12 Gaming Life Hacks EVERY Gamer Should Know!

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At this point life hacks are universally known as tips and tricks to make everyday life a bit easier, But what about us gamers? Ok, to be honest being a gamer isn’t too difficult that is unless we’re getting scammed by incomplete game releases or freemium games but hey, who said we couldn’t make gaming just a little bit more fun and enjoyable? You’re watching GamerBrain and today we’re taking a look at 12 Life Hacks for Gamers.

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at this point life hacks are universally known as tips and tricks to make everyday life a bit easier but what about us gamers okay to be honest being a gamer isn't that difficult unless we're getting scammed by incomplete game releases or freemium games but hey who said we couldn't make gaming just a little bit more fun and enjoyable you're watching gamer brain and today we're taking a look at twelve life hacks for gamers before we get into this video make sure you smack that like button and if you enjoy our content make sure to hit that subscribe button down below number twelve protect those cables using split loom tubing happen to have a cat a dog chances are at some point they've decided that all the cables you meticulously organized within your set up would make for great chew toys and while you could let them not unset cables until they realized it wasn't such a good idea to mess with electricity but to save you the time and the possibility of having to buy new pets will combat the problem head-on run to your local hardware store and pick up some split loom tubing what this stuff is gonna allow you to do is protect those wires from any and all pets that are hungry for a midnight snack this hack is definitely useful because as someone who's personally had cables destroyed by a pet it sucks and not having to buy new cables is also a plus number 11 turn on your TV's game mode all right so you just bought yourself a brand new TV and your games probably look great on it or maybe you're rocking a bit of an older television and you want your games to look even better dig around in the menu of your TV until you find game mode and turn it on you see most flat screen TVs apply processing and ugly filters to be displayed to make images look better and pop but the problem is that all that image processing and video games don't really work too well together sometimes causing lag or image ghosting for most TVs it's best to switch on that game mode before jumping into a game and upon playing you'll notice the difference number 10 hack your Nintendo Wii it's no question that the Nintendo Wii is one of the cheapest consoles out there to buy but don't let that deter you if you already own a Wii you ought to hack it with homebrew software so you can run some homebrew games and apps if you have no clue what I'm referring to then think of homebrew as pretty much the open source software of the Nintendo Wii once you hack your console you're pretty much free to do whatever you want whether it be run emulators of your favorite console or watch movies there are really no restrictions regarding what you can put on it running emulators on the console will allow you to basically play any game you want the lack of an HDMI output from the we might turn a few players off but you can probably find a weed for less than $50 so some sacrifices are definitely gonna have to be made pick up one of these consoles if you're looking for a convenient all-in-one game setup or a media center number 9 download flux for PC here's one for the PC gamers you've probably already heard of gun are gaming glasses that are out there and while some people swear by them flex is a free application for PC and Mac that basically does the same thing in that it changes your screen colors and saturation so that you can limit the strain on your eyes so if you're like me and you sit in front of a TV or a computer screen all day whether it be gaming or editing it's probably best to minimize the strain that your TV or monitor puts on your eyes because well if you go blind no more video games for you number eight use a PS Vita as a ps4 controller this is more of a built-in feature than a hack per se but since the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013 a lot of people haven't actually figured out that you can actually use a PS Vita as an extra DualShock 4 controller for the console through remote play if you're hanging out with a friend and you don't have an extra controller then this is the perfect option the only thing you'll have to contend with is the implementation of the R 2 and L 2 buttons on the rear touchpad of the Vita but honestly once you get used to it then the Vita is a pretty solid option as a controller and hey if you already had a Vita lying around then you just got yourself a free controller number seven play retro games on your smart phone long gone are the days of having the jailbreak or root your smart phone in order to play retro video games the process has become relatively simple in recent years and being able to play classic games from the NES Super Nintendo Sega Genesis and even more with a few taps of your screen is pretty much a necessity for any gamer personally being able to play classic games from your phone makes long trips more bearable and it gives you the ability to go back and revisit some titles that you may have never played the best part is though is that it's totally free and pretty easy to pull off definitely hit up some of the tutorials on YouTube and start playing retro games on your phone today number 6 wire up that internet connection alright let's be honest to some people this might seem like a pretty obvious thing but get yourself an Ethernet wire and wire up that internet connection for your console and you'll thank me later well wireless Internet is definitely the most convenient option for most people and sure you could put tinfoil on your wireless router in order to increase internet speeds but if you're looking for a more solid option then wiring up your internet connection is the only real way to improve your ping and reduce lag while playing online and if your internet speeds are abysmal like mine then going wired is definitely necessary number five use your smartphone for downloading games so with most of the new consoles the implementation of smartphones and apps is pretty much going to be guaranteed having the ability to be able to purchase and download games without actually having to be near your console is a pretty handy feature considering many of us live busy daily lives or work multiple jobs we can't really complain about being able to come home and pick up our controllers and just play video games no downloads no updates no nonsense just pick up and play the Xbox one offers the smart glass app and the PSN app can also be found on the App Store or Google Play smartphone integration is a really nifty feature that not a lot of people seem to be taking advantage of number four free Skype calling with Xbox Live here's one a lot of people don't know as you know Xbox Live is necessary if you want to play games online if you're an Xbox Live Gold member then you automatically get a hundred free minutes of voice calling through Skype you might be asking yourself how in any way is this useful to me well if you're not a Skype user you can set up the Xbox ones voice control through Kinect and make a contact on skype for your favorite pizza place Papa John's or takeout restaurant and bam in 30 minutes or less you'll have food at your door and you didn't even have to leave the couch number three remote play PlayStation 4 for PC and PlayStation Vita with the release of the Nintendo switch playing console quality titles on the go is no longer out of reach but a few years before the switch came out Sony's PlayStation Vita was able to play ps4 titles via remote play remote play let's the PS Vita operate the PlayStation 4 via a wireless connection and play most PlayStation 4 games away from your couch some crafty people discovered that the only real requirement for this was a solid internet connection meaning you could use remote play as long as your PlayStation 4 was powered on at home simply by using cellular data although you do have to have a pretty solid LTE network connection to do this it's a pretty cool way to play ps4 games when you can't actually bring your ps4 with you number two using a ps4 controller on ps3 coming in at number two we've got a feature for people who own both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console you can actually use a DualShock 4 controller on the PlayStation 3 by simply plugging in the micro USB cable or connecting it as a Bluetooth device this makes for a great tip especially when you want to go back and revisit some of those great multiplayer games on the PlayStation 3 and either don't have a second ps3 controller or just simply can't find it the DualShock 4 functions just as its older DualShock 3 counterpart so you'll have no issues jumping right into the game personally I like the feel of the DualShock 4 better so it's a useful addition be able to use the same controller on both consoles number one hand and unplugged controller to a younger sibling it's always awesome to have another person to game with but younger siblings can be a bit of a drag whenever they want to join in not playing a game that they can't even understand so that leaves us with the age-old trick and time-tested method to make them think that their gaming with you when really they aren't now all you have to do is practice your acting skills to really make them believe that they're the ones racking up the kills in cod and you're good to go alright guys and there you have it there is 12 life hacks for gamers I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did remember to leave a thumbs up down below and if you're new here remember to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest releases from the channel also guys go ahead and leave me a comment if you have a life hack that I missed on this list I definitely want to know some more useful life hacks and maybe I'll make a video that's a part two to this in the future anyways guys remember to give us a follow over on Twitter if you have an @ gamer bring YT also go ahead and give me a follow on Instagram as well you never know what's gonna hit my Instagram I don't post on there too much but there could be some cool photos or something like that so guys definitely go over there it's the place to be on the internet but anyways guys I really hope you enjoyed this video and thank you very much for sticking around to the end this is Tyler from gamer brain and I'll catch you guys in the next one