1v1 Against SWEATY Trash Talker…Will My HACKS Be Enough?!?! (Rainbow Six Siege)

1v1 Against SWEATY Trash Talker…Will My HACKS Be Enough?!?! (Rainbow Six Siege)


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1v1 Against SWEATY Trash Talker…Will My HACKS Be Enough?!?! (Rainbow Six Siege)

hey guys it's a boy howdy coming at you guys with the brand-new video you already know we're playing with playing Rainbow six siege so yeah so if you guys did comment below to my video guys you guys want to watch because I know these probably ones get stale after a while so yeah thank you guys for tuning in today's video please leave a like and subscribe guys I'm really I'm really looking again to new different type of content here because these won't be ones you know they're fun they're fun and all but you know I've been doing it for two years two years on the same map same everything so yeah tell me it's getting old guys I mean I'm also continue to do them don't worry don't worry I know you guys love them but what the fuck holy shit I just shit my pants holy freaking crap Oh God oh geez we got a sweat on our hands oh cool it is almost a fake a video I mean if you wanna go again I'll talk shit I'll still be see like like that's this Simon this kid but that kid was trash-talking me for frickin months I joined I let him join and the guy's freaking fake like bail in this guy's I'm fucking like or some shit easy clap you used to be just a bad dog throw your body whoa oh yeah he's not wrong technically I do suck at the game I'm getting back into it boys don't worry no freaking worried cuz we're coming back baby comeback season yeah you here for season three or twos mine is my year I'm getting Diamond this time boys we're getting freakin time we're going diamond to copper Kampala few like the diamond to copper series because that would actually be a pain in the ass to do but I could try also the new game tabs came out and I've been watching it it's like totally something battle accurate shit on tour shown ya heightened ready watch the skill you guys thought I was losing my my hacking skills dude you thought you freaking thought I'd be nuts I would have been absolutely Blancas I don't know where this kid is I don't know it's really weird to see my name show up on the screen every five seconds when I'm talking I put a race game and some guy was thinking like oh do you know way maybe my face is Nathan Buddha's chip oh hey check it only fucking he'll be back we need immediate evac oh no dude I got held for days I guess not oh one HP oh my oh my gosh one HP know what HP clutch boys holy crap I'm was to shape my pants oh my god oh that's what happens when a bot one of you wants someone that plays the game totally 100% when a bot plays another guy in the game this is how it is I'm based off make my smile boys we are here getting ladies you already know it's weird looking at myself I'm not even gonna lie okay to that I gotta get rid of that I can't do it no more guys can't do it no more but definitely comment down below ideas I'm also glad for the four night World Cup I'm gonna be doing live streams work that's what I want to be all around a good content you know I want you guys to watch so if you guys want to watch live streams follow my Twitter cuz in case it's on my twitch and that's that but if it's not then it won't be on my Twitter I'll be on my YouTube so just try to post on vacations all around boys about it well do that it's probably shoot this one down my duck down Oh hmm sure to play this one let's go totally risk injure on this oh shit me dude Holy Mother crapper dude I swear every five seconds in bottle you shot the amount of damage this guy's done to me he's actually insane I'll think I'll look at damage to him and he's just been cracking me left and right sure well I got to go boys I miss headshot this guy's freaking pearl even sharp wait what the Freak is this gun what the heck is that gun is that a shotgun wait what that's what was that frickin gun in the game what the heck what the Freak was he using what the Freak is this yeah you know we're suppressing your boys I don't off I got the coupon I did not well this is either gonna end very well very bad oh my this seems a frickin pistol sinks a laser that can beat you in sir where's this they've been all my life why hasn't this been the thing why have I never seen this thing why have I never used it we're getting rid that twister on another one – yeah yeah get out of here boy checking electro Claude your ways gonna come from their money on it money on it you know you know you do somebody of these you just try to make him entertaining at this point like this I'm talking okay put your money in the bag and you know all the wall banks at this point like did I've got master this map of course you're gonna be up there bro you think that's stupid I'm not that bad I'm bad but I'm not that bad and I've had my pretty fire I've had my fair share of being pretty shit at this game and that's not one of them I can point shit again I'm gonna go write him up here let's fix this screen up oh dude frickin fall so hard need a warm-up something something something we're back boys really thought I lost my frickin acting abilities dude I got my frickin red dots showing up on the stand shit no I don't lose it I don't like it oh just a little garage accident thank you spawn killing and I need up century spawn killing because maybe not boom it goes the dynamite I hope you sign the objector I'm just gonna go in and full send it bitch bitch down let me open this up sign in throne numero two you already know and we're gonna camera hello are you what's gonna go in and have a good time he's in the hole here the biohazard container I don't know my eye itches stop the keyring the container everything inches dude in my nose yeah I got crabs for babies pussy no in the closet that's good we'll come back Yolo I don't know what I was thinking Hondo activity oh my god that was absolutely not my frickin flick was insane knows you're the container was a dirty flick guys I still freaking got it dude I still freaking got it you're saying I'm kind of no wonder I'm a freakin pro uh put some respect on my name dude you guys here how do you think BOTS know what do you God my god good decent I'll tell you beyond below average at best yeah I'm not that good at this game boys I thought it was at one point I was it was decent decent I know I was gonna class I didn't pick her but I ended up getting hit so about a die to an ash sweat but hey man oh we got ten minute video let's go yeah guys I really need video recommendation to you boys really I'm the struggle bus here you know what we wanted to say well nuanced you know yeah I just got the conjuring flashback something downstairs this guy suposed booty off on this ride specially what the fuck you know I didn't want to wait the fucking 30 minutes in this guy look at this hey bad sneaky to you up yes settings are these what the fuck is BS being OBS Oh bullshit oh yeah you know that their their their settings yeah opening the door right now I don't blame him no he's not wide open in the back honestly if you went down here we'll find out in a second nope he's upstairs I respect it I respect the change respect the hustle it's important to win these boys yeah I did no I did I was looking at my uh my OBS my OBS I hope yes my obvious my OBS open this up in New York that thing anybody home I don't know who you are thank you hello interesting interesting Oh secure the biohazard container the securing the container oh well I always wish I needed all friends oh well nothing yes watch today's video I hacks for not enough to win you know how's this Oh what the fuck well you win some you lose some I don't post losses so you never gonna see this video that's it's gonna be off the internet yes I won so I want to change well I've win everyone be one voice I'm it's that a warm up that's just disrespectful get out of my face bill that's me and I hurt my feelings this man's not a fan these boys

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