10 Upcoming Future Technologies That Could REDEFINE GAMING

The future is looking bright thanks to new innovations in technology related to gaming. Here’s what we’re looking forward to.
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technology is always progressing and gaming is often the place where we see a lot of the new stuff manifest first hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks 10 upcoming technologies that could redefine gaming number 10 Intel has gone ahead and shown that it is going to be releasing GPUs like dedicated GPUs and I'm gonna go ahead and say that that's not super inspiring on its own and I count all of their integrated solutions let's just say it's not good that being said Intel is now talking about a fully compliant DirectX 12 graphics card with apparently new architecture and well it just brings more competition in the graphics card space which as far as flagship products there isn't a lot this might not sound like big news on account they haven't really put out a lot of great graphics processors in the past and their integrated solutions but Intel is a company with infinite money if they want to research and develop something that is better they can and that makes me interested in what they do because if they actually follow through on that we could get a really good graphics card number 9 Nvidia showed off a demo using their Quadro RT X 6000 that included real-time ray tracing which if you're not particularly familiar we've done videos on how some graphics techniques are done it's essentially a physics simulation of light from both the players perspective and all the light sources in the scene rays are sent out and wherever that intersects calculations are made and a much more accurate representation of how light shadows and reflections work is displayed on screen ray tracing is a technique that's considered pretty harsh on your hardware it's used in professional level 3d rendering like in movies and being that it can take days or even weeks to render out scenes but in videos created both hardware and software that work in tandem it's simplify the ray tracing process and make a much less detailed ray trace look significantly better in other words they send out less rays from both the light source and the camera but it doesn't look like they did the result is fantastic the demo looks literally like a production level pre-rendered animation however it is real-time it's running on the hardware that they've developed and I can't wait to see games that look that good number eight Samsung introduced four terabyte SSDs a few years but they've been doing research and development since and have come up with something that makes them affordable when Samsung first introduced them they were $1,500 though but they're using a new technology called qlc or quad level cell solid-state drives these qlc SSDs are about to enter mass production and although we don't have an official price from them yet it's apparently going to be significantly lower apparently quad level cells have usually been avoided because they tend to sacrifice a little bit of speed but Samsung is saying that they are qlc technology will retain the same read and write speeds of its other SSDs and that's really encouraging number seven a full haptic bodysuit called the Tesla suit that simulates full-body touch and VR by quote-unquote zapping your nerves is kind of both exciting and terrifying at the same time their intent is to make it so that while you're in virtual reality you actually feel the things that are in virtual reality through electronic stimulation of your nervous system now it isn't as if this is just shocking you or anything it is an established technology that is actually used in physical therapy but at the same time it does make me think of what could go wrong wearing one of these things now obviously electrical shocks aren't going to actually be able to stimulate what a bullet feels like or anything like that so I'm not particularly worried about that type of a thing but let's just go ahead and say this the way people cheat in games now often involve sabotage of other players so now that doesn't mean I think that we shouldn't do stuff like this I think that the more immersive the more real virtual reality actually feels in more than one way the more interesting it actually is but it does come with some reservations I think are worth thinking about still the idea of actually feeling a virtual world truthfully it sounds amazing number six Intel showed off a five gigahertz 28 core CPU now there has been a large amount to do about this in that Intel most likely overclocked and there's most likely not going to be a 28 core CPU with all the cores running at 5 gigahertz head any point in the near future but the fact that they did it even in show even with the fact that it was using a pretty intense water chiller and some people noted that there were four 12-volt CPU power connectors on the motherboard this thing was running on and what we were looking at is definitely not something that's gonna go into production that being said seeing it happen is cool as hell number five we've been talking about the next generation of consoles we've heard about Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 at this point and we do think that Xbox scarlett is probably coming first apparently there's going to be two consoles a stream in one and a traditional box full of stuff now the streaming one I just think that's really interesting now I've played games on streaming services but you also have to consider the idea that Microsoft has been working on game streaming technology that isn't just sending a video of the game to your console it seems absurd that the cloud computing that's been created for crackdown 3 would just be used for that game it seems like since it's going to be using the cloud platform that Microsoft has been developing that there could be other things that it gets used for maybe this is part of it I don't know but it could be a really big change in the console gaming industry and it may be that we see the Netflix for games happen under Microsoft's banner or he may not who knows it would be cool number four is hololens 2.0 not as though the hololens is really a widely adopted product but as we see more and more of this the augmented reality almost seems like a more interesting idea to me than the virtual reality to add things to the real world that you can use may be productivity things maybe not maybe game things I don't know the Minecraft demo they did for hololens is pretty cool but we're hearing rumors that involved actual artificial intelligence being added into the hololens 2.0 and supposedly we're gonna see the hololens to hit in the end of 2018 but I would say it's probably gonna be around next year that being said the more on this the better I mean mixed reality augmented reality whatever you want to call it is in my opinion one of the cooler ideas for the type of technologies we've been talking about with virtual reality for a while and although magically one is already out I've seen some people talk about it as though it's got a ways to go still and I suspect that even the hololens 2.0 will be similar to that but it's on the way number three razer has a project called arianna which goes beyond Razer chroma instead of just being multicolored lighting that adapts to everything you're doing in a game to being full-fledged video projection that makes the game fill up your room it calibrates to the room that you are in including all of the objects and figures out how to project your game as if it expands from your monitor now this technology was announced a while ago and it still isn't out but parts of it have been making it into smaller pieces of technology like their chroma integration for the Philips hue lighting that being said when they get to the point of doing it specifically the projector Laska make games are real fun number two is a shirt that acts as a controller it's called a skin it's by a start-up in Japan called as enema we've actually talked about it in other videos it apparently will work very interestingly alongside VR products in order to actually immerse you into the world as these types of games get further and further ahead we are going to need ways to well more realistically insert the player into the world just moving your hands around with a couple of controllers works for certain things but not for other things having smart clothes is an interesting piece of technology that really could change everything as far as your in-game representation and although it's definitely not ready for primetime it does give us a little bit of a peek into the future on that front and finally number one is quantum computing we have made a video about this a few years ago it's just kind of a cursory look at it not meant to be a deep dive and the technical aspects of it but I think we did a decent job explaining why it's not exactly like gonna be something that is a graphical thing however artificial intelligence and things like that could be very very enhanced by a CPU style computer that's a hundred million times faster that I mean is a bit of an exaggerated or number there's a lot of hype around quantum computing and there's so a lot of debate over exactly how it will slot into the gaming world frankly quantum theory is not even complete itself so at this point it's all mainly speculation including what we've said on this topic however the raw power we talked about that's possible with quantum computing is impressive to say the very least and as time goes by we have a better idea that it actually may move into the space we'll see everything we've talked about today is incredibly interesting though and could bring about some massive developments in the gaming world but what excites you the most leave us a comment let us know if you like this video please click like if you're not subscribed now's a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first it's a corset subscription as always we thank you very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon hero and we'll see you next time right here on game rings