Adding More Emulators To Retropie 4.0.2 Raspberry pi 1 2 3 Or zero

Adding More Emulators To Retropie 4.0.2 Raspberry pi 1 2 3 Or zero

In this video i will show you how to add more emulators in Retropie 4.0 4.0.2






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Adding More Emulators To Retropie 4.0.2 Raspberry pi 1 2 3 Or zero

hey what's going on guys ETA prime back here again today I want to show you how to get those missing emulators back into retropie 4.0.2 lately a lot of people have messaged me and said hey ETA prime I have a bunch of rom folders missing that used to be in retropie three point eight point one open up a roms folder now this is connected to a fresh install of retropie 4.0.2 these are the emulator or the ROM folders that come stopped pre-installed on 4.0.2 what we're gonna do now is go over to the Raspberry Pi I'm gonna show you how to install different emulators they removed a bunch of them from here and you need to reinstall the emulators that you want this is not to a specific system so you need to sit through this list and find which emulators you want to be reinstalled install them after they're installed you'll reboot the Raspberry Pi come back in the emulator or ROM folder that you are looking for should be here let's go over to the Raspberry Pi now alright so we're here with my Raspberry Pi 3 I have a fresh install of retro PI 4.0.2 I'm gonna show you guys how to get those missing emulators back so for instance let's say you're missing the Atari 800 or the 5200 or you even want to add something offbeat like the Nintendo DS my Raspberry Pi 3 is connected through HDMI I have my power plugged in Ethernet cable you can use Wi-Fi if you'd like and I also have a Xbox 1s controller connected to the unit from here we're going to enter the retro PI menu we're gonna scroll down to retropie setup if this is your first time entering you'll get this notice here click OK so to navigate this menu it really depends on the controller you're using if you're using a keyboard to navigate this menu here you're gonna use your arrow keys and enter if you're using the Xbox 360 or an Xbox one controller you're gonna use either your analog stick or your d-pad to move up and down now at the bottom here we have ok exit and help you'll just tap right or left on your analog or your d-pad you'll press a to enter a menu make sure you're on ok if you want to enter the menu if you want to exit make sure it's set to exit now the ps3 controller is a bit different you can use the analog stick or the d-pad but you're gonna need to press select on the controller to select your option and you'll need to move over to OK or exit depending on what you want to do when you enter this menu for the first time I definitely recommend going down to update retropie setup script it's only gonna take a second you need to be connected to the Internet for any of this to work we're gonna go to yes press ok now we're on version 4.0.3 now this is the version of the retropie setup script not the version of retropie now we have a bunch of options here in order to get to the emulators that we want to install we need to go to manage packages enter this menu we have managed core packages main packages optional driver packages and experimental packages we're going to be focusing on optional packages we're gonna enter optional packages when we scroll through here we'll see a lot of emulators that aren't pre-installed like Daphne Atari I 800 and tons of other ones if you want to install for instance Atari 800 this will also install Atari 5200 if you use this one press ok install from binary or install from source it's up to you I'm gonna install from source make sure you're connected to the Internet this could take anywhere from five minutes to ten minutes and I've had some of these packages not the Atari package but other ones take up to 45 minutes to install so be patient I'm going to install from source so Atari I 800 and Atari 5200 is now installed on my retropie setup that took me about four and a half minutes to do we'll go back now if you want to install a different emulator you need to find it in here let's say Daphne you'll click on OK install from binary or source I usually do source it downloads it directly from the repositories but there are tons of emulators in here that aren't pre-installed this is where you will find them we're gonna go back now we're gonna go to manage experimental packages they call this experimental because a lot of this stuff either crashes or is very very slow if we go through here we can see we have lr4 do a DS emulator MAME 2014 mess virtual Jaguar Saturn you can try any of these out if you'd like to some of them are going to take a long time to download and some of them aren't going to run games very well at all so what I'm gonna do is install an optional package and I'm gonna do the DSM you later will install this install from source I now have the DS emulator installed this one took a bit longer about seven to eight minutes now your times going to vary depending on the speed of your SD card the speed of your Wi-Fi or Internet connection and the speed at which they're serving it back up so you can try out any of these that you like there's a Sega Saturn which is your basa virtual Jaguar I have tried both of these and they run like crap we'll go back back exit so we're back at the menu and we don't see the three new emulators that are installed now that's because we don't have roms in those folders yet when we go to transfer our roms from our PC over network we should see three new folders in our roms directory I 850 200 and NDS we need to reboot one time in order for this to take effect go to quit restart emulation station now what I'm going to do is go back to the PC and transfer some roms into those three new folders and we'll come back to the PI we're moving over to the PC so I'm back at the PC I'm connected to my Raspberry Pi over network to transfer my roms if you're using a USB stick you're gonna have to redo the process over I or madding your USB fat32 creating a retro PI folder insert it into your Raspberry Pi take it back out after it's done flashing put it in your PC and then you'll see your newly created ROM folders for your new emulators we installed but we're doing this over network if we did everything correctly when we open up our roms folder we should have three new directories inside of here Atari 800 Atari 5200 and NDS and we have Atari 800 sorry 5200 and NDS now this will vary depending on which emulators you chose to install like I said I only installed the Atari 800 5200 and the NDS I'm going to transfer a few roms in here my roms are done transferring into the three newly created folders we're gonna go back to the raspberry pi and reboot one time if we did everything correctly on the main menu after we reboot we should see Atari 800 sorry 5200 and a Nintendo DSi go we're going over to the PI now okay so as long as we have roms and those three new folders and we reboot if we did everything correctly we should have an Atari 800 an Atari 5200 and a Nintendo DS logo show up when we reboot press Start scroll down to quit restart emulation station yes and we have the Atari 5200 800 and Nintendo DS logos now on the front menu of our retro PI set up so that's how you install the missing emulators that you've been longing to get back on your retro PI set up it's very simple like I said some emulators take longer than others I had one of them take 45 minutes and I cannot remember exactly which one it was but you need to be patient and let it finish it's gonna finish just be patient with it I appreciate you guys watching if you have any requests at all let me know in the comments below and I'll try my hardest to get it made for you I will be testing this Nintendo DS emulator very shortly I'll make a video and test a few games it does run really slow but I've had a bunch of people ask me to test it out like always thanks for watching