm all out of gum anyone will tell you that the weapons in Duke Nukem 3d were one of the game's strongest points but why wait until the later chapters to have all the fun by typing in DN stuff while playing players get access to all of the weapons and key cards instantly this meant that nothing could stand in your way whether it be alien monsters or just a pesky security door number 4 wishy-washy banjo banjo kazooie taking a cue from mario64 banjo kazooie is a 3d platformer where players collect jigsaw puzzles to defeat the evil gruntilda by completing a series of minigames for the helpful mole bottles players could learn a number of cheats that could be entered on the floor inside of the sand castle in treasure trove Cove by entering the code wishy-washy banjo players could turn the heroic bear banjo into a washing machine we don't know how a washing machine could beat a witch but the cheat is still hilarious number three missile cars Age of Empires series in this realtime strategy game for the PC players progress through the classical ages and build ever more advanced armies in an attempt to conquer their enemies and expand their empire if players pressed enter and then entered the code Big Daddy or Big Mama in their keypad they could gain access to a black car with a rocket launcher that could deal massive damage but this Jeep players could conquer the world and ride around in style while doing so the second coolest cheat in this game would be photon man a trooper in an astronaut suit with a laser gun number two debug mode Sonic the Hedgehog series in all of the classic Sonic platformers on the Genesis players could unlock a ton of cheats in the game's options menu probably the most memorable of all was the debug mode for example you could activate the cheat in Sonic 2 by going into the game's sound test menu and playing tracks 1 9 9 to 1 1 to 4 with debug mode on players could easily make their own levels or just screw with the game making your Sonic game into a sort of sandbox game way ahead of its time before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions number 1 exploding Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 when the First's Tomb Raider game was released Lara Croft got a fair amount of attention for her generous if rather angular proportions spawning rumors of a hidden nude coat that was buried somewhere in the game on which one is that so when the sequel rolled around developers core design released a cheat online that claimed to expose the famous adventurer uh-huh however when players performed this code by going forward one step back one step holding the walk button spinning around three times and jumping either forwards or backwards Lara would blow up metaphorically symbolizing the busted hopes of horny gamers everywhere did your favorite cheat make it onto our list or was it cheated out of a spot no I don't think so for more by the books top 10s released every day be sure to subscribe to