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what's up sexy beast ball tabletop tennis player here and today we're gonna be going over every single call of duty zombies boss and that's everything from World War 2 black ops 3 now this video we are gonna be considering a zombie boss basically anything other than a regular zombie that wants to kill you or wants to fuck your day up and for every single zombie boss we're gonna be going over what exactly it is what maps it's on the best way to take it out and any other cool information that I would like to tell you guys now I'm not gonna waste your time and spend five minutes talking about random nonsense that has literally nothing to do with the video so we're gonna go ahead and jump right into it with the first zombie boss alright so the first ever boss zombie ever introduced is going to be the hellhounds now the hellhounds made their first introduction in shi no numa they were actually first gonna appear in verruckt but they were actually cut out and they also make an appearance and derice kino der toten moon green run the giant and their eyes and truck now for green run it's not exactly transit it's more like the separate masks themselves you can actually turn on and off hellhounds and they were also gonna make an appearance in five but similar to verruckt they were also cut from that map now I'm not gonna lie hellhounds are my own personal favorite zombie boss mainly just because I'm a high rounds player I'm not an easter egg kind of guy I'm really kind of bad at that I'm more of a high rounds kind of guy and if you're going to high rounds it's pretty nice to have like a nice easy quick round every now and then like if you're going to round 100 every five rounds having some dogs spawn in the round lasts like thirty seconds it's easy to kill them they're basically just like easy one shots you get the round over with very very quick and you get a max ammo it's a nice little breather round and that's just why I love how hounds unless you're playing in world at war world war the hellhounds weren't exactly as you see them in other games in world of war they were kind of glitchy and they could sometimes to hit down you a jug sometimes they can really mess your day up you had to especially be careful with hellhounds and Sheena Numa I can't tell you how many times I've died and Sheena Numa just from a hellhounds whenever you're playing world war the main threat isn't a zombies it's the hellhounds they were so buggy back then that they could really mess your day up now really there's no specific way to take out hellhounds they're pretty easy to kill they're not really that powerful they mainly have a lot of speed but they're not really that tanky you can really take them out with almost anything but like the starting pistol upgraded and the car 98 the car 98 like the Arisaka are know goes I mean the car 98 as we all know was the world's greatest weapon but against dogs it's not too good but really any other weapon besides those is gonna be pretty decent against hellhounds shotguns and World War we're probably more effective than other weapons and I would definitely probably recommend them more than anything else but if you're playing in black ops 1 black ops 2 or black ops 3 it doesn't really matter what you use they're pretty squishy and they're gonna be pretty easy to kill the next boss zombie introduced is going to be the Nova crawlers the Nova crawlers were first introduced in kino der toten also made an appearance on 5 and on moon now there are two different types of Nova crawlers you got the Kino and 5 version and then you also have the phasing one which is going to be on moon and I'll talk about that here in a minute so the regular Nova crawler can sometimes be a pain because you're used to shooting exam be introduced in looking up you're used to looking at their faces the Nova crawlers kind of stay pretty close to the ground and once they actually do get close to you once you kill them they're gonna explode and release that green Nova gas which is gonna make it very hard to see and it's also going to injure you the only way for that Nova gas to not spawn is if you Knight them to death here's a wonder weapon trap explosive or if you are actually using the teleporter that's the only way the gas will not spawn now in kino der toten and they kind of spot all over the place and are very very annoying but in v and moon they kind of fixed that a little bit and v they are only going to spawn in the lab so if you're on the bottom floor and also if you're playing on moon they will also only spawn in the in lab area now on moon like I said they are gonna be a little bit different they're gonna have less health but they're also gonna be able to teleport and that's a blessing and also a curse yes they are easier to kill but sometimes they will teleport in front of you and block your path and if you're really not paying attention they'll give you that one hit they'll stop you and then that zombie conga line you got going behind you is gonna catch up and then instantly down you that's happened to me a couple times now a good part about actually killing one of these guys and having them explode with the Nova gas is they can also actually kill zombies that Nova gas explosion not only affects you it also affects zombies and boss zombies so you can't actually use them to your advantage now they're not incredibly powerful but they will actually kill some zombies the next boss zombie introduced with the launch of black ops 1 is going to be the Pentagon thief aka Yuri's a voitski now Yuri was actually a scientist that worked at ascension but due to some Samantha meddling he was teleported to the Pentagon and eventually became the Pentagon thief now he is only available on 5 which kind of does suck I wish he was available on more Maps because I really like the bonfire sale because you never played black ops 1 a bonfire sale basically means the pack punch is only gonna cost a thousand instead of 5,000 back in black ops 1 it was a little easier to get to pack a punch than it was nowadays but there are basically two different ways to deal with this man the first way if you kill him before he takes your weapon you're gonna max ammo and the previously stated bonfire sale the second way is if he actually takes your weapon he's gonna start running around if you're on solo he's just gonna run around downstairs if you have more than one player he's gonna go after the next guy and try to steal his gun if you can actually kill him before his time is up and he teleports away you are gonna get your weapon back your max ammo and you're also gonna get a fire sale if he steals your weapon and you cannot kill him in time he's just gonna teleport away and you only get a max ammo and he steals your weapon Yuri is pretty easy to deal with he's not that big of a tank if you have like Mustang and Sally the winners how the death machine the ray gun any real kind of powerful weapon of the map you're gonna be able to kill him very very easily his health is adjusted to how many people are actually playing and his health actually does continue going up as per round until you get to like I believe the 30s that's when his health actually does stop going up next up is going to be the monkeys now there's two different types of monkeys but I'm just gonna go ahead and lock them together there's gonna be the ascention monkeys and the shangri-la monkeys one is far deadlier than the other the ascention monkeys are going to be pretty much tanks on high rounds they're gonna be able to take two shots from the thundergun before you actually do kill them and basically any other weapon like passed around 4050 isn't really gonna do much against them their help does adjust to whatever round you were actually on now the ascension monkeys are basically gonna be like the hellhounds off the map they're gonna come like every five rounds if you kill them all you're gonna get your max ammo but these guys can also be a huge pain in the ass because they will try to steal your perks once the monkeys spawn in whatever perk you actually do have unless it's currently blocked off they're gonna try and go get that perk hypothetically if you have PhD flopper and they're gonna try to come after PhD flopper if you kill every single monkey and don't let them even touch a perk you're gonna get a max ammo and a free perk but if they manage to even touch a perk you're only gonna get a max ammo if they manage to steal one there's no way you can get it back you're gonna have to buy it back again so if you're playing solo in here the monkeys come in you really kind of want to guard your more precious perks now the other type of monkeys are going to be the shangri-la monkeys and these guys were actually only on shangri-la and these guys are a little bit different they will actually attack you but they're very very weak so I really don't worry about them but instead of stealing perks their job is to steal power-ups once you actually get a powerup to spawn inside the map the monkeys are gonna start to race towards it if you can actually kill the monkey before it actually hits you you're gonna get 500 points but if the monkey actually manages to hit you you're actually gonna lose points but if you do manage to kill that monkey instead of getting 500 points you're only gonna get ten so it's best to make sure that these guys don't touch you but these little buggers can actually be used for some pretty good things these monkeys will steal your power up and they'll start to change it so you'll run through all the power-ups like the max ammo the insta kill the carpenter the random perk bottle you're gonna start to run through all these different power-ups and if you actually kill the monkey during the powerup you actually want you're gonna be able to keep it so if you really want to max ammo and you kill the monkey as soon as I'm max ammo was above him you actually get to keep that max ammo unless another monkey comes and steals it but the only way you're actually gonna be able to get the random perk bottle is if you let the monkeys steal a max ammo I guess you have to sacrifice something great to get something great but these monkeys can actually be used pretty strategically if you actually know what you're doing so what I always recommend is just throw claymores in front of the stairs so that way the monkeys can never really get away with your powerup so up next is going to be the world's most annoying boss zombie and that's going to be George Romero thank God he was only on call of the dead I would probably lose my mind if he was on more than one map and the thing that really makes them really annoying and just when he slows you down especially when you're playing with that one asshole friend which is usually me that wants to constantly shoot him so that way all the other players in the game just get slowed down if you like to troll people do that to your friends it's pretty funny but it should never be done to me and another thing that actually makes George Romero very very annoying is that he has a lot of health he is very very tanky his health is going to increase not by round but by how many players are actually in the game so if you only have one player in the game his health is going to be a quarter million if you have two players in the game's gonna be half a million three players in the game three-fourths 7 million and if you have four players in the game he's gonna have a million health now let me get that kind of translated into zombie health if you're playing solo George is going to have the health of like a around 68 69 zombie and if you are playing with two players it's gonna be like around 75 three players ago to be 79 and four players is going to be around 83 so if you've never been to high rounds let me show you what one of the best weapons in black ops one does on round 50 so it's showing you that you can see how taking him out is very very annoying now luckily if you get some head shots on him with one of these sniper rifles he's very very easy to take out I definitely recommend the dragon off it's the best thing at killing gorge or the l96 you can always use the wonder weapons but I mainly recommend those two weapons but once you actually do finally take out gorge there's gonna be some rewards for you once you kill Gorge with a weapon not the VR 11 he's going to drop a perk and a Wunderwaffe or a death machine he only drops the one off if you have completed the easter egg if you have not you will get the death machine and every time you actually do kill him he will drop all of this and once you actually do kill him he actually goes away for a little bit and he does eventually return now if you do shoot him with the upgraded VR 11 when he's in water he will go away but he's gonna reappear next round and you don't get a free perk and you don't get the death machine slash Wunderwaffe so I really don't see a point to doing this in case you've never played call of the Dead George Romero has two different states he has his calm state and his berserk state health-wise there's really no difference a lot of people seem to think that if he's running in this Mazurek state or if he's out of water he's gonna regen health he does not regen health he will always keep the same health no matter what and his calm state is basically the one you are going to constantly see that's when he's walking around the map going oh god now once you actually do shoot him or knife and cause any kind of damage to him he is going to enter his bezerk state and he's gonna be a lot faster and he's gonna be swiggity swooty coming for that booty and the only way to get him back to the calm state is if you actually get him into the water and then once you do that he's gonna be calm and he's not gonna be a serial rapist coming at you the next two vas Ami's were actually introduced on shangri-la so I'm gonna kind of cover them both we got the Napalm zombie and the Shrieker zombie I'll start with the Napalm zombie first so like I said it was introduced on shangri-la and it's kind of in a couple other maps in a weird way it's also in green run origins their eyes and rock and go rock Rovi they might be asking yourself how the fuck is it on those maps well the Napalm zombie from shangri-la isn't but you can also run into zombies that are on fire and if you kill them they explode and can also hurt you so those are like a kind of ghetto version of the napalm zombie I thought I would just mention them it's because they're a little bit different from regular zombies and I don't want people to get pissed off at me and really the only way to get a napalm zombie to spawn in on those maps other than shangri-la is to get those zombies to somehow run and fire or get caught on fire by any means necessary whether it's a dragon the panzer running through lava anyway to get those zombies on fire they become a napalm zombie now the napalm zombie and shangri-la is actually pretty interesting they spawn in fairly often he's never really gonna run at you he kind of likes the slow Michael Myers type of walk and you'll know as soon as you get near him once your screen kind of catches on fire you don't have to be like right up on him to notice that he's around you and if he does get close to you he's going to go supernova and actually try to blow you up but if you think to yourself yeah I don't really feel like getting blown up today I just rather be blown you can also just decide to shoot him and kill him but once you actually do kill him whether it's by blowing up or whether it's by shooting him he's going to leave some fire on the ground now if any zombies run through that fire they will immediately die so you can't actually use this guy pretty strategically if you want to the other boss saw me that was also introduced with shangri-la is going to be the Shrieker zombie and unlike the napalm zombie this guy was only in shangri-la and thank God cuz he's kind of annoying he's basically like the exact opposite of the napalm zombie he's not gonna Michael Meyers it he's gonna fool on and run for you and it's not like the half-ass run it's more like the verruckt zombie run he's coming straight for that booty and once he actually does get there he feels like showing you his mixtape and he's gonna scream a very very loud at you he's gonna throw you a sonic screech and it's gonna blur your vision now fortunately this guy isn't that tanky he is very very easy to kill so he's really not that big of a threat all right so rounding off the black ops 1 boss zombies is going to be the astronaut zombie which was only available in Moon now I kind of like the astronaut ssam being that kind of don't one needs kind of similar to George where he's just gonna stalk you around the map but to he's a little bit easier to take out if you can actually manage to take out the astronaut he's going to explode and kill any other nearby zombies around him and one thing I like about the astronaut zombie is how he actually has a name if you look above the astronaut zombie you're gonna see a red name now if you're playing solo unfortunately it's just out of a list of predetermined names but I'm playing with two three or four players it's going to be someone on the host as friend list and I can't tell you how many times I got off when the astronaut had a name of one of my friends and I got to kill them it was pretty relieving but unfortunately the astronaut will not really give you anything he only takes he doesn't really give so if you kill him you're not gonna get like a max ammo or anything and there's no special round of moon so getting max a MOS can kind of be a pain in the ass and like I said he only wants to take he does not want to give so once the astronaut actually does grab you if you do not get away he's gonna steal your perk now a lot of people seem to think it's the first perk you bought that's just not true he's gonna steal a random perk and for some reason for me he really likes to take jugg I could have all the perks in the game and he still wants to take fucking jugg but if you say fuck that I don't feel like losing my perks today the second he grabs you you want to push back and right before he actually does headbutt you you want to jump and if you do that he should let go of you now an interesting little fact about this guy is you really don't want to kill him you kind of want to keep him in your game because his health is going to depend on what exact round you were actually on it's gonna be a certain amount times how many players you have times the round you are on so if you keep the same astronaut zombie from these starts his health isn't gonna be that much it's like if you're going to high rounds and you fuck up and he grabs you you don't have to let him take you can just kill him real quick and it's gonna be pretty easy but then the next guy spawns in it is gonna be pretty tough I don't know if it's just me but whenever he grabs me steals my junk and then teleports me he always seems to teleport me to like the worst possible location I've actually had him teleport me basically running in to a Nescafe derp I don't know if it's ever happened to you guys let me know down below but it can be kind of a little see UNT when it comes to teleporting and really there's no like a hundred percent best way to kill him unless you're playing on black ops 3 I heard dead wires pretty effective against him I'm playing on black ops 1 or if you want to do the honourable route the best way to kill him is really just to use anything powerful just a couple shots to him and he should die depending on what exact round you're on but one weapon that does not work against him is the wave gun and the zap gun so the Wonder weapon does not work against the astronaut so don't even try so now we're into black ops 2 and unfortunately we were introduced to these little shits the fucking denizens I said previously that George is like one of the most annoying boss zombies ever well he doesn't even compare to the fucking denizens these guys are incredibly annoying if you're playing transit and they only actually spawn on transits like you're playing like town or something they're not gonna spawn in if you're playing on transit and you say hey there's some fog right there let's run in it that's a bad idea don't do that because you're gonna run into an infinite number of these little shits they're gonna run at you jump up on you and then try to claw your eyes out and also slow you down so not only do they impact your vision and they also slow you down now if you have the bowie knife or galvan uncles they're pretty easy to deal with but you are still gonna have to interact with them it's not like you can run around for five minutes without seeing one they're gonna come like every ten seconds or you can always just turn around and shoot them they are very very squishy and pretty much die with like one or two shots but did I not mention that they come every 10 seconds and they will always come for you that's what makes them incredibly fucking annoying well it's also you can use them to your advantage if you want to teleport around this god-awful map just get a dozen on your head trying to scratch your eyeballs out and take him to a lamppost if you take him to a lamppost he's gonna jump off your head dig a little tunnel and you can jump in the tunnel and teleport somewhere random way around the map now these denizens will not spawn near these lamppost so you have to actually be kind of far away and they will only spawn in the fog so you know you can't really run in the fog which is like three fourths of the map and I want to know in the comments this does anybody actually like these guys I don't think I've ever met a zombie plant it's like a fun cool I've never met anyone who says that so if you are that guy please let me know in the comments because you're wrong the other boss zombie that was also introduced with the denizens is going to be the avogadro no this thing is only available in transit similar to the denizens you're not gonna see this thing's can't run around in town or farm or anything like that and this guy is pretty interesting he's only gonna spawn in once you actually have power on and he really doesn't spawn in too often I hardly ever see him and he's very easy to deal with he's not gonna be injured by bullets or anything like that so if you shoot him you're just kind of wasting your time if you throw an EMP atom he'll go away with just one EMP or you have to actually knife him if you used a regular knife gonna take you five hits if you use the bowie knife it's gonna take you four and if you use galvanized coals it's only gonna take you two but say you say fuck it you want to keep this guy you think he's cute you want to keep him in your game if he actually does manage to electrocute you he will do some damage to you it's not a lot of damage but it's still doing damage from afar and if you do not have Jody basically one hit from this guy will almost down you if you do have jug he's really not too much to worry about but if you don't have jug you really do gotta be careful and really there's an easy way to make sure you never see this guy like ever just don't ever kill the last zombie when there's a thunderstorm and he won't ever come back that's really the only way he comes onto the map and I kind of like that because it kind of lets you control when he comes in because he is necessary for the easter egg so he can use that to your advantage but if you're going to I around sometimes you just kind of forget and sometimes you do kill a zombie when there is a thunderstorm and then BAM this guy spawns in but sometimes you know if you catch yourself you like oh wait there's a thunderstorm we might as well wait till that's going to kill this last Nami because I don't feel like dealing with that guy so as much shit as we give transit I think we can all agree that the avogadro spawning in is kind of interesting and kind of cool not gonna lie all right so now we're jumping into the first DLC with dye rise and also introduced with dye rise is going to be the jumping jacks and these guys were only available on this map now I don't know if I should include these guys with the Nova's because they're basically Nova zombies with a little spin but I decided not to and to give them their own little special time the jumping jacks are gonna look almost identical to the Nova zombies but they're gonna behave very very differently they're not gonna explode they're not gonna teleport they're just gonna be very very fucking hard to shoot they're gonna jump around constantly and they have a very very small hitbox so shooting them is kind of a pain in the ass and these guys basically take over the hellhound realm they're gonna spawn every couple rounds and if you manage to kill them you're gonna get a max ammo at the end of the round no matter what now it's also interesting about these guys is if you can manage to get to 100% accuracy with these guys they're also gonna drop a random perk bottle along with that max ammo and that's only if you get a hundred percent so if you miss a bullet yank getting that free perk bottle so the best way to actually do this is to use melees is to use claymores the tramplesteam anything that will really guarantee you get that 100 percent that's the best way to do it and I really don't have any strong opinions about these guys they're kind of like man I honestly kind of forget them half the time I don't love them I don't hate them like they're alright they're pretty weak they're pretty squishy they're not really too tough to deal with but man is there hitbox like really really small the next is zombie boss introduced is going to be Brutus who is only available in mob of the dead and cellblock which are basically kind of the same thing now Bertus I'm not a huge fan of you buddy the main thing I don't like is how you shake my screen whenever I go to the bridge and you get more than one Brutus spawning in shaking your screen it's very very annoying and I'm not a huge fan of it but if you can somehow manage to deal with the annoying screen shaking he's pretty easy to deal with all you got to do is shoot his helmet off and then shoot him in the face he's gonna go down once you shoot the helmet off you're gonna get 250 points and if you kill him you will get 750 while everybody else would get 500 now once you actually do shoot his helmet off he's gonna throw down a smoke grenade which kind of fucks up with your vision I'm assuming he's doing that because he is a fellow bald man and he's very very insecure unlike me now Brutus other than the screen shaking also has a couple other really really annoying traits if he runs by like the perk machine the workbench the mystery box the plane he's gonna disable it and you can only unlock it if you pay 2,000 points which is very very annoying if you're on the early rounds it's kind of a pain in the ass but once you actually do manage to kill him you will get the points and you will also receive a powerup now really the best way to kill them is just to get a powerful weapon and shoot them in the face like the ray gun mark 2 is very very good the blender gets very very good not the asset gap yes it gets alright against them but mainly just the blundergat or the sweeper does a terrific job against him but really any powerful weapon shoot him in the face you're gonna be good now if you try to use the acid trap and/or the fan trap against him it's not gonna work and he will disable him if he gets close enough but he can be killed by the tower trap and once you actually get to pack-a-punch once you get to the bridge you're gonna get one Brutus spawning in per round which means you can get up to four Brutus's on your map and if you just think about four Brutus's shaking your screen like that's a nightmare I mean I don't even want to deal with that I'm the bad part about those Brutus's is they will not drop you a powerup only the first Brutus that spawned upon arriving to the bridge will drop a powerup of the rest will not now not really sure if I wanted to include this in the video but I thought fuck it I might as well another boss zombie could also be you or your asshole friends so if you are doing the mob of the dead Easter Egg once you get to the end do you come to a choice do you kill weasel or do you kill everyone else I kind of consider that a boss zombie a boss fight I don't really know if you should or not but I thought I might as well once you actually get to the ending of this Easter and you can choose to kill weasel or kill everyone else depending on if you want to complete the cycle or continue the cycle if you are weasel and you are gonna have all your teammates up against you I recommend having the blundergat the Raygun and really anything very very powerful because it's gonna be a three to one that's not fair at all so now we are entering the ending of the black ops 2 zombies storyline and with this we were introduced to a map called buried and buried also introduced us to the bus Lobby known as the witch's the ghost sabe the waifu material whatever you wish to call them I'm just gonna refer to them as the witches now the witches are gonna be located in the mansion and they don't drop you like a max ammo or anything like that they're gonna give you a free perk but that's only if you run through the mansion when the lights are on and that only happens like every four to five rounds so every four to five rounds you're gonna get a free perk all you gotta do run through the mansion wait to the witch's round ends and then you get your free perk now these witches really don't do damage to you they mainly are gold diggers they're going straight after them points that's kind of sexist in a way once you run through that mansion and meet a witch they're gonna try to steal a two thousand points so for every time a witch hits you you lose 2,000 points which is a pretty hefty sum but if you have no point if they sucked you dry their instead can actually do regular damage to you as if they were a zombie and I really don't have a problem with the witches they're very very easy to deal with if you want to make it through the mansion safely and keep all your points the best advice I can give you is just to move slow don't rush it just go slow walk the entire time really what gets you is when you run around a corner and there's a witch if you take your time and go slow they'll come to you just take them out they really won't spawn in behind you and you'll be good so the next boss zombie I wasn't really sure if I should count it but I thought I might as well so the next one is going to be Richthofen himself so throw out black ops 2 Richthofen is just in control of the zombies you really don't ever have to fight him directly that is until buried if you're playing buried and you do the Maxis Easter Egg and you complete it and you actually get like the endgame to where you do all the other Easter eggs from access aside once you complete the Buried Easter Egg Maxis puts Richthofen soul into a body all the other zombies eyes turn orange but the Richthofen zombie will still have blue eyes and he will come at you and try to kill you and every time you do kill him he does drop a powerup and that's really all there is to the Richthofen zombie unfortunately I couldn't get the footage that I wanted but here are a couple quotes from Richthofen from when he is actually a zombie [Laughter] alright so rounding off black ops 2 with origins this map actually introduced us to the Panzer sold at a absolutely terrifying being the Panther soul that was on origins and the rise and drop and revelations let's talk about the OG one first because there's two different types of Panther Soledad's the og original one is first gonna spawn in on round eight so you know exactly when this guy's coming for you and he's also gonna make a noise and he's got a couple different attacks he's got a flamethrower attack which don't even really worry about the only bad part about the flamethrower attack is it looks like you're taking a lot of damage so it makes a panic but it's pretty weak and it just messes with your vision his most powerful tech is gonna be his melee attack this thing's gonna to hit down you with jug he also has a claw that he can shoot out at you and draw you in the only way you're getting out of that bad boy is if you shoot the light on his hand then he will release you and he can go back to running for your life and really what I found the best way to deal with them is either to one have one of the stabs fully upgraded or just run of the regular stabs he's very very weak against the stabs or to have a shotgun I feel like shotguns in my opinion are the best weapons to deal with them if you don't have a wonder weapon usually shotguns are pretty effective at dealing with boss zombies and the Panther soul death is not an exception now like I said there's two different types you got the og origins one and you also have the derisive track and Revelations one this guy is a little bit different instead of the claw that he could shoot out at you and drag you in he has a stun gun basically he shoots out these little electric balls and they explode they do damage to you and they can shock and stun you which is so fucking annoying especially in the easter-egg boss fight oh that can be really annoying yeah like 20 these guys shooting stun guns at you very very annoying and if you are playing on origins every third round if you're playing with multiple people this guy's gonna show back up but here playing solo he comes in every four to fifth round and you're playing solo only one of these guys is gonna spawn in but if you're playing with multiple people you're gonna get a couple of these bad boys spawning in and again if you are playing on origins these guys will not go to the crazy place so that is the one safe haven you actually do have if you are playing on their Aizen track the first panzer so that will spawn in on round twelve and spawn in like every five to six rounds after that so they're showing not that big of a deal and if you are playing on Revelations it's even later – you see this guy his first appearance does not begin until round 20 so and rebel he's not that big of a threat and like I said in origins the best way staff wonder weapon and/or shotgun if you're playing on the horizon track I really like the haymaker I feel like it does wonders against him but really any powerful weapon will do really really well against him besides the bows the bow Sherwood don't do much they'll stun them and keep them in place but that's about it and if you are playing on revelations I would definitely recommend a shotgun or the Thunder GaN the Thunder gun he'll fuck this dude's day up he'll make sure he never comes back at you the Thunder gun does work against the Panzer and rounding off black ops 2 is going to be the final boss zombie actually introduced the Templar zombies now there's kind of like three different types of Templar zombies one you got the regular Templar zombies let's just kind of spawn in with regular zombies – you got the ones that spawn in like every four to five rounds summer like that trying to turn off your one one five generators and if you can actually kill them before they do that you will be rewarded with a max ammo and on origins that can kind of be a pain in the ass because if you're chilling at like let's say generator 2 and they are at generator 6 you might not make it over there in time but these guys are very easy to kill so if you can make it over there in time that max ammo is pretty much guaranteed now there's also a third time a Templar zombie and these guys only spawn in when you activate the one one five generators and try to turn them on these guys are gonna spawn in and try to stop you so we have three different types of Templar zombies they all act a little bit differently and they're all very easy to kill unless we're talking about like a regular zombie Templar zombie those guys are gonna have the same health as a zombie but the other two ones are gonna be very very easy to deal with so they're really not that much of a threat they're just more of a annoyance than anything else all right so now we're moving on to black ops 3 and black ops 3 introduced a lot of new boss zombies the first one being the Marg weenie aka V mark la vie margwa was only available on shadows of evil and revelations and there are actually a couple different types of mark walls but I'll get to that here in a second so the regular mark wall and Chaz viva is going to spawn in every now and then and also when you try to do rituals around the map killing a morgue lock can be fairly simple you can either do it one of two ways one use pop shocks gobblegum knife um he dies like a second or two later or the other long and boring way you can either wait till he opens up his mouth you're gonna see a bright yellow light and once you see that bright yellow light that means shoot the shit out of it and once you actually do that and destroy that mouth he's going to release a parasite you're gonna get 500 points and he's going to run at you a little bit faster and you want to do that for all three mouths and for every mouth the same thing is gonna happen a parasite is gonna come out you're gonna get 500 points and it's going to run at you a little bit faster or he is going to die so these mark walls can be very very useful if you're trying to form points early in the game now if you are playing on revelation you do have a couple new mark loss you got the fire mark law and the void mark law the fire one is going to look like he got dipped into a volcano and he's going to have a new attack he's basically gonna throw fire at you in a straight line it's very easy to avoid and it's very very slow so it's not really that powerful he's basically just kind of like a regular mark law the other one the void mark law instead of throwing out a fire line when he does a slam attack he's going to open up a portal slash void and very similar to the bow and horizon track once he does that those skulls are gonna come out and chase you down if you have the shield really don't worry about it if you don't have the shield they're not that powerful you can easily outrun them or shoot them they're really not too hard to deal with in my opinion the best way to deal with mark laws is either to one have the wand weapon off the map using the one weapon is generally always one of the best ways to actually take these guys out or to I recommend the haymaker the haymaker does work against these guys once they open that mouth if you have that haymaker upgraded these guys are gonna get taken out very very quick so I recommend the haymaker or really any kind of fast fire rate gun because the mouth isn't gonna be constantly open it's all I'm gonna be open for a little bit so any kind of fast fire a gun or the haymaker totally recommend so next up in these shadows of evil roster is going to be the insanity elements aka V meatballs now these guys are also kind of on gerak Roby they're gonna be the RA PS or the rapes and I'm just going to talk about them both at the same time so the meatballs and Chad's v vu are gonna have like their own round they're also gonna spawn in with the parasites there's gonna drop from the sky and start rolling at you and once you kill them all you're gonna get a max ammo yay and these guys will also spawn in at certain points of the Easter Egg and they can be very very devastating like once you have like 50 of these things rolling at you and exploding at you they can kind of mess you up the best way to deal with them is really to have any kind of gun as long as you have anything that kind of has a fast fire rate you're gonna be good I wouldn't like recommend the Gorgon or anything like that just because you have so many of them and they're very very quick anything like a shotgun or any submachine gun I think could be pretty well off they're not like incredibly tanky or anything so they're pretty easy to kill now if you're playing and go rod crow V the only time these guys spawn is if you're in the boss fight with Nikolai and honestly I never even noticed that they're there half the time like I can barely get any footage of these guys because they just barely ever spawn it and honestly if you're doing the boss fight against Nikolai the last thing you should be worrying about is the raps so just don't even worry about them just like let them be let them frolic wherever they want to frolic they don't really do too much damage to you and half the time they're just like running right behind you if you want to kill them like I said SMG shotgun wonder weapon anything will do and go rock crow V they're really hardly a threat but in Chad's of evil if you're doing the Easter Egg they can be a major threat so make sure you keep your eyes up so next up also introduced in shadows of evil shadows of evil introduced us to a lot of boss zombies is going to be the parasites or the bloats flies from fallout and these guys were available in shadows of evil and revelations and the only real way for these guys to spawn in is if they spawn in on their hellhound round and once you kill them all you will receive your max ammo or they can also spawn in once you shoot off the margwa head one of these guys will fly right out and no matter what map you're playing on shadows of evil or revelations these guys are very very easy to deal with they shoot at you and they can really only kind of mess up your vision they don't really do that much damage they don't really have that much health any kind of weapon will take these guys out of SMG shotgun assault rifle tomahawk anything you've got it's gonna take these guys out they're very easy to deal with and honestly I just kind of ignore them half the time they're really not that big of a threat like at all so I kind of just let them be next up at bat first shadows of evil is going to be the keepers the keepers were first introduced with shouts of evil and appeared in a couple other maps she got her eyes indirect zetsubou no shima and revelations now in shadows of evil the keepers first appear when you try to do some of these summoning rituals around the map the keepers say hey don't do that and they try to stop you but they later have a change of heart and end up helping you kill the shadow man the keepers then made a return for der eisendrache I like majority of the time until at the end of the Easter egg when the keeper becomes corrupted and then you have to fight a giant keeper and this guy is pretty powerful and he can fuck you up so basically all you want to do for this guy is wait until he goes to the center have your ragnaroks lay him down so they have some electricity the keepers gonna get weakened he's gonna open up his weak spot you unload on that until he goes away then you have to repeat that process three times now he does have an attack that will basically kill you always gonna do is throw down some electricity and if you are not hiding behind a pillar you will die and what makes this boss fight really really difficult is not the keeper so to say it's everything he spawns in he spawns in skeletons he spawns in a lot of fuckin Panzers like a lot of Panzers so this boss fight might be a little bit difficult if you do not know exactly what you were doing then the keepers also made a return and zetsubou no shima where they try to stop you from getting the skull of nan sapwe and then the keepers made yet another return in Revelation where they are cursed and they just really don't like you so they are constantly coming at you now unless we are talking about the big bad boss keeper and horizon track these guys are very easy to deal with they're not tanky at all any kind of guns gonna basically almost immediately take them out hell I bet even the arasaka could take these guys out in one shot they are very very squishy the next boss zombie was introduced with the first map for black ops 3 and left on the last map for black ops 3 that's going to be the shadow man he was introduced with shadows of evil and was also in Revelations now this guy is going to be the big bad boss fight of that map so in shadows of evil once you actually do eventually get to the boss fight once you are stuck in the pec punch room what's gonna happen in this boss fight is you have to wake up all four keepers and they are going to weaken the shadow man shield and once they do that you just got to make sure your accuracy is on point and shoot him a million times until he gets pushed back so far that he goes back inside of the summoning key now it sounds easy but a hard part is he summons margwas and zombies non-stop that's the hardest part about this boss fight the shadow man really doesn't attack you you just gotta really deal with mark laws and zombies now if you are playing on revelations the boss fight is very very similar you have to feed souls to the summoning key and then throw the summoning key to Sofia she will get rid of his shield and then you just gotta unload a million times on the shadow man until eventually he gets pushed so far back into the pathogens mouth and then you activate the book right there and the easter egg is over you can get that easter egg done very very quick like literally under a minute and again the hardest part about that easter egg step is he spawns in all the mark walls all the zombies all the Panzers so you have a lot of different types of enemies coming at you he does not really attack you directly but you will be attacking him and unloading basically all the lead you have into him and he is very very spongy once you shoot him once he's gonna teleport and he's gotta keep shooting him over and over again until he goes to his desired area whether that is the apotheon smell and or the summoning key so shadows vevo introduced us to a lot of boss zombies but they did not introduce us to this next one and that is going to be these skeletons these Skelly bellies these guys are only going to be in the horizon track and they are only going to be during one the boss fight or two if you do these two rake and actually turn them on I'm not gonna be really any different from zombies they're just gonna be skeletons and kind of just run really at you and like I said there's really no difference between these guys and just regular zombies it's kind of really an aesthetic thing and that's really all there is to these guys up next is going to be a very controversial map as zetsubou no shima and with zetsubou no shima we were first introduced to the Thrasher now the Thrasher is a very very powerful boss zombie actually if you have jug it's gonna be a two-hit down and if you don't have jug it's a one swipe one kill he's gonna mess you up the first time you are gonna meet the Thrasher's actually when you open up the bunker if you are quick enough you can actually kill him but if you're not that is going to be B first Thrasher you usually actually meet and press responded pretty commonly it's not like there are a very rare boss ami if there is spotted pretty frequently during random times throughout the round and also if you get a horde of zombies and you shoot a little pus ball right next to them you also have a chance of creating a Thrasher then and other than the regular Thrasher if you're doing the Easter Egg once you get to the boss spike you also have the giant pressure or Takeo whichever one you wish to call an OG Takeo original Takeo giant Thrasher giant overgrown weed whatever you wish to call it this guy is very very easy to deal with this is probably like the easiest boss fight in black ops 3 literally all you gotta do is walk around the room I wouldn't really recommend going through the room killing everything in sight just kind of get them all rounded up behind you and just kind of walk through the room once you were actually able to shoot Takeo the giant Thrasher you know 420 weed once you actually able to shoot one of his arms shoot the arm wait until the other ones ready to be shot and then continue that process until the easter egg is over like I said it's very very easy compared to some of the other boss fights and if you're just dealing with like a regular Thrasher and even the boss the rasher the best way to deal with it is going to be the kt for the kt 4 is gonna immediately take out these guys and basically make sure that you're not gonna get another Thrasher spawning in from those guys if you don't have the kt 4 I recommend the haymaker any kind of SMG anything with a fast fire rate really those puss balls aren't really too tanky so it was not really gonna be taking a lot of hits but I would mainly recommend the haymaker or the breccie something like that it's gonna do wonders against this guy or even the duel marshals are very very good at taking this guy out so any kind of gun like that and you're gonna be more than well-prepared also introduced with zetsubou no shima is going to be the spiders and the giant spiders the regular spiders are available in zetsubou no shima and revelations but the giant spider is only available in zetsubou no shima the regular spiders and zetsubou no shima are gonna have their own Hell help round so they're gonna drop you a max sama once you kill them all and they will also randomly spawn in with regular zombies they can block off pathways by throwing up some webs these webs are very easy to get rid of use the kt 4 or just actually walk up to them and hold X and you'll immediately get rid of them but sometimes they can be used to block off certain pathways to make training a little bit easier their webs are also scattered across a lot of perks and gobble gums and they can also shoot webs at you but these guys aren't really that bad of a boss zombie they're very very easy to deal with they are literally the hellhounds of their map they're very squishy and fast and you can basically take them out with almost anything now in Revelations they don't spawn in everywhere they're only actually gonna spawn in if you are inside the giant anti monster so if you are inside the giant hentai monster these guys will crawl out and start attacking you they're not gonna block off any pathways or anything they're just gonna shoot webs at you ant skedaddle around and that's basically it now the giant spider on the other hand which is only available in sets of Mishima is kind of like a miniature boss to prepare you for Takeo and honestly this guy is probably more powerful than Takeo he is a little bit harder to get rid of once you get into this room it's basically you versus this spider and a bunch of little spiders the giant spider is going to spawn in a bunch of little spiders and it's not like 1 or 2 you're dealing with like 5 or 6 at a time so those guys can kind of gang up on you and make it very very difficult if you have the KT for your job might be a little bit easier but if you do not it's going to be a little bit harder all you really have to do is dodge the giant spiders attack his most devastating one is where he pounces at you with his little pincers those things can down you with two hits if you have jugg and one if you do not so that guy is very very powerful the only way to actually kill him is to shoot his mouth when it's glowing yellow basically when he's about ready to spit at you just shoot his mouth unload as much ammo as humanly possible and you will eventually take him out in my opinion the best weapon to take em out is going to be the Drake and I feel like the Drake in does wonders you can also use the MX really any powerful accurate weapon I would definitely recommend once you actually do kill this Spyder he's going to give you a part to upgrade the kt4 and you're also gonna get access to whales wine which is going to be free so this giant spider is actually pretty easy to get to just have the kt4 and you can kind of walk right to it and once you actually kill it you get a free widows wine so what's there not to love about it next up we are heading to go rod crow V and with go rod crow B we were introduced to the manglers now the manglers are very very easy to deal with they're kind of like a rundown version of Brutus they're very very weak and they're not really that powerful they're gonna have two attacks one the sickle and the shockwave cannon so if you get close enough they're gonna try to hit you with the sickle of course they are they're commies and if you are far away they're gonna shoot a shock wave cannon at you neither these are really incredibly powerful and are gonna like down you almost immediately so you really don't have to worry too much about that the weak point of course similar to Brutus is going to be in their head you should off their helmet they're basically very very easy to kill like I said these guys are like a run down version of Brutus almost anything will really take them out I recommend shotguns shotguns will do amazing against them like they make her the brekkie the krm but really almost any weapon will basically take these guys out if you can't get the wand a weapon like the dingo the Vesper the shield the gauntlet anything will take these guys out they're not too big of a threat next up is going to be the Valkyrie drones and these guys are going to be the hellhound spider and parasite of their map once you get through their wave you will receive a max ammo and eventually once you get to a high enough round they will start spawning in with just regular zombies and they're pretty easy to deal with they do have a ranged electrical attack so as long as you can kind of run and not stay in the same spot you're gonna be good even their electrical range attack isn't really that powerful you can always get a helmet to help you deal with these guys but they're really not too big of a nuisance and honestly they're like one of the easiest things to take out in the map so don't really worry about and from the Valkyrie drones you can also spawn in the next Sambi which is going to be the electric zombie now this zombie has kind of in a couple other maps you can also get it from calls to dead by George now you can also get it from the electric Panzer but mainly these guys are gonna be in Gujrat Crowe V and they can only spawn in from a Valkyrie drone if you have a Valkyrie drone that's not really liking it too much and it gets kind of far away he's gonna kind of plop down and spawn in a bunch of electric assam bees once those zombies come in they're gonna start charging you they're very very weak like incredibly weak like the starting pistol could take him out and if they get too far away from the Valkyrie drone they will just disappear and I remember seeing the trailer for garage crow V and I remember seeing the electric zombie sounds like oh shit these guys look badass but then like you actually get to the map and these guys are like the opposite of badass next up in Gujrat crowby is going to be the boss zombies first is going to be the dragon the dragon is technically in horizon track but that's on the wall and you just gotta feed it to get your bow so that really doesn't count he hasn't really try to attack you the dragon ago rock Ruby he tries to fuck your day up but I'm not talking about like the ones that just come around and breathe fire this guy is a little bit more powerful than those guys this guy's going to be the boss ami got to face before Nikolai once you actually start the final step and get into the boss fight you and Nikolai have to team up against this asshole to take him down all you have to do is wait for Nikolai to actually shoot the dragon exposing his weak points there's gonna be three one on the left one on the right and then one in the middle what I recommend is having the L for siege the L for siege in this boss fight both against the dragon and Nikolai is going to do work I recommend the L for siege and or the Dracon anything with pinpoint accuracy and lots of power so I really like wouldn't recommend trying to use like the ray gun mark 3 against this guy because it's just really inaccurate anything with pinpoint accuracy and lots of damage it's gonna be your weapon now this guy really only has fire attack and doesn't really try to come directly after you and as long as you have a shield you could run straight through that fire so you're gonna be good now once you actually do take out that dragon it is Nikolai killing time now Nikolai is going to be a lot more powerful than that dragon he's gonna have a whole lot more attacks he's gonna have a minigun and some explosives likelike a lot of explosives and he's gonna try to jump on you he is pretty powerful and a pain to deal with all I have to do is wait for him to expose his weak spots which is pretty much anything glowing yellow all you can do is shoot the shit out of that I recommend honestly the L for siege it's very very powerful against him if you don't have the L for siege like I said the Dracon anything with pinpoint accuracy or anything that can do a lot of explosive damage is something that I would recommend anything like that is going to be very very effective against this guy I'm I guess you can technically say this boss zombie has been on a lot more Maps besides garage crow V because I mean you kind of technically played with Nikolai since Sheena Numa but I'm not gonna count that because that's not fair at all but technically you never do kill Nikolai during the fight you actually kill him during the cutscene which is playing right now but I would definitely say this now I think the garage crowby boss fight is definitely the most challenging bossfight out of them all alright and lastly the last boss zombie that's going to be introduced is going to be on Revelations and it's going to be the furies aka the furries these guys were on revelations and revelations also had a lot of other boss zombies but all those boss zombies were like introduced in Chaz of evil so this is kind of really the only new one introduced for revelations well that any two new mark laws but I already covered that so the furries are kind of gonna be like the meatballs of Revelations they're kind of randomly gonna spawn in and try to attack you instead of rolling at you they're gonna teleport at you instead and that can be very very annoying because they got some pretty damn good aim with that teleportation let me tell you they will teleport straight through and a path conserving shot they will teleport straight through thunder gunshot if they time it right and they can get at you no luckily they don't do too much damage to you so they're very very weak but what they lack in power they damn well near make up for in numbers these guys will teleport at you constantly and weaken you down really the best way to avoid them is just to constantly be moving make sure you have widows wine widows wine works very well against these guys and if you have the apotheca servant just shoot it out every now and then these guys will get stuck straight in if you have the thundergun thundergun does very very well against these guys really anything will kill them they're very very weak it's just they like to teleport and sneak up on you alright so hopefully that is every single call duty boss zombie in zombies history everything from world war ii black ops 3 hopefully i got it all in there if I forgot something please let me know down below but I'm pretty sure I got it all I know I purposely did not put dead ops arcade in here because it's dead ops arcade and it's not really Tommy's so that really doesn't count so that's why I didn't put it in here and let me know down below in the comments I know I've asked you guys for a couple things already but I also would like to know what is your favorite boss zombie mine will forever and always be old reliable you got to love the hellhounds they're easy to deal with they look creepy as hell who doesn't like doggies you get a max ammo the rounds last like 30 seconds at most I love the hellhound so let me know what you guys think down below and while you are down there make sure you guys check out all the links that I have in the description check out my patreon thanks to my patreon I was actually able to get this out as soon as I was so my patreon czar awesome and I just want to thank you guys so much for all your support it really does mean a lot to me so if you want to be a patreon supporter check out that link right down there below while you are down there head over to my t-shirt shop I got a bunch of cool t-shirts that I know you will love they come in all 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