10 Most Satisfying Video Game Cheats Of All Time

Cheaters sometimes prosper.

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hello and welcome once again to what culture gaming I'm Jill Henry and today we're going to talk about a different time in video games because nowadays if you get stuck or you need to know something we've got the answer instantly out of fingertips through Google we've got online communities that are ready to tell us what we need to do next but back in the day it wasn't so obvious we didn't have that luxury but the one weapon that we did have was the cheat code the cheat code allowed us to get through those difficult for straighten situations and it was spread through word of mouth not the internet and today we're going to pay homage to that time because today we're going to talk about the ten most satisfying video game cheats of all time now before we get stuck into the list I'm going to quickly go over the rules we're only allowing one tip or cheat para game para franchise unless the exact same code is applicable across multiple titles and you may encounter that later so let's start with our number 10 Mortal Kombat the blood code you may remember that the arcade versions of Mortal Kombat had horrific violence with blood and guts everywhere and it was amazing so you'll understand why Genesis players were extremely disappointed when the game eventually came to the home console that the blood in the court wasn't there well due to mounting pressure from society in politicians Sega decided to pool the blood and guts from the home release but he didn't do it entirely he left a little code that if you put a b a c a b b and then you were going to unlock that blood and those guts so that was there cheeky way of allowing the violence if you were lucky enough to hear what the code was in at number 9 the wild thing 2000 from road rash – if you're a big Genesis or Mega Drive fan like me you'll remember how satisfying it was to get your hands on the unbelievably powerful Wild Thing 2000 if you tighten up AC and right at the start you would hear this word which would be confirmation that you'd unlock the bike and you're ready to go now this comes with a disclaimer because this is a double-edged sword in that this bike is so powerful that yes you can get through the course and seemingly an instant but it's so powerful and so fast there's almost impossible to finish even the most basic of races and if you crash into something which you undoubtedly will you will go flying for miles and it will take so long to retrieve your bike that likely the race will already have finished before you get back to it so as satisfying as it was to travel at these breakneck speeds it's only gonna say number nine because almost everyone and anyone who got their hands in the world think 2000 couldn't finish a single race because of its immense power number 8 big head mode from the NBA Jam series now there's a lot of entertaining big head modes and games and they're all pretty satisfying such as the golden eye once pretty funny and takings pretty funny because not only can you have big head mode you can have even bigger head modes which is again very satisfying but the one that we've decided to give the nod to is the NBA Jam series because they've had big head mode hidden in their games and well not so in because everyone knows the cheat but its ran from 1993 to 2010 now that truly is commitment to the cause and it's a satisfying and equally hilarious cheat when playing with your friends number 7 from Metal Gear Solid 3 it's the end now this one isn't so much of a cheat or code but this is just something that you can do if you would in the know there's a little trick that you could play on your machine that would kill one of the most difficult bosses in the game via old age that's right this boss is so old but yeah he's so cunning and so difficult to defeat you have to be so patient unless you go and change the clock on your machine and advanced it forward and if you do so the end will die of old age and I'll even be referenced within the game allowing you to pass through this difficult moment in the game with absolute ease and no effort at all number 6 Sabre realistic combat from Star Wars Jedi Knight to Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy basically this quote-unquote cheat makes the game 10 times better at the very least which is why it's so disappointing there wasn't in the game but if you cool down the game code and npg underscore Sabre realistic combat it will now mean that the lightsabers are well realistic you can even just run into enemies and if they so watch just touch the saber their heads are gonna fall off or they're going to be sliced in half it's extremely satisfying indeed and so you're not just battling back and forth you're literally cutting your opponent's into pieces with ease which gives you that realistic and equally violent Star Wars expedience number five from grand theft auto it's BS tart now there's a lot of satisfying cheats in the grand theft auto CDs and we had some debate as which ones to include such as flying cars unlocking the tank is pretty great and both having a flying tank is pretty great as well but the one cheater we all remember from our childhoods is from the very first grand theft auto for the PlayStation when you put an B s tart it unlocks all cities gives you infinite weapons and 99 life so that was the one the original that we felt we had to include as a satisfying cheat number for the level select cheap from Sonic the Hedgehog this one is the classic this is the quintessential cheat that everyone remembers hop down left right a and start and if you do that it unlocks all the levels in the game because as a child people forget this like the second level in the Sonic series is the one that's always the gatekeeper to the rest of the game why is marble zone so difficult why is chemical plant zone so typical how can you expect children to advance beyond these levels so me as a child in the night isn't it someone who really struggled to get past those second levels this was a godsend and it allowed me to feel like a big boy by going on to defeat Robotnik even though I hadn't earned the right to be there this cheat made me feel like a man number three gods mode from dude no Doom is such a difficult game especially if you were a kid in the 90s because you had this little avatar that for every bit healthy you're lost you just became a bloody mess and here was the Chi to stop that and allow you to breathe to the game with ease and terrorize those enemies which in made playing the game so so difficult and got a smile on my face and that's why it's so satisfying because when you put this cheat in it keeps your health a hundred percent so your little avatar doesn't have to be beaten and bloody and bruised you can just have that regular face as you go through the game and destroy everything in your path number two getting to the end of our list no but this one is iconic warp whistles from Super Mario Brothers 3 this item was originally from The Legend of Zelda but they decided to bring it into the Mario series and when you play it it summons a whirlwind that allows you to work between worlds now you access this by accessing a hidden area within the levels allowing you to go behind the black curtain at the end which allows you to access the secret area and toward gives you this whistle and he famously says one two on this whistle will send you to a faraway land and if you collect two of them you can warp to the eight zone of this game within minutes allowing people to speedrun this game with absolute ease number one owner less could it really be anything else it's the Konami code this code is up up down down left right left right B a and it was originally created in 1986 during the testing of gradius on the Ness and it was deemed too difficult to play through for testing so the code was created to give you all the power-ups in the game at once to allow for the testers to get through the game and test everything they needed to test but developers actually forgot to remove the code and after it was left in the game it quickly spread amongst gamers and this code has left famously ever since in fact as an in-joke on the snares version if you put in the Konami code it actually blows up and self-destruct your ship but aside from that rebus provided some awesome moments in Contra Castlevania Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dance dance revelution mel gear solar then they even lightens up the very eerie and terrifying Silent Hill because in the third installment if you put in the Konami code actually causes one of the characters to be waiting only their underwear in the cutscenes and as you can imagine that really takes the edge off the harder since its initial accidental inclusion this code has become absolutely iconic with gamers and for that reason it really has to take the top spot is the most satisfying chicos of all time we hope you've enjoyed this video if you want to follow me on twitter you can follow me Joe Henry at at Joe s Henry not only that please like share and subscribe you'd love to have you back on the channel this has been what culture gaming thank you so much for watching and I shall see you next time