7 Stunning Games You'll Never Get to Play Because They're Not Real

Tech demos exist to show off a graphics engine, for instance, in the best possible light. As such, there are loads of gorgeous, exciting tech demos out there that never become actual games, but look so good tat we’d happily front crawl through a sandpaper swimming pool for a chance to play them. Consider these stunning demonstrations of dazzling technology destined never to become an actual game and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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tech demos exist to allow companies to show off their latest graphic systems engines or hardware in the best possible light they're sort of the facebook profile pictures of videogames as such there are loads of incredible tech demos out there that never become actual games but looks so good that we'd happily do the front crawl through a sand paper swimming pool for a chance to play them here are seven stunning demonstrations of dazzling technology destined never to become an actual game but like no man's sky I'm just kidding here is good now Dateline the Presidio San Francisco back on the homefront those artisans of electronic entertainment and LucasArts have been hard at work researching scientific advancements for the new generation of gaming consoles creating realistic physics in video games is tricky just ask goat simulator better Isaac Newton's regretting inventing physics now that was just Jane leaving a key moment in the history of realistic video game physics came in 2007 with the release of the euphoria animation engine which could be found powering the hilarious drunkenness in rockstar games such as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto for the first time I ever saw you for eeeh in action though was in a tech demo released by LucasArts showing off its naturalistic reactive physics in a collection of fight scene starring everyone's favorite slash world's worst archaeologist Indiana Jones as this rare color footage shows these thugs are no match for the pugilistic pounding of our intrepid hero in this demo Indy wails on a bunch of thugs in San Francisco's Chinatown using his fists whip fruit stands and parked cars to show just how pretty giving someone a savage beating could look look how no two reactions are ever the same euphoria gives you that true next generation experience we've also got improvised weaponry of course the good professor will always first offer a seat to a stranger and an amazing looking sequence in which dr. Jones fights off a horde of gang members on top of a moving cable car watch out dr. Jones bad guys just got a whole lot smarter all this was just a technical demo but say combat focused Indiana Jones game makes a lot of sense to me and based on this tech demo it looks like the best parts of sleeping dogs or rock stars the Warriors mixed with Indy style cloak trotting high adventure watch as Indy sends these troublemakers on a short trip they won't soon forget sadly this game never materialized it later emerged that this section was intended to be part of a game called Indiana Jones and the staff of Kings Indiana Jones and the south of Kings did come out though it was initially meant to be released for the Xbox 360 and ps3 and it was heavily scaled back to run on the ps2 and we where it did not resemble the cool stuff in the tech demo the actual version that came out landed about as well as Harrison Ford in a light aircraft oh come on he was fine something I need to start looking for answers and now LucasArts is shut down and Indiana Jones films are bad so chances of us getting another great indie game uh well about as good as the chances of us getting another great indie film still will always have this demo and everyone can enjoy that all the Isaac Newton himself couldn't do it better except physicists I guess the oculus rift software comes with a series of brief demos designed to show off the vast potential of VR games which would be great if literally anybody cared about VR games dream deck as it's called teleports you to a series of fantastical locations including a distant planet where you come face to face with a friendly alien I mean he seems friendly but bet you anything he just released an invisible cloud of poisonous spores and we're now carrying a carnivorous alien baby I know how these things work then there's the demo that shrinks you down to the size of a microscopic bug and allows you to get all up close and personal with it's weird compound eyes gross they're not killer stream that whisks you away to this deserted Museum huh I was expecting something a bit more spectacular there you go our favorite of the tech demos though is this one which pops you on a platform high above a beautiful steampunky Art Deco metropolis sort of like Gotham City only with marginally less risk of being murdered by a clown I mean depends where you're playing your oculus I suppose the city looks breathtaking and we're desperate to explore it but after just a couple of minutes of dangling your toes over the edge looking at the regulation airships the demo fades to black your steampunk dream is over and its back to gluing cogs to a top hat in the boring real world I've been this disappointed since wild wild west not because of the steampunk stuff just generally with an offering of light and darkness do I invoke the ancient back to fight the wicked stand threaten the sacred communion first revealed at e3 2012 agni's philosophy was a tech demo for the numinous engine the very same that four years later we'd gone to power Final Fantasy 15 when the makers of agni's philosophy first set about making their demo they started out with a question what is Final Fantasy the answer to the question of what is the irreducible essence of a Final Fantasy game turned out not to be chocobos and hairdos but a melange of science and magic conflict crystals giant mystical creatures and hairdos that's Agni the star of agni's philosophy which takes place in an undeniably final fantasy looking world where a bunch of mages are performing a ritual during an eclipse led by a grandmaster we never get the chance to learn his name because all too soon he is gunned down by baddies r.i.p Grandmaster Flash let's say the goal of acnes philosophy was to flex on the rest of the games industry with real-time graphics that looked as good as pre-rendered CGI in that respect we call this jaw-dropping demo a resounding success running at 60 frames per second with 1.8 gigs of texture data per frame and more polygons per character model than there are people in Pittsburgh and besides the eye-popping magical fireworks and ultra-high definition hair we were fully on board for the story sketched out by the demo with its viciously angry hyenas and its viciously angry dragons that you could summon to eat your enemies not to mention its juxtaposition of overcrowded impoverished for valus and a sleek advanced super city that brings to mind the setting and themes of Final Fantasy 7 alas agni's philosophy was but a four-minute tech demo and so it would remain meaning we'll never true you know which philosophy Agni subscribes to what's the one where use someone an angry dragon and ride around on it we're gonna call it george RR martin ism this is the place doesn't look like much go take a look the latest tech demo for the game engine unity knows exactly what it takes to create buzz around a videogame in 2019 an amazing jacket ok we go but this demo called the heretic has a lot more than just a cool jacket going for it unbelievably clocking in at just under four minutes it manages to create an intriguing sci-fi world that has us wanting more even though we know very little about what exactly is going on for start there's this guy who not only has a sweet jacket but also a robot crow or crobat that he can use for reconnaissance and that provides feedback via some kind of high-tech gauntlet together the two open a portal to an amazing looking sci-fi fantasy world where presumably if this were a real game we'd be able to explore talk to people and fight enemies with the same inventive style as our crobat buddy [Applause] can't believe history's actually real we're imagining something along the lines of the upcoming cyberpunk 2077 and not just because the main characters look alike all right it's a little bit of that but a deep involving RPG set in this world is exactly the sort of thing we do fling money at given half the chance it also looks beautiful thanks to according to the official heretic page on the Unity website mysterious things that sound impressive like High Definition render pipeline and volumetric ambience I got no idea what most of these terms mean to be honest ooh except panini projection that's when you throw a toasted sandwich at someone apparently this demo is running on a consumer class desktop PC although it's possible the unity guys have a different idea of what the average person has sitting in their office at home sill fingers crossed we see more from The Heretic soon even if it's just to answer what the main character has in that case is it a weapon a different cooler jacket some paninis unity they'll leave us hanging Unreal Engine 3 was the engine that powered I estimate 99% of the games on xbox 360 this de-facto bit of tech was in charge of moving polygons around for Gears of War Bioshock and Batman Arkham Asylum among others but even after those games in 2011 epic was still looking to show off to game developers how powerful their codebase was hey they never stopped advertising coca-cola either so for the 2011 Game Developers Conference they created the Samaritan demo which was all our rain-slicked neon lit Blade Runner dreams in one yes including the one where everyone wears really complicated trench coats like we said cool jackets where the Samaritan differs from Blade Runner however is that we don't remember Rick Deckard ever turning into the things great cousin and flicking a lit cigarette at some police officers not something we'd suggest you try in real life unless you're keen to switch your bathroom arrangements to a stainless steel toilet in full view of your fellow inmates still our Samaritan friend has no trouble wrecking up this squad of police with a series of crunching attacks that have us picturing a futuristic open-world brawler that sadly will never get to play what's more the demo ends with a tantalizing tease of a fight against a giant police spider mech what did I say about prison toilets the Samaritan demo must have been successful as a variety inform or Unreal Engine three games followed and it's still the engine that powers this year's Mortal Kombat 11 which is beautiful if you're into that sort of thing and that my friends is the power of advertising I don't even remember buying this thing [Applause] 3dmark is a program for testing how well your computer can render 3d graphics it's designed to give your system a graphical workout and report back like a military fitness test but with shadow mapping instead of push-ups the thing is to put a pc through its paces graphically you have to come up with some actual graphics to that end 3d Mart design suitable sequences for a computer to render and sometimes the result is basically the trailer for a game we're perpetually disappointed we'll never get to play take Canyon flight here which appeared in 3d mark 5 and then again in 3d mark 6 in 2006 it begins with a serene flight aboard a ship slung below a Zeppelin with the sunny dreamy airborne old-timey vibes of Columbia from BioShock Infinite but without all the racist raffles and garbage can food then things go excitingly sideways with an attack from a sea monster that makes the Loch Ness monster look like the lot less monster because it makes the Loch Ness monster look small a lot less look forget it regardless Canyon flight brings to mind a beautiful airborne sailing adventure like a flying sea of thieves a sky of thieves if you will we find the prospect so appealing we'll even let it off the hook for how this guy's face looks like a rugby players me come on it was 2006 we didn't even know what faces looked like until 2011 see also the Elder Scrolls for oblivion apparently ray-tracing is the next big thing in videogames whoever this ray is I hope they're paying him adequately well I guess it is only tracing probably whoever did the original drawing gets the big bucks in order to show off its new r-tx graphics cards which feature this brand new technology Nvidia collaborated with Industrial Light & Magic and unreal to create a Star Wars short film that follows the fortunes of two stormtroopers I heard kylo Ren destroyed the one over in D sector he asked me who's ever in charge of this place should be transferred to Hoth regardless this is the shiniest most photorealistic we've ever seen Star Wars and while Battlefront 2 was by no means an ugly game it didn't look anywhere near as convincing as this and thanks to ray tracing those white helmets are shinier than Tom Cruise's teeth the end result ran in real-time on NVIDIA hardware and was so realistic it looked like a deleted scene from force awakens you know the sort that George Lucas would have eventually reinserted into a special edition ruining the pacing also he'd swap one of the stormtroopers for Hayden Christensen and have Jar Jar Binks stumbling into some crates in the backgrounds this demo got us thinking though we'd happily play a game that actually puts you in the boots of the humble stormtroopers on a series of photorealistic single-player or co-op missions so how about a raid you have for some more tracing no answer rude least we blend in for once thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and do hit the bail notification icon if you'd like to be alerted every time we put a new video up if you'd like to watch something right now up here we have a video about the dumbest mistakes made by evil corporations and down here we have a video from outside extra about Pokemon that kind of got creepier over time please enjoy those thanks for watching we'll see you next time