1000 YR STORM MASTERMINDS!! Grixis Stanard MTG Arena Deck Tech and Games


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2 Thousand-Year Storm (GRN) 207
3 Island (RIX) 193
8 Swamp (RIX) 194
4 Mastermind’s Acquisition (RIX) 77
4 Mountain (RIX) 195
2 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247
2 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
1 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252
4 Evolving Wilds (RIX) 186
2 The Immortal Sun (RIX) 180
4 Lightning Strike (XLN) 149
4 Shock (M19) 156
3 Chart a Course (XLN) 48
4 Bedevil (RNA) 157
4 The First Eruption (DAR) 122
4 Discovery // Dispersal (GRN) 223
4 Treasure Map (XLN) 250
1 Chromatic Lantern (GRN) 233

1 Clear the Mind (RNA) 34
1 Banefire (M19) 130
1 Unmoored Ego (GRN) 212
1 Cry of the Carnarium (RNA) 70
1 Ritual of Soot (GRN) 84
1 Kaya’s Wrath (RNA) 187
1 Phyrexian Scriptures (DAR) 100
1 Form of the Dinosaur (RIX) 103
1 Assassin’s Trophy (GRN) 152
1 Zacama, Primal Calamity (RIX) 174
1 Niv-Mizzet, Parun (GRN) 192
1 Carnival // Carnage (RNA) 222
1 Nezahal, Primal Tide (RIX) 45
1 Omniscience (M19) 65
1 Emergency Powers (RNA) 169

it's gonna show in there I'm gonna show him what we're all about I know there's a little bit BM but come on come on come on right and the million dollar question how many masterminds acquisitions do you need to win in a game of magic your complete and utter dingus well find out I am as it so happens dingus and well don't get triggered when we watch these games because I am going to miss play because this deck is very fun but it's also complicated from time to time because we have things such as the first eruption and we have things such as most – acquisition thousand years storms we copy our masterminds acquisition you just get so many possibilities possibility overload is what you get with this deck from time to time it's so damn fun it's so about when you win you win big you with this deck it's not gonna be a close game with us you know you know ping them with the last shock for – that's never gonna happen with this deck it's just you you win everything big time or you just die like the two modes of this deck win big or don't win at all that's that's the name of the game for this deck so of course you've understood that we're gonna play mas mas acquisition with thousand-year storm and these two cards are made for each other for several reasons one is that if you play for most immense acquisitions you don't really need to have 4,000 years storms in deck because you can search for thousand your servants sometimes thousand years tops it's not super good especially against the Esper's it's usually better just search for an immortal songs' so that's why we have that as a possible search target if you want to other than that we have a lot of ramp we have the first eruption you've seen before if you've seen my my last video for instance where I did the dinosaurs it's an amazing car it's an amazing car but yeah I probably gonna have to read it one more time just because maybe you haven't seen my videos before and then you probably haven't seen the first eruption before it's a saga first part is one that watch H cubed up flying note without flying next part it's the earthquake part that's what doesn't need to be just with flying add two two blue wheels but say no to read manner and this is why we play this card because we can ramp into a thousand-year storm immortal son who plays on turn three turn forward play a land when we get the two mana from first eruption and we can either play thousand your storm or in molten and these cards are so much better and turn four than they are on turn six it's like this much difference you can't even see how much difference that the camera could not even capture I'm a difference it was that's how much different it was difference it was so what's our chromatic lantern to fix all our lands because sometimes we want to search for weird like Sakura in the sideboard and treasure map was upset reasons and also it's a little ramp then we just need some sorceress and means that doesn't really matter too much when you put in here I think as long as this instance the sources that triggered a thousand-year storm you should be good to go we have shock lightning strike which you know can finish the game if you combo this off with thousand-year storm but usually doesn't but able to deal with Planeswalkers which are very good to be able to deal with artifacts also sometimes from time to time you need to kill artifacts and then we just discovery and short course just dig for more cards but what you are interested in this is sideboard of course and in the side would have a couple of juicy code like omniscience one of the go-to things for this deck is if you have tons of mana you need ten mana to do this but who is gonna be the early and we're not winning in the early game usually with this deck we're gaining in the very very late game with this deck so you search for omniscience and of course you get two or more searches because you're gonna have thousand your storm out with your mouths – acquisition and then you got emergency powers and you can usually win this way cuz you're gonna have two triggers and not three triggers everything's gonna happen three times if you get a shorter course or a discovery in seven cards that you draw you're probably gonna win because in a draw so many cards you can just find out the masterminds and everything is free when you play the mission so just gonna go through your entire deck and you're gonna win that way that's that's a fun way to win you can also go for PSICOM a primal tide which um taps on your lands you can kill all the creatures can destroy all artifacts or in short but sat on the board and gain tons of life it's a super fun card you've seen this before in my text I just love this account – I board Nestor Hall and miss it because we get to search for so much and sometimes you can just if you get really big thoughts in your storm off with master once a question sometimes you can shows trainings in just kill them with creatures if you want to it's mostly for the funds the giggles and all that but sometimes these are legit target sometimes you need a new mr. it feels like the best card search for once a breach of suit play the board cuts wrath this is when you don't have all the manners as you need then you play route because we don't have why to the deck so that's why I bought their breakfast scriptures is another way to play at the board unmoored ego is a very fun car to go up against the Esper necks because you can just remove everything they have the win with you forget this off with thoughts in your storm and get to unloading a two or three times then you're probably won against them there's nothing really they can do them critique on oriental effed life and stuff like that share the mine to record the deck one more time assassins trophy to destroy any permanent and yes this is also very foundry thousand you storm because you can destroy everything and sometimes they will even run out to basic so we can destroy it so many cards that there nothing left us on the following it win just remove everything kill everything and emmab carnage which is mostly or carnival corner I should say which is most of or the carnage side this is all the way to win against Esper control just have a couple of spells on and carnage and then loose they lose everything in their hand and it's very very hard for them to ever recover from that and that's pretty much the deck this is jump through games yelling nets I live Wow Wow I play like this like like bolus if you play the hill that gives them in the tutorial which has only basics draws them in the perfect amounts well what that's great keep this weight on yep love vanilla it's fine I was in your store man that's something okay it comes in for one damage or two damage do you buff in portion it wash it if this guy is not Russian I don't know who is place the Raska his name is bush nuts Boris Bush nuts is full name if you want yeah we're gonna lightning strike this will be a little bit difficult to get Oh got thousand years storm I think against bush nuts but we'll try what salt right yep yeah we're down low well well you go big or go home you ask well but your land this will be amazing this will be SuperDuper amazing if we do the tour land that we are pretty much done here but I mean you need some luck come on yes yes perfect perfect powers in your storm got it god it's put a stop here but it stop here yeah we're gonna do it so gonna do with you don't have everything we need no that is that is true let's see here never cost an instant or sources pal copy it for each other instances when I've cost before this turn so what do we want to I guess you want to discovery a lot here I'm gonna draw oh we gotta go full control mode main let's see we're gonna tap this we solve this yeah eat this up okay here we are gone let's see here think we use black and black and discovery hopefully does not use yeah kept the rub that's lucky for me yeah sir well to draw card we need a lander result shock is good in more than Sun it's also good but we need a lab there we need a land while we need lon oh that's not a land unfortunately we're just going to short a course then yep please find the land result okay the discord chromatic land and I think yeah we solve this short course land yes finally we found it okay first eruption not need that really what is in the plate tapped and passed on wow this is tight try it already I'm sorry I took up very long time to do all that okay okay okay okay okay okay very very close to down there very very close to death so let's see here we need more Lance still did not find Lance okay let's the devil we do not need let's see here then this world lightning strike his face start working on it start working on that face no but I mean arguably a mistake if there's a haste creature okay did not have it that's good let's see if we can short a course first and now we can maybe double masterminds okay no have to skip the mortals on their this down search for on the blue ah yeah we kind of need to work up to one big turn I think yeah we need land so stop here we are so close to dying here so close to death let's see we're gonna draw this land go it perfect main face okay so now we're gonna lightning strike his face I don't we're gonna master Minds outside the game okay get to master minds don't that much which gains his life here unfortunately not much at all we could go for a nip miss it yeah let's go for one miss it and one on what I don't even know I don't even know what you save us sir just need him to brick and brick and brick again don't we have any life fraction scriptures won't work in fire I think carnival does this could save us maybe maybe a stern let's stop here stop here okay runaway steam king that's perfect that will immediately carnival week and then my turn yep check the top card we're not the masterminds that I do want very much they want doll that's called main face no no I don't have enough for me miss it well well maybe we must once again wow this became very awkward when I did not find a way to winner maybe it clear the mind could be pretty nice was i I messed up all my artifacts are in the graveyard air sir okay perfect now we can flip the not in other land he has eight mountains by the way I don't think it's really enjoying that blue blue red red and them red and blue and then clear the mind myself with a blue yep draw a card deal damage get everything back draw the card one damage yeah maybe we'll get him here maybe even with my even with messing up this much we'll see got him my place I need life game towards that I can stood there for you don't even think about that yeah after that last game I updated my side but now we have a form of dinosaurs now I can actually live gain if I happened to be up against monorail again yeah we're gonna keep this they have we gonna keep this okay here you'll get it's not bowling well this could be a spur control with man that's that's at least be good good thing about this is that Lisa's man oh yeah yeah I think that thousand storm we'll probably not long for this world be my guess and we're just gonna treasure map treasure map I think that's the best answer versus this guy just search for those treasures try and flip them look at the top card yes please yes please exactly what I want they're all that code main face put down on the treasure map did he count as this you might let's see here check the top card but devil we already have of a devil don't think we need another check top card island yeah we have no blue so that could be quite useful noting quite useful yeah put that down in case something happens and as the turn so good gonna start flipping maps here we have a thousand new storm so sure well I guess so we no longer have a thousand-year storm that's what I'm trying to say we had one went away my turn yeah check these maps lightning strike now getting lightning starts here is your map short a course now that's not really our win the sound like okay that's pretty decent chromatic lantern stop here mess can start the insane car drawing soon that's good yes bolus orange sure Crixus controller who discover dispersal that is pretty good that can dig us a lot so get that job and let's just not like that buddy buddy how are you tapping the mana see why can't I discovery oh because ah it's not my main face yet okay main face blue black discovery yeah this costing me very much go away that's it at all along the people sure will sacrifice treasure draw a card still not really finding it no no in a mastermind sir and sorry get to this you wonder what is he looking for masterminds very much mass Matt's nickel bolus yep yeah look we did not find it yes we would have lost it there this mountain the pass away the treasure map well that's pretty good actually now we can put that down but the treasure map down I use this check the top card oh there's masterminds that's the masterminds let's see here and draw the masterminds see here we can play the masterminds let's see we can search outside the game let's see what we do we're what do we do we which code go for a Ellis reborn we don't have in the street one don't have a mystery one well that is solid bad actually we don't have a mystery book five mana this not too much otherwise could go for clear the mind that seems risky mmm we miss it govern assassins trophy kill the bolas but the bolus is not even close to flipping it so go for a clear the minder costs two treasures maybe that's the best plan was if you keep something in hand is probably gonna discard anyways so I'm just gonna go for this I know it's but I don't know seems alright to me loo loo loo yep yeah pastor was if I saw it for something and he just plays another bolus or whatever yes had a lot of this come so far and I'm in trouble so that's why I'm doing this EP wonder I turn see check the map no swamp not really it's really well be like an either but dabble is decent use go from this strongly hold encounters I think often this also on shorter course let's see here let's try a bit devil first the develop see how many counters yes if it has a counter I'll just kill it in normal way sure I will build this and the shock to it Luke yep and then he negates the Breville that's fine and pastern in a decent spot they're not amazing as five cards in the grip so well at least flip this here oh that's very good that's right oh that corner yes please let's see your blue-black discovery no not dispersal not dispersal oh I'm in my main face oh my god sure oh well I will have to pass them draw here oh well well mistakes were made oh not my turn yet let's draw yep over that treasure from that treasure ooh my turn perfect well the Chancellor I'm not countering this is about zero purrs oh it did not counter it well that's good that's very good okay we don't need to do anything with this really just do this awesome first eruption we do not need so let's have that go away yeah let's just keep up the mana sir keep everything up we're in a very good position I feel like very very good position yep some kind of discord control like this well this seems like a lot of this comes over or it's my turn tho a sacrifices treasure draw that chord the devil my turn to course Oh master minds we could maybe do uh PSICOM how much matter whoever let's see one two three four five six seven eight yeah how much just just the calmer cost I think it's eight the karma that's nine okay we can do miss it awesome sure lass removal when they miss it but emergency powers that's risky that's very risky and the more you go the movies bonus maybe less it's all new income maybe I should have searched inside the deck instead maybe world nations we have so much mana that's always maybe I go emergency powers five six seven I can put something down sure it'll be fun I don't know this is necessarily the best thing here but the darn it is fun yep yeah put it yeah I'm gonna put that swamp in the plane yeah pastern that might have been very dangerous I have no idea and no idea of what I did was even remotely good I have no idea it's fun no just fun yeah you weren't expecting that I don't think my dad or no lands no awesome just these it's like what happened what is this guy even doing what is gold with this how does he win well you will let me know I think some people's are just in not in the know you're one of them okay really got a timeout or this just this are you really you need to time out for this just this you really don't need to time out okay okay did you get disconnected maybe or maybe it's sour because he had a good hand and he'd do a shit-ton or something I don't know pretty good on what's working I got a masterminds for a cold thousand-year storm and then probably go offer oh my god y'all doing everything buddy well I'll finish you off them one more and then I'll show you in hmm wait there's something under there I wonder if this has to do with him being disconnected a lot this thing here this will unexplainable thing under the what's called timeless that's at the word in English think so timeless hopefully Wow how many times do you have Oh many time let's check out this order three pretty sweet Island got there this Swamp though not really feeling this womp Mountain does not look mountainous so that's a no steam months well Emil Gill gates oyster the best island was the unglued one stung nude nude on hinged yes I want that one only we'll have one at some point but it's just a weird deck you asked and to that I say yes it's a very weird thing it's fine that's fine and fun it's a it's a mix between fine and pom that's why I try to express it you'll go first to swamps we saw well we have a chromatic Lantana so maybe I keep this honestly decent damn with a chromatic Glanton a meal and and this this is on like Donkey Kong ok Johnny's welcome I'm sure wow I think do we have more than three swaps I don't think so I think that's all this lumps respect all of them at least we do it with the lantern so that's something we could not have gone to the lamp and it would have been horrible absolutely horrible let's check for man there yeah that's perfect stop here now probably I'll need to stop there this guy looks like cry of the cone arm could be pretty good against would think this guy yeah we're just gonna draw this one for false main let's see her yeah just got fire we go seems like the easiest way of dealing with this guy mod shouldn't make it harder than it has to well I do is from God after them very often do I make it harder than it has to be but I'm fun I blame it on the fun I don't blame it on the boogie I blame it on the fun hey don't have hope hey but I Jonas welcome I guess it would be a component yet you have not yet to draw a single card from that from that amazing setup that is it well it sure was glorious I will say but you're dead money you're done in this town we can masterminds do we set up a first eruption yeah because we don't have to sacrifice anything because we don't have a single mountain this would gave us to man an extern I might as well treasure map that's even better oh yes yes please that I don't want yes short courses draw at night not needed not needed stop there just in case and Alaska Alaska you in trouble buddy we creates up dawn of Hope token all your mana maybe could be how we get out of this I turn draw that immortal Sun and put it down I should be an awesome singer or sob let's call it's a special name for it when you sing in a church something it's called English not call English okay gonna play on thing you buddy play something I greet you Mary yeah I play crafter got me good there that's all disco that short course let's see oh I should have treasure map well it's fine loot now all in treasure map sure seems to be I'll draw out the game I love drawing out games I think I can draw this game out more than my opponent can so yeah let's see it let's do this it's masterminds inside the deck or a thousand-year storm perfect do we put down the first eruption even I don't have any mountains so it won't kill anything but guests we could just wait with it we'll discover them dude we can find a devil can deal with this board at least so that's something sport he's one clack after that's what Camila sure yes pastor put a stop here I'm sorry I'm very slow Alaska you probably thought that I would you would be able to finish this game in a few minutes well I'm sorry to say you will want to be able to do that this will take forever I'm sorry yep I'll take the three damage take it I'll be on the receiving end of that unfortunately trip Tosca little trickster trickster guy yep and anything else it seemed to be not check the map and it's not exactly what I feel like today more than some both of them mastermind so ok now we can start doing fun stuff here let's see here a thousand years storm we want to do that or do we want to first erupted and kill the plague crafter that's maybe more reasonable and then we can do more fun stuff next turn yeah I know that's what you should do not gamble your entire entire game on random like I usually yep ok gain that life and draw that cornea up next and oh we have a thousand years storm into immortal Sun probably and we have the first eruption man are coming in so we will have a lot lots and lots of mana yep take that one damage you know the card probably adorable though to kill it getting annoying getting to in a very annoying placer yep yep big gap I removed this already yep let's draw on addition the card sold ok now we should have enough to do stuff let's see her thousand-year storm let's see let's start the course also start things off there that's pretty good cast this away probably shock the mortal dusk yeah can that awesome sure will you gain all that all those things on all that scarred sure we're gonna masterminds here three times yep time for masterminding let's see here what do we need to win there what do we need to win there omniscience emergency powers probably that's probably pretty good probably good enough I would say and then something to deal with this enchantment maybe we don't have it in there I'll clear the mind are we have Marissa power step at all won't matter at all Bane fire this is a way to win so let's have that else I kill that no no there's no need to kill it not at all I would say make our spells from your hand without paying their mana costs emergency powers well well this will get crazy this will get really crazy really fast yes yep insane so insane so insane it's insane so insane this will get yep yep I don't think you're ready for what's coming here buddy I don't think anyone can be [Laughter] already looking forward so much when I get this comb off its just oh it's gotta be so good gonna be so good yep all this guy's gonna die by the way I'm gonna go to my phone one thing you realize but that's fine yep sacrifice that mountain clear everything yep sure sure sure sure now it's my turn buddy omissions okay blue there's some missions uh well we're gonna lightning strike let's hear you copy this then we got a modest powers alternate costs zero yes okay yeah yep yep oh I could have put immortals on in that wouldn't have worked though it cried the canary I think we what you want to do here we can disperse disperse the sound but we would probably first let's see here right econ aureum yep four zero of course and then we should let's see lightning strike his face and lightning strike his face a lightning strike his face lightning strike his face let's see you let's let's disperse yeah yeah you have some dispersing video I think buddy some dispersing we'll be down there yep yep maybe I could have won in some way I was a little bit unlucky to draw into these but it's fine it's fine you're probably gonna win this I think yep I have a couple of discards to do where unfortunately stone counts for my I also maybe I should have gone oh maybe I'm an idiot maybe I should have gone for the left side and just drawn all the cards probably what a woman I was a mistake I thought this was fun for some reason are we gonna first erupt him very very much first drop him okay are you throwing away the money or decisions decisions decisions and yeah let's press turn see what it does here yeah I should've gone for the left side in retrospect I probably would have undone but yeah decorator's continued to combo and combo and combo and combo but this was also a little bit fun maybe draws out the game on it arguably arguably does at the game a little too much mortify ah sure okay that's too bad that's very much bad fortunately for me did not go for the own nations Alicia's not a problem not a problem rarely do we exile okay Marty see power is in excellent mm-hmm as you do the money motor bus yes against life in your not pay ports do I flip the map now I think I start trying to flip this let's see you're a devil nah won't do much I turn check the top card in oh we don't tab mm you storm anymore oh that's good that's good we'll take that I will draw a card don't really need the manners that much now that they have omniscience and immortal Simon play but man I should have just come for the killer I do regret that so much sure main face yep all that mana let's see here for to discard one you think we need another mortal some for to discard one oh there's the masterminds there's the masterminds let's see can we win this we could go for a thousand-year storm that's pretty good that's pretty good actually it's probably I win so yep social life before a card I prefer caught a thousand-year storm well one way I paid matter for that's an interesting decision on me I would say let's see if we can draw something something good Oh soul / false yeah nice turn pass the turn we could still lose this yes because I'm a little bit of a dingus a little bit a lot of a dingus I would say I'm married I kept this in hand also then I played for free at any points doesn't really matter yep do I have a mountaineer no I could search for a mountain if I want to clear I wish dude I think I know what it does put something down search for Mountain yep okay we'll search for mountain under yep yeah should I wait probably ask nothing more final sir off of the scale it's not seem like it yep well mistakes were made but I think that soon we'll be able to close close out this gamer mountain on edition chord okay perfect now we have it now we can win sure all we don't need any mess alive yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep oh my god these triggers oh my god yep yeah well let's see you shocked face okay now we can win now I can win because you can just alternate cost search a library card we can search for the mastermind in our deck and that will give us enough masterminds triggers let's see there's the mastermind perfect and now we get another mastermind and we can search for under mastermind okay now we can let's see here choose a card that you own outside the game outside the game let's see here how we'll win this I think who goes to Karma and let's see here give miss it let's see your nestled hole and let's see here then we're gonna search your library for a card social library card okay well we would probably can't win this no do not need to do much here win this let's see Bane fires pretty good lightning strike do we have anything more that deals damage here choke yep the shock I guess it's gonna show in there gonna show him what we're all about I know there's a little bit BM but come on come on come on right yes gonna do it yep yep yep yep yep hope I don't draw too many cards then what 26 nothing back okay and I shook yep no I don't draw too many that's fine yep that is that gets a little bit silly a little bit silly I would say got him got him I screwed up but I still got him yep yep yep I'm sorry I screwed up there wait I think he was impressed at least my opponents he was like wow that deck I have to build that neck deck is amazing look at my deck my deck is amazing give it a lick it smells just like a thousand-year storm immortal son combo we're gonna mulligan this will keep this well that was blue a forest in the landlord yep Wow we we're really draw all the basics well I don't have all the Lance that this might be the reason recently the good lucks are not in the deck that's why I can't draw them okay the first eruption er sure looks like it could be good but risk you know because oh you will have a card where you can do something I mean do we want it probably vivianne raid no-go scene with elan worse shoo-shoo shoo-shoo sure they'll want to look at the top card I don't know see what it does you'll want to first erupted into nothing the only thing that this does this not exactly well yes of course of course that's what I want I mean gets rid of ourselves that it does do and that's pretty good let's stop here awesome it's a little bit bad that we lose a land but a little bit super bad words maybe it's fine maybe it's fine you have play many creatures also so some kind of salty that's what aura it's made playing for the Manus and then you played nothing zero and only a college tyrant is that's what's going on do we bank on drawing the business bank on drawing business you have a bank control in business a no you're not fine well go into the main face down have all the banners all of it sure little short course it okay that's pretty decent honestly honestly pretty decent let's see your butt devil need double discover I don't think let's see we need lanced or else we will be in trouble we could masterminds no we don't have enough back okay sure that makes it easier no it doesn't Lancer just lands that's allowed that's good and yeah we're gonna check them up here we're gonna check them up here that's turn my turns take a long while with all these decisions I'm sorry opponent sorry my turn check map yeah they want that very much let's see I put a stop here press stop here and we're gonna go into control and draw that card and the controller is gonna go away so we're gonna do it again I'm gonna main tap that mountain resolve this hill that that's fine this down and let's see do we masterminds for a mountain you masterminds for a mountain that's what we've come to yeah I don't think that's the player honestly seems weird but how it has to be I think else we will fall behind okay let's play stop here stop here turn see with us we were able to flip the map those who able to play the thousand-year stone that's something yep but we need to set up a good storm a good storm turn everything else mana to work maybe that's very good that's very very good I think this I think the thousand-year storm goes away the sneaking suspicion that we go away I don't think he's gonna pick the lightning strike I don't think so I don't think I will see it's kind of obvious what else would have picked what else could have picked well oh well well no worries draw that card yes main face put this down yeah let's flip this why not oh I should have flipped this after now this will shuffle it away if I search for yeah that's probably what I should search for I should search for a immortal some live record I'm gonna search for a immortal Sun that will be strong here everybody's beautiful music do you think hey will you have anything else no no thought erasing that's good it could have the guy would steal some artifact that is worrisome I would say also very much like Doyle and Doyle and so don't have to use all the treasures no not find it good weight with it awesome laughing starting thief nah nah that feels too boring way too boring I'm gonna use red and already oh no oh it's killing me just in one we have the immortal son so happy can Zeb said those mistakes away yeah bastard hopefully he only has being read to the Lord facts many of these lists do oh they also have the the one which can steal artifacts okay and kill him if he steals it so it's not the worst yeah let him talk it I'll get the immortal son and then we're gonna let's see you target this with red and yep exit and returns immediately perfect perfect protection for our moments on the war two chords yep yeah let's draw this and we have to go for the past in your storm right we have to go for it how's the new storm nice turn hopefully doesn't have another thing which can snag something from our hammer a little bit lucky that would be the case it's may be stuck on a baby in there in hand it could be it's looking it was gravy or something a find yeah he's gonna maybe do this again maybe snag my mortal son just put on a thief of sanity if of insanity yep hmm goes in for – sure Oh an addition record hmm so here we kind of need to let's see here first eruption will clear everything I don't need to be devil this thing I don't need to be double it lets see her I could do this ah it doesn't seem oh wait I also want the thief of sanity to go away hmm replaced is take over my mortal son yeah I mean if we draw a removal it doesn't have enough to play it so I think it's fine let's do this kill the thief insanity oh I should have play this first Oh doesn't matter how Senor stone yep put this down I think this will be most impactful see will be a little bit dangerous with him within the mortal Sun looks what what body body you messed up you messed up so bad why didn't you play this okay he did it well I've done this a couple of times messed up like this and yeah I'm sorry sorry but that was not that was not the perfect play I should say that much let's see you can I go for mortals I'm a good more something no I can't so let's put down this oh maybe I should have put it down with now as a target for his Morrison or his that doesn't matter just answer it when it's on the stack I can answer it with it the devil so does not matter does not matter a figured out the sequence while with Walker yes that's fine mm-hmm and then this guy maybe comes down okay assassins trophy sure sad to see it go but maybe it will have have to do without it I guess mounting could be good have something sacrificed this then we can trash him up get something going that way see what it does as two mana would be another thought the ratio I guess been pretty good also could it not be an authorizer then he does not get me hmm do I go for the omniscience plate oh now we can do this I didn't even think about that you didn't even think about that yep yeah that's very good way very very good please yep yep yeah you got me if pretty much got me there I'll say that much let's see and my turn I thought I had him cornered there he had a way out of it shock shock is pretty good to kill the baby on so yeah I'll do that draw the shock he'll be on right let's see here now he's gonna play this thing and he's gonna target my treasure map so I need to bedevil that thing but unfortunately I tapped like a bit more on well I'll gain that red mana sure sure just something I could search for I could search for let's see here an immortal son could I play it let's see yeah two for one one of playing it one of playing it I guess I hold up the devil yeah it's probably the best the best possible player really enough let's not people stop here see what it does path of discovery not what I expected him to do there I really thought it would take my trash map Hadley had no interest in it well he knows that this will also go officer yep stop here for a stop here sure take that one damage I'll take it and then flip the map let's see here my turn first gonna check the top code with swamp that's not ideal mature bowling walls goes away let's see here and we're not let's see full control mode draw Oh Madison that's perfect all control mode main occupies a mountain use the mountain first soul this sacrifice this mountain now I actually could play the immortal son let's see if I play it see like this and even if it takes it over now yep if it takes it over now I can target it with my devil so it should be finer I should be fine I can also be devil during my probably wanted double yep already mortal some yeah we'll see what the target zone probe literacy Mortensen yeah then I'll cost this on this guy and remove him a devil and I'll get to keep my mortal son that's good I'll girth Walker you keep it on top this is grinder grind the match sure LAN wealth that's fine and yeah it keeps that while good Walker on tapa it's a two to two cards or a course chromatic Lantern who left on the worst surely not the worst you could go for us to call my turn next turn that seems pretty good do this Austin mines outside the game because I'm gonna heal also can do everything without second where zaqqum and yeah just pray that it doesn't have the the thought treasure spray that doesn't have it yeah well good walk is fine kill all these guys gain a lot of life yep occupation yep place not the creature maybe goes in for – its la noir yes I'll take it and my turn and now the cord and let's see here so calm I should be able to clear this board up pretty good let's see here how much mana do have left so I can do can take two and I can take a red and a blue we're 101 of any color red one manner of any color Lu okay I need to go into full control but sure play this red come on red Lu okay sure now I least have a little bit more man awesome that's the only reason now I can take full control man off its all this and on top all my lads all of them now I can destroy this can't do everything with this guy in the elf and kill the one good Walker and kill the wonderful I think this was unexpected for him is like rack know I can draw and the Western it probably has removal that's probably what is holding though in the sound but it's not a cast down because then I would have cost it so I mean it could be cast down because that's why didn't cast it's okay Jay light Ranger that will not do in Stu moorlands yep will you have here nothing and you're done buddy and you're done in this town neither removal I was you are screw there you need that removal trust me trust me you need to remove oh it does not have it oh my god I get to on tap with the comma oh my freaking God that's amazing yeah we're gonna draw draw that's called the devil that's pretty nice go on other chord let's see here let's see know that called perfect my turn go on additional this tick it's just so much fun so much fun yep put this down that's it we're just gonna kill this thing and go in there three damage or get the creature I am targeting and I'm clicking like a madman what's going on yep we're go in with the comma I don't bunk honk okay do I discovery oh yeah probably one man our discoveries and so yep got him got him well that I mean it's been a couple of been a couple of episodes since yeah drugged us the table dance the Trump dance with drop dance with drop downs