ANOTHER Super Mario 3D!! (Super Mario 64 DS ROM HACK!)

ANOTHER Super Mario 3D!! (Super Mario 64 DS ROM HACK!)




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ANOTHER Super Mario 3D!! (Super Mario 64 DS ROM HACK!)

[Applause] you all right I think that we have started the stream officially you guys yep okay so what we're gonna be doing today is something a little bit different I've wanted to do for you guys okay hopefully I won't take too long to set this up let me just you're gonna see my mouse every once in a while get rid of this screen yep I don't need okay make that bigger for me okay so welcome everyone that's watching this dream right now what we're gonna be doing today is playing a romhack of the beloved game super mario 64 DS called another super mario 3d another super mario 3d is that really the name of it I feel like I put that wrong so I feel like that's the wrong name well what is the title say oh it's world I forgot though oh ho silver Super Mario 3d okay nevermind I thought it was world okay so there's no volume – weird where is the volume I don't hear anything shoot are you doing this to me well I think it's setup alright I just can't hear anything that's a problem where in God's name is the sound hmm this is rather weird okay it's not that shut up it was playing before my headphones out no I didn't do nothing now I got to figure out why there's no sound you guys there's always a problem right there's always a problem with me trying to start this I just can't get any sound what is what is going on yeah I feel like it's this that's taking it away you know see system sound okay but we're the sound oh there's always a problem okay I need to take my jacket off for this this is this big boy fighting right here I feel like it's too I have to reset this but that means I probably have to reset everything whatever let's do it like that thank background I don't either okay videos no what the dude why is there no sound okay well at least it's save the settings hey there's the sound found it it's just the stupid emulator being stupid it's really loud on my end i'ma turn it a bit far down hopefully that's good you guys have tell me you gonna have to tell me how my volume is they really don't give you a really quick they don't give you a bunch of an intro just like your set in go have fun bye this is so weird feeling on a controller controller at all like two stars that we can already collect that's weird you guys have never played this game it's a really good game cuz it is not liking what to do hardware kind of not not liking streaming castling maniacs quite fearsome though something's keeping them there for a quite water quite a while could you check on them for me I'm talking like it's holding like a piratey voice don't ask why okay so what are we gonna do we've got it we gotta click some stars right that was not a good idea the actual game that's nice how do we do this toad well lookie here that's that's one of the power stars that Dean hid it behind some bars I don't suppose you could eat this gate you up you know what don't look at me like that I'm desperate here ah yeah now there's your toad the world's and we got to read all signs right hey you remember the color remember to close the door behind you minion you want you hit him no sneaking plumbers get in the castle nuit non closers will be directly punished by being put in 101 on one I thought it was like one me one there's no door opens down that's kind of the music very lately a brown it's taken down a few keys it's like the trace like a minor key it's like the press like how the sound of your brother loud I probably should've checked that earlier okay how's that how's that for size should be a little bit better that's not going down okay this is seem to be not influenced oh I know what to do it's okay I got this one guys I got it I got you there now I was taking down a whole bunch now that should sound right still not enough all right game no God no I don't wanna I'm three come come come on there we go now that's really quiet I don't know how about I don't know about that you know what perfect it's frickin perfect you guys I'm a little loud though okay take your trip bite on my chocolate bar okay oh my god it got so loud for a second what was that oh my bomb has turned all the way up for some reason I was like that the game was like kill itself let's try that one again I'm sorry about that it should be better now and die all good for real this time okay what do we do so we have to can't go in there yeah all right let's go in here there's a remember kisi remember a while ago how I played you arriving some unknown place and there's no sign of Mario anywhere first you should probably scale that giant tree trunk you can get a good look from there and it's where the star is to then tree makes the sound that's good the actual music you ever at the Star Road Mario 64 romhack that I played a long time ago there the Creator whew so this is how to be Mario huh the Creator is making he's been making for like forever like oh I can't move the camera around oh that's tricky because I'm using a controller that's gonna be weird I can't see what I want to say this thing needs to get out of here now he's creating one for the DES and it's a pony so he's saying that it's gonna be the most intricate and like like it's got actual have to do this that's gonna be annoying it's gonna be the most intricate how am I gonna do this there's got to be some way to move your controls though I'm pretty sure there are controller settings yeah there's gotta be up left down right what the Freak oh okay there we go that's that's a way he said it's gonna be more complex than mario sunshine and you're gonna be finding you're gonna be finding easter we're gonna be actually kill yourself Goomba we're going to be finding Easter eggs and stuff like that for years and years to come which is gonna be pretty neat so it's gonna it's gonna be like the same thing as the other game I played it's just gonna be having more stuff I think is gonna have the same stuff but it's gonna have more of it like a lot of stuff which I can't wait to play that you guys it's gonna be so much fun I hopefully I'm gonna be one of the first people to play it because that's gonna be hella fun you got no clue so the stars up here I have to climb this tree I guess this is more of a difficult process than you'd imagine hey not bad a ground pound I don't know okay okay God do this well there we go that's the first are obtained good job you can now open some of the doors now the paintings are so tiny I love super irises before on the DS that was that was a game I might that was that was a great game for my childhood that was I play that game so I've put bumps into that game like a lot of months it was in this pond over here oh it's up there oh okay interesting I think I see the way up maybe not I don't know maybe I need a camera yeah the camera wasn't that great in this game either they didn't justice okay they didn't really perfect it in this game either but it might just be the romhack that that could be a thing so how do i ground pound can Yoshi ah crap oh there we go never mind I found it oh okay I see there we go so what do you do in this Rama it's just it's just a it's super mario 64 tds with different levels kind of different music it's the same mechanics and stuff it's got it's got it the castle and everything like that but you jump into paintings stuff it's just different levels so that's right that's what I think I've only seen certain parts of this I saw someone else stream it and I wanted to stream it because it looks fun all right we'll go back in here yes some of the stuff I'm seeing for the first time so I said shoot the brass or something like that so we have to find a Baba bah bah bah bah bah bah I call him bah moms don't sue me yeah stars over there I had to get into a cannon we're with the bom bom bom be there he is found him cool all right adventurous again well since they proved to be quite useful last time i suppose we can enable it to use these again I think I'm gonna download all right put the del in the description it's pretty easy to do okay so I've got a dive down how you dive shoot okay I think I know what to do wha nope that was not what to do that did not work I really can't oh there we go I guess I don't have no momentum okay were they worth oh shoot what did the cannon go well I wasn't paying attention get an emulator connected get an emulator connect my controller that's what I'm doing that's exactly what I'm doing that's kinda it's kind of trippy cuz the camera but I need to find this stupid cannon I have no idea where it went this out up here see a bomb on him but err it is okay so how do I get there oh hey I guess this is what I'm a okay I got you gotcha gotcha Xbox one controllers don't work on Chromebook oh boy yeah that's right you have the Chromebook yeah I don't wonder what doesn't working for a book that's three stars good progress you'll save the princess in no time there's there's not like a hundred fifty stars I think there's only seventy something there's like seven worlds ten bonus world something that I think's what the website said so it's not a full-fledged actual game but it's pretty close I think it's like one of the only few rom packs we should Marcis 40s I'll have to find four more wooden red coins I can still play emulators and all on Android apps that's true it's not looks it's kind of weird though not as good performance if you actually had a PC to do it all right I like to be Mario shut up that's look like red coins might need some help I might need some help getting on this tree oh my god all right the I don't member the controls being this bad maybe it's just I was young and I don't care maybe there's a red coin in here that's okay oh I should probably collect the wreck the group in the middle the hunter coins – that's gonna be challenging I wanted that I don't even know if there's a red coin challenge but we're about to find out we need them Mario Kart Brown pack with missions Dan that would be pretty good right the closes we have is custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii that's pretty fun I could I could do a stream of that if you guys suggest maps for me to do these controls are so bad oh my god oh my god what are you doing this boy this this boy died marker tree was so good it was it really was it was a great game I do like it a lot though eight eight it's probably better I wasn't there I never really played seven that much so I have an opinion on that I can't well have a valid opinion on it whoa so I couldn't tell you if I really like that game or not but I've heard good things about it I want I like that did he just fart a coin that I just heard Oh a spinner on those poles probably now get me some good coins oh this man ah what what what 7-under yes was hilarious yeah I never I never played it well I did I own it but I don't I've really never got okay we have to do this what yeah I've never really gotten into it so what is this camera I don't think there's any coins up here but never hurt oh there's a guy up here – good no no no no no no oh cool I'm lucky no no no what are you doing don't be doing that to me there was a coin up here oh okay here's more there's a red coin up here – good – no definitely no I don't want the there's anyway star up here okay let's try diving now wha why don't you dive how do you dive you're not diving the air what the okay alright game murder what I want to do right now oh boy I don't know where this blue points which is gonna go oh that oh you're supposed to use the Koopa shell I think oh you could just do that but that was an option – mm-hmm now we're really close that's good I'm glad I found that now there's the last one I have to climb up again that's fun or where's this last coin I need one coin okay just one in kuno coin Oh all I need okay there's one over here it's a few over here at least oh another Power Star okay I did some parkour over that man is the star get a book from here no it's too high up there it is wah wah mmm cheats I don't even know if there's any cheats on here I'm not gonna try it that's just mean that would be the ruin the whole point of the stream did I miss it oh it's right there alright okay I could do that that's cool alright so I think they're still seven eight technically um stars silver scatter I saw one that you had to have a metal cap for right so I can't do that one just yet so we'll come back to that one in another day or something I know how long it's gonna take to get the metal cap I might need to look up some tutorials though on this game because I've heard that things are a little difficult so just like I said I wasn't gonna do it for star road but hoo boy did I ever need to do it I would've never I would never beat in that game if there wasnt there's this one if I never looked up a strategy guide for that I would have never beaten it that was a really really hard game I'd save States save States I'm trying not to use on here oh all right have fun doing what you're gonna do sorry you got to go that's where I don't get that much attention on these dreams I'll get the attention on the bot stream which is what I was expecting not to happen actually I was starting to get more attention on needs because I don't know it's fun and it's different but right that's a trace as one in here probably okay ground-pound east yet no there's not one in there whatever he always wanted a Goomba probably I came here boomba there is no I've climbed the top for the thousandth time oh my god I hate that bridge this romhack I've never heard of it for some reason and it's been out for like four years I don't know have I've I've looked through I've looked for Mario for 64 mts ROM hacks for a long time and I've never come across this I don't know how I've never seen it and apparently it's making its way on YouTube too because there's not a lot of like a lot of the stuff that's been uploaded for he's been very recent we can't dive with Yoshi do that and hurt ourselves I don't care for better good start so if the next one it's a Silver Stars I'll have to go to a different world defeat the overgrown plants all right oh god I don't get any guide on this one who's good look don't I sound one I probably be Mario though where I want to be at least oh look at that oh if I you actual mongoloid oh why didn't you jump how do you kill these things I forget you jump on you can't jump on them maybe up to ground pound him I'll try grounding him and I'll die that worked I got some coins please I guess that'll do so they're just like all around this area oh my how many there are and a half following this over here and you over here hello overgrown plants it's got to be some over here really now how many are there I found one no I don't even know I didn't even know you were streaming you got to join the discord if you're even in it but wait are you I don't remember hearing the disc or not but that's where you can tell I'm streaming me if you have discord off I mean I guess that's not gonna do any good but that's why I will always say I'm streaming I I didn't even go through I mean video this time so it should have told you it I can't do anything else about it if you can't get the notifications that's just you to be in YouTube where is this other plan okay I thought you were in the discord okay I do tell you guys in a bit of advance if I'm gonna be streaming but I didn't know I was gonna be streaming tonight I thought I wasn't going to but I found the time oh shoot there's one Oh wrong button come back mister plant oh you bitch I need help badly there needs to be a heart oh I thought I died I came here Goomba Koopa oh you hurt me okay let me do anything go die burn oh that was quick you did I think I posted this the link in this chat yeah I did I did I made sure I did kind of go kill that thing how do I run into you they just defecate three health out of me oh come on I hit the button oh shoot I gotta get some health this is not going very well these controls are absolutely garbage on controllers you're probably investing getting this on a guess but I don't have a BS capture card and I don't want to have to deal with that I was saying before I'm surprised I'm not getting more attention on this stream it seems like I only get the real attack I hit the wrong button again I swear to God if I hit that button again I'm going to bash my brains in thank you it says one more part the top yeah I only get the attention that I really expected on the bots videos which is weird YouTube's not up here okay I'll shut up oh boy there he is I hit the wrong button again I hit the wrong button again give me some health please I got it I'm taking my finger off that button take it all together it's not even on the button anymore it can't be touched yeah still kill them there's another one did it say how man either work because I feel like there's five but I think I just killed four where else kind of look I think I looked up there already I looked over here I looked on top when you went over here know what to kill this thing right here I don't think so I checked everywhere up here maybe it's not like an isolated tree stump oh shoot hippies up here I wouldn't put it past it honestly I probably should check every tree stump so how do you get ROM hacks you need an emulator free on your computer preferably dead SMU me a DSM des M um e I have put the link in the description so you can download that through that website and there's instructions on how to do everything it's pretty easy it's not that difficult okay so maybe I'm trying to think of where else I can get this I ain't gonna look at the tutorial yeah eyes have to search the little lands jump please thank you not not up there wouldn't be up there what is this something tells me this is something but I can't get in there I think already got one over here I just like I'm running I'm I'm literally running around in circles so you guys know where it is oh I went past here so many times how how how oh I stomped on you you little prick there we go that should be the end this all right a lot of coins Wow okay so I think that's all for that world because I can't get that metal cap Tamizh make sure ya switch of the iron awake definitely can't get the metal cap yet huh so I don't know which one is real too but well I guess it's this one or not whoa okay oli Mario can open the door all right so is where there's no world in here okay well guess it's not this one we're going to what's the toad over here the only stars for me toad look wait you know you do a pipes that's right using to get running water in their homes well I guess going inside those two may not be a bad idea – oh shoot I don't even see that thanks toad this film lava this is a bonus stage oh boy oh no this can't go over well oh no oh no these controls are so not right there's red stars in here too I'm gonna get so many game overs you have no idea how many game overs I'm about to receive I'm about to receive the biggest fisting I've ever I crashed the game good design by the way great design oh there we go got out of it okay it's gonna say I thought I saw a flock the game this isn't gonna go over well at all can I go slower please go slower I just wanna go slow how do you get the coin I might have used safe States what how do you use a safe state miss I never really use that's just shift that's one I'm sorry how to do it but I ain't gonna waste all these lives I okay that's two okay no no I missed one what was that camera angle what did start did why they start going panning sideways like that oh shoot okay I'm gonna pause there cuz I don't trust anything 7:07 rather okay this is scary and eight so i think wario can only get in there that's fine eight stars good going no open one of the doors in the main hall I bet that's the Mario door so I guess we can go in here too it's gonna be like the secret Miriam I bet you all this is an actual course Sun Sun beam Bay its Delfino Plaza music I guess it's that giant lighthouse right there this reminds me of tiny whose eye it's tiny huge island mixed with Super Mario Sunshine because of the music I guess also just the teleportation thing how'd you get up there oh okay blows easy I don't know just gonna say if I got stuck again about to throw some hands all right tippy Shh I thought it's a tippy shitty we're gonna we got a ship over here oh boy that is that would make anyone seasick hooah Jolly Roger BAE mixed with Delfina plaza mixed with what let me up no no no why is there a Chuck yeah over here go kill yourself I probably took the long I feel like I took the long way ha but there's red Koopas why was there a red Koopa I don't know where they're being a red Koopa is it over here oh there it is okay that's weird got it I just noticed a very annoying white line above that thing I don't know if it's been annoying anyone but it's been annoying me quite a bunch we kind of not make it any bigger really well I'm about to so I figured out a way to fix this layout right hey back Specht ratio there we go got it I just uh I thought I quit I was about to be like no that's not what I did I'll polish off this chocolate bar pyrite tonight I'm pretty hungry climb the tunnel mountain as long as you tell me where the stars are get out here as long as you tell me where the stars are I'm fine who's that now well you can do it you can do it you're gonna do it no no gotta get that running start oh shoot I know I was gonna happen sod to climb this thing probably hey I like this okay really okay there we go probably can make this question mark can't make that okay go to know there's a little Luigi cap over there maybe I need him I don't know but I can't seem to make it up here quite much oh shoot a ball no I can't make it up there maybe I need that Luigi cap take me down – Luigi cap shark where's a shark doing here there's sharks in Sigmar zz4 wow you're wearing it you'll scum yeah let's not lose it huh alright now I'm officially overpowered no no no no don't be doing that to me oh my god because of the jump you're so large don't lose the cap don't lose the cap get over here and do it I can't figure how to get up here it's part of the other way well I don't feel like doing it there we go oh this should be easy now boom what really I'm gonna spend like an hour getting up here why can't I make this jump there's nowhere else I can is this where you start right here oh I see I see I didn't know that that's not fair I could be careful Waluigi anyway so I don't care oh no oh that's gone you can't get up you can't get up together there's no point it's gone once it's gone it's gone get up here now oh there's a cannon up here too nice well I guess we don't have to just stay in this one area I guess we go to the other world and explore a little bit okay I thought that was a swastika first lit second I thought that was a swastika no wink at it's going like Mario I think this is to unlock Mario I don't know that's a one I thought that was an eight we're oh there it is okay I thought I saw an eight star there he is okay that background is kind of trippy actually it reminds me of Spyro that um the tree stops level that's what this where this reminds me of a lot a lot of it Wow really does time to get the plumber hey bud I feel like I'm little lost and you're just a red corn guy what oh okay I see that was probably bad idea okay maybe not oh my god that was not good so I gotta get up there somehow this is this is a platformer if I ever heard of one oh my god cool I should not have made that jump why should I made that jump either there's no gap this is weird whoa I hate I hate oh no I freakin hate I hate side jumps in this game they never work it's so iffy okay is that it I go in a floating okay I'm gonna go in here and take it in with me probably can't do that it's the same goddamn fight okay that's easy enough formation well it might not be I don't know get over here okay you died it's just the same fight whoa what can you gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme give it you give it what are you doing gimme in this I think he only takes two hits oh you're not gonna get I got like the Goomba it went for the Goomba not this ginormous thing right here but a Goomba Oh Oh what are you doing I should be what's going on why is he dying oh is he take more than one hit now please get off me what please get off me get off oh my god who what I jumped I know these controllers suck where they just stand there for I beat him die what I made that shot oh my god that's so annoying can I get coins from these I want to be able to really that's not fair this boss fight used to be the easiest boss fight ever don't like I stopped turning around over here why did you go for this game it's getting it's getting on my nerves I hit him woo I can't do that anymore but were you I hit you didn't I not hit you stop going okay misty Deus whoa hit him once that did not happen before he just stood there like a dick I lost my appetite improve and what I've lost oh I've lost despite my improved look in my improved arena it's not improved it's the exact same thing this is impossible eh but I shall not give up I'll make sure extra that group each Goomba will now give you double the slack for now take this key it's unlocked Mario sell thanks buddy oh okay we got Mario have a little a little frustrating a little frustrating a little bit just a little bit where's Mario hideout honey no Hearst shallows dude I'm gonna maybe it's already wet in there maybe it's up here I don't know where these sailors dude I feel like I need to be Bowser for something that's that's that's lit that's just snowman's land that's no man's land what's up here mário yourself huh interesting okay so he should you lost her baby thing guess that's not her penguin right there there's a lot of pet oh no there was like 20,000 penguins dude oh my god you have to bring her like 20 different penguins what you can't you can't pick them up you need Mario dude I don't know where or how to get Mario but is it no I don't know if you can't get up there yet the owner of the door having tried is over here I don't think it's outside it can't be in here though that's kind of creepy looking I don't even know where the key is for this door can I go in here no this one No let's go outside again let's take a look outside what is I supposed to do over here there Mario happening over here or anything like it's pointing this I think it's pointing towards that thing it's over here just back I got to get in there somehow from Mario you guys have any idea of where how to get Mario tell me I have no clue where to go I have no clue how to get Bowser I don't know how to get to Bowser rather no clue where to start my supposed to like look at Bowser because there's no other doors I can unlock nothing in here you know just empty room that was cool cool mountain oh boy it's in here somewhere shoot like is Mario over here I don't have the key I'm not rather I have the key it's over here makes sense there is no music that's weird all right now I can start getting some stuff for real like this is probably the Bowser fighting here it takes 12 I need one more start the irony feels good to be Mario though I'm gonna go in the back of that castle and get that star that I think I can get I don't know how to get that gate open though I might need to be a warrior thing I'm gonna talk to toad again see what he says oh it might be Oh Luigi thing to get into the behind that yep that's what to do okay well I'm gonna get that other star that was back here can't make this jump I can nice this is not what I was expecting wonderful you found the Lala's question marks which cool nice those red coins aren't there okay this reminds me of Mario Galaxy the pinball machine not pinball machines that rolling ball that you were on all the time like butterflies flocking towards me see that's kind of creepy shoot oh yeah that uh that that level of Mario Galaxy were you in that like ball that golf course the golf course that's right I was such a I was always act I almost destroyed myself when I play that this is gonna be tedious hope it lasts a while I'll have a good feeling about this one just remember reason she's like that little thing could have popped me but it didn't this is kind of like it's not hard it's just like I want to end my life right now cuz only have half of them Oh it's 5x we're getting closer you guys know there's a sweat I don't like switches I don't like them okay safe state happening cuz I don't trust myself for this game I'm about to die aren't I yep that if I didn't save state that I would have actually pulled my hair out probably like thank the TGI s/s thank God save states that was gonna happen why am I doing this the long way that's interesting didn't get all the right coins need to go back down just stand near this rock here oh no what is that dude oh is that just teleport you wait I don't trust this thing stand near the rock what is he supposed to do oh it does teleport you okay we got that one on top of the castle May Oh hold on hold up pull up I think I figured it out that's a bomb I will shut the up we're about to get the Bowser key we saw so many worlds to explore well not that many but like we have a few more walls to explore that's pretty cool-looking I don't even want to read that hey it's already got injured this is gonna be a fire flower what do I need this file the Red Coins up here are there any more up here I don't see any more well I was actually optimal use me that's gonna shoot some bullet bills at me there's one something tells me that there's one easier probably not though okay I'm sending my Red Coins oh no no no I refuse I didn't save State at all okay we're gonna take a second to analyze what just happened there I just got bumped from it air molecules that's what just happened by the way I like how the map is just a Bowser face thanks for that wha oh I made this sound Vince I made the same visceral sound as marketed involuntarily to over here tells me there's like something I shouldn't be worried about over here almost did it again just run right past me but how do you have passed here oh there's a red coin well I thought I wasn't able to grab onto that ledge me I hate everything about this game right now okay I'm safe sitting when I got there I don't care I probably just shoot until like 10:30 10:45 and now I'm gonna get off I have school tomorrow that's probably maybe not maybe I'll see you tomorrow I don't know but I'm better than extremely Tuesday and the rest I just passed that red coin I'm getting the red coins oh there's my coin up there I didn't see that it's Wednesday through or Tuesday scuse me Tuesday through Sunday I'm gonna be gone I'm gonna be absent from life I will still answer you guys in discord every now and then if you guys have questions I'll try to I have zero lives dude this is not good oh I'm a almost made it what are you doing Mari what are you doing what are you doing I just died we're in to pretend that didn't happen hold on okay I thought that's it I thought I started out with a six live for some reason off these controls are actual aids do you have no idea I just got bumped from midair again did you see that what is this game go oh my god I overshot it this time what are you doing no that's the wrong button dickweed I'm on it finally where's the red cooler wrong for thwomp wait white man right now [Applause] there you son of a bitch ah no and I'm gonna trying it up there with this thing on apparently I can't though apparently just keeps soaring past it that's fine yeah that's fine – okay whatever right throughout this time don'ts – that was the longest red coin over I don't even care after this I'm safe saying there's nothing that can stop me from saving this game there's an awful camera though boom okay so what am I supposed to do from here oh I think I see never mind I'm an idiot he's gotta go down here it's probably Red Coins I'm missing yep there it is anyway I knew there'd be one there didn't I call it alright I've made it I admit it to the next part of the stage wah-wah-whoo that's the pipe right there that's probably Bowser definitely Bowser okay we're not gonna go in there just yet move move move move move move move move move move Go Go Go Go Go oh oh my god that was actually clutch oh my god I don't even know what just happened but okay I'll take it I'm probably I'm probably dead oh oh of course seven one more lousy coin that's it I feel like I missed it on my journey up here sir Wow he's switch over here anywhere or a thing we're for this last coin B is it up here fire what is this up here that's fire – oh shoot I could check by that pipe what I have a feeling it's not there maybe it's on top what are these swamps that's it that's a good place for it but it probably isn't I don't see it it's gonna be difficult to pass maybe safe state I have five six okay if I Dennis right there dude can handle my dankness how don't what didn't you there's post in Sevilla invincibility ever heard of a game post hit invincibility that's what yeah that's what's called I know my stuff this camera angle is giving me the biggest amount of AIDS I've ever seen in my life there's no red coin over here there's no nine I'm a safe state and if there's a Bowser down here that I have to go back I'm screwed oh I found it that won't take me out of Louisville okay good Ashley goes deep Algar now didn't want you to drive there okay that's fine too excuse me don't follow the pipe glad that's there so it's just throwing Bowser it's probably gonna be pretty easy oh that was a crap that was closer to that one does there a background of this or is just blackness oh there is okay huh yeah he's right there okay he's right there right on top of this thing whoa whoa come on this one right here just never used to be this hard he's actually he's on top of it other way other way other way other way there we go holy he goes hi he's one zooming up there oh my god now carry it say I got your key all right reallocate where will the other heirs and want to go bad there we go the moment of truth you guys sorry I'm back outside that that was the that was the reveal I'm back outside what is this store Luigi pull up what is this oh it's a level they tell you got a star for me okay I wanna go back outside I want to get that star that I need up there wonder where Luigi is can I go up from here oh I can not to sign it's a sign standing right here well not here not exactly where then not hitting here elsewhere but still here here but not here not here but also here you know this sign is the end his life – I don't know how that means I'm gonna feeling it's gonna teleport me somewhere but I don't know where behind the sign over here maybe it seems suspicious all right sign what do you mean stand here but not there but here but they're here but they're I don't know what you mean so goodbye if I II might buy a samurai's aids dude I have so many aids right now I have every single kind of HIV ever a star up here I have to go on these things know what's down here the same I've know any other stars I'm probably look up when I get to the top can't see dad is up there I've got no clue on how to get up there maybe the door does it let's sing that's a key there's a key I have to get a key for that so can I kill me I don't know didn't your mom to not talk to him don't eat it you weirdo oh I'm not gonna eat it I feel okay I feel I can go in there please don't put me back all the way outside that's a lot of climbing I have to do well I think you've got a general gist of the hack I'm gonna see if I can get back there with Yoshi how do I get oh that's right now I'm gonna call it a day and I'm gonna go to bed because I'm tired I had work today I did take a nap today though so that was a pretty dank nap I needed it I swear if I did BOTS if I did a BOTS video I'd be getting a lot of viewers right now but I don't know you guys it's weird how I'm a lot of getting a few views for like a SAN intend of thing but if I do a BOTS thing I get like a hundred something views per per stream it's weird but I guess my next stream if I do one on tomorrow it'll be a bot stream if you guys really want it that was tricky I'll say it's a bot stream and that'll go – I'll just be playing super mario 64 I do where I do really want to play more of this romhack it's pretty good so far it's the cameras could use some work but that's about it so something tells me that's a secret area over there something tells me ha ha what's in here Oh shoo can I beat this guy with the Kyoshi night ground-pounder ok I can't that's a little well I can also do this oh no apparently not we're about to get warrior though that's pretty cool I wasn't expecting that might take a bit you know I don't have Mario aren't with me I think this might have been needed to be done with Yoshi though I don't know but it's a little tedious maybe you just have to hit him once you know they'll be nice to me probably not though oh yeah definitely not nice go in the long way oh okay we're gonna go this way I could do this year blindfold probably not though oh no he got smart about to say he got ill you got a little smart for me whoa now it's a smaller rink that just means it's gonna be easier to kill him bye bye wait wait wait wait what what what but but what but what I ain't killing this guy again there's no way this guy needs to die we're doesn't lure him over here no I feel like doing this ha really just plow over me like that how it goes really get over here I am on this dickweed what is going on can I not beat him with him over here oh my god I'm here on my phone hey buddy well I'm back to in the stream because I need to go to bed died thank you I simply cannot believe I lost we have this pipsqueak like you my mustache will be a joy well we got the Wario key I really want Luigi though I really want Luigi I can't be all that's in there though there's gotta be more to this stage right surely there is well apparently not oh oh I think no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no stop it stop it okay what was the point that's lava okay my hmm something tells me hold on what's down here if this isn't what to do it something tells me not to step on every single switch I don't know that's just what my my gut tells me unless for something down here oh never mind oh this is gonna be not good I'm not gonna like this one bit I already messed up I already messed up oh okay I already messed up oh no oh this is not good Oh Oh what are you doing you she's not gonna go well on go uh-oh oh my god dude this camera is giving me so many age with no idea I feel the infection me to the right angle please no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh my god this has got to be like the most tedious thing I've ever done no no no no it's because these controls are so bad dude they're so bad on this controller we're getting even fit on that even but we'll get a 15 to end the DA gotta be Mario now let's go back over here and just complete one of these stars and then we'll be on our way you know for red coins if I add scour for red coins yay I love red coins I don't that means I have to do a hundred coins too I'm not ready to do 100 coins I want to I let's just go to a different level and get another star I don't want to do 100 coins right now because that's what I have to do let's go over here and do this let's do it let's look at this spooky eyes looking level it really does look creepy looking like that it's terrifying dude there's darkness pipe panic no mr. hazy may escape a damp and dreary cavern don't get lost use this touchscreen map okay so it's a maze pretty much if it wasn't for the touchscreen oh this game over that seems to death there's not even a chance you to buy to buy e what I'm standing on the painting I know that's possible this is level 2 okay okay there's gonna be a little tricky little trick huh you did okay okay okay no okay all right start I'm kind of all righty you guys that's 15 stars on the books every one second okay so I'm sorry about that all right everyone that's watching or we'll be watching in the future I will see you on the next stream that I'm gonna be doing I hopefully will be tomorrow I don't know and maybe not if not then I'll see you guys next week but I'll keep you posted in discord and other than that you guys I will see you on the next one and I gotta figure out how to end this dream properly okay I got you I got you all right you guys take care [Applause]