999,999 GRANNY CLONES HACK! | Mobile Horror Game

999,999 GRANNY CLONES HACK! | Mobile Horror Game

Today I’m going to show you guys how to clone Granny with some hacks!


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999,999 GRANNY CLONES HACK! | Mobile Horror Game

how we don't fellas welcome back to the spookiest channel on youtube today we're going to be playing some more granny but we have never played granny like this I know I made my granny videos a while ago it's been a little bit but I'm back because there's a brand new mod hacked version of granny that allows you to change a bunch of different options about the game I thought it would be really interesting to check it out and see what kind of different things we can do I know for a fact you can spawn like a thousand different grannies you can make it impossible for her to actually hurt you you could turn yourself invisible there's a lot of cool things you can do so we're gonna hop in and see what we can do also I'm gonna just change it to like extreme why not actually no I'm gonna do normal I don't want the screen to be darker I'd prease your extreme mode makes everything really dark and creepy looking I don't know if I want the I don't know if I want that also if you guys were wondering this mod was made by somebody called nulls arep so shout out nulls rep thank you for making this without you this video would not be possible so if we click this little thing up in the corner you can see we have a bunch of different options we can turn ourselves invisible we can make it so that granny can't attack us oh my gosh hold on okay whoo I don't think I can touch my mouse if I touch my mouse it's kind of kind of strange like it makes my screen like jump around I don't like that oh alright what should we do we can make granny tiny that'd be pretty cool hello granny where are you oh my goodness look at how tiny you are you so adorable where did you get so cute okay so we can turn that off oh we can make granny really big oh my gosh granny how did you get this can you even fit through the doorway okay I guess she can just clips right through it she don't care at all alright very interesting we can also clone granny hold on cardi eyes what does that mean oh my gosh her eyes just change color randomly what does this do I have to try all these giant eye I don't know what that does huh what'd I do oh oh my gosh what if I do what what is going on how did I get up here I don't know these controls just teleport me random places what that's so weird flash walk slash Crouch that much just make me run around really fast granny granny granny granny what are you doing how do we make clones clone granny oh my gosh oh my gosh there's so many there's so many grand hold on how do I make them tiny Oh what does only one tiny granny okay so if I clone this one that it makes a bunch of little ones oh my gosh you're so adorable look at them look at how cute they are look at you guys hey they're kind of just like in my way I can't walk around them or anything oh my god they're following me leave me alone I'm just a boy I didn't do anything there's so many grannies Pilate what if I make granny giant where's the big granny where did where where's big gran yet I know she's around here somewhere oh no no please I need to hold to remove there we go we got it we got it we figured it out folks awesome I'll see you guys just gonna I'm just gonna dang it dude how many of these do you guys have I'm just gonna go upstairs real quick excuse me she was be coming through I'm looking for a big granny one that's really big actually I think I might have broken it because this has tiny and big there we go there's the big ring now we're gonna clone big granny oh no no there's too many clothes oh gosh okay I gotta get out of here I gotta go granny I'm sorry there's too many granny's let go of me get out of my way Oh God the tiny ones the tiny ones are here to attack oh god this is awful I have to close this all right we're going back into the game this time I'll try to not break it there's so many goofy things that you can do with this mod I really like it thank you syrup you're the best but I don't think I went through all the options I want to check him out oh I could have just removed the clones I'm so stupid man unlimited ammo heck yeah dude hello granny hello are you here where is she there she is I got a turn off can't attack there you go you're not tricking me today grams what else can I do to you I can kill you granny has now gone for about a minute oh my gosh I pushed her down the stairs granny get up come on you gotta wake up please I need you in my life Grammy why do I keep walking backwards I did not I did not want for this to happen I broke it oh wait no I fixed it we're good we're okay oh no she's disappearing granny no granny come back to me come back to me I wasn't ready I wasn't ready for you to go there were so many things I wanted to tell you what is this over here I don't remember this being a part of the game well now there's no granny's in the house and I just feel weird there you are my sweet my precious here I'm gonna clone granny a few times and now we got three grannies perfect now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring I'm gonna bring these ladies upstairs come with me my sweet grandmothers this way what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna break that real quick here come over here this way right over here guys there you go perfect yeah right in the corner right in the corner now I'm just gonna kill you kill granny why isn't it working why is it working remove clones kill there we go now you're dead push her push her off get it out in there yeah how do you like them apples granny how about you you want some you want some granny it'll only kill the original granny which kind of makes me upset that's okay tiny granny mode big granny mode I should go and get the the gun because I can have unlimited ammo which would be very helpful I could just go around slaughter grannies right now the mission is to find the gun key whoa I found something play house key not exactly what I needed that's okay though we'll find it we'll find the right key eventually I bet you the key is somewhere over here it has to be somewhere down here come out come out wherever you are key I need to get the gun so I can shoot granny in the face a bunch of times it'll be very nice it's very fun granny glad to see you made it are you coming to help me find this key so I could shoot you you know that would be a lot of help that would be very generous of you I really appreciate that I need a car key dang it dang it dang dang oh dude I forgot I don't need this I could just pick up the shotgun perfect here now we can turn on unlimited ammo which is already on all right granny stay right there we're a clone granny a bunch of times what why is this working no no I wanted to clone you granny come on granny come ah no butters shoot I can just shoot unlimited oh my god granny there you are hello where you going hey get back here I told you great there you are yeah don't you go running away why can't I kill them this is not what I expected I thought this was gonna let me murder them yeah where are you guys going I'm down here get out of my way get out of my way get out of my way Oh No please don't get me stuck what's the point of having unlimited ammo if I can't mow down grannies you know I'm saying where did my gun go did I drop it I dropped it I don't know how that happened but now I'm upset now I gotta go find it again what did you guys do with my gun there it is get out of my way get out of my way I've come for the gun thank you so much all right we're gonna go back downstairs we're gonna grab the shotgun shell hopefully this time since I have an actual bullet in here it'll let me shoot one of the grannies at least once it's just very satisfying have you ever tried killing your grandmother it's awesome don't actually do that all right stand still yeah what I feel like it only kills the original granny and it doesn't actually kill the other ones nothing nothing what happens if I shoot this thing shoot nothing if I find the weapon key though I can get the little dart gun which is what I was confusing the shotgun with before and if I can have unlimited ammo with the dart gun that would be really cool what's in here nothing nothing what I'm so confused I wonder because this is the hacked version of the game if it'll just let me like do everything no matter what like if I could just nope I still need the pliers for that still need the key okay I gave it my best shot I thought that it would work that way but it didn't that's okay though hold on I'm gonna drop this I must go and search for the key the key to my answer is the key to my heart it's somewhere in this house boys trust me where are you come out come out wherever you are my boy hello what is this all part of the shotgun that's not what I'm interested in I already got the shotgun maybe in here no no no nothing in there granny's welcome how you guys doing I need the weapon key do you guys know where the weapon key is hey you hold it out on me I bet they're holding out on me I'm gonna take the teddy not because I'm gonna use it just because it gives me comfort what is this granny all aggro why you so mean why so angry why are your eyes all red huh it's because I have the teddy bear she's really upset she doesn't like when other people touch the teddy bears what is going on in here what is this why there's so many chairs okay this is the last time I leave you guys home alone what have you I spent up to let's open some of these drawers hopefully the keys in here nope nope guys get out of my way you need to give me space okay you guys are making me very uncomfortable you guys are very clingy and I don't like it all right nobody likes a clingy person oh my god there's so many chairs there's so many chairs I guarantee you the key is hidden somewhere amongst these chairs it has to be it's the only place I haven't looked oh my gosh okay you let me out please please please please all right I have to get rid of these clones dude from over from over I'm over I'm over mo remove the clones perfect the clones are all gone I closed that we don't have to go in that room granny we should just keep that closed and not talk about it we don't we don't to talk about it excuse me I can't remember if I already looked in the bathroom but I'm going in I'm going in boys nothing in that tub nothing in the toilet oh we got the handle I'm really hoping the weapon key is in this bucket but I'm not entirely sure come on come on there we go come on give Papa something good give Papa Scooby something he can use come on come on please anything nope okay all right not what I was expecting but that's fine we can go back in the house we're gonna grab the Playhouse key we're gonna go back outside hopefully there's something good in here cuz this I haven't checked this place yet so it's anybody's game whoo okay we're gonna take the cog if my calculations are correct we just need to place this right here hmm no we still need another cog dang it granny you're not helping you're not helping me okay get out of my way No are you serious am I stuck here no no this is stupid this is a stupid granny move there we go I was gonna say if I was stuck there I was gonna be so upset like what how do these things keep getting duplicated look at how many of these items there are how did it get like this I didn't do that there's some funny business going on guys I don't know I don't know how I feel about this hold on maybe in the glove box move car door there we go there we go what's in the glove box is there anything good in the glove box I don't see anything I don't think there's anything in there very upset I am upset ii mr. spaghetti and there's nothing in here either guys I don't know what to do I can't find any other keys I can't find anything there has to be someplace I'm not looking at it has to be somewhere stupid I bet you it's in the room with all the chairs I can't even maneuver that room it's impossible oh we got the hammer that something oh okay yeah excuse me coming through pardon me sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm just trying to walk through all these chairs hey that's my best Canadian impression I know it's not very good shut up I really use this plank we will take this plank we gonna place that plane right there I'm gonna cry right here Oh granny I'm so glad to see you made it what is this what key is this I need this oh wow that hurt me okay that ow I forgot it did that all right well now I need the wire cutters all this just to find the stupid little gun let's look at here we haven't checked here yet come on please something useful uh-huh the car key okay that's something that's something we don't have all right let's get in the car let's turn the car on right no wait oh I'm sorry I forgot it goes to the trunk and we got a watermelon oh my gosh thank God we finally found something different all right boys please be the weapon key please be the weapon key please be the weapon key please be the weapon jeez no way biggie yes all right finally we had the weapon key we got the weapon no no no no why am i walking backwards I just keeps pushing me backwards automatically got the crossbow thank goodness we're gonna put this in here and now we're gonna turn unlimited ammo on does it give me unlimited darts it doesn't I did all that for nothing I did all that for nothing I'm so upset I hate you chairs you've made my life awful I know the chairs didn't have anything to do with it I'm just taking how my anger on the chairs you I ain't you so much yeah that's right that's right granny fall dude get out of here get out of here hey what's going on guys just push my grandma down a flight of stairs ha ha ha ha so funny anyway we're gonna have to end the video here thank you guys so much for watching if you want to see more granny hacks on the channel let me know down in the comments section I know it was a little late to this plenty of other youtubers have done this already but I wanted to give my two cents on it I think it's really fun I hope that the guy who created this makes a lot more so that I can make more content on it but yeah let me know about that down in the comment section like the video subscribe and get over cage whenever I upload sides I'll see you guys the next video thank you so much